Everyday, we received a plenty of information from a variety of media channels , such as,TV,radio,newspaper, etc.

We are so overwhelming by these large number of information that cannot distinquish facts from fiction, or cannot assure ourselv es' opinions when we face the facts because of being confued by too many convinc ed opinions on these facts. So, I couldn't help asking how much the information we chould trust and how coul d we catch ourselves' standpoints so that avoiding be misled or used by ulterior motives of allegations and opinions. In my opinion,the faked information are most entertainment information. The info rmation providers make some faked information which are known the truth by publi c finally for attracting more concerns,or enhancing certain status.So,the faked information is not the big problem for us ,but the facts which are mixed with bi ased opinions and allegations are big problem. As we known, everyone is entitled for opinion and so do media organizations.Thes e organizations could express their opinions freely ,reasonable ,objectively and also could take a side on issues because of working for some groups or governme nts .In fact, through controlling media to manipulate people is kind of popular way and is proved to be effective by experiences.Indeed, we separate facts from opinions,rather than facts from fictions.That's really a more difficult work we have to do for seeking opinions ourselves' but not (the opinions) others give us . Meanwhile, there is a question that what kind of qualities should information pr oviders such as journalists have? I assume that are objective,resonable, emotion less and good at writing by succinct sentences for expressing the information ex actly and their opinions clearly. All in all, the benefit of getting the massive information the media presented i s obviously while the negative impact is apprently also.I don't doubt all the in formation and even be willing to believe ,but there is always a warning in my mi nd warn me don't be fooled by information.

Yes, they can Yes, I do believe that we trust the media to tell the truth. This, of course, depends on different sources of media. Some parts of the media repor t much better than others who prefer to give their own opinion on an issue or pu t a spin on it. Anyway, journalists take an oath to provide accurate reporting a nd we should trust them on that.

100% Truth - NO! I have been even more convinced of this during the last few day s. During the tragedy's we've seen this week (Boston/West), I have watched the m edia say things that were complete stretches and not backed up by anymore than 1 second/third-hand account. They were all in such a rush to get the news first, that the integrity of the information was compromised. This confirmed suspicions I had in the past with all of the liberal bias.

Most Democrats (59 percent) say that news reports are often inaccurate. a television station with no watchers. Repub licans have long been critical of the news media. Television is the dominant news source. MSNBC. said Andrew Kohut. "If people believe that news reports are often biased. Pew said.The media distorts the truth to make news more interesting. Pew said. The media can not be trusted to tell the truth.63 percent -. The slippage in attitudes toward the press primarily comes from Democrats. In 1 985. less than half of Republicans. while over the past year the Internet ha s surpassed newspapers as a dominant news source for national and international news. when 34 percent of respondents believed stories were frequently inaccurate. A newspaper with no readers. with 43 percent of Democrats feeling that way. just as many of their programs become more overtly partisan. co mpared with 43 percent two years ago. Newspapers still have a significant advantage over the Internet as a local news source. Partisan attitudes toward cable news networks have hardened in the past two year s. NEW YORK (AP) -. Pew said. while 44 percent of Republicans do. T hat's a flip from when Pew first asked that question in 1985. has 60 percent approval from Democrats. CNN had th e opposite results: 75 percent of Democrats view the network favorably. and now Democrats are joining them." he said. Pew said. Those trends tend to go hand in hand. Nearly three-quarters of Republicans surveyed (72 percent) view Fox News Channel positively. Democrats and independent believed the press was politically biased. These media providers are all in the business of making money.More bad news for journalists: The percentage of people who bel ieve their work is inaccurate and biased continues to grow. a radio program with no listener s.of Americans surveyed by the Pew Research Cen ter for the People & the Press believe that news stories are often inaccurate. Pew also found that 74 percent of respondents believe stories tend to favor one side of an issue over another. which has become more overtly liberal in prim etime over the past year. Seventy-eight percent of Republicans said the press was politically biased. Without reader s. comp ared with 50 percent of Democrats and 62 percent of independents. In many cases. the media needs to mak e stories as interesting as possible to attract attention. with only 34 p ercent from Republicans. . up from 66 percent two years ago. Nearly two-thirds -. watchers and listeners. the Pew center's direct or. the media dies. they will say they're ina ccurate.

The media shapes political. During the Oklahoma City bombing.A majority of people who say they get most of their news from Fox News Channel s ay that the media is too critical of America (59 percent) and immoral (51 percen t). So. It is considered a way to obtain A"truthful" inform ation. social. Many mosques (Islamic places of worship) were destroyed and many Ar abs were threatened. The West. a higher percentage of them than of older respondents say it would be im portant if they were lost." or the ev er-popular "Islamic Fundamentalists?" I bet you can find many more examples of t his in the media. Pew said. but were part of an American organization. and even moral viewpoints. Let's clear up some of the misconceptions that the media often instills in many people about Muslims and/or Arabs." "Islam vs. Have you ever heard the terms. Oddly. This is untrue. and unprejudiced. A religious fundamen talist is one who believes in the fundamental. unbiased." "Islamic Fundamentalists" and "Arab Terrorist" more than I heard the word "c rime" mentioned. the term "fundamentalist" is used incorrectly. it is unfortunate that the media is often very unfair in p resenting different religions and different cultures. the media classifies terrorists as Mus lims before it even mentions the crimes committed. This caused much prejudice in t his country.html#ixzz2UQ3HDy2s People believe in the media. I think I heard the names "Muslim.com/money/money-news_100/106_can-the-media-be-trust ed. What do es being Muslim or Arab have to do with committing heinous crimes? Why does the media make it seem that Arabs or Muslims have a connection to crime or injustice ? In fact." "Ara b. the media reported (from reliable sources) tha t the bombing was most likely committed by Muslim or Arab Fundamentalists even b efore preliminary investigations were completed. when they are actually doing the opposite of what religion guides them to do? Labeling killers or terrorists as religious fundamentalists implies that their very religion engenders violent hate and injustice. Is this proper journalism? In addition. especially those in the Mi ddle East. because of the economy or other r easons. which i s another point the media fails to make clear. This was made obvious in the World Trade Center bombing in New York. Pew surveyed 1. The margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points. Read more: http://www. orthodox principles of religion. Later it was discovered that the perpetrators weren't Musli ms (or from the Middle East). Often. most of the one billion Muslims worldwide are not even Arabs.askmen.506 adults by landline telephones and cell phones from July 22 to 26. a majority of those surveyed said it would be an important loss if news outlets are shut down. though fewer young people cite TV news or newspapers as primary s ources. So why are people who are crazy enough to commit heinous crimes such as bombings or killings considered religious fundamentalists. "Arab Terrorist. . Despite the negative attitudes.

a follower of Islam. It is many many different organisations. Some happily mislead the public.As a Muslim. is driven by profit making.This is often achieved by creating sensational and attention grabbing news at the price of exaggerating or distorting the truth behind the news stories. and a human being. Some try very hard to be objective. I feel disheartened that th e media does such a poor job providing unbiased news. ? Can we trust the media telling us the truth? The media. some are bad. They have lost all objectivity. The media decides how they want the story to be told and then manipulate the facts to rep ort it the way they want. like any industry. Some are g ood. I believe that the media can no longer be trusted to report the truth. . What do you think? The Media' is not one thing.