Newsfeed desktop and mobile placement Metrics and handy Case studies

Author : Sylvain Eche CEO Social Moov

Whether you are an agency managing your clients’ budgets or an advertiser managing your own budget. Italy. meet their goals and maximize their return on investment. our platform has been conceived with your individual needs in mind. Social Moov Is Europe's most innovative and also fastest growing facebook marketing solution provider. whether your goals are branding or straightforwardly leadgeneration.Introduction Who we are ? SocialMoov was formed to help advertisers optimize their advertising on Facebook. the Benelux and the Middle East. United Kingdom. Spain. Germany. SocialMoov . with operations in France.

SocialMoov . Ad formats mainly used => like sponsored stories. 2 major industry Sectors are represented : Entertainment Retail Each campaign has at least 10 000 clics on each placement.Case Studies About these Case studies : International campaigns. The main campaign goals were “Lead acquisition”.

The different placements available on facebook Desktop newsfeed Right hand side display Mobile newsfeed SocialMoov .

) SocialMoov .SocialMoov features used in this use case Placement split feature Automatically creates one ad per placement to enable per placement statistics (in SocialMoov Reporting Dashboards.) Mobile device targeting Automatically creates one ad per mobile targeting enabling per mobile type statistics (in SocialMoov Reporting Dashboards.

New format => A really huge impact ! Size : 480 x 250 And up to 480 x 480 With embedded video and social context ! Size : 320 x 290 That’s 3/5 of the screen ! With embedded video and social context SocialMoov .

CTR on newsfeed are 20 times higher CTR on newsfeed are between 0.03 % and 0.5 % and 2 % Entertainment brand CTR on average is between 0.05 % on right and side display Retail brand SocialMoov .

Results : CPF is lower on newsfeed Sponsored stories in newsfeeds get higher engagement and higher conversion rate (about 10-20% more) Entertainment Brand The CPC is also lower enabling to cut your Cost Per Fan by 2. Retail brand SocialMoov .

Focus on pricing : newsfeed ads are increadibly cheap ! Average CPC on the right hand side : 0.3-0.5€ Retail brand SocialMoov .5 € Newsfeed desktop : average CPM 1-1.5€ Average CPC on newsfeed mobile and desktop : 0.25€ : Half Price ! Entertainment brand Right hand side : average CPM 0.5€ Newsfeed mobile : average CPM 2-2.15 – 0.

CPC under 0. SocialMoov .3€ / CPM under 3€ (and benefit from facebook’s full targeting capabilities) In newsfeed there is an automatic capping of 1 print per user per day (capping on Right Hand Side is 6 per day).Use case conclusion : Newsfeed ads are an incredible opportunity ( grab it ! ) : Bigger formats than any other desktop or mobile display (up to 500 * 500) Social context and inline action (embedded video) is highly engaging.

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