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Paper 2 Set B Answer Key

Regn. No: ____ _____________ Name: ___________________ (To be written by the candidates)

Date: 17-11-2007

Ener,y E--./.en/y .n Ther&a0 "

Timings: 1 00-1700 !R" D#ration: $ !R" %a&. %ar's: 1(0

General instructions: o o o o o Please check that this question paper contains 7 printed pages Please check that this question paper contains 64 questions The question paper is divided into three sections All questions in all three sections are compulsory All parts of a question should be answered at one place
Mar3s+ 5) 4 5 6 5)

Se/t.$n I+ OB1ECTI2E T PE
(i) (ii) 7...8

)nswer a** 5) +#estions ,ach +#estion carries $ne mar' P0ease 9ar3en the appr$pr.ate $%a0 .n the OMR answer sheet B0a/3 :B Pen/.0 $r B0a/3 C$0$;r Ba00 Pen( as per .nstr;/t.$ns

) re-heating -#rnace is o.erating at 10 T/! and cons#ming 01 o- 20 'g3ho#r -or reheating the materia* -rom 0o4 to 1100o4. 4onsidering s.eci-ic heat o- materia* as 0.1$ '4a*3'g o4 and 546 o- 01 as 10(00 '4a*3'g7 the e--iciency o- the re-heating -#rnace wi** be a) 2(8 b) $(8 /8 2<= d) 08


The in9erted b#c'et tra. o.erates on the .rinci.*e o- __________ di--erence between water and steam a) .ress#re '8 9ens.ty c) tem.erat#re d) 9e*ocity


The ma&im#m .ossib*e e9a.oration ratio o- a boi*er (0rom : )t 100;4 basis) -ired with coa* ha9ing ca*ori-ic 9a*#e o- ( 00 '4a*3'g and o.erating at <08 e--iciency wi** be a) 20 b) 1( /8 < d) (

%a&im#m 4ontin#o#s Rating (%4R) o- a boi*er is the ma&im#m e9a.oration rate that can be s#stained -or a) 12 ho#rs b) = ho#rs /8 2> h$;rs d) none o- the abo9e


>hich ty.e o- steam t#rbines has high heat-to-.ower ratio? a) gas t#rbine c) e&traction condensing t#rbine '8 'a/3 press;re t;r'.ne d) reci.rocating engine


The emissi9ity o- ceramic coatings #sed in -#rnace: a8 .n/reases .n/rease .n te&perat;re c) decreases with increase in tem.erat#re b) remains constant

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Paper 2 Set B Answer Key

d) decreases with increase in -#rnace .ress#re 7. 0or -*ash steam ca*c#*ation7 -*ash steam +#antity a9ai*ab*e de.ends #.on a) steam entha*.y at atmos.heric .ress#re '8 /$n9ensate press;re an9 -0ash stea& press;re c) steam .ress#re d) tota* heat o- -*ash steam =. ) heat .i.e can trans-er #. to ------times more therma* energy than a) 10 <. '8 5)) c) 70 d) (0

The highest 8 o- s#*.h#r is .resent in a8 FO b) AD1 c) A"!" d) Berosene


The amo#nt o- theoretica* air re+#ired -or com.*ete comb#stion o- one ton o- coa* as com.ared to that re+#ired -or one ton o- nat#ra* gas is: a) higher b) e+#a* /8 0$wer d) none o- the abo9e


The coe--icient o- therma* e&.ansion o- re-ractory materia* sho#*d be a) 9ery high b) high c) medi#m 98 0$w


The di--erence between mean 9e*ocity o- so*id and gas in a 0@4 boi*er is ca**ed a8 s0.p %e0$/.ty b) -*#idiCation -actor c) sett*ing 9e*ocity d) none o- the abo9e


/o#r .oint o- A"!" is a) 100o4 b) 2(o4 c) (0o4 98 *2$C

1 .

)mong which o- the -o**owing -*#e gas tem.erat#re o.tions7 heat reco9ery e+#i.ment wi** be the *east e&.ensi9e (ass#ming same materia* o- constr#ction and heat reco9ered). a8 5))$C b) $(0o4 c) 00o4 d) $00o4


Aatent heat at the critica* .oint o- a steam .hase diagram is a8 ?er$ b) ( 0 '4a*3'g c) in-inite d) none o- the abo9e


The #nit o- s.eci-ic heat is a) '4a* 3'g b) '4a* 3m$ /8 3Ca0@3, $C d) '4a*


Dn -*#e gas7 the theoretica* 41 2 is 1(.08 and the meas#red 41 2 is 128 by 9o*#me. The 8 e&cess air is: a8 25= b) 1(08 c) (08 d) 208


0#rnace wa** heat *oss does not de.end on a) tem.erat#res o- e&terna* wa** s#r-aces /8 &ater.a0 $- st$/3 t$ 'e heate9 b) 9e*ocity o- air aro#nd the -#rnace d) bric' therma* cond#cti9ity o- wa**


>ater treatment -or steam boi*ers is genera**y re+#ired to: a) remo9e hydrogen c) he*. im.ro9e comb#stion e--iciency b) red#ce stac' tem.erat#re 98 pre%ent -$r&at.$n $- s/a0es


0or coa* -ired system the -*ame *ength is dictated by a) moist#re b) ash content /8 %$0at.0e &atter d) -i&ed 4arbon


0#rnace oi* contains = 8 carbon by weight. !ow many 'g o- 41 2 does com.*ete comb#stion o- 1 'g o- -#rnace oi* generate?

_________________________ @#rea# o- ,nergy ,--iciency

Paper 2 Set B Answer Key

a) 2. 22. b) .0 c) $.2 98 AB5

0or e--icient s#*.h#r retention in the bed7 tem.erat#re o- a -*#idiCed bed boi*er sho#*d be a8 C5)DC b) 1100E4 c) 700E4 d) 1000E4


) waste heat reco9ery system ("he** and T#be heat e&changer) recei9es hot -*#id at 200E4 and *ea9es at 70E47 co*d medi#m enters at $0E4 and *ea9es at <0E47 the ty.e o- -*ow in9o*9ed in this is a8 /$;nterE/;rrent -0$w abo9e b) co-c#rrent -*ow c) cross--*ow d) none o- the

2 .

The .resence o- ca*ci#m and magnesi#m bicarbonates in boi*er -eed water wo#*d -orm: a) acidic so*#tion c) ne#tra* so*#tion '8 s$0;t.$n d) none o- the abo9e


>hich data is not re+#ired to ca*c#*ate the e--iciency o- boi*er by indirect method a8 '0$w 9$wn rate c) ca*ori-ic 9a*#e o- -#e* b) ambient tem.erat#re d) -*#e gas tem.erat#re


0or stoichiometric comb#stion o- 1 'g o- carbon7 the re+#ired amo#nt o- air wi** be abo#t a) 55BF 3, b) 21 'g c) $1 'g d) 2.22 'g


!eat trans-er rate -or indirect heating a..*ication wi** be *ess i- we heat with a) sat#rated steam c) high .ress#re steam b) dry steam 98 s;perheate9 stea&


The materia* #sed to contro* "1& in the 0@4 boi*er is a) *ime b) a*#mina c) si*ica 98 0.&est$ne


0or trans.orting the steam to the *ong distance7 the best +#a*ity o- steam is a8 s0.,ht0y s;perheate9 stea& c) mi*d*y wet steam b) dry sat#rated steam d) 9ery high .ress#re steam


) rise in cond#cti9ity o- boi*er -eed water indicates a) dro. in the contamination o- -eed water c) rise in o&ygen *e9e* b) greater .#rity o- -eed water 98 .n the T#S $- -ee9 water


1ne 'g o- wood contains 208 moist#re and (8 hydrogen by weight. !ow m#ch water is e9a.orated d#ring com.*ete comb#stion o- one 'g o- wood? a8 )BF5 3, b) 2(0 gram c) 0.2 'g d) none o- the abo9e


A/5 is .redominant*y a mi&t#re oa8 pr$pane ! ';tane c) methane : .ro.ane b) ethane : b#tane d) b#tane :


%echanica* steam tra.s wor' on the .rinci.*e oa8 9.--eren/e .n 9ens.ty 'etween stea& an9 /$n9ensate b) di--erence in tem.erat#re between steam and condensate c) di--erence in thermodynamic .ro.erties between steam and condensate d) none o- the abo9e

$ .

Dn a heat .#m. a) air is added to im.ro9e +#a*ity o- waste heat b) heat is added to im.ro9e +#a*ity o- waste heat c) steam is added to im.ro9e +#a*ity o- waste heat

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Paper 2 Set B Answer Key

98 w$r3 .s a99e9 t$ .&pr$%e G;a0.ty $- waste heat

_________________________ @#rea# o- ,nergy ,--iciency

Paper 2 Set B Answer Key


>ic's in the heat .i.e are .ro9ided -or a) -orward mo9ement o- 9a.o#rs /8 ret;rn $- /$n9ense9 0.G;.9 b) -orward mo9ement o- hot *i+#id d) ret#rn o- hot 9a.o#rs


The TD" *e9e* in boi*er water -or boi*er b*ow down7 is meas#red thro#gh a) a*'a*inity o- water c) therma* cond#cti9ity o- water '8 e0e/tr./a0 /$n9;/t.%.ty $- water d) t#rbidity o- water


The *argest heat *oss in the heat ba*ance o- a coa* -ired boi*er is d#e to: a) radiation *osses /8 9ry -0;e ,as 0$ss b) *oss d#e to hydrogen in the -#e* d) moist#re in the air


The heat which is re+#ired to change the .hase -rom water at 100 o 4 to sat#rated steam at 100o 4 at atmos.heric .ress#re is a) sensib*e heat b) s.eci-ic heat c) heat 98 0atent heat


,&am.*e -or basic ty.e o- re-ractory is a8 /hr$&e &a,nes.te b) chrome c) a*#mina d) a** the abo9e


0or the same siCe and rating7 the e--iciency o- contin#o#s -#rnaces wi** be more than batch ty.e o- -#rnaces main*y beca#se oa8 0$ss $- ener,y st$re9 .n wa00s $- 'at/h -;rna/e b) red#ced -*#e gas *osses in contin#o#s -#rnace c) increased -*#e gas in batch -#rnace d) red#ced o.ening *osses in contin#o#s -#rnace


Dn an ind#stry7 e&ha#st gas -rom the -#rnace is #sed -or .ower generation by insta**ing waste heat reco9ery steam boi*er and a steam t#rbine. This ty.e o- co-generation wi** be ca**ed as a) gas t#rbine '8 '$tt$&.n, /y/0e c) cyc*e d) diese* generator


The e+#i.ment ha9ing the highest e--iciency in case o- therma* .ower .*ant is a) boi*er '8 ,enerat$r c) t#rbine d) coo*ing tower


The ins#*ation materia* s#itab*e -or *ow tem.erat#re a..*ication to .re9ent heat gain is a) minera* -iber g*ass '8 p$0y;rethane c) si*ica d) -iber

The #nit -or coe--icient o- heat trans-er in "D system is a) '4a* 3m-hr E4 b) '4a* 3mF E4 /8 3Ca0 @ &HEhr DC d) none o- the abo9e


The hearth .ress#re in the heating Cone o- -#rnace sho#*d be a8 s0.,ht0y p$s.t.%e press;re c) high negati9e .ress#re b) s*ight*y negati9e .ress#re d) high .ositi9e .ress#re


>hich *oss is the highest in a ty.ica* re-heating -#rnace o.erating at -#rnace tem.erat#re o12(00 4? a) coo*ing water *oss b) wa** *oss c) necessary o.ening *oss 98 -0;e ,as 0$ss


N1& -ormation in 0@4 boi*ers is e*iminated beca#se oa) higher 9e*ocity o- -*#e gas in comb#stion chamber b) higher .ress#re o- the air s#..*ied c) higher contact o- so*id .artic*es in the -*#e gas

_________________________ @#rea# o- ,nergy ,--iciency

Paper 2 Set B Answer Key

98 0$wer te&perat;res .n the 'e9 an9 /$&';st.$n /ha&'er =. 6e*ocity o- steam in a steam .i.e7 is direct*y .ro.ortiona* to a) n#mber o- bends in .i.e /8 spe/.-./ %$0;&e $- stea& <. b) *ength o- .i.e d) none o- the abo9e

5ood o..ort#nity -or energy sa9ings -rom contin#o#s b*ow down water o- boi*er is by a8 ;t.0.?at.$n $- -0ash stea& .n 9eaerat$r b) #sing the b*ow down steam to r#n steam t#rbine c) re#sing the hot water so -ormed as ma'e-#. water d) none o- the abo9e


The #se o- ceramic -iber res#*ts in -#e* economy d#e to a8 0$wer heat st$ra,e c) *ower maintenance b) therma* shoc' resistance d) chemica* resistance

-------- End of Section - I ---------

Se/t.$n E II+


Mar3s+ C 4 5 6 >)

(i) )nswer a** E.,ht +#estions (ii) ,ach +#estion carries F.%e mar's "-1 Ans Name any -i9e .arameters re+#ired to e9a*#ate economic thic'ness o- ins#*ation F$r 9eter&.nat.$n $- e/$n$&./ th./3ness -$00$w.n, para&eters are reG;.re9+ .8 C$st $- -;e0 ..8 Ann;a0 h$;rs $- $perat.$n ...8 :eat /$ntent $- -;e0 .%8 Operat.n, s;r-a/e te&perat;re %8 9.a&eter @ th./3ness $- s;r-a/e %.8 Est.&ate9 /$st $- .ns;0at.$n %..8 A%era,e a&'.ent a.r te&perat;re "-2 0or a ( T/! ca.acity boi*er7 estimate the rise in tem.erat#re o- -eed water in an economiCer7 when the -*#e gas tem.erat#re decreases -rom $20;4 to 212;4. )ir to -#e* ratio and e9a.oration ratio o- the boi*er are 20 and 11 res.ecti9e*y. )ss#me condensate reco9ery and boi*er b*ow down is ni*. ".eci-ic heat o- -*#e gas: 0.2$ '4a*3'g o4 F$r 5 3, $- -;e0 stea& ,enerate9 .s 6 55 3, F$r 5 3, $- -;e0 &a3e;p water .s 6 55 3, F$r 5 3, $- -;e0 reG;.re9 /$&';st.$n a.r .s 6 2) 3, F$r 5 3, $- -;e0 -0;e ,as ,enerate9 .s 6 2) J56 25 3, In e/$n$&.?er heat ,.%en 'y -0;e ,as 6 heat re/e.%e9 'y &a3e;p water 25 4 )B2A 4 7A2)E2528 6 55 4 5 4 T
_________________________ @#rea# o- ,nergy ,--iciency 2


Paper 2 Set B Answer Key

T 6 >*B>2 KC "-$ ,&.*ain brie-*y with a neat s'etch the o.eration o- a Regenerator -or waste heat reco9ery.

The heat -r$& -0;e ,ases .s st$re9 .n the re-ra/t$ry 'r./3s a0ternate0y 'etween t.&e .nter%a0s A.r -$r /$&';st.$n ,ets preheate9 'y &$%.n, $%er $ne set $- h$t re-ra/t$ry 'r./3s A-ter s$&e t.&e the a.r &$%es $%er an$ther set $- 'r./3s Th;s preheate9 a.r .s s;pp0.e9 -$r /$&';st.$n "(a) "tate the stoichiometric comb#stion e+#ation -or /ro.ane (4$!=) (b) !ow many 'g o- 4arbon Dio&ide wi** be generated by com.*ete comb#stion o- 2 'g o- /ro.ane Ans .8 CA:C J5O2 6ACO2 J>:2O >> J 5F) 6 5A2 J *2 ..8 >> 3, $- pr$pane $n /$&';st.$n pr$9;/es 5A2 3, $- CO2B :en/e 2K, $- pr$pane w.00 ,enerate F K, $- Car'$n 9.$4.9e


) reheating -#rnace o#t.#t is 20 T/!. The bi**ets are heated -rom (( 14 to 120014. The oi* cons#m.tion rate is 1$00 *iters 3hr. ".eci-ic gra9ity o- 01 is 0.<(G Net 4a*ori-ic 9a*#e o- 01 is <2(0 '4a*3'g7 and the s.eci-ic heat o- the bi**et is 0.12 '4a*3'g 14. 0ind o#t the therma* e--iciency o- the -#rnace on N46 basis :eat .np;t .nt$ the -;rna/e + 5A)) 4 )B<54 <F5) 6 55B< 45)F 3Ca0@hr :eat $;tp;t $- the -;rna/e + 2)())) 4 )B524752))E558 62B*54 5)F KBCa0@hrB Ther&a0 e--./.en/y $- the -;rna/e 6 72B*5 @ 55B<8 4 5)) 6 2A = Dn a .*ant7 a boi*er is generating sat#rated steam o- 2.( T/! at a .ress#re o- 7 'g3cm2 g. The -eed water tem.erat#re is 70E4 and -#rnace oi* cons#m.tion is 17(



_________________________ @#rea# o- ,nergy ,--iciency

Paper 2 Set B Answer Key

'g3hr. >hat is the e--iciency o- the boi*er by #sing direct method o- e--iciency e9a*#ation? (4a*ori-ic 9a*#e o- 01 is 107000 '4a*3'g7 entha*.y o- steam is 220 '4a*3'g at 7 'g3cm2g) Ans 6 25)) 4 7FF)E*)8 4 5))@ 5*5 4 5)))) 6 C>BA= N$te + #e9;/t A &ar3s .- *) .s n$t s;'tra/te9 -r$& FF) "-7 Ans >hat are the ad9antages o- -*#idiCed bed comb#stion o9er -i&ed grate boi*er? The &aL$r a9%anta,es are as ;n9er+ B;rn 0$wE,ra9e -;e0sB Re9;/es NO4 an9 SO4 N$ /0.n3er -$r&at.$nBFaster resp$nse t$ /han,.n, 9e&an9B S;.te9 -$r -0;/t;at.n, -;e0 G;a0.ty :.,her /$&';st.$n e--./.en/y Any $ther re0e%ant p$.nt "'etch the schematic o- H@ac' /ress#re T#rbineI and H,&traction 4ondensing T#rbineI 4ogeneration systems

"-= Ans

-------- End of Section II ---------

_________________________ @#rea# o- ,nergy ,--iciency

Paper 2 Set B Answer Key


(i) )nswer a** S.4 +#estions (ii) ,ach +#estion carries Ten mar's A-1

Mar3s+ F 4 5) 6 F)

Dn an ind#stry7 an e*ectrica* -#rnace cons#ming 20 '>h3batch is to be con9erted into -#rnace oi* -ired -#rnace. ,stimate the ann#a* sa9ings with -#rnace oi* re.*acement considering the -o**owing: i) ii) iii) year i9) 9) 9i) 4ost o- ,*ectricity 4ost o- 01 Net 4a*ori-ic 6a*#e o- 01 : : : Rs. .er '>h Rs. 20 .er 'g <2(0 '4a* 3'g ,--iciency o- e*ectrica* -#rnace : 708 ,--iciency o- 01 -ired -#rnace (N46 @asis) : N#mber o- batches : (2 8 (00 batches3

Ener,y /$ns;&pt.$n per 'at/h 'y -;rna/e E--./.en/y $- e0e/tr./a0 -;rna/e "se-;0 heat ,enerate9

+ F) 3Mh + *)= + F) 4 >5)) 4 CF) 4 )B*)

6 5F25>)))) 3Ca0@ year

C$n%ers.$n $- E0e/tr./a0 F;rna/e .nt$ O.0 F.re9 F;rna/e F$r &eet.n, ;se-;0 heat( reG;.re&ent $- FO + 5F25>)))) @<F5) 6 5FC>AB5 3,@ year E--./.en/y $- FO -.re9 -;rna/e Net FO reG;.re9 t$ &eet ;se-;0 heat + 52 = + 5FC>AB5 @)B52 6 A2A<5 3,@ year

C$st reG;.re9 t$ r;n the e0e/tr./a0 -;rna/e 6 F) 4 >5)) 4 > 6 RsB 5)C)))) C$st reG;.re9 t$ r;n the -;rna/e 'y 7FO8 6 A2A<5 4 2) 6 RsB F>*C2) C$st sa%.n,s A-2 6 RsB >A25C)

(a) ,&.*ain why dry sat#rated steam is .re-erred o9er wet or s#.erheated steam -or ind#stria* .rocess heating (b) 4om.*ete the entha*.y e+#ation hg JK. LKK.7 -or wet steam and name the 9ariab*es (c) >hy sho#*d one #se dry sat#rated steam at the *owest .ossib*e .ress#re -or indirect steam heating?

_________________________ @#rea# o- ,nergy ,--iciency


Paper 2 Set B Answer Key


.8 #ry sat;rate9 stea& .s the pre-erre9 /h$./e 'e/a;se+ Met stea& has a 0$wer heat /$ntent than 9ry stea&B S;perheate9 stea& ,.%es ;p heat at a s0$wer rate than sat;rate9 stea&B #ry stea& a0$ne /$n9enses G;./30y( there'y pr$%.9.n, a h.,her heat trans-er rateB ..8 h, 6h- JXNh-, Mhere h- 6 Entha0py $- sat;rate9 water at a ,.%en press;reB h-, 6Entha0py $- e%ap$rat.$n h, 6Entha0py $- sat;rate9 stea&B X6#ryness -ra/t.$n $- stea&B ...8 The 0atent heat $- stea& .n/reases re9;/t.$n $- stea& press;re an9 .t .s $n0y the 0atent heat that .s trans-erre9 9;r.n, heat.n, app0./at.$nsB


) boi*er #ti*iCes bio-mass as -#e* and the #*timate ana*ysis (by weight 8) o- the -#e* is gi9en be*ow: COMPONENT ANAL SIS = 4arbon !ydrogen Nitrogen 1&ygen "#*-#r )sh 0 7 0.( (0.( 0.( 1.(

The com.onent ana*ysis is .ro9ided on dry basis and the 412 content o- the -*#e gas meas#red is 128. Msing the basic comb#stion e+#ations estimate the -o**owing on dry -#e* basis -or 100 'g o- dry -#e* -ired: (a) Theoretica* amo#nt o- air re+#ired -or comb#stion (b) Theoretica* 412 content in -*#e gas. (c) ,&cess air s#..*ied 5B)B Bas./ eG;at.$ns+ CJO2 2:2JO2 SJO2 6 CO2 6 2:2O 6 SO2

2B)B The$ret./a0 a&$;nt $- a.r -$r /$&';st.$n 52 3, /ar'$n reG;.res A2 3, $- $4y,en -$r&.n, >> 3, $- CO2B 5 3, /ar'$n reG;.res A2@5262BF* 3, O2B 7>)8CJ72BF*4>)8O26 75>FBF*8 CO2 > 3, $- :y9r$,en reG;.res A2 3, $- $4y,enB5 3, $- :y9r$,en reG;.res C 3, $$4y,enB 7*8 :2J7*4C8O2 67FA8:2O
_________________________ @#rea# o- ,nergy ,--iciency 10

Paper 2 Set B Answer Key

A2 3, S;0-;r reG;.res A2 3, $4y,en t$ -$r& F> 3, $- SO2B 5 3, S;0-;r reG;.res 5 3, O4y,enB 7 )B58SJ7)B58O2 6 758SO2 T$ta0 $4y,en reG;.re9 O4y,en present .n -;e0 6 75)FBF*J5FJ)B58 6 5FAB5* 3, 6 5)B5 3,

O4y,en t$ 'e s;pp0.e9 6 5FAB5*E5)B56 552BF 3, A&$;nt $- a.r t$ 'e s;pp0.e96552BF 45))@2A6 ><) 3, 2B The$ret./a0 CO2 /$ntent .n -0;e ,as$,en .n -0;e ,as + 7><)E552BF8J)B5 6 A**B< 3, M$0es $- CO2 .n -0;e ,as6 5>FBF*@>>6 ABAA M$0es $- N2 .n -0;e ,as 6 A**B<@2C 6 5AB>< M$0es $- SO2 .n -0;e ,as6 5@F> T$ta0 &$0es The$ret./a0 CO2 'y 2$0;&e 6 )B)5F 65FB< 6 7M$0es $- CO2X5))8@ T$ta0 &$0es7 #ry8 67ABAA 45))8@5FB< 6 5<B* = AB Ca0/;0at.$n $- e4/ess a.r E4/ess a.r6 7The$ret./a0 CO2@A/t;a0 CO28E5 X5)) 6 75<B*@528E5 X5)) 6 F>B5F= A(a) 4a*c#*ate the b*ow down rate -or a boi*er with an e9a.oration rate o- 10 tons3hr7 ithe ma&im#m .ermissib*e TD" in boi*er water is $(00 ..m and with 20 8 ma'e #. water addition. The -eed water TD" is aro#nd $(0 ..m. (b) "team at a .ress#re o- 1( 'g3cm2g is -*ashed to a *ower .ress#re o- 2 'g3cm 2g. Dthe steam -*ow rate is 1(00 'g3hr. 4a*c#*ate the 8 o- -*ash steam and -*ow rate o-*ash steam? 5i9en are the data -rom steam tab*es "ensib*e heat o- steam at 1( 'g3cm2g "ensib*e heat o- steam at 2 'g3cm2g Aatent heat o- steam at 2 'g3cm2g Ans a8 B0$w 9$wn 7=8 Per/enta,e '0$w 9$wn 6 : : 200 '4a*3'g : 120 '4a*3'g : 222 '4a*3'g

Feed water TDS x % Make up Permissible TDS in Boiler

6 A5) 4 2)@A5)) 6 2= 6 5)))) 4 2@5)) 6 2)) 3, @hr

I- '$.0er e%ap$rat.$n rate .s 5)))) 3,@hr then reG;.re9 '0$w 9$wn rate .s+

_________________________ @#rea# o- ,nergy ,--iciency


Paper 2 Set B Answer Key

'8 The -0ash stea& G;ant.ty /an 'e /a0/;0ate9 -r$& the -$00$w.n, -$r&;0a+ = F0ash stea& 6S5 S2 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE L2 Mhere S5 .s the sens.'0e heat $- h.,h press;re /$n9ensateB S2 .s the sens.'0e heat $- stea& at 0$wer press;re L2 .s the 0atent heat $- -0ash stea& at the 0$wer press;reB S;'st.t;t.n, %a0;es6 72))E52)8@FFF 6C)@FFF 652= F0$w rate $- h.,hEpress;re stea&+ F0ash stea& G;ant.ty+ A -( 55)) 3,@hrB 55))N752@5))8 6 5C) 3,@hrB

) .*ant .ro.oses to insta** an air .re-heater to .re-heat comb#stion air -rom $0; 4 to 1(0; 4 in the e&isting boi*er. The other .er-ormance .arameters are as gi9en be*ow. 0#e* #sed @io-mass -iring rate "#*-#r in -#e* 546 o- -#e* @oi*er e--iciency 0*#e gas tem.erat#re )ir re+#irement ".eci-ic heat o- comb#stion air ".eci-ic heat o- -*#e gas : @io-mass : 2=T/! : 0.18 : 2100 '4a*3'g : 2(8 : $00o4. : .( 'g3'g o- -#e* : 0.2 '4a*3'g o4 : 0.2$ '4a*3'g o4

,stimate the -o**owing:

(a) N#antity o- -*#e gas ass#ming neg*igib*e ash content in the -#e*. (b) !eat trans-erred to the comb#stion air. (c) ,&it -*#e gas tem.erat#re and whether it is*e. (d) )nn#a* -#e* sa9ings #sing 546 -or an o.erating .eriod o- =200 ho#rs3 year aB I;ant.ty $- -0;e ,as I;ant.ty $- -;e0 -.re9+ 2C))) 3,@h$;rB C$&';st.$n a.r s;pp0.e9 6 2C))) 4 >B5 6 5(2F())) 3, @ h$;rB T$ta0 G;ant.ty $- -0;e ,as 6 2C))) J 5(2F()))6 5(5>())) 3, @ h$;r 'B :eat trans-erre9 t$ /$&';st.$n a.r :eat trans-erre9 6 5(2F())) 4 )B2> 4 755)EA)8 6 AF(2C(C)) 3Ca0 @ h$;r /B E4.t -0;e ,as te&perat;re Te&perat;re 9r$p -$r the -0;e ,as 6 AF(2C(C)) @ 75(5>())) 4 )B2A8 6 5)2B5KCB There-$re the e4.t ,as te&perat;re 6 A)) 5)2B5 :en/e the te&perat;re $- 5<*B5 K CB .s a//epta'0eB
_________________________ @#rea# o- ,nergy ,--iciency 12

6 5<*B5K CB

The -;e0 /$nta.ns %ery 0.tt0e s;0-;r an9 hen/e the s;0-;r 9ew p$.nt .s %ery 0$wB

Paper 2 Set B Answer Key

9B Ann;a0 -;e0 sa%.n, I;ant.ty $- heat sa%e9 @ h$;r 6 AF(2C(C)) 3Ca0@h$;rB EG;.%a0ent '.$E&ass sa%.n,s Ann;a0 '.$E&ass sa%.n,s A- 2 Ans 6 AF(2C(C)) @ 725)) 4 )BF58 6 2F5CB5 3, @ h$;r 6 2F5CB5 4 CF)) @ 5))) 6 22CFA MT @ yearB

Aist any 10 energy conser9ation o..ort#nities in a steam distrib#tion and #ti*iCation system 58 F.4 stea& 0ea3s an9 /$n9ensate 0ea3s 28 Ens;re pr$/ess te&perat;res are /$rre/t0y /$ntr$00e9B A8 Ma.nta.n 0$west a//epta'0e pr$/ess stea& press;res >8 Re&$%e $r '0an3 $-- a00 re9;n9ant stea& p.p.n, 58 Ens;re /$n9ensate .s ret;rne9 $r reE;se9 .n the pr$/essB F8 Re/$%er '$.0er '0$w9$wnB *8 Che/3 $perat.$n $- stea& trapsB C8 Re&$%e a.r -r$& stea& ;s.n, eG;.p&ent <8 Re9;/e the w$r3 9$ne 'y stea& 5)8 Ins;0ate p.pe0.nes Any $ther re0e%ant p$.nt

-------- End of Section - III ---------

_________________________ @#rea# o- ,nergy ,--iciency