Hulbah - ‫( حلبة‬Fenugreek) Imam al-Haythami reported on the authority of Mu’adh ibn Jabal (May Allah be pleased with him

) that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: If my nation !new what "ood is in #enu"ree!$ they would buy it for "old%& Imam al-Haythami reported this hadith in Ma'ma’ a(-)awa’id$ *+,,% It was also reported by Imam at--abarani in Musnad of the .hamis$ hadith no%,/0% He also reported the hadith in alMu’'am al-1abir$ hadith no%02//3$ but with different wordin"s% Imam at--abarani reported on the authority of Mu’adh ibn Jabal (May Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: If my nation !new what "ood is in #enu"ree!$ they would ta!e it bac! (after sellin" it or "i4in" it away)$ e4en if they pay "old for a wei"ht of it (a few ounces etc%)& 5r% Abdul 6asit$ in his boo!!in" treatment in natural herbs and prophetic medicine’$ published results on his study that fenu"ree! is hi"hly effecti4e in treatin" diabetes$ as it has been pro4en that 8 " of powdered fenu"ree! is e9ui4alent to 0 uint of insulin% -he seeds of the fenu"ree! contain (inc-related :-chains which affect the le4el of su"ar in the blood% -hey also contain amino acid and sulfuric acids$ which promote the production of acti4e penicillin in the pancreas% 5r% 7Abdul 6asit also pointed out that diabetic patients actually suffer from a disorder in the sulfur-bond which lin!s :-chains that produce the acti4e insulin molecule$ thus resultin" the natural insulin production in the body to be disrupted% #enu"ree! seeds$ which contain sulfur in or"anic form$ when "i4en to the diabetic patient$ can increase the efficiency of the pancreas$ hence useful in the treatment of diabetes% Description: An erect 8 to ; foot tall annual herb with li"ht "reen lea4es and small white flowers% -he seed pods contain 0/ to 8/ small$ flat$ yellow-brown$ pun"ent$ aromatic seeds to a pod% -he seeds ha4e a stron" aroma and somewhat bitter taste$ 4ariously described as similar to celery$ maple syrup$ or burnt su"ar% #enu"ree! is nati4e to southern <urope$ the Mediterranean re"ion$ and =estern Asia% It is culti4ated from western <urope to >hina for the aromatic seeds$ and is still "rown for fodder in parts of <urope and northern Africa% It is an indispensable in"redient in Indian curries% History: #enu"ree! has a lon" history as both a culinary and medicinal herb in the ancient world% It was one of the spices the <"yptians used for embalmin"$ and the ?ree!s and @omans used it for cattle fodder (hence the Aatin foenum graecum meanin" ?ree! hay)% It was "rown eBtensi4ely in

tore in a cool$ dry place for maBimum of 2 months% .hould be roasted before use to reduce bitterness% #ulinary $ses: Cncoo!ed fenu"ree! seeds ha4e an unpleasant$ bitter taste$ so the seeds are usually roasted and "round before use to mellow the bitterness% -he seeds are 4ery hard$ and difficult to "rind$ a mortar and pestle wor!in" best% #enu"ree! is a fa4orite in Dorthern African and Middle <astern dishes$ and is one of the few spices that is usually used in powdered form e4en in Indian curries% .the imperial "ardens of >harlema"ne% Purchasing.eed eBtract is used in imitation 4anilla$ butterscotch and rum fla4orin"s$ and is the main fla4orin" in imitation maple syrup% Also used in breads in <"ypt and <thiopia% ?round seeds and+or lea4es$ can "i4e a nice lift to some bland 4e"etarian dishes% Also "ood in marinades% ?enerally$ a nice unusual fla4or to eBperiment with to achie4e some different effects% Cse 4ery youn" shoots with only a few lea4es and some watercress for a nice salad addition% #enu"ree! seeds are also used in candy$ ba!ed "oods$ ice cream$ chewin" "um and soft drin!s% -he seeds can be roasted and used as a coffee substitute% %utrition: @ich in 4itamins and minerals$ and because it is a seed and a le"ume$ it is hi"h in protein% (=hich ma!es it 4ery useful in 4e"etarian diets)% &ther $ses: #ormerly used as a yellow dye% -he lea4es are dried and used as an insect repellent in "rain stora"e% In 4arious areas of Dorth Africa the seeds ("round into a paste) were traditionally eaten by women to "ain wei"ht$ in combination with su"ar and oli4e oil% -he seeds are still used for wei"ht "ain in Aibya and other areas% -hey are also an important source of dios"enin$ which is widely used in the production of steroids (which probably accounts for the wei"ht "ain)$ seB hormones$ oral contracepti4es and 4eterinary medicines% . Han ling ! "torage: .