GENERA* RE+UIREMENTS Plans and specifications Plan review Permits: Zoning, building, environmental, other Survey Impact fee Administrative costs Financing costs Legal fees ngineering fees !ther fees Su%$o$&l SITE )RE) "emolition #remodel$ %ac&ing ' Shoring #remodel$ "ust control, surface protection #remodel$ %ob(site access %ob(site security "umpster and removal )lear lot Storage on site Portable toilet *emp power *emp heat Scaffolding rental
Su%con$r&c$or or '"ndor
Es$i &$ "d (os$ Ac$u &l (os$ '&ri&n c" (urr" n$ )&id A ou n$ Du"

connection fee.SITE WATER-SEWAGE Soil and perc tests Septic system design Septic system permits and inspectionsSeptic system installation. tie in to house "ewatering #high water table$ . connection fee. tool rental !ther site prep Su%$o$&l ON. and hoo&up 0as: Permit. and hoo&up LP1: *an& installation and hoo&up !il tan& installation *elecom hoo&up !ther utility costs Su%$o$&l E.(A'ATION & EARTHW/RK )ut and fill 2lasting . trenching. pressure tan& .ell permits and fees !ther utility e/pense Su%$o$&l UTI*ITIES *own . pump.+uipment. plumbing to house.ater: *ap fees and hoo&up *own Sewer: *ap fees and hoo&up lectrical: Permit.ell.

sand 3ough grading *renching for utility hoo&ups Foundation e/cavation Foundation footing drains 2ac&fill )ompaction )urtain drains )ulverts Swales Ponds !ther site drainage 3etaining walls *opsoil Finish grading Seeding.grade beams Piers Slabs (( foundation. hold downs . garage Steel reinforcing Anchor bolts.dirt Stone.3emoval of stone.sod Stone. basement. sand. gravel.stem walls. fill !ther landscaping !ther earthwor& 0OUNDATION Su%$o$&l Footings.Pads Foundation walls.

protection !ther foundation Su%$o$&l OTHER MASONR12 )A'ING Patios /terior stairs 4asonry chimneys !ther masonry Su%$o$&l ROUGH 0RAMING Sill and seal Steel or wood carrying beam.hearths "riveway . waterproofing Foundation drain board Slab insulation: edge. rough stairs .below /terior foundation insulation Insulation coating. lolly columns Floor framing /terior and interior walls.2ul&heads Sump pump Sub(slab vapor barrier )rawlspace vapor barrier )rawlspace vents Foundation windows "ampproofing.

eather barrier #*yve&. screws.trusses Subfascia Steel framing connectors 1ails. etc-$ 4embrane and flashing 6inyl or composite siding . subflooring 3oof framing. other penetrations "rip edge 3oofing installation 0utters and downspouts S&ylights 3idge and roof vents !ther roofing Su%$o$&l E.Sheathing.TERIOR /terior foam sheathing . drywall !ther rough framing 3ough framing labor(only Su%$o$&l ROO0ING 5nderlayment 4embrane Flashing: chimney.ood siding 2ric& veneer . vent pipes. fasteners Prep for plaster. sidewalls.

DOORS 4embrane ' Flashing /terior doors.T.waste. stain. transoms Loc&sets.ater treatment . sills Sidelights. &nobs.ater supply piping .indows 0arage doors and opener !ther Su%$o$&l )*UMBING "rain. water table Soffit. prehung /terior door slabs /terior door frames. door hardware Patio doors.Stone veneer Stucco Fascia.0able vents !ther e/terior trim /terior stairs. soffit.ater supply piping 0as piping . caul& /terior labor(only !ther e/terior e/pense Su%$o$&l WINDOWS AND E. sliding or hinged . frie7e. corner boards. landing /terior paint.vent .

registers Air filter .iring Lighting Fi/tures Low(6oltage Fi/tures.9eat Pump )entral A) Air handler "uctwor&. showers Faucets. Sub(Panels 3ough . mi/ing valves. )able.iring Phone.ater heater Fi/tures: toilets. Internet . sin&s. shower heads "isposal !ther plumbing Su%$o$&l E*E(TRI(AL Service Panel. grilles. tubs. switches.transformers /terior Lighting "evices: outlets. )!8 Alarms Intercom system Security system 9ome *heater.. dimmers Lighting control system "oorbell System Smo&e. ntertainment !ther electrical Su%$o$&l H'A( Furnace.

e/haust only.hole(house ventilation #936. piping 3adiators .all cavity insulation Foam board insulation Spray foam insulation 2asement insulation #interior$ )rawlspace insulation Air sealing nergy diagnostics #blower door.attic insulation 3oof. other$ 96A) controls Solar hot water !ther 96A) Su%$o$&l INSU*ATION AND AIR SEA*ING 3oof. 36. aves baffles . soffits "ecorative plaster "rywall labor only !ther Su%$o$&l INTERIOR 0INISH . infrared$ !ther insulation Su%$o$&l DR1WA**-)*ASTER .alls )eilings.2oiler.

stone 3aised tub platform *ub enclosure . casings. surface prep$ !ther flooring Acoustical. railings. newels Interior painting. hardware Stairs.Interior doors. metal.ood flooring )arpeting 3esilient. thresholds "oor &nobs. crown char rail. prehung Interior door slabs Interior door frames. cabinets )loset shelving. labor only Su%$o$&l KIT(HEN & BATH :itchen cabinets 2ath cabinets )abinet pulls. other .ainscotting. decorative ceilings !ther interior finish Interior carpentry.vinyl flooring )eramic tile.stone #and underlayment. bac&splash )eramic tile. hardware )ountertops. staining . paneling 2uilt(in shelving. hardware Interior trim: baseboard.

© 2012 Building Advisor LLC.asher. if purchased from a developer. toilet paper holders.Shower doors. accessories !ther :'2 :'2 labor only Su%$o$&l )OR(HES AND DE(KS !pen porch Screened porch .ood or composite dec& Fencing !ther outdoor structures Porches and "ec&s. . coo&top 4icrowave 3ange hood "ishwasher 4icrowave . All rights reserved. plus ?< for sales and mar&eting. labor( only Su%$o$&l A))*IAN(ES 3efrigerator 3ange.< to 8=< for contractor>s overhead and profit.dryer !ther appliances Su%$o$&l TOTA* (ONSTRU(TION (OSTS 1ote: Add 8.enclosure 4edicine cabinets 4irrors *owel hangers.