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Visa Prepaid

MAB-branded VISA Prepaid card currently.

Currency Exchange
Up to USD 5,000 top-up credit available with three different currency (SGD,USD,EURO). Unit MAB VISA prepaid cards will let you enjoy the wonders of global shopping, online shopping and other services including a lot of privileges with VISA. You can also take the card on your travels abroad to make international purchases. SGD Multi-Currency World Travel Money Card is the perfect travelling partner, whether you're off on a short holiday or leaving for the adventure of a lifetime! USD 777 787 Buy 984 Sell 994

MAB’s Multi-Currency World Travel Money card Product Information What is MAB’s Multi-Currency World Travel Money card?
The MAB’s Multi-Currency World Travel card is a payment instrument in USD, EUR and or SGD that allows you to purchase goods and services, much like any Credit or Debit Card. The spending is limited to the amount of money stored in the prepaid card at the time of purchase.

How will I know when I can use my Prepaid Card?
The card must be registered with Myanma Apex Bank and can be used when the registration is completed. You may fax the application to +95-1-398820 or email it to

What is the minimum and maximum amount is USD or its equivalent in EUR and/or SGD that can be loaded/reloaded?
Item Maximum load amount Minimum load amount Amount or Equivalent USD 5000 USD 200

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. Log on to www.mabbank.5 MMK 500 MMK 2. All right reserved. Complete your application from on for more details.mabbank..000 MMK 10.000 0 Reload Card Replacement Monthly Fee (waived) No inactivity fee Reload & Balance Enquiry Channels I Online Enquiry at www. MORE LINKS .com/mabprepaid II Automated Teller Machines (ATM) abroad worldwide III Over the counter at Myanma Apex Bank branches nationwide Where can I purchase the MAB’s Multi-currency World Travel Money card? At selected Myanma Apex Bank branches nationwide. Saving Account Fixed Deposit Account Gift Cheque MAB Overview Current Account Hire Purchase Swift Telegraphic Transfer Financial Highlights CUSTOMER CARE Would you like to know? Locate Us Notices Contact Us SOCIAL MEDIA Copyright © 2013 Myanma Apex Bank.php Is there any daily or maximum usage on the card? No.mabbank. Fees and charges Item Card Issuance Cash Withdrawal Balance Inquiry Fees Overseas ATM Over the Counter Amount or Equivalent MMK You can use up to the available balance.Visa Prepaid : Myanma Apex Bank Maximum ATM withdrawal Maximum POS transaction USD 500 per day USD 5000 http://www.000 USD3 USD for the branches’ details Where can I get further information? Call +95-1-398811-819 or log on to www. Powered by WWM 2 of 2 23-Dec-13 2:32 PM .