In today’s increasingly competitive automated trading environment, electronic traders, quantitative analysts and asset managers are looking for every conceivable edge in information, technology and speed. Dow Jones publishes 18,000 news items per day that contain actionable data – both economic and corporate – that move the markets. Drawing on our experience in delivering low-latency economic indicators, Dow Jones developed the Corporate Elementized News Feed to enhance coverage of corporate earnings and events to help institutional traders create predictive and profitable trading strategies.

Trust and Credibility: The Dow Jones Advantage
With robust content from 2,100 reporters in 90-plus news bureaus globally across Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal, and new technology to extract data from the equity content in our newsrooms, Dow Jones is turning news into actionable data. Established as a leader in reporting on more than 260 economic indicators, Dow Jones is now improving the speed, reliability and consistency in our coverage of corporate earnings and events.

The Corporate Elementized News Feed delivers:  Key content – An ultra-low-latency news feed, reducing trade execution time to milliseconds.  Consistency – A consistent and structured set of companies and data points for customers to leverage in trading models – Easy to parse and embed directly into trading programs and models – A historical view of all earnings data points published, accessible by company, industry and by earnings period  Greater Reliability – Human intervention is minimized as the feed and archive data is delivered in a consistent, wellstructured format. – Minimizes the need to parse unstructured text and maximizes data points and resulting output – Reliable, low-latency coverage of the companies, sectors and events that cause markets to shift  Enhanced Analysis – Elementized headlines are accompanied with a historical archive to facilitate more complex models and more thorough back-testing and pre- and post-trade analysis.

Introducing the Corporate Elementized News Feed
Dow Jones has created a faster and richer news data feed and archives for automated trading and analysis: the Dow Jones Corporate Elementized News Feed. This advanced solution delivers corporate news, in precisely tagged elements, on an ultra-low-latency feed – all designed for direct integration into high-frequency trading models. Dow Jones’s Corporate Elementized News Feed provides reliable, low-latency coverage of the companies, sectors and events that cause markets to shift, delivered quickly enough for you to act profitably.

Turning News into Actionable Data
Dow Jones is improving our delivery of corporate news and information into institutional sales and trading workflows, both by enhancing the scope and completeness of our coverage as well as creating new profiled, “event-based” feeds that increase flexibility and value for all customers. Today, Dow Jones currently publishes an elementized earnings data point and flash headline for a global set of 7,000 companies. For a subset of these companies we publish flash headlines and four earnings data points including EPS, EPS adjusted, Profit and Revenue.

Structured Information for the Fastest, Most Reliable Decisions
Dow Jones Corporate Elementized News Feed places discrete pieces of news – keywords, timestamps, ticker symbols and other crucial metadata – into XML-tagged fields for easy parsing and direct embedding into trading programs and models, allowing you to act on key equities data in milliseconds.

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Dow Jones delivers improved coverage of corporate earnings and events. growing from a start in delivering news data on economic releases. we will report on additional market-moving news catalyst data points (e. unit sales. quantitative analysts and asset managers who need high-quality data to turn hidden. EPS adjusted. The Corporate Elementized News Feed will also include access to a data coverage Website that lists the complete corporate coverage of companies and data items published by Dow Jones over the last year.  In order to improve the predictability and speed of publishing these four earnings data points.000 EPS Data points Value proposition 2. high liquidity – enhancing our coverage with improved speed. quickly. scope and predictability Additional news catalyst Focused set of bellwether data points companies with additional news catalyst data points that move the market Corporate Elementized News Feed Coverage For more information about Dow Jones Corporate Elementized News Feed. reliably and consistently in machine-readable formats. a trusted brand that delivers the timeliest news and data available. Dow Jones offers the tools to extract data. plus Guidance when it is published. Dow Jones is making new investments for our electronic trading customers to focus on a target set of 800 companies over the next four earnings periods in 2011. Revenue firms trading on earnings data EPS. . All rights resrved. actionable trends in the news into predictive and profitable trading strategies. Count on Dow Jones The Dow Jones Corporate Elementized News Feed lets customers harness the respected intellectual capital that is the hallmark of Dow © Dow Jones and Company. Users who need an objective. giving them a 360-degree view of our performance and exclusive insight into what news our editors see moving the markets. In addition to capturing these crucial earnings data points. For electronic traders. The Dow Jones Corporate Elementized News Feed offers a key trading advantage and a window into profit opportunities others might miss – reporting on the key corporate news that is most likely to influence markets and trading around the world. Companies 7.. Inc.000 800 (200 each earnings quarter) 111 Expansive universe of global companies – for firms trading on EPS EPS.) for a target set of more than 100 bellwether companies based on high market capitalization and high liquidity. real-time source of quality news and information for their quantitative models–and need it first – consistently choose Dow Jones. and build derived data for increased alpha generation. Target set of companies – with Profit.g. etc. EPS adjusted. Revenue high market cap. Customers can search and filter for specific companies and data items. Large set of companies – for Profit. same store sales. When Speed and Reliability Count. email algo@dowjones.