TITLE: ARRANGED MARRIAGE 1986 Passing the wondrous rows and dark shelves of mystical books in the Old

Seoul Un iversity library, was a deep section of desirable, alluring, fantasizing books k nown as Yaoi. A university student, had her big doe-eyes racing through the pages and images o f the Yaoi anime book... BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!! "Oh shit!" She dropped the book, getting startled, letting the revealed pages be available to anyone who passes by, "Damn it! Every time! Why the hell are they so loud?" She mumbled, huffing as she bent down to pick her precious book up.. Before her hand made contact with the book, another hand reached out and picked it up. "So I'm not the only one who's freakingly crazy over boys loving boys!" The othe r college student exclaimed, giving her the book. "Apparently not.." The girl said, as she took back her book, before looking skep tically at the other and noted she was actually very pretty. She reaches out her hand,"I'm Kim Minjee..and I have a feeling we'll be great fr iends," She smirks, reaching out her hand. The other girl gladly takes it,"The feeling's mutual," She grins back," I'm Jung Youngmi,". "So who's your favorite boy couple?" Kim Minjee asks as they walk together throu gh the hallways..

The two college-going girls became the best of friends. They were both very bea utiful, so getting dates wasn't a problem at all. They would endlessly talk abo ut, collect, and write about their sinful fantasies. Someway along the way, they both got very close, almost like sisters even after University was over.. "Wah~ Can't believe four dreadful years of college is OVER!! Such a relief," Kim Minjee stated, stretching her arms as they walk outside heading toward her hous e. "Yah! Stop mentioning college..I will murder whoever says it next.." Jung Youngm i joked. Minjee snickered. They soon see their two other best friends arrive; Jung Daeho and Kim Kyung. "Hey ladies, Isn't it great college is over??" Kim Kyung said. Minjee started l aughing. Youngmi just glared at him as soon as the word 'college' spilled out o f his mouth. "..What?? what did I say?" "Yeah what did he say?" Kim Daeho asked, curious as to why Youngmi looked so fie rce.

Soon enough they were all running around chasing each other while laughing for n o good reason on the university grounds like children..

Kim Minjee and Jung Youngmi were at Minjee's home relaxing on her bed, looking t hrough their collections of ..rated stuff. "Youngmi-ah, listen why don't we make a promise on something?" Minjee said, look ing at her best friend. Youngmi looked up, tearing her eyes away from the alluring graphics, "Yeah sure, what is it?" "SO, you know we'll grow up and have a child right?" Youngmi nodded, not knowing where she's going with this," Sooo...Why don't we marry our first child togethe r??!!" She said, excitingly. Youngmi's eyes lit up," Oh my goshh!!! That would be awesome!!!! Then we would b e related and like a family and.." She sighed dreamily. Then suddenly they both smirked, and Minjee decided to voice out what they were both thinking," And if our first child are boys then..." "The BETTER!!!!" Youngmi finished, clapping her hands. They both hugged out of glee. ".....You totally have a crush on Kim Kyung...or shall I say Kyunggie~" Youngmi teased. Minjee blushed, "I d-do not...Look who's talking, YOU have a huge crush on Jung Daeho!" Minjee snickered. Youngmi looked at her and gasped. "Yeah..I said it~," She smirked teasingly, before they both started giggling..

A year later, They were both married happily; Kim Minjee to Kim Kyung and Jung Y oungmi to Jung Daeho. Their bond was even closer. A few months after, Kim minjee came crying onto Youngmi's doors step...Basically , Minjee said she had to leave from the country since her beloved husband had go tten a job there...they tearfully said their farewells but talked very often on the telephone.

A Year later Riiiiing~ Riiiing~ "Yeah, Hello!? Youngmi-ah how are you?!" Minjee yelled over the phone. "G-great..You? Yeah your great too..kay now that we skipped the boring part..... I'M PREGNANT!!!!!" Youngmi yelled this time. "WHAAAAAT????! OMO OMO OMO! Me too!!!! Well, I just found out last week, but I w asn't sure that's why I didn't tell you, but I just came from the doctors and I AM!!!" Minjee exclaimed dramatically. They both ended up talking for an hour ab out how excited they are to go shopping for mini clothes..

A Year Later "MinJee-ah! It's a boy!!!!!!" Youngmi said weakly yet happily over the phone, si nce she just delivered a freaking mini human out of her vagina... "MINE TOO! Oh God, our karma must be VERY good...Everything's going as planned!! " She grinned, eyes glittering with excitement. "What are you going to name him!?" Minjee asked curiously. "Yunho...Jung Yunho,"Jung Youngmi said, happily," And what'll be his future brid e's name?" She prompted. "Jaejoong..Kim Jaejoong," Kim Minjee answered delightedly. Both grinned gleeful ly, imagining their little babies' adventures to come.. 17 Years Later

"Hey mom, I'm gonna go hang out at Yoochun's!" A deep voice yelled, as he scurri ed off to wear his shoes, while casting a last glance at the mirror, smiling in satisfaction. "Okay hun, just come back before--" "Dinner, yeah gotcha, bye mom, love you!" He said all-knowingy, before slamming the door shut with a loud bang. "Oh I feel so loved.." Jung Youngmi, or Mrs.Jung, stated sarcastically. She wen t back to texting her bestie.

"Yo! Wassup guys?" Changmin said, coming into Yoochun's room with a bag of chips . Yoochun looked concentrated as he went through his stacks of movies,"Which one d o you guys wanna see?" He asked, as if in a life-or-death situation. "Yoochun, we saw all of them a million times, I could recite the movie lines for you, and hopefully it'll refresh your memory," Yunho stated, off-handedly. "Oh Shut up..then what'll we do?" Yoochun asked throwing the movies away without a care where it would hit.. "Ouch!!...Fuck you," Changmin glared. Yoochun chuckled. "Let's go to the mall, we'll watch a movie there,"Yunho said, getting up,"Oh cal l Shiwon, will you? Tell him to meet us at the mall," Yunho said, heading outsid e while changmin trudged along behind him, playing a game on his phone. "Umma! We're gonna head to the theater, we'll be back before it's dark!" Yoochun screamed, before shutting the door, not waiting for her answer. He dialed Shiw on's number..

smiling before heading over to her cell phone as she rec eived a text from her bestie. "Aishh! Stop screaming Joongie! I Was showering." Right on man. YOOCHUN'S CAR Yunho was driving. sorryyyyy~ listen mom.. "Mommy!" "Umma!" "Lady who gave birth to me!!!!" He screamed. "Oh. speeding a little over the speed limit seeing how far up he c an go.Intense. and kept fixing his perfect hair in front of the mi rror. "Damn.melodiously. drying her long hair. fingers furiously pushing buttons. Changmin had his legs up on the seats in the back. Indeed.." Yoochu n stated. TVXQ's Mirotic. "Fine! Just be back before--" "Dinner! Yes I know!" Jaejoong came closer to kiss his Umma on the cheek. Yoochun gave him a high five.. "DAMN IT!!! Fucking green goblin.the green goblin. "You better. His voice! I swear..A certain blonde." Yoochun answered. or Mrs." She said. Right on." Yunho said.. along with her towel around her head. and his eyes glued with super glue onto his phone. Yunho and Yoochun laughed as they parked in at the mall. Both of them letting their minds wonder off imagining the beauty under them. flashing the most cutest smile. clearly having los t to."Love y ou. Yoochun blasted up the music. Hero would probably be the only guy I wouldn't mind fucking. . listening to TVXQ's Youngwoong Hero's voice. A Lady in her mid thirties came rushing out of the shower with a bathrobe." Changmin blurted out loud. "Hey GorgEOUS!!!!!" Jaejoong yelled. I have to go file my nails!!" Kim Minjee. I'm gonna go shopping with Heechul at the mall. "MOM!" He yelled. before glancing quickly at the mirror and smirking in satisfaction. now what is it?! Hurry. "Now. a smile curving his lips. I'll be baaaack~" He said. said. eyebrows twitching ever so fr equently. got ready. he could have any girl or guy he wishes for. smirking. gleefully.. okey ?? Pleasepleaseplease say yes" Jaejoong said.Kim.

..They ran and ran ar ound. "You can go fuck around. eyes glowing. hands on his hip s.We were having a sleep over and you..I want to shop. my non-gay friend. as they released from the hug.sorry. huh?" "I don't seem to understand what you're talking about Heechul. That just caused Heechul to laugh even more. like shepherds and sheeps. s uddenly getting professional. Jaejoong was amazed by the man's handsome appearance and his tanned muscular arm s and of course he's not gay!! ." Jaejoong said back. President Bush was a leader of america. were moaning TVXQ's U-know's name! Ring a bell.You know." Jaejoong apologized." Oh! Jae look! See that guy over th ere?" Heechul pointed to a VERY old man with a cane. "Hell Yeah!!" Heechul grinned. "Oh Shit! I'm soo sorry! Really I am. nervously. "Pshh.mmm is it turning you on Jae?" Heechul teased. to the taller man." He is soooo fucking hot. Soon enough Heechul was chased by Jaejoong out of the store. greasy..not his.only.Heechul being the sheep. They both hugged a s if they've been long lost lovers from ancient times. looking for someth ing that caught his eyes from outside. "HEECHUL!" Jaejoong glared at the now laughing man." Jaejoong said."Hey SEXYY!!!!" Heechul yelled back as they met at the mall. then let me take the pleasure in reminding you.. not holding eye-contact with his best friend. w ith his wrinkly old skin and all.innocently. "Shut up before I cut your fucking balls off. maybe I just have a thing for leaders. "So what're we shopping for? Will it be clothes." Jaejoong said.. "T-that is not true! I was.. laughing. trying to hold in the rising giggle. "Oh well. old 60-somethin g year old man??" Heechul accused. following Jaejoong as the latter went into a shop." Heechul wiggled his eyebrows to which Jaejoong raised an eyebrow.or guys. "Oh my god. ho t guys. Heechul rolled his eyes. dramatically.....saying someone else's name. Heechul gave him the I 'm-not-buying-it look." Jaejoong said. feeling the soft fabric of the cl othes as he walked by. accessories. he called his bestest friend . before taking a pair of skinny jeans off the hanger and holding it onto his sl im waist. Jaejoong sighed... "I'm NOT! Simple as that." He blushed . my ass."Oh and what was that last year then. Jae! When will you admit you're actually attracted to guys??!!" Heec hul asked. That happened until Jaejoong accidently bumped onto a strong toned chest... "Fine. ey es scanning the stores' sparkling jewelry. now?" Heechul said. so yo u mean to say you jerked off thinking of a white-haired. leaders.. Chullie. "Lets shop till we drop!" Jaejoong said.." Jaejoong said.

"Sure." JUNG'S RESIDENCE .stop it. Before Yunho could say anything ba ck..According to statistics asians hav e small dicks so Heechul you are distracting me from being angry.Kim asked her husband who was workin g on the computer. mind in a haze... Heechul. "Yeah.. Yoochun smirked. I know when it comes to stuff like this. hands on his hips.. you know like back in our university days. to be telling me what I think this place is?" Jaejoong retorted getting angry. you see many years ago. trying to brush passed the shorter man. "Woah... Heechul roll ed his eyes. Yunho raised an eyebrow. Youngm i and I made a promise that. stari ng directly into Jaejoong's eyes. What is it Minjee-ah?" Mr... on the other hand." Yunho glared at the blonde boy." Jaejoong commented. "What the fuck?! We were not finished!! He is NOT forgiven! Did you hear him Chu l? Did you?. Heechul apologized for Jaejoong's behavior to the group of men and pulled Ja ejoong away to a corner."Watch it! This isn't a play ground..jesus. "I'm definitely not some retarded 5 year old who thinks this place is a play gro und.nor was his arms that muscular. oblivious. Woah You watch it Mr! How the hell do you not chase someone down when the y accused you of masturbating to wrinkly old men?Hm. and that's exactly what creeps me out.He's korean!. examining Yunho. tell me?" Jaejoong demanded . lips curving into a smirk. bru shing off the non-existant dust." Yunho says. smirked. All of a s udden the man in front of him wasn't all that handsome anymore. "He is definitely not 7 inches. Shiwon looked at Jaejoong up and down before wh istling. "Uh? Excuse me? Who the hell do you think you are. Jaejoong paused before understanding. Changmin stared at the ice cream stand behind Jaejoon g.The nerve that guy has to challenge ME into a battle of--" "7 inches. can I talk to you for a sec?" Mrs." Heechul cuts.. "Well.now w hat was I say--" "Trust me Jae.Kim answered turning away from his laptop." Heechul stressed. "What?" Jaejoong asked. Heechul grins naughtily. "Which I DO NOT!!!!" Jaejoong added quickly. KIM'S RESIDENCE "Darling.

dear?" "Yes. Yunho sighed.Jung looked extremely happy. Yunho shook his head in disbelief." Mr." Shoulders drooping as he went to his room.. "That's it. "Arranged Marriage? Dad.. heading to his room. and he was doing quite well at such a young age of twenty-one..I'm gonna go get a girl pregnant. Mrs..Ju ng said." "Yes! That's exactly what I was thinking these past days! I think I should start training him to become a great business man when he's close to twenty.."uuudge."Mr..Jung said." Mr.please. Jaejoong nodded. Jung stated firmly. "Jaejoongie.this is not your choice to ma ke. "Talk away.. Jung so ftened up and followed him to his room to comfort him.Jung paused. putting the papers down on the table. "His name is Kim Jaejoong and you WILL marry him.."Yes mom."Honey.. standing up. .I sa id fudge." Mrs."Mr.. glaring at her son. . well. your mother and I have to talk to you about your arranged marriage. hand t ugging through his hair. This isn't the 16th century.Jung announced. before sticking h is head back into the big bowl.Jung explained.punishment?!!" Yunho yelled. my dear.Jung asks. "Are you freaking kidding me!!!???Not my choice??! I'm twenty one for god's sake ! What did I ever do to deserve this. "Is there anything else.this." He assured.see ya guys soo--" "Jung Yunho!! We WILL MEET THEM TOMORROW AND YOU WILL LOVE IT WITH ALL YOUR HEAR T!!" Mrs. Umma and Appa have something to tell you okay?" Mrs. her husband while he was rev iewing papers..Jung answers. so two more years." Mr. baby." Yunho frowned.. jung nodded.Kim asked as her son was eating his dinner peacefully.. could we talk for a minute?" Mrs. "Son... as he loosened his tie. "I think you should let Yunho take over the business a bit don't you think? He i s older now and." Yunho saw his mothers deadly stare." TWO YEARS LATER Yunho learned all the tactics in becoming a successful business man from his fat her. as she fully agreed. "He's a HIM?!! WHAT THE FUUU. Mrs. deciding to broach the topic.mom. "We will be meeting the kims tomorrow at their house. "That sounds great. Mrs. there was this promise I made years ago with Minjee and.

" Mrs. feeling sa d. smiling exciting ly. "Kim Jaejoong. "Aishh Baby." Mrs. you'll really like him. "MOM!!! HE?! Do you have any IDEA what's coming out of your MOUTH?!!" Jaejoong y elled. come on.. Jaejoong choked on his long noodle. I want the very best for you.Kim said.Kim said. honey. "Jae. "Last time you said that. smart. Jaejooong was angry that his parents were making all the important decisions by themselves. and looked at him for his r eaction.. and he's the son of my best friend!"Mrs. The day was beautifully bright with the sun's radiant light shining upon the wor ld. This was a big deal." Jaejoong mumbled to him self." Umma said. before getting up to make him some hot chocolate. while covering the blanket over his head. from under the blanket..ahh anyways. Kim said.. I almost drowned in the pool. while twirling his blonde hair en ds.O-okey. to PRACTICE being a housewife forever. Mrs. "KIM JAEJOONG! You are NOT THE ONE MAKING CHOICES HERE! END OF DISCUSSION!" Mrs. not allowing his Umma to see his face...Kim said.R-I-D-IC-U-O-U." A slim framed male cursed as he curled himself into a ball."W-hAT?!!!" He choked out.Kim closed her eyes. we are going to get you married. ". sighing. kim said hugging her son. I'll make it.. and It'll all make us very happy okay? He's very responsible.. "Sorry. baby.Kim offered.." he mumbled. "Aishh. Yunjae's minds: Tomorrow's definitely going to be an interesting day. today is a veryy special day fo . "No..." Jaejoong s aid looking down. Jaejoong shifted his hea d away.. Umma loves you very much. the bowl of noodles long being forgotten. it's okay. losing her patience over her son's stubborn act." Mr."Son." Baby. "Jaejoongie~ It's soo beautiful outside! Get up. Mrs. softly... Oh Shit."This is RIDICULOUS!!. handsome. dramatically..v ery handsome.oh wait I said 'U' all ready. "No! I will not ever ever ever EVER meet him!" Jaejoong spat. It's not how you think it's going to be. crossing his arms slightly pouting. I'll make you some hot chocolate okay?" Mrs. this was FREEDOM we're talking about. warmly. brushing his golden hair softly. I don't want you swearing in my house. "Jaejoongiee~ Trust mommy." Jaejoong said pouting slightly." It's very BAD!" He stated at last. the birds melodiously chirping-"Fucking shut up!!.Kim sighed." Jaejoong frowned his eyebro w again.Good for nothing stupid birds.Kim said affectionate ly. okay?" Mrs.

Must talk to Junsu. "Happy would be an overstatement.. "YOU WHAT?!" Junsu yelled...... Whoever you are you need to stop whispering!. disappointingly. eyes wandering under the pin k blanket. then again. Jaejoong sighs before getting up and kissing his mom on the cheek.." Jaejoong said as he pouted..... "Honey..Kim pondered as she fixed his blankets..Then I got nothing. "Wahh! Jung??!! Oh..I knoww." Jaejoong furrow unique name his mother mentioned.. happy. we talked about this yesterday. taking the blanket off the blonde-haired boy. "Hello?? Junsu!!" Jaejoong whispered into his cell phone in the bathroom making sure his Umma won't hear him. "." Mrs. taking consideration he was in the bathroom whispering suspici ously. his while his leg swung back and forth.." Jaejoong said softly.Okay...yungo. ... trying to understand what ex actly Junsu thinks about... "W-what?? Fuck no.Yep. and heading t o the bathroom.Y-you realized you're actually a girl and you got your perio d??!" Junsu said. you are Junsu.I think. Mrs.like a fucking princess." Jaejoong s aid. choking on air.I don't wanna meet him.Well. I got it..Arranged married. he will soon anyways.Does Jaejoong even like boys?. ".Anyways.....Oh! ed his eyebrows trying to recall the sat down on the bathtub's edge. shall we?" Mrs.. let's get my beautiful baby dressed up then. "Congrats Hyung.Kim said .. "It's to a HIM Yunjo yeah Yunjo. Ehhh. "That was seriously your best guess??. Junsu! Some Jung Yunmo. you don't sound very. enthusiastically.I .. "." Jaejoong frowned as he paused. "Yess!!!" Jaejoong confirmed." Junsu said..Wait J-Jae hyung? Is th at you??" Junsu blinked.Oh.Kim said.. and Junsu something actually happened. am pissed." Jaejoong whispered nervously.I'm getting married!!!!" Jaejoong whisper-screamed.What is it?" Junsu asked curiously." Jaejoong hissed..r you!" Mrs. ".. ". Isn't he the son of the very famous business man??!!! I thou . letting the shower run to deceive his mom. "Yes I'm getting married. pointing out the obv ious.. "I'm in the bathroom.Kim reminded him. Jaejoong leg crossing femininely over the other leg. he would know wh at to do! "Well then. she thought as she shrugged heading off excitedly to watch her favorite drama...

. while Yoochun got dizzy.Kim clapped in joy. Yoochun stood up to give him an assuring pat on the back. you can get p assed this!!" Yoochun cheered his best friend. Mr."Now is that true?" Jaejoong sm irks. "Aishh. If it's not pleasing to the eye..." Jaejoong bit his lips . pouring out his anger to Yoochun.. and man she's driving me crazy! Ther es no way I'll be able to back out of this one."Yoochun said..lavender curtains. additionally. "Jeez.. despite their mature age. Yoochun" Yunho stated walking ba ck and forth furiously across the spacious living room. "It's all right buddy.his tone taking a sharp turn from depressed to delighted. then we'll see what could be done. Yun. "MINJEEEEEEEE!!!!" Mrs. I didn't get to see her in a while.I'm still very nervous." Yunho said. I believe in you Yunho.that is until a certain Jung Yunho. he kinda freaks me out sometimes. cleared his throat impatiently. "Oh fuck it.Boys will always be boys. That means you'll be really rich Jae hyung!!!!" Junsu yelled in excitement." Yunho said.Kim how have you been?!! .Oh! Mr. "That's the problem. "YOUNGMIIIIIIIIII!!!" The two bestest friends hugged for forever.I don't even believe in myself..ght his son's name was 'Yunho'?? Ehh anyways. and they soon ended up engaging in t heir secret handshake. c-could you come over.. "But. Jaejoong's eyes lit up thin king of all the money he would waste on clothes." Junsu muttered.DIIIIING DONGGGG!!! ~~~~ "Oh! Omo! They're here!!" Mrs. as if plotting a serious mission to invade Ru ssia. I'll come with you.She keeps talking about hi s wonderful etiquettes and beautiful looks. "Of course!!.. "Junsu-ah.. somewhat lowly. hands playing with his belly ring under his shirt... it'd be nice if you'd tag along. kicking the ma roon carpeted rolls on the floor.Wait is Heechul there?" Junsu asks. "Nope..Kim rushed to open the doo r with his excited wife behind him doing a little dance in giddiness.... "Can you fucking believe it?? An Arranged marriage!" Yunho frowned." "Good...Mom. just check him out first. Jaejoong's leg-swinging abruptly stopped instantly.Jung screamed. apparently is in love with the boy.. 5 HOURS LATER The fresh breeze flew in through the soft.

while sipping their tea...Kim and Mr. defeated.. as she was chatting away with Mrs . "Oh. after you meet the love of your life.. Mrs. It's so nice to meet you!" Jaejoong said."We'll go get some ice cream.. while munching on cookies. Jaejoong sighed. such a gentleman. ." Jaejoong squeaked out. squeezing Junsu's arm as the latter was fixing his hair.Kim commen ted. Yunho smiled politely.Kim called. who awkwardly waved. "Shit shit shit shit shit! They're here Junsu they're here!!!" Jaejoong expresse d in one breath. "FUCK!!!!! Junsu they're calling for meeeee~. showing them Yoochun. Jaejoong smiled feeling as if he hugged his own mom. Why am I getting so nervous about this? Jaejoong thought. "Ouch! Hyung.. let's consider us all a family now.aish who am I kidding? He thought as he stared at the front door. my best friend. she gave Jaejoong a big hu g. Mrs. The front door of the house never looked so tempting in Jaejoong's eyes as it di d now. as she recalled the picture her best friend sent her of Yunho.Jung couldn't agree more. gleefully.U-umma.." Mrs.or w hatever you like.Kim. mommy." Mrs." Yunho said.. and why so professional? Call me Umma from now on.Jung asked and they conversed into little family-like conversations. kim smil ed as they all walked into the big living room. "Oooh.He gulped. rubbing his tummy. Mrs. make yourself at home.Kim" Yunho bowed. ne?" Mrs.Kim said. Jaejoong and Junsu made their way down the stairs heading for the living room. Mr. politely. Jaejoongie calls me mom. "Jaejoong hyung calm do--" "JAEJOONGIE! COME DOWN!!!~" Mrs. I could make a run for it and never come back.. "Ajumma."It's wonderful to meet you. Jusu winced. squeezing the life out of Junsu's arms.mama. "Jaejoongie~! Come!" Mrs. how 's that?" Junsu asked." Jaejoong glared at him.Jung yelled as she spotted the beauty peeking in from t he stairs. "Oh OMO omo omo!! Yunho-ah you're even more handsome in person!!" Mrs.anything. as the two best friends winked at each other.Jung gasped looking at Jaejoong's matured beauty.Oh and this is Yoochun." Mrs. "Yes.Jung said. let's just go and get this over with.Jung seemed to have a heated debate on politics already in the din ing room. It's nice to meet you Yoochun-ah. "Ahahahha! That reminds me of that drama! Aishh now I reeeally want to watch all of 'Boys Over Flowers' again..

.the. call me umma.'Yunho thought.. intensely gaz ing at the shorter man..grinning. Yoochun now remembered that day at the mall. Yoochun! This is basketball." Yunho said. intensely gazing at the ta ller man." Mrs. 'Woah! He certainly looks very familiar. Mrs. trying to fit the missing pieces of the puzzle. crossing his arms across his chest.Jung and Mrs. keeping the hateful stare h e had with Jaejoong..He is NOT 7 inches."Jaejoong uttered.. damn it! They were two digits. Mrs. he kept running around like a child at the mall. was it at. just can't place it.. Yunho!!" Yoochun argued b ack. as he walked along with yoochun.. Jaejoong looks at his Umma. grinning. "Retarted 5 year old. I know what I'm taking about! " A deep voice said... "It was 25 to 10!!! 10.Kim's expression drastically dropped.Wait. 'Yep! Jaejoong's totally admiring Yunho's manly and handsome appearance' Mrs..at the MAL L!! YES! He was talking about wrinkly old men and..hm. who was staring wide-eyed at Yunho.. what the hell am I thinking and why oh god! Why is my eyes trailing down to his crot ch??!..Jung and Mrs."Yunho said softly.. baby. dramatically."Mom!! There is no way I'm marrying this jerk! He cal led me a retarded 5 year old!!" Jaejoong accused. Jung said."Dude! He's fucking gorgeous! What t he hell are you saying?" Yoochun whispered.. pinching his cheeks.."Aishh. and who is your cute friend here?" Mrs. "What??!!" The mothers shrieked. J unsu blinked before pointing at himself and mouthing 'me?' "Such a cutie.or maybe not ' Yoochun thought as he stared at Jaejoong. Yunho is thinking about how breathtakingly go rgeous Jaejoong is' Mrs. 'Ahah! I know this look very well. excuse me? Mom.Kim smirked as they anticipated their sons' first words to each other..He's retar ded and there is no way in hell I'm marrying him. "You're blind and mad Yoochun!" Yunho muttered back. "Yoochun you have no idea what you're takin..No. trying to knock sense into Yunho's h ead. 'OH MY EFFING GODD!! HIM!!! 7 inches guy!!!! Wait. "They scored 25 to 9." Yoochun followed his gaze to whe re he looked. Yunho frowned.'Hey! He looks really familiar. "Wrinkly man.Shit! No Jaejoong look up! Okay now wait ..Jung asked..yes I was very angry at him fo r calling me a retarded 5 year old. still processing what Jaejoong said that day a t the mall 3 years ago.Kim thought.Jung thought.Jaejoong thought.. ... definitely remembering everything now o f how Yunho accused him. "Uh. and Junsu let the woman mak e him look like a fish.

. "All right listen. "Dickhead. "Bitch. Jaejoong was about to open his mouth to say a witty reply. blue.Kim asked as Mrs."Jaejoong said." Mrs. Yunho caught the message as he followed him upstairs. Yunjo.Jung anticipated their answers. as he knew he was a busine ss man. and we basically live our own lives.I will just start a business there. "At the mall." Jaejoong mumbled. and light green. "Don't push it. Jaejoong sighed. but we move far away where they can't meet us too often. why don't we go along with their wish and get married." Yunho spat. his hand playing with a stuffed bear on Jaejoong's bed. frowning. but Jaejoong here would probably prefer to call it a 'playground'." . b oth of our dads are completely helpless.I-."Jaejoong retorted. "Jaejoong. we both don't want to get married.You co uld date whoever you want and I will also do the same. not able to detect the man's de cision."Yunho said. A look of realization sparked Yunho's facial expression. " Yunho said. eyeing Jaejoong like a hawk. not sparing a glance at the man. proudl y. putting the cute fluffy bear on his bed again. as his eyes glanced around the room." Jaejoong repeated. not bothering to tell Yunho to follow. getting on Jaejoong's nerves. "What did you say?" Yunho asked. "Stuck up jerk. "Whore. you will take your-soon-to-be-husband to your room and you guys will overcome this childish grudge you have against each other. frowning at the golden haired boy.. as he went up the stairs. both our moms are crazy." Yunho said.well knowing this was the feminine male's room. annoyed."When did you guys meet??" Mrs. purple.Kim said. "What? It's Yunho." "Fuck you. Yunho smirked. "Where are you going with this?" Jaejoong asked. "So. Jaejoong looked at him in disbelief. "I said you're a stuck up jerk..remember it. Yunho went into Jaejoong's 'decorated' room filled with pink." Yunho hissed as he came closer."Right. Jaejoong's doe -eyes looked at him skeptically as the taller man sat on his pink-blanketed bed.. smirking. it won't be hard since I am the best."Yunho s tated. and both of us hate each other. but his Umma gave him a glare. but fixin g his already-fixed stuff."So is this your sister's roo m?" Yunho teased. "How about your business here?" Jaejoong pointed out.

PARIS: A DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING "A DRESS?!?!?!" Jaejoong yelled in horror. This is ridiculous. 'No' Yunho's mind. but then again the jerk said we'd have completely separate lives after the marriage.." Yunho and Jaejoong both faked a smile at Mrs. we will all go to paris.. Yoochun and Junsu. 'Fucking' Jaejoong's mind. Why-the-fuck-w as-I-born? .Kim. Jaejoong sighs one of his deep sighs."YUNHO.argh! Fine!" Jaejoong yelled.. and we love you too.ah~ Freedom! Jaejo ong thought. 'Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Yunho and Jaejoong's minds.Jung said as she motioned for them to sit on the sofa... the kind of sighs that say. Yunho fo llowed.. Mrs. however. were no where to be found. "You're going to look ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!!" She says.. "Mom!! I'm..Kim rolled her eyes. "As you wish. come sit down. and have your wedding there.Kim sa id.this. Mrs. before dashing downstairs. totally hyped. Hm.."Jaejoongie. like oh I don't know you gave birth to a BOY!!"Jaejoong said dramatically hand on his hips. can't wait!!" Mrs. just wear it! Mom.Kim grinned. "So. and then~ you guys ca n stay there for your honeymoon. "Mom..Kim informed the boys. Mr."Mrs. Jaejoong glared at this-so-called gentleman. "We're hoping it got resolved whatever you guys had against each other..Jung giggled li ke school girls.Kim and Mrs. feeling the soft white w edding dress. "Jae honey.Kim." Mrs. sitting on one of the sofas. JAEJOONG!! COME DOWNSTAIRS!!~" Mrs.Kim and Mr. So.. I kinda think you forgot a little something. he re's your lovely honeymoon tickets to PARIS!!!!" Mrs.Jung were also present.. "I know you guys will love us very much after this." Yunho slyly said to Mrs.Kim yelled. twined with a beautiful majestic maroon color...

u seless. hands in his jeans pocket.Jung finally finished. somewhat threatening him. please. "What?. you are going to be a husband soon and I really want you to take care of Jaejoong.. she thought.Jung follows his gaze.. angry at his behavior.."Yunho. in his opinion.With a very ha ndsome groom!!!! She lowered her voice at the last part. "Mom. his eyes on a girl with big. grinning. WEDDING DAY "JAEJOONGIE~!!! Wake up! My baby's going to get married today!!. frustrat ed at her son's actions. "I know.Sorry. I really don't care. Mrs. she smirks." Yunho answered right away. imagining her handsome son in it. "Jung Yunho!!" Mrs.10 more minutes.." Yunho loses interest in his mom's "Be a good husband" lecture." She chastised again. honey. I know.Jung rolls her eyes. 1 HOUR BEFORE THE WEDDING Mrs. at a wedding store for groo ms. That's because YOU ARE mom!! Jaejoong thought as he groaned. holding up two suits. "Nope! Not today! You have a LOT to do today! The wedding and then your first ho neymoon night!! Omo sometimes I feel like I'm more excited than you!" Mrs. every word of it.Jung asks. now let's go buy this suit.but this 'hotness' of yours should only be used to pleas e Jaejoong and him only. ". "Mom.You understand?" Mrs. I'm fine with any thing you choose... "Good." Jaejoong mumbled int o his hello kitty pillow." Yunho aswered.owh it's 7 in the morning. Mrs. honey.. looking over at Yunho. his voice cool a s ever.Jung was amazed by his slim waist. Mrs.. purely white wedding dress. puffing his cheeks out. Yunho straightens up.Jung said. Yunho raises an eyebrow. They were at the mall.." Yunho says. sure. I think you would look completely dashing in this!!" Mrs.." Yunho says..Kim calls.Kim ex citedly stated."Yeah. resi . "Yes. not now. "Yunho-ah. I look hot no matter what I wear. Mrs. slightly smirking." He said. Such a uke. do you like this one or that one?" Mrs.Jung smiled as she ruffled his hair.breasts. Jaejoon g adjusted his wig. "Mom.Jung helped Jaejoong wear his beautiful.

Jung came in. "Damn.nice. he thought. come here."Jaejoong said. his pink ton gue sticking out slightly as he tried to make it look perfect.. so he ended up looking down at his tie and Jaej oong's delicate white hands.. but of course that won't be admitted." Jaejoong said with his nervous tone of voice. Jaejoong sighed. really slow.listen c-could you help me with this devi l of a tie?"Yunho asked. but they are busy with their work. a manly aura e manating around him. a bit surprised with what w as coming out if his own mouth. "Where's mom?"Yunho asked. "She what? Where did she. it screamed Yunho in a way. thankyou so much! I couldn't have done without you but. surprised. I wish Junsu and Heechul could have made it here... I'm totally sexy. Jaejoong's eyes averted to Yunho's and they paused a for a second or two. Jaejoong nods shortly before looking down. Yunho looked at him dire ctly in his doe-eyes. marriage is a big responsibility. He was dressed up in his suit. "Of course honey.Where the hell did you get this tie?! . as he didn't want to get up since he would ruin h is magnificent dress." Yunho said. as if the world has suddenly stopped rot ating. frustrated. His hand playing furiously with his stubbor n tie." He commented looking at himself. Yunho had no clue where to look.J-Umma. before looking away. promptly.ugh damn it. "Hm. before kissing him on the forehead and leaving. "It's done. Jaejoong looked the other way."Mrs. Jaejoong had the decency to blush slightly." He said biting his lips."Jaejoong said.Jung replied. Jaejoong's slender fingers fondled with the dark maroon tie gently. softly looking up at Yunho. The situation became slow. but Jaejoong dismissed the thought.". I -I think I need some time alone.. "Mom!" Yunho's deep voice called." He said.. "T-thanks. "Jaejoongie~ honey It's almost time to---YUNHO! What are doing in here!!??" Mrs. Every movement was crucial and noticed. I t was definitely a hot scent. his hands playing with themselves. Jaejoong had to chuckle a bit seeing the de feated man. brushing h is hair softly. "Y-you look."Y-you too. He actually liked-no. sitting down on the chair..."She left.. Suddenly the door opened and closed. smirking. loved the dress. Jaejoong could smell his perfume. Then. Yunho was about to leave when he paused again. Yunho walked over bending down on one knee in front of Ja ejoong's chair. Aishh we could've just married in seoul. pausing a bit before getting up. "I-I was trying to find you and this tie. he looked at himself in the mirror. "Mrs.sting the rising urge to giggle.

Yunho'e eyes seem to have stop functioning as he couldn't look any other way oth er than that of Jaejoong's direction. Yunho stood beside the arch. Everyone quieted down. complementing the flowers he held onto. Mrs. the sun was shining brightly...Jung shooed hi m out. looking down. Shiwon. just right. Everyone looked in awe. smirked. Suddenly the violin starts playing a melodious and royal tune. and Yunho unconsciously gritted his te eth. The spring breeze wasn't too hard." He answered grinnin g. Jaejoong finally came under the majestic ark. awaiting for the bride. remembering how frustrated he was with it . handsomely in a manly fashion. Jung Yunho."Yunho frowned.. the vail graciously covering his beauti ful face. especially the guys. WEDDING The crowd was huge. It took place outside. He talked with Yooch un. his cheeks blushed a deep shade of rosy red. take Kim Jaejoong to be your lawfully wedded wife. The priest stood in between them.." Yoochun smirked.. for that was where the joining of two souls would occur. everything was exactly perf ect."I think I'm in love with a certain dolphin. Yunho gave him a manly hug. approving it. "Yunho! That is no excuse! You're not aloud to see the bride or the dress before the actual wedding!! Aish it's bad luck. who had made it to Par is. "Do I wanna know?" Yunho asked. "Do you.It wasn't working and. ready to say the vows.. Jaejoong held the rosy red flowers in his hands. Yoochun smiled. The guests. as he smiled.get out get out!!" Mrs. quenching them.Kim squeezed their hands together in happiness. as if waiting for their royal que en to enter. "Maybe later. and the guests were chattering away. Changmin and some of his high school friends. "Where were you?" Yunho asked Yoochun once the crowd had slightly dispersed.when we announce our marriage. as he elegantly walked down the aisle. in sickn . Jaejoong took small steps. hoping this wou ld all be over soon. The beautiful arch was graciously placed.Jung and Mrs. Yunho raised an eyebrow.

which were placed on a royal purple. take Jung Yunho to be your lawfully wedded husband.ess and in health?" The priest announces. he couldn't catch up with what was happening as Yunh o slid in the diamond ring on his ring finger. .. manly ring fin ger."Jaejoong replied. respect. The priest smiles. and honor your love throughout your years together?" "I will. Yunho looked over at his wife nervously.Kim Jaejoong. "Mom.."She chimed. AFTER WEDDING "Oh.. actually wondering now. in sic kness and in health?" The priest addresses the bride. my Jaejoongie you looked absolutely amazing!" Mrs. knowing what was to come. he's in paris. "Mom. and honor your love throughout your years together?" "I." "Do you. Yunho looks at Jaejoong. he new the latter was shy.his bed isn't here wit h him. where will I sleep?" Jaejoong asked. He then looked down." "Will you love. but he was surely wrong. Jaejoong cautiously took the ring and slipped it on Yunho's long.Jung and Mrs."Please exchange the rings." he motioned to Yunho before stepping down from the arch. "I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. It was a really long day and he ba dly wanted to sleep on his comfy be--Wait.Jaejoong thought he couldn't blush deeper.I will." Yoochun grins as he comes over and gives them the rings. He leaned in slightly.Kim and Mrs. he knew Jaejoong wouldn't move." Jaejoong replies. "I do." "Will you love. I know.Kim smirked "With your husband of course. Mrs."You may now kiss the bride. and gave a small peck at Jaejoong's cheek and the crowd b roke out in "aww"s. revealing Jaejoong's delicate featu res. respect.. He came closer steadily and lifted the vail.. Jaejoong felt so exposed. Yoochun gives Yunho a thumbs up before standing asid e. and slowly stretches out his hands to grab Jaejoong's f air hands. Mrs. Jaejoong's heart beat fast. "I do. small pillow. annoyed now." He stated clearly.Jung couldn't stop admiring the dress on him.Kim both spilled a tear in contentment.

. your wifey is tired take him to the hotel. "Decent?. "She's very beautiful. he thought.Jaejoong's eyes slightly widened. Yunho looked over at Jaejoong and nodded. as he didn't notice Yunho coming in. Jaejoong's eyes opened to it's fullest. fixing his puffy dress so it won't get stre tched. occasionally stealing glances at J aejoong to see what the pretty boy was up to. "It's decent isn't it?" A voice called behind him. "You could go up to the suite." Yunho demanded. He walked a round the big place.. Sir. "Let's go. Yunho just fakely smiled back and said a quick 'thanks'. it's the 7th floor. Neither of them talked. congratulations on your wedding. his big eyes wandered all over. whic h impressed Jaejoong a bit. ne?"Mrs. He finally got it to comply to his request and he entered it turning the lights on. Yunho was about to leave when he asked. smiling.It's fucking beautiful. As they entered the grand hotel their parents checked in for them for the honeym oon. "Oh! Good Good."Oh. room 69.."Jaejoong nodded as he rushed to the elevator. Jaejoong sat in the back of the car.Jung asked. seeing the annoyed look on his 'wife's' face.The plac e is freaking huge!!!!Wow! this is soooo beautiful."She smiled. Yunho came up to the receptionist and registered in.. admiring the granite kitchen. They both got out of the car.It looks soo neat!!! He screa med in his mind. Jaejoong slightly jumped. before ordering.. and started the engine.. Yunho adjusted his mirror. Yunho and Jaejoong's parents wished them the best before heading back home to Se oul."The receptionist sm iled." "Of course. Jaejoong admired the way everything sparkled in the marvelous hotel. "Ahh Come on.. please. Yunho let the the ."Jaejoong answered.just a bit.. open up. and said his goodbye's to Yoochun and Changmin. while Yunho focused on the road. Jaejoong kept looking out the window.. smilin g widely. can you send some wine up to our sui te." Yunho gave him the keys to the room. There was a balcony and the view was amazing in Jaejoong's opinion." Jaejoong whined as he tried to open the door.and romantic. get in the car. then accepted the situation. his wedding dress elegantly trailing behind. Jaejoong made faces at him behind hi s back. "Yunho-ah. and Yunho brought all the luggages in one go. The car ride was very awkward. noticing Jaejoong's dress. sir.

"Yunho smirked.I-I couldn't take it off.."Why are you still wearing that?" He asked. dressed in the hot el suit. He headed for the royal bedroom.Jung. "Ahh. texting. KNOCK KNOCK Jaejoong looked up and stopped struggling with the dress."Jaejoong snorted."Did he now?"Jaejoong said. rubbing his hair with t he towel. Jaejoong looked at him confused. "Worried? Really? Go to hell. you won't go worrying about me. looking at his po lished nails.. all fresh and wet with blac k boxers on. your husband requested some wine. not daring to see th e smug look on Yunho's face. showing his biceps oh so perfectly. "Are you always this irritating?"Jaejoong replied. talkin g to himself while trying to reach the back."Jaejoong answered turning his phone off." The man bowed slightly and left. "Are you always this bitchy?"Yunho asked. there was only one bedroom i n the suite since it was a honeymoon suite.. said holding up the bottle of expensive wine. "I'm gonna go take a shower.. Mrs. Yunho chuckled as he put on a white t-shirt. "So.only. "Oh thank you then. Th e man nodded.men come in to drop their luggages off. annoyed. Yunho smirks. "Because what?"Yunho pressed.. see if I care. "Hello. tilting his head. Jaejoong looked up.."Yunho said. "Because.. annoyed. in Jaejoong's opinion. . "Why are you telling me?" Jaejoong raised an eyebrow. Yunho shot him a weird look." The man. now how am I suppose to take this huge dress off?" Jaejoong pouted. "Fine!. He opened the door to see Jaejoong sitting on the big bed. Yunho snorts as he leaves to take a shower. Fifteen minutes later. with his puf fy dress still on."Jaejoong mumbled a bit. aren't you going to offer to help?"Jaejoong asked." He said. He received the bottle. "So.I like it. before tearing his eyes away from Yunho's six pack."Because. Yunho came out of the shower.He opened the door te ntatively.

"Jaejoong moaned slightly. hands gripping Yunho's hair slightly. "To what?!"Jaejoong asked. I know."Jaejoong said. and started kissing his fair. Jaejoong came in wit h murderous looks. The dress loosened and fell down graciously. gulping down the needed toxic. rubbing his slender legs together. groping everywhere. lips apart." Yunho smirked heatedly. "Ahh~ Yun. "Hmm.. panting breathlessly.. white legs around Yunho's waist. "Couldn't agree with you more. saliva dripping. Both of them devouring each others mouths. "Take it off. pu lling him in closer. Yunho pulled away from Jaejoong's plump red lips. irritatingly. with Yunho hover ing over Jaejoong kissing him senseless. Jaejoong was pissed but he gladly took it. you're gonna have to ask for it. laid an empty wine bottle on the soft carpet. "Needy. Yunho carried Jaejoong to th e bedroom and placed him in the middle of the bed. . While they were sloppily placing kisses everywhere. missy. aren't you?" Yunho teased. his ar ms wrapping around Yunho's neck pulling him in deeper. he need ed it. caressing his hair-less legs. Yunho held up a glass to him."Nope. heading into the spa cious kitchen." Yunho said. "Cheers. revealing the beauty's fair. slender neck sensually. "I'm going to fuck you.. Yunho took the wine bottle. while throwing away his thin T-shirt to god knows where. while his hand went behind Jaej oong and slowly untied the dress the beautiful man was trying so desperately to take off earlier.. come on. enjoying everything the man has to offer. Jaejoong's head was thrown back instantly. "Yah! Come back here!!"Jaejoong rushed after Yunho with his long dress.. Jaejoong's needy moans kept getting swallowed into Yunho's mouth. 20 minutes later. "To our suckish marriage. not able to suppress his needs.. Yunho kissed every inch of Jaejoong's soft neck. and poured it into two glasses. Jaejoong sexily circled his slender. angeli c skin." Yunho smirked."Yunho smiled lightly. kissing him endlessly on the li ps."Jaejoong whined." Yunho held up the glass.

. Yunho admired the sexy creature under him. kissing the beauty's neck again.no more foreplay. lust dominating his mind. Jaejoong shivered und er his touch and Yunho couldn't help himself anymore. Jaejoong?"Yunho asked. tugging at it gently. ahh it feels so.. "Damn. Yunho smiled heatedly. as Yunho finger fucked him hard and fast." Yunho commented.. pulling in and out. He sat up and let his hands search for his gem. Yunho took his boxers off.really bad.. "What?" "I-It's going to hurt. ah. "Oh shit. as he slid the third one seeing Jaejoong's vigor ous nods.. eying the prodigious cock with hungry eyes. Yunho-ahhh another one. wantonly. and watched Jaejoong's pleasure-filled face. kissing his pink hole. "Fuck.different. He entered one long finger in. "Ahh! Yunho. you're sensitive. while feeling the heat inside . . licking up and down . "Ohh~ Yun."Jaejoong pleaded."Yunho came closer and kissed his jawline and Jaejoong let go of the fi ngers probing his mouth. Jae. the taller man enjoying the view spla yed out before him.. Jaejoong sucked like a wanton whore. "You want it that bad. please.more.. his hands reaching down to stroke himsel f.. He pushed in another digit.and he didn't forget to open his lustful eyes and stare at Yunho while doing it.. as Jaejoong smirked slyly." Yunho asked. making sure everything was wet and dripping. while fondling his heavy balls. Yunho started to imagine it was his cock he was sucking." was all Jaejoong said. while moaning pleasantly..I want it so bad."Jaejoong requested. Yunho got harder.. He toyed with the shiny belly piece.."Jaejoong said."Jaejoong moaned. the man had surely a thing for Jaejoong's soft neck. Yunho chuc kled. "Oh! Yunho. now do me. "Yeah? One more?."Fuck yes. "Hmm. with his twinkling doe -like eyes."Jaejoong begged. He stuck three fingers in Jaejoong's open mouth. and he was surprised he could comprehend with all the alcohol hazing his m ind.and t hings just got tighter. his soft hands down Yunho' s boxers pumping him. Yunho bent down kissing his nape and sensually licking down to his slim waist.yes! Don't hold back. h e noticed the belly ring and things just got so much more erotic." Yunho moaned. I want yours. he pulled out his wet fingers from Ja ejoong's small hole and watched it tighten and loosen continuously..but good.hmm. shaking from the gloriou s new sensations. his hand coming up to stroke Y unho's manly glory. and the latter had immediately started sucking." He added quickly. "Woah..

feeling a shiver run threw his spine. lust." Yunho said shortly."Jaejoong said. not AHHH! Damn it! I'm not rea--ahh. while tears formed as he gripped tigh tly onto the satin white sheets. and Yunho complied will ingly."Jaejoong screamed.it's wet in-inside ahh~. The bed rocked with their rhythm."Just a bit. it's oh fuck.He could feel the emanating heat from Yunho's member even though i t hadn't made contact with his skin yet. slamming into Jaejoong increasingly every time. and Jaejoo ng cried out loud not able to take in all the pleasure.." "Good. t he big monstrous dick tearing his insides. His hips hitting every angle trying to find his. want." Yunho answered.. making his puckered hole glist en with his precum." Yunho replied with whatever came to his mind wh ile he fastened up his pace. "Ugh. looking up at the man in disbelief." Yunho said. "FUCKING HELL!! THAT IS NO WHERE NEAR SEVEN FUCKING INCHES. the air smelled of pure sex. "Oh! Ahh. "Ahh!!" Jaejoong screamed slightly.Ugh Jaejoong!" Yunho groaned.Damn!.. not with the incredible heat surrounding his very cock."Jaejoong demanded. a shiver of fear . "Fucking tight as hell. enjoying the soft hands playing with his dick. filling the smaller man to the hilt. "Are you fucking kidding me? You're huge!"Jaejoong exclaimed. His eyes growing dark with mere lust.He reached down and pumped the smaller man's cock furiously. Yunho looked at him. hmmm yeahh. yeah I know. betw een his endless moans.. He entered in with one go. "It's. confused. "So you're saying we should stop--" "Hell no. before averting his eyes back at the man's manly meat. hips working at an outrage ously fast pace. cause I wan't going to. Jaejoong closed his eyes. the slapping soun d of skin against skin ringing through the room constantly..." Jaejoong finally felt the little pleasure his alcoholic mind had to offer..Your ahh prostate. hit it again Yun!"J aejoong yelled. Yunho held onto his huge cock and positioned it against Jaejoong's aching hole. ah it's hot. then he dipped the head in.gentle' anymore. Yunho rubbed it slightly against Jaejoong's hole. fuck. looking like a withering . Yun-Yunho. if that was possible.. that's just the head--" "I fucking know!! Now get on with it. before towering over Jaejoon g spreading his white legs..hit it.. everything was intox icating.. hitting the sweet bump conti nuously."What?" "Not the time Yunho. "OOHHHH!! WHAt is that? AHHHH~ Yunho!! It's amazing. "Jae. evidently pleased having the man's cock bang repeatedly on his p rostrate. he couldn't play 'Mr.

"Mom.. sitting up then he noticed.. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. Yunho took a quick shower and headed toward their bedroom. Yunho lifted his head up and stared at him blankly. Hm. he definitely took advantage of me. They both collapsed. "I'm not your mom either. "Yah! Get off! I'm not your pillow."Yunho mumbled. while trying to cover his body. Yunho grabbed the blanket and covered their bodies and also passed out sooner or later. His moans. That Jung Yunho. had resisted YOUR urge to touch me. then W E wouldn't have ended up having sex!"Jaejoong preached his 'logical' theory to Y unho. angrily."Why the hell am I naked?" He panicked. now go solve the world's problems.. because I am gorgeously hot. the everything. as he brushed. before snoring again. preventing him from get ting up. Jaejoong huffed tr ying to pry the strong arms off of him. "YAH!! Give it!"Yunho yelled. ugh! My head hurts now though. only to see a helples . with his hair messed up. "What else is there to be done. "Oh it's so warm inside.hot mess. "OHMYFUCKINGGOSH!! Yunho WE did it!! No. raising a finger at Yunho. "My fault? How the fuck is this MY fault?" Yunho retorted. his eyes opening as he looked up at the ceiling. Jaejoong blushed deeply looking away.. grabbing his boxers that were laying on the floor. "Oh. Jaejoong came without warning painting the silky sheets and Yunho's toned abs."Jaejoong shook the sleepy man. NEXT MORNING Jaejoong wakes up. slowly. we are SO not done here Jung!" Jaejoong yelled at his back while Yunho was heading for the bathroom. this is all YOUR fault!"Jaejoong a ccused. the hea t.. feeling his manly glory exposed. That was good sleep."Jaejoong mumbled before passing out.Jaejoong thought as he pout ed. he noticed a tanned muscular arm around his waist. annoyed since he really wanted to get up and cook. "If YOU." Yunho scoffed. and Yunho pulled out and rested next to the panting male. Then it finally clicked."Yunho mumbled.. Then.five mins please. "God job genius. grabbing all the blankets to cover himself. no. Yunho's moans. Yunho came inside Jaejoong. the n released his firm grip on Jaejoong's petite waist. Aish! Yunho get up!"Jaejoong frowned. filling him with every single drop.

J aejoong wrapped the rosy. while his legs dangled on the counter like an adorable child.. bridal style. dumb ass. Yunho came over and swooped Jaejoong up. irritated. He had to admit. feeling the stinging pain in his bum. Yunho sighed. wondering what the hell he was up to. Jaejoong blushed. looking the ot her way. Yunho was concentrated. only. almost hugging himsel f. and Jaejoong just s tared at Yunho with his big watery eyes. . and he wanted smack himself. before picking him up aga in. why the hell am I blushing so muc h today? The taller man slowly placed Jaejoong on the marble counter. and Jaejoong just stared at the lovely water awaiting his entrance. handsomely. red eyes. Jaejoong looked up at him with puffy.s Jaejoong crying his eyes out.then. Then he turned around. now wondering."How may I be of assistance. I think we're both clear here that you wante d it.."Jaejoong said. and he smiled. y-you took my virginity--" "I 'took' your virginity? Jaejoong. thin blanket around him tighter. "Stop trying to change the subject--" "I'm not we--" "Yes you are.We were talking about. Jaejoong starts tearing up a bit again. wrapping his arms automatically around Yunho's neck so he won't fall."Jaejoong whispered. stop it!. Yunho smirked.. and. stained with gazillions of tears . "I think I get the idea.. as he went to the large tub and turned on the water and adjusted it till it was perfectly warm and inviting.. willingly.only a bit. it felt like watching a cute pu ppy dying. placing the smaller one on the edge of the bathtub. Y-you didn't help me take off my dress when I ask ed you to."I lost it. He dipped his hand waiting for it to turn lukewarm and fill to the top."Yunho replied. and it hurts so bad I ca n't get up!" Jaejoong said. while jelling his hair up. "Now what?"Yunho asked. "You could be a little more considerate. "Yah! What are you doing?" Jaejoong said.What were we talking about again ?" Yunho asked. Yunho shot him a weird look. who was covered with the thin blanket." Yunho reminded him." "What?! A little girl? What is it Jung? What exactly do you have against little girls?"Jaejoong raised an eyebrow."I-oh god! I hate you! First. "St op acting like a little girl. princess?" He asked." he answered. dramatically. close to Yunho's neck as he carried him. mocking him. "Being 'considerate'."Then I'll wait outside. a bit heartbreaking in Yunho's opinion. not looking at the smaller man.

"Honestly I would fight with you. sounds like a plan." Jaejoong casually stated." Yunho said shortly. satisfied. it is my responsi bility as the boss. Jaejoong smiled widely and jumped in his mind in glee." One of his colleages said." Jaejoong s aid slightly. "No. and a very hugging light pink sh irt. "Yes.I'm not gonna b e looking at you and neither will you.. we really didnt intend on ruining your h--" "Oh no! Honestly you kind of saved me. I'm so sorry. to fit in his small mouth. his eyes were fixed upon th e gobbler. nerv ously. ."They taste yummy too.Jung. also helping himself to som e. "Okey it's done!" He said in a sing-song voice after a few minutes. "Yep. He saw Jaejoong come out in tight ripped jeans. Jaejoong laughed awkwardly. shutting his phone off. "No problem. his hands grabbing ingredients to make a deli cious something." He replied.but I'm just not feeling it today. now wheres breakfast?"Yunho grinned. How l ong has it been since I had my lovely baths? He wondered and didn't waste time a s he slipped in. and we really need your help since you are probably the only one who can fix this. of course. Mr. I get it. maybe tomorow. shaking his head in disbelief. Yunho went into the kitchen and sat on the table waiting for Jaejoong to finish his bath.Once Yunho was out. sex on the first night?!" Yunho said.. making his way to the fridge. Jaejoong eats it slowly taking small bites.. placing the fresh cheese omelets in front of Yunho." Yunho said. letting the blanket fall. shaking his head. "Smells yummy." Yunho answered professionally. "T-thanks for the bath.I mean.I mean. I Got YOuuuu Under My SKIN~ "What's up?" Yunho said. "Oh. really. I'll be there. smelling the delicious aroma floa ting."Jaejoong correc ted. I'll be there. thanks for setting up the bath." Yeah. Jaejoong looked up to see Yunho gobbling up every bit of it."Yunho commented. "Take care. um something happened at work.. Jaejoong grinned. and everything will just be plain awkward today.. cas ually. Jaejoong smiled. See ya tomorrow. so I guess you get the drill. while getting ready to fill up his stomach.. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. "Oh yeah? All right. anyways.sounds good?"Yunho asked.

"What?" "I mean. .mom's cooking sucks. "Wow." Yunho said." Yunho informed the blonde haired boy. "Shut up Jung! You know nothing about fashion!"Jaejoong chastised. before comple tely giving up. before getting up. "So." Jaejoong replied immediately. Yunho sighed. feeling so happy inside. Jaejoong chuckled.no wonder my hole hurt so bad.sarcasm intended."Yunho said. as he packed his cloths neatly.. taking time to fold each one all over again. "What the hell did you pack? We came for a week. whi le stretching his muscular arms. and slowly. "Oh by the way. "Stop rushing me!" Jaejoong yelled. I see. Jaejoong stared at him... and we'll be heading back to Seoul today."Yunho muttered."Are they really that good?" Jaejoong curiously asked. with Jaejoong sleeping on Yunho's shoulder. eye's fixed to the screen. Yunho nodded straight awa y. Yunho frowned. as he took the dishes to the sink. sin ce I have some business to take care of.so I'm thankful to that person. dragging his suitcases with so much di fficulty. "Damn. Yunho."Jaejoong explained. admitting his definite defeat against the heavy suitcases. shaking his head as he went to pack. Yunho lost patience as he held a tight grip onto Jaejoong's suitcases along with his and left heading for the elevator. worked his hands across his la ptop furiously. in front of the mirror. since you know. I just got a call. amazed at the beauty's ability.. from the front of the door. looks like they can't stand a week without me."He mumbled. not a century jeez. "I love the person whoever called you. annoyingly. before following Yunho into the elevator. Then he fixed his perfect hair agai n. he was deeply asleep. "JAEJ--" "I'M COMING I'M COMING!!!" Jaejoong said. irritatingly.. you know. hands on his hips. "Yeah. They were soon on the plane." Yunho said. HE was the one who carried all the suitcases. I think we should get going then?" Jaejoong asked. HALF AN HOUR LATER "Jaejoong are you done?" Yunho called. "Oh. looking up. smirking. it's always nice to hear someone complementin g his precious cookings.. They didn't say much because Jaejoong felt really tired. and Jaejoong was yet again amazed. A few teenage girls walked by and giggled and squealed. now we don't have to be so awkward around each other for a wh ole week.

. wondering what was all the excitement for. clapping his hands. gleefully. honey. "What happened?" Jaejoong asked. frustrated. nervously. we are going to live in a mansion. angrily.Jung said. left you the keys to the other house. obliviously. "R-really?"Jaejoong asked.Jung laughed."Mom! where are the keys--" "Answer me first!"She interrupted. "YAH! What kind of a person are you? Who taught you 'work comes first'?"His mom imitated him in a deep voice. he would be the best one to talk about his 'loosing virgini ty' incident. "Daeho!!! You'll see what's planed for you!"She glared. a bit disappointed with his so n's actions. Yunho went into his house to pick up the keys. listen I'm on my way home." "What? Jung Yu--" ."Mr. "I'm-. before shutting his Iphone off. with one of his dad's famous quotes. consider it our present. Jaejoong stared out the window thinking ab out meeting heechul. both of them acting like happy teenagers. "I don't remember. actually your Umma and I. into the phone. and then his mom rushed in." "Wow!! For real? The one with the huge swimming pool and the pool table?!" Yunho asked in excitement.I mean. "My son! Wait.". but this is your honeymoon. Mr. "Yunho. "Appa did."Yunho blamed. "Yes that one."Yunho said. "Yeah so?" Yunho asked.did you do anything?" Mrs. "So Yunho-ah. Yunho sighed.. "Aishh."Yunho stated proudly. why are you coming back so fast?!" He panicked thinking Jaejoong left him.Jung said. it 's for you to have." Yunho replied. "I-I love you. Yunho looked over at his mom."Mr.IN THE TAXI "Hey dad. that was definitely worth all the excitement. "Work comes first dad.Jung wiggled her eyebrows. "Be there in a jippy!"Yunho said. Okay. "Yeah!" Yunho answered. Yunho.

"Omg!! gotta call Minjee!!!!" Mrs. waiting patiently for his answer. Jaejoong stepped inside and it was GORGEOUS!! Ohmyfuck! Where is the kitchen!??? He thought as he wondered around the huge place.. She threw him the keys.now can you please give me the precious keys!"Yunho p leaded. . Jaejoong was about to become all sassy about why he had to go open the doors."Okay okay I did him hard. as he shifted in his car in the drive way with Jaejoong sitting in the back seat. "Honey." Yunho answered."She said.Now stop disturbing me when I'm worshipping my k itchen!" Jaejoong shooed him away as he headed back into the bright kitchen with paintings and large clear windows surrounding the place. for no good reason.. "Will do." Yunho said."Jaejoong answered promptly. "Oh shut up!. Yunho nodded fixing his mirror. Yunho smiled. "We're here. tell my beautiful son-in-law I send him all my love.here's the keys. all hot. "The biggest one.Listen theres 7 rooms upstairs. now bye!" Yunho ran out the door in a flash. Yunho rolled his eyes.Jung grinned so wide. which one do you want to be yours? "Yunho asked holding on to the luggages. He stomped to the front of the house where he last saw him. Mrs. Jaejoong slightly jerked looking up from his phone. and saw Jaejoong smiling happily as he texted away. and they were soon on their way to their house. pressing buttons.Yea h I'll just go twist the keys and open a door. "Mom sends you all her love. Jaejoong frowned."Apparently. saying whatever to please his Umma's world."WHAT?! Who died?"He said. dramatically. hysterically. Yunho came downstairs. open the doors for me. "Th-this is ours?" Jaejoong wondered aloud." Yunho purposely announced loudly. wondering what has happened for a man to yell that loud. after carrying all the luggages to their rooms. dramatica lly..." Yunho ordered . he thought. "They're all big."Aww did she? Tell her I send her all my love too!"Jaejoong grin ned. delightedly. Who is he texting? Yunho furrowed his eyebrows.. but then he noticed Yunho opening the trunk to get all the heavy suitcases. Jaejoong smiled. "JAEJOONG! JAEJOONG!!!" Yunho yelled. "Fine! Anyone of them is fine!.. Yunho peeked at the mirror. He was astounded by the size of the mansion. "Of courseeeee~" She screamed. His hair was a little wet from sweating while his silver necklace dangled a bit from his neck.Jung screamed.

thinking deeply. I am not forcing you to work. that is only if you wanted to.. "Oh! Just in time."Jaejoong said. I'm not forcing you to work. "I-I'll tell you about it later.Yes and no.. "JAEJOOONGIE!!!!! Wait!!! You're back so early? How was the honeymoon?" Heechul said. I get it." Heechul knew Jaejoong well. "It. Jaejoong smiled.. "This.Heheheh I'm gonna LOVE this place. Jaejoong laughed. Yunho looked confused. so it did happen. wondered who this man was."How do you let a guy fuck you but then un-fuck you?" "Yah! Shut up! I said we'll talk about it laterrr~"Jaejoong blushed."Jaejoong said. Yunho. deciding to ignore the PMS-i ng Jaejoong. he then just shook his head. "Ohhhhh."Jaejoong said. before heading to the sink to wash up. Jaejoong's phone starts to ring~ "Heechullie!!!!!! OMFG!!!! I miss you soooo much!!!!"Jaejoong practically scream ed into the phone.I meant you're really really good at cooking so you should.well. "English please?" "This is fucking amazing!" Yunho answered. "You should be a chef.amghhzing. I make enough for us to last a life time." Yunho said. trying to clear any hesitat ion in Jaejoong's accusing mind. not wanting to talk abou t it in front of the guy who nailed him..isghhgj. so you don't think I'm good enough to be a chef? Is that it?" Jaejoong ques tioned. wiping his forehead. food in his mouth. ... Jaejoong made some delicious yummy-looking pasta. now you're completely taking it the wrong way. "No. it's just a."Jaejoong bit his lips.."LUNCH IS READY!!!!!!" Jaejoong yelled. still chewing.". in a serious manner. Heechul laughed. "No.. while Yunho ate his enjoyable lunch a t the table. bu t however. trying to f ind a new subject. "Gosh.compliment. on the other hand. become a chef." Yunho said. and Yunho was so glad to have such fresh.. since honestly. while holding the big spoon." Yunho said. chill. I mean. as he cleaned the sparkling clean counter. Jaejoong was cleaning up the mess he made. giggling in his pink apron when it echoe d. and Jaejoong could hear the man smirking. heading to the sink.. hot meals. he thought."You really think I should? Maybe I'll open a bakery or somethin g." "Oh. that could make Jaejoong bl ush like a little girl..

this was definitely a life-death situation.. mom."Yunho nervously said.Even though i t was beautiful and all in day time.um in bed."Jaejoong said.no doubt. and if a g host decided to attack him."Jaejoong smiled so s weetly.Mhmm. "Really? Why are you stuttering? Is everything fi--" "Everything is perfectly fine. making sure nothing moved. wondering what he should do. "Oh? Really?. he would scream and wala~ Umma would save the day. Just a phone . Yunho sighed. Jaejoongie... Jaejoong looked down.."Yunho stuttered.Oh yes! Good night! Tell Appa I said good night too. but now. U-umma. I should've left the lights on.. just a phone. Jaejoong could hear Mrs."Mrs.."Jaejoong truthfully said. "Oh. he said to himself constantly.. Yunho scratched his head. "Of course! I'd love to. Yunho went to sleep in his room.together. "Yes umma? What is it?" Yunho grumpily asked.. "Y-yes. it felt like he was living in a vampire's residence.. he thought.Jung said. Jaejoong held onto his blanket tightly as he sat in bed. "WHAT?! What happened?" Yunho came in. here you want to talk to Jaejoong? Here talk to h im.. It was really silent. "Annyoung~" He shut the phone off . Well.That night. His house was cozy.Hm. okay?"Jaejoong asked sweetly. and went to his room and Jaejoong unconsciously followed him. If I go now to turn them on. Yunho sat in bed with his legs apart in a manly fashion waiting for Jaejoong to finish talking. honey. "I-I got scared. then maybe the creepy z ombie is under my bed and it would grab my legs--NO! Jaejoong's mind started working furiously.. before calming his beating heart. Yunho and I are doing just fine. before clicking the 'talk' button on the home phone. Yunho rolled his e yes.. so he decided to resume to his wor k on his laptop. politely.. but at night.. turning on all the lights. Jaejoong held onto his blanket close to his face tightly. recoverin g from the mini heart attack he was having.Jung since the room was so quiet. I'm so glad you missed me too..it echoes and Yunho's room is across his since the upstairs bedrooms ar e in a circle with the elegant stairs swirling down in the middle. while Jaejoong headed into his.. yeah together. and it kinda freaked him out.Jung said sarcastically. yes. They were talking on and on. RIIIIIIING RIIIIIIIING!!!!~ "AHHHH!!!!!!" Jaejoong jumped up. we are.. it's really exciting for me too. you guys enjoying your first night together at your house??"Mrs. shovin g the phone in Jaejoong's hands. damn it. because he IS right next to me in OUR bed. Yunho's heart skipped a beat and he himself was surprised. "Ahaha! Yes.. hand on his chest. "So. This is scary.Yeah. giggling on the other line. His big eyes peaking everywhere.

"YAH!!! I said stop it!!" Jaejoong frowned.. his bac k facing Yunho."Ja ejoong said. shaking the sleepy Yun ho as the latter snored away."Jaejoong answered wittily..."Jaejoong said shortly before taking and closing it. He shifted the other way.. "What?.ALIENS RIGHT!!?" Yunho jumped up looking everywhere.he snored. The prett y boy rolled his eyes in the dark before laying down again. "What?!. as he just hit the 'save' button."Jaejoong scoffed. expecting to see green creatures invading his room this very instant. I told you that earlier! And stop bothering me. as he motioned the light with waving his hands. fixing his pillow. snuggling himself into the blanket.. "Are you fucking insane? You want me to get attacked by those bloody ghosts?" Ja ejoong said.. calmly. "What the hell are you doing?! You have your own room. then placing it on hi s bedside table.I realllyyyyyy can't take it!" He pleaded. Yunho mumbled curses as he lay down angrily. while he slid himself into Yunho's bed... still ty ping. now it is. before slumping back down on the bed. go back.10 minutes later. trying to make his point very clear." Yunho reminded him. I'll be up late." Yunho answered. "Good. "Is your work saved?" Jaejoong asked. Yunho made no effort to resolve the problem. as he as up on his elbows. Jaejoong gave him the weirdest look ever. "Yeah.Jaejoong. "Jaejoong. "JUNG YUNHO!" "WHAT WHAT!??."What the hell?."Yunho said.Yeah. even though it was blasphemy that came out of his mouth. his back facing Jaejoong. I have every fucking right over you. "Jaejoong!! You have NO right to--" "I'm your wife. placing it on the table. Yunho took one look at Jaejoong blankly.Aish! Yunho stop snori ng... annoyed. . a nd then. as he mouthed 'I'm the one who's insane?' He continued to work on his apple computer. a room filled with zombies. 2:36 AM "YunhO!!!! GEt up get up get up!!!!!!!!" Jaejoong yelled. there's too much light. Yunho frowned. "Ugh! I can't sleep! Would you shut off the computer." Yunho said. sounding reasonable..

.. Then he went back to bed... and the shower turning on was soon heard. gripping onto Yunho's T-Shirt. feeling shivery and cold all over in a mere second. loudly.turn it off.. the snores were gone. get up you'll be late.. just like that. "Aish! Yunho.. his eyes still closed as he rub bed them."A manly groan was heard. "Stop snoring! I can't sleep!"Jaejoong said. taking i n the his manly scent. you have to go to work. ... "Fuck you... then he rested his head on Yunho's chest again and they wer e gone. Jaejoong grinned. inconsiderate clock... se eking more warmth.. He was exhausted so he ended up letting his head rest on Yunho's chest.. ". muscular arms off of him. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BE--. Jaejoong pouted. Yunho had to to agree with Jaejoong as he sat up. Two minutes later. his chin res ting on his hand.."Jaejoong tried to push the man's tanned . "Later.Jaejoong was angry. tightening his embrace around the smaller man's waist. "Y-yunho.. his beauty sleep was being affected here. circling his hands around Jaej oong's small waist. Jaejoong got up." Then all of a sudden. as he snuggled into Yunho's warm chest and fell deeply asleep."Yunho whined.hmm. "ghghhgghhhh shooo.He got up and sat on Yunho's waist. returning to his previous position. without a sound."A sleepy mumbling.. and then t he snores came back. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! "Yunho. 5:59AM . Yunho left to the bathroom."Yunho cursed grumpily at the noisy..."Jaejoong said.6:00AM BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! "Damn it! Shut up.ghghgh" Yunho snored.. Yunho was by now in a far away land which we call 'over the rainbow'. letting go of the tight embrac e. soft voice sounded out. no. Yunho's arms soon came to circle Jaejoong's tiny waist tightl y and they were both over the rainbow.. Jaejoong slightly pouted. so he was just as good as dead...

"JAEJO--" "YES THEY'RE FOR YOU!"Jaejoong yelled from upstairs. when he saw a pancake on a pink plate and some steaming c offee at the side table next to the front door."Yunho answered plainly... He then dragged his tired legs upstairs and went to bed again pulling up the covers. An hour later the floors looked clean as ever and very glossy. Yunho sighed. looking at his carefree jeans. Yunho looked at them carefully."Yunho replied. he thought. wanting more than jus t 'yeah'. while wearing dark blue je ans. He hummed along.yes. buttoning up his black T-shirt.. Jaejoong smiled satisfyingly. he was scrubbing the floor with a mop. He brushed his teeth in the big bathroom and felt really lonely. as he ate by himself in his kitchen. heading down stairs. yet only Yunho would pull off something like that. He smiled looking at the flowery garden.. and don't me ss up the work room. what should I do today?"He asked himself. He felt really dizzy so he drank a glass of w ater.. since he simply couldn't sleep anymore. and headed upstairs to clean the upstairs floors and rooms. He then grabbed a tie. Jaejoong laughed lightly. "Hmm. Jaejoong stared at him and his outfit just looked so weird. Yunho took a quick glance at him. strictly.Jaejoong sighed a little knowing he should go make breakfast for the man.then I go back to dress p ants. bye. the one where Yunho so sternly told him not .and the cycle goes on. what doesn't this house have tha t's not beautiful? He thought."Yunho grinned.. He started looking around and no ticed it was still a bit dusty since the house wasn't occupied before. before laying down to sleep again. He then entered the work room." "I know. 10 minutes later. Jaejoong stuck his tongue out at him."All right. "I just wait till dad blows up and yells at me for it."He warned. wiping his forehead. he just wanted to cook again in his most awesomest kitchen ever! He got up and made his way downstairs. and started preparing pancakes and hot co ffee. He was about to leave. Jaejoong got up fr om bed. "Yeah. He grinned knowing exactly what to do. "Aren't you suppose to wear dress pants or professional pants to work?"Jaejoong accused. before wearing his watch. came out. and listened to TVXQ's 'Hug' song. Yunho soon."You're such a rebel. so he turned on the radio downstairs. A loud 'thanks' was heard before the front door slammed shut. before Yunho could finish h is question. Then he looked at the time..but h onestly. Jaejoong raised an eyebrow. theres important papers in there.

I'm fine I think. don't you think you should see a doctor?"Mrs.. "I. "What the hell was that?"He wondered as he slowly made it down the stairs.. completely worried. that's it."Mrs."Jaejoong pouted. Jaejoong thought.. sweetie.. and immediately felt a huge pain in his abdome n. curiously."Ja ejoong said.to touch. "No! I'm not lying. what is it?"Mr s...Honey. He glanced at the papers.. not knowing what to say exactly to get off th e doctor topic. sweetly.. not wanting to meddle too much into his life. ". "Jaejoongie~ my baby how are you?"Mrs.V.Jung asked."Jaejoong said. "Oh um. Jung said. it's just a small thing. ". it's nothing like that..Jung asked. "I'm a mother. "I.. calmly. and his mind got fuzzy with all the complicatedness it held.Owwww. "Ah yes! Of course..What? What kind of pain?"Mrs.."Jaejoong said.. "Oh I don't think so. "Oh.Damn she's persistent .. as he sat down on the stairs hugging his waist for a moment. RIIING RIIING~ "Hello?"Jaejoong said.. "Hm? Oh no. caref ully this time. really.. I'll just go watch T.Jung gave up.I just felt a little pain coming do wn the stairs after cleaning the whole house. It's just a weird sting around the lower abdomen.Are you sure?"Mrs. He hummed as he came out with a bathrobe and put on his warm clothes."Jaejoong said. Jaejoong stepped down the stairs.... He dusted the rooms and took a shower.okay. remembering the stairs incident he had a few seconds ago. I can sense when your lying.oh fuck. "What?! Why what happened?" Mrs.Jung asked. w hat are you doing this evening?" . Ah! I should call Junsu!."He said trying not to be a burden on his mother-inlaw. no no.it's gone now..."Jaejoong said. "Shit!. affectionately..No it's nothing. he's in college right now.Jung pressed on. casually. now tell me."So..Jung said seriously. trying to shoo the topic away ..

Heechul smirked. you know you shouldnt be playing ar o--" "No. "What's wrong?"Heechul asked. just messing with this guy named Shiwon." They finally reached the hospital and entered in.what're you watching?" "Its called. Jaejoong shook his head smiling. "Kim Jaejoo--"Jaejoong was stopped. nothing really. Jaejoong nodded.I'm not sure.." Jaejoong said shyly again. Mrs."Jaejoong said. "Your name. ne? Take care and eat wel l!" "You too!"Jaejoong answered. Heechul laughed. turning the phone off as his eyes were glued to the screen. please?" The receptionist asked politely.."Oh.. as they got into the car. 20 MINUTES LATER "Hey HOT STUFF~" Heechul yelled.Jung laughed.. running to hug his best friend.. What the hell is that? That's it! I'm going to go to the doctor with Heechul."Jaejoong sighed. Jaejoong rubbed his tummy. "No." Heechul corrected."We should go shopping.. fee ling the sharp pain again. okay umma has to go. while looking at Jaejo ong a little. .. smiling." He jumped up abruptly. "I knoww!!! What have you been up to?"Jaejoong asked. you know. "Nothing much."You cutie pie~."Heechul offered. "Now does he?" Jaejoong said." Jaejoong re plied. "Oh that sounds fun."You can come over anytime you want Jae.. "I'm hungry. J-jung Jaejoong. hands on the staring wheel. "Jung Jaejoong.It's about zombies and vampires. smiling.it's just really boring at home with nothing to do.I'll go get some popcorn.. and then "AHH~!" Jaejoong sat down on the sofa again.Yunho's at work. "Uhm. not believing how he forgot to tell him.."Heechullie. ex citedly. yes. "Hey SEXY~"Jaejoong chimed in as he returned the hug in front of his house. so I'm just watching a movie. "Oh! It's so good to see you!"Heechul said." Heechul grinn ed. actually I think this might work this time and oh! He works in your husband 's company!" Heechul added. smiling mischievously.

"Congratulations to you two." "It's to a 'he'?" "Yes."The doctor will be right with you. snatching the stick out of the doctor's hand. like a few hours ago. after I cleaned my house... Ja e.. 15 MINUTES LATER "You're pregnant." Jaejoong said. when did this pain start?" The doctor asked. everything's fine as long as I'm not dead. "So.. "Umm." "Did he use a condom?" "No. "Jung Jaejoong."Jaejoong answered.although we did kiss each other but okay I'll shut up now. IN THE DOCTOR'S ROOM "Jaejoong-shii I would like to take an ultra-sound of your abdomen. To pass time Heechul started making fun of people then." The lady said. 15 MINUTES LATER The doctor came back with results and looked them over." "Are you married?" "Yes. "Yes!" Heechul and Jaejoong both got up... is that okay ?" "Oh sure. Heechul finds this most interesting.and this the first time it happened?" "Yes."I think Doc wants you to pee on a stick. Jaejoong-shii." The doctor." He sneered."He said Heechul was giggling away. said smiling. following the doctor. Jaejoong-shii." "Have you guys had sex?" "Yes.." . "Okay."Oh no. quickly. Jaejoong glared at him..we never did i t. Jaejoong and I are not married."The doctor announced." "Would you please get this pregnancy test done?" "Ye--What?" Jaejoong was bewildered.

hello kitty slippers on."What?. "Jaejoong I told yo--" Jaejoong slapped a paper on Yunho's forehead. exhausted as he took his shoes off. not bot hering to glance at Jaejoong.. 8:47PM "I'm Home!!!!" Yunho called. "Listen J aejoong I don't feel like fighting with you today. "Yep! It's 7 inches and special. feeling weird. walking up the stairs. Jaejoong stomped his feet."Yunho said.Wait.. who had pink pajamas on."Don't b other me. I already have a shitload of work to do. with a very fuzzy..'yes'?"Yunho answered. just today.."Heechul tried si mplifying it for him.. and tapped his slippered feet repeatedl y on the floor. from h is room." "What? What? YOU ASK!!?" Jaejoong screamed in his face. Yunho sat down on the black." Yunho's frown got deeper as he read mo re of the pregnancy certification letter from the doctor. I'm going to go with a.this would be a big project. and went upstairs and realized the man was probably c hanging.You know what this means Heechul?!"Jaejoong yelled ang rily. "Umm.he could wait a little..What is this?"Yunho frowned." He finished. so please.. f reedom-less yet again. totally clueless. Jaejoong stomped in holding a paper. shocked.. Jae.. Yunho then walked out in boxers and a T-shirt heading for his work room.. angry. Jaejoong's deadly cold glare told Heechul to shut up for the week. and pleaded.. Yunho stared at him. "Oh by the way! I already had dinner so I hope you had yours. Jaejoong crossed his arms next to Yunho. as he looked at the pap er Jaejoong so 'graciously' gave him."... blankly."I'm fucking what??" Jaejoong asked. "You have a mini human growing inside of your small tummy. s o him and Shiwon could do the task easily at work. leathered chair and looked over at the papers on th e glass table and he was determined he would get his part of the finance done.." ." Heechul grinned naughtily."Yunho looked straightly at Jaejoong. He was met by a very pissed off Jaejoong. surprised... "Ow! YAH! What the hell??!. "Pregnant? Who's pregnant? Umma?. along with a very angry expression on his face.Oh shit. "That Jung fucking Yunho. Yunho sighed.

. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. He felt guilty."Y-Your. I have a mini person living in my stomach this very instant and it's all because of YOU!" He yelled. straight to the point... his mouth open in a circle while he looked over at Jaej oong. sincer ely. how the hell do you calm a pregnan t male? He thought furiously.I'm sorry.so much.come out.. please.EVER AGAIN!!"Jaejoong ye lled. Open up! Stop being overly emotiona l.well. he sat down next to Jaejoong's door.. he had no on e to blame but his powerful little sperms.."JAEjoong!!! Wait!" He knocked on the door repeatedly." "Overly Emotional."Jaejoong said.. between his little sobs.. "I hate you. I need some help. "Hello?Yunho-yah! how are y--" "Mom.Jung sqealed."What NOW! JUNG?!!" He asked." "EHHH??"Mrs..."What happened?." Jaejoong sniffed.. worried.. slamming the door shut and locked. frustration.. "I.. "Jaejoong-ah. disappointedly... as he punched the door. his nose getting red."Jaejoong.."He said. "W-we only done it once. Yunho had no clue what to do. Jaejoong's pregnant. considering he just found out he's pregnant..nothing. I need some 'mom' help now. fanning himself. okay you can fangirl or whatever it is you do but later.. he needed h elp. Mrs. Yunho stood up and ran after him."Yunho said.I'm fucking pregnant. Yunho cursed himself. not now. He didn't know."Yunho paused. . . Ja ejoong didn't know why but his eyes got teary from anger. 'I KNEW IT' She thought giddily.."Holy fuck. let's talk it out. "Mom..Yunho thought.Jung detected the seriousness in her son's voice right away." "One time can fuck it up REAL BAD Yunho!"Jaejoong retorted annoyed."Yunho realized the small teardrops. as he wasn't getting the comfort he needed. between his lit tle sniffs. Yunho rubbed his temples. Okay. but his his big eyes started to twinkle with water. Yunho?. "GO away! I don't want to talk about anything with you. sadness. as he wiped his tears and rushed into his room.. "Jaejoong.. He went into his room and dialed his umma's number. so your--" "YES! For fuck's sake Yunho! Yes."Yunho pleaded.Oh god What did you say to him?" She asked..

. his back facing Yunho. feeling tingly all over ."Jaejoong mumbled."I-I'm sorry. as he slowly let go of Jaejoong and ra n to his room to turn the alarm off."I said I'm sorry. Yunho laughed. "GO TELL HIM YOU'RE SORRY AND THAT YOU'LL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER!!!."Jaejoong. as he came up and snuggled him onto his chest." Yunho said. NEXT MORNING BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! "Fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!!" Yunho muttered. Yunho looked him in the eyes. Yunho lifted his shirt slightly. revealing the clear white skin. Yunho ended the call. seeing Jaejoong's figure snuggled up in the blanket. Yunho slowly slipped under the blanket. Jaejoong teared up again. we'll raise this baby together. ".. Yunho nodded sadly. He whispered."He whined.. and hurriedly went over to Jaejoong's door..He noticed it wasn't locked this time. forgetting his Umma wasn't here... and lowered himself."Yunho said."I'm very very very deeply sorry.. lower and lower down to his s tomach.you'll never be. he was probably scared of being trapped in there with the zombies or whatever he said yesterday. giving them both warm th. I'm here. He slightly opened the door and went in. reaching for the tissues. doe-like eyes. okay? You're n ot alone. Yunho slid closer and hugged Jaejoong's waist from behind." Jaejoong turned around and looked at Yunho.. "Y-yes mom--" "Don't 'yes mom' me. Yunho chuckled. He smirked. and kissed him lightly on his stomach. softly staring into Jaejoong's dark brown..Go away.."Great way to ruin the moment. Jaejoong slapped his arm lightly.Jaejoong looked at him curiously with wide eyes."Jaejoong sa id as he sobbed.IS THAT UNDERSTOOD???"She was furious. I don't know why I'm crying."WHAT?!!!! JUNG YUNHO!!!! this is the most crucial first step toward pregnancy a nd you already failed me??!!"She screamed in disbelief.. GO!!"She demanded.. and Yunho got on top of him and Jaej oong had to blush feeling his dominant presence over his. BEEP! BE-- . Jae. and came closer to Jaejoong's body.

"and I should be home earlier today."Listen.I mean. Yunho came to Jaejoong's room to make sure the baby just di dn't pop out already.You're stressing on it too much. you don't need to make breakfast for me."Jae. Jaejoong was fine.. grumpily. angrily.It's still an egg." Yunho rolled his eyes. A few minutes later. how will I raise it when I'm a kid at heart myself?. but he liked doin g it.. I know you." Jaejoong said." The man said calmly. "What? So I'm not aloud to kiss my own child?"Yunho asked."Jaejoong poured out his inne r feelings to Heechul.." .It tickles.. Yunho came to him.I can't kiss my own egg?"Yunho corrected again. reiterating what Yunho tol d Jaejoong last night.how am I suppose to live li ke this? How the hell can I become a mother? All the responsibilities and then b ringing it up and crap."Oh I see how it is. "Yeah yeah... I'm totally disgusted with myself. "You're being overly emotional. so you're going to take his side hm? Gosh Hee chul. Heechul sighed. and said slightly."Jae. "To hell with it."Jaej oong told him. "It's not even a baby yet. after all those years we've been through."That is the weirdest question someone has ever a sked me.He sighed as he went to his work room and sure enough! No magical angel appeared and did his work for him when he went to snuggle up with Jaejoong. I'm going to work. Yunho bent down again to kiss his stomach.."Jaejoong groaned.. since he was rubbing his eyes lazily. biting his lips..... same thing."The sleepy man sounded out." "Mhm. you're going bring up this little baby just fin e.. Jaejoong looked at him weirdly."He concluded as he went to shower. this is a whole new life we're talking about." Heechul told him as he sipped on his coffee at the kitchen table. "Stressing? Chul. if any thing happens call mom."Jaejoong hu ffed. he didn't know why. okay?" Yunho order ed. AT HEECHUL'S HOUSE "Heechul. "Aishh stop it. I-I don't think I can do this..what do you mean by 'child'?." Jaejoong nodded as he headed back into deep slumber. "Overly em--What?! That's exactly what that bastard said last night.

either you have the baby or not.. playing frustratingly with the pens on his desk.."Thi s is so confusing... his mind thinking of possibilities. "No.. "What?. "..and this is way too early for another member in the fami ly!" "Why don't you tell him how you fee--" "That's the same as committing suicide.See. "Well. Shiwon. we could've aborted it but he def initely won't want to do that.He would be deeply disappointed you should've seen the way he was ki ssing my.. remembering how he submitted to those big.. there are no 'sides' in this.. The black haired man smirked. taking a sip of warm coffee."Jaejoong concluded. before rolling his eyes." Heechul's smirk flew away instantly. how do you know? Maybe he's also on the same boat as you."What?. you know fear of being found out by their parents. beautiful teary eyes.. not fully unders tanding to what extent his best friend is talking about.."Jaejoong looked away. slumping down. Shiwon I'm only 22! We're heading for the jackpot in this bus iness anytime soon now.and the list goes on. HEECHUL'S HOUSE "Jae. mu nching on the chocolate chip cookies he baked earlier..You can always abort it. I don't think so."Heechul informed." Then something lit up in his head. "Abortion. "Many teenage couples do it nowadays." And he 's my wife!."Yah ! Why don't we go shopping for--" ."Yunho yelled in his office chair. Jaejoong looked over at him.Umma would kill me on the spot." Yunho a nswered. maybe you should tell Yunho?"Heechul suggested.discrimination from society."Jaejoong whispered."Yun ho frowned. It's not anywhere naughty.. "I-I don't know. not wanting to encourage him to take that route so easily. thinking to himself..Jae. chul. if it was some random girl..."Shiwon reasonab ly replied.."Heechul said lowly."Oh. "What do you mean?"Jaejoong asked."Heec hul told him bluntly."Yunho said.nevermind.h-he started crying last night and I fucking lost it. YUNHO'S OFFICE "HE'S PREGNANT."Get your head out of the g utter.but I definitely don't want this child.No..

said politely.. "Oh right."YEAH! Lets go shopping!!!"Jaejoong screamed.I don't know..You know it'll be fun. Jaejoong stared at him awkwardly. as he was force d to sit in the car." "I'm serious.. smacking her head lightly with the pen. who was at the other side of the store."Say what?..I should be the one pregnant."Well.."Yunho thought.. Yunho chuckled. "How many times do I have to tell you to call me Yunho?"Yunho sighed."Yunho muttered under his breath. AT THE MALL "Awww~ Isn't this just the CUTEST thing EVER??!!!!" Jaejoong screamed across at Heechul. his secretary.. "Really?.. w-what would you expect your husband or boyfriend to do?"Yunho said. apparently. "Yes Mr.."Hyuna added."Jaejoong's whining continued. excitedly.I guess. haven't you had the urge to look at mini little outfits with cute small little shoes??"Heechul's eyes widened dreamily as he talked. I meant for the baby. well just be there for me. "But Chullie! I wanted new jeans.. as he remembe red Jaejoong's overly dramatic tantrum last night. not expecting the answer to be so simple. "Right."Come on! We're going baby shopping!" He announced as he pulled Jaejoong outside. I.KEEP LOOKING!!!" Heechul screamed back."Hyuna said. and Heechul had an obsession with small baby shoes. "So Hyuna. as she thought. Heechul frowned... in a more nervous yet serious tone. "I TOLD YOU!!!!. "No. I know it's early but come on.just. "Yep. Hyuna looked at him curiously.. as he also looked in th e infant shoe section.of course he's different." Heechul stared at him in disbelief. JUNG COMPANY "Yeah."Yunho answered to his secretary."Hyuna. just send it to my inbox. I mean.it's just you. . Jaejoong was holding onto an a dorable baby blue shirt with a bib attached to it.."Jaejoong answered.If you were pregnant."Uh No. everyones different."Hyuna said. well then again.Jung. Jaejoong kept giggling and making cute comments about the little hat and slipper s to Heechul.

stuttering as he gave it to him and headed upstairs to chang e. Yunho bent down on one knee."He said."Jaejoong talked to his tummy.. this ones got to go. taking his tie off and throwing it on the side table. Why is he taking so long? OMG!!! He's so close to my baby! Oh wow."Well thanks."He sai d thinking it would probably be better since he was to become a mother and his t ummy would grow. Man."Yah. "T-there. fabric he wore so there was bit of a pro blem. as the front door slammed shut. This has GOT to be the longest 'belly-ring-taking-off-session' ever! Yunho frust ratingly thought staring furiously at the shining belly ring. and Yunho honestly had no clue what he was doing. I should be getting home by now. "Fuck it's 6 o'clock.What the hell I'm a baby myself! Jeez. "No problem.. as he came closer lifting his shirt up slightly revealing the delicate white skin along with the shiny jewelry. occa sionally letting his fingers 'accidentally' brush against his wife's soft skin...my 'baby'?. pouting as it was a stubborn piece of accessory. and tried taking it off. Be a man Yunho! It's your child. looking at Yunho next to his stomach."He thought aloud. as if trying to us e magic powers with his eyes. Jaejoong snickere d. He rubbed his tommy softly wondering. and then. are you a boy or girl? Aish you're gi ving me such a hard time."Jaejoong ordered. "Oh I feel so welcomed and missed. Then it got stuck with the fuzzy."Yunho said finally.. AT JUNG'S MANSION Jaejoong happily sat on his bed staring at all the cute baby clothes he bought W AY before the actual delivery.It's yours. "Hey! Glad you're back now help me take off my belly ring. Oh FUCK! It's mine. Jaejoong thought. Then he felt his diamond belly ring. Yunho thought as he was so close to Jaejoong's tummy. dear lord ."Yunho sarcastically stated.. as he g athered his papers. I should... I had to buy all pink.. he let his hand work... Jaejoong looked down... warm. and it coincidently came off. Oh god! It's in there! Come on. I got real powe rs.. He then lifted his shirt up a bit trying to take it off.okey this is awkward and weird."Should I take it off?. .."She answered closing the door.Hm. Jaejoong looked from his awkward position and decided to greet him. "I'm back!!!"Yunho yelled.For you. blue and yellow clothe s since I don't know if you have a penis or not..

"Just to make sure he won't.. then don't bother folding my clothes! I can do it myself like I have been doing all these YEARS without you!"Yunho yelled.attack you?"Yunho said.. "You know what?! If you're going to go around. not knowing. "He was my best friend since. "No.. enraged. can I meet him?"Yunho said in a troublesome voice.. "Who's Heechul?"Yunho frowned."Jaejoong plainly said. that's all.with Heechul.that's why he suddenly became angry.what more information do you need? "Jaejoong replied irritatingly.. he didn't like the man's name f or some reason. rethinking the baby thing again as it continuously freaked him out. "Yunho! I have to tell you som--" "What are these?"Yunho interrupted.didn't mean to get yo-.. "They're.. as he headed for his room."Jaejoong thought aloud. why he said that. "Uh. as he furious . Yunho!."Yunho said. "I'm not pissed. "Yeah? Well.. as he stomped into Yunho's room.I don't know..because of the sound of the name. "Fine! Go get raped."Jaejoong awkwardly said. as he stood there holding onto the jewel ry. "Y-yunho-ah! I. as he held up a baby blue mini shirt. saying 'Mommy thinks I'm perfect'. as he saw Yunho tug around for his precious T-shirt. looking at the taller one.."Jaejoong answered. we've communicated to each other in baby language. Yunho started walking to his room when he saw Jaejoong's door wide open with the lights on along with an array of colorful small outfits on his bed.."Jaejoong wittily stated. "My best friend?"Jaejoong annoyingly said. "Gosh...Why are you so pissed about this?"Jaejo ong demanded an answer.He's seen me in my diaper. Yunho raised an eyebrow. I can't do it! I have to tell him.and stop ruining your clothes! I folded them nicely to day!!" Jaejoong yelled. hanging out with this best friend OR boyfriend of yours. "Why?"Jaejoong asked.. admiring the others he bought with cute little sa yings on them as well. they're apparently clothing the human civilization wore on earth ."When did you buy these?" "Today. hissing the name.. forever. throwing the baby outfit harshly on the bed."T-thank you."Yunho yelled. hello? Yes you are. as he harshly opened his drawer to find a comfortable T-shirt. "By yourself?"Questioned Yunho.well.

Yunho looked at him with his fierce glare. Yunho said nothing but sat on the kitchen table. Jaejoong sl ightly nodded his head.and he re I was thinking you're so sensitive about this baby.. Jaejoong followed him..we. while the atmosphere became light."I'M going to meet him!" He finished. "Oh. tapping his leg on the floor. "So all this time. Yunho paused before yelling..of course!"Yunho nervously laughed while receiving Jaejoong's. but honestly I would sa y this to anyone. "I prepared food for you."Jaejoong said softly. feeling the gush of air pass him as the infuriate d Yunho passed by him to go downstairs. Jaejoong shiv ered a little.." Yunho started laughing. Jaejoong chuckled and then stopped."Yunho started. Yunho looked at him blankly. holding his hands together.I'm just not ready for this baby an--" "Jaejoong! Are you being serious!!??"Yunho asked."That was because Umma became all god-zilla on me. The feminine male quickly rushed to decorate a plate for his ferocious husband..."Jaejoong finally broke the ice."What?" "Listen. as he slightly stuttered.right.. He set the plate in front of him and sighed as he sat down across him."Jaejoong said. now. and you seemed to like the news so much. "Yep! it freaked me out then I saw you.um 'baby thing'. now r ."Yunho said."So you don't want it either?! Oh gosh. trying to calm the other down. somewhat curious.ly took off his shirt to change onto a more comfortable one.. "Y-yunho I. I'm not just saying this because it's you... thi s is so perfect!"Jaejoong expresses loudly.. in pure disbelief. it was an accident and he's a bottom for god's sake!!"Jaejoong explained."He's not my boyfriend!."Jaejoong. "O-okay. Jaejoong looked at him with big eyes. "I-I don't think I can do this.. not wanti ng to tick the man off again.I mean w e did kiss ACCIDENTALLY--" "You fucking WHAT??" "I-Y-yunho it was just in 7th grade.. getting angry a bit since Yunho thought he was 'sensitive' for crying."Wait. .. you have NO idea how much I wanted to say that!"Yunho expressed as he carefree-ly ate now. "Boyfriend?!" Jaejoong said. "THANK THE LORDS!!!" Jaejoong was startled. I turned around and he.. he."Jaejoong voiced out.."He s aid.I wasn't faking the crying thing.You know with your crying and all..We need to talk.

My wife and I decided we wanted to abort our child so. as he grabbed a coke from the fridge. but it's okay.. "I guess. getting a little serious. deadly glare. looking down at his plate.Yeah sure when?. "Y-yes..and Jaejoong wants it too..Okay. better late than never.Does he really want it to be gone? Yunho wondered now...a life I would call 'my son' one day will be gone next week. "Yeah.oh is that so?. unconsciously. NEXT WEEK..."Yunho ended the call.. so we should leave a round 6:30pm. and looked down to his stomach. "What?! What did they say?" "He said that the doctor's available next week on Thursday. when do you want to abort it?"Yunho asked."I'm gonna shut up and eat now.... Thank you. it' ll be gone next week."Yunho said. Yunho th ought deeply. and he dozed off into a deep.. ... Jaejoong stirred a bit and settled to a comfortable position. peaceful slumber with Jaejoong in his arms . Yunho stared at him sleeping peacefully.Yeah. so he came closer and hugged him tightly.Fuck. with a very nervous Jaejoong.a part of me will be gone next week."Jaejoong looked down. probably wanting to receive some warmth."The doctor smiled.. then he saw how Jaejoong slightly lifted his slender hand to cares s his stomach. He looked at Yunho and the latter nodded at him." Jaejoong was scared. smelling his strawberry scente d hair. now?"Jaejoong suggested. "Yeah uh Hi. stop thinking about it Yunho! It 'll lessen your burden when it's gone.ising. He unconsciously smiled as he slipped into t he blanket. so Jaejoong-shii let's get this done with then. a s if telling him everything's going to be fine.. "All right.. "Hmm. trying to cheer him up a bit. but then Jaejoong shifted closer to him. THURSDAY 6:28 PM "JAEJOO--" "QUIT YELLING. Jaejoong looked at him with his large.." Yunho informed him as he took the plate to put in the sink.. curious eyes. "So. So.. Yunho nodded thinking the sooner the better. He looked up the closest doctor's number and dialed."Yunho quickly said." That night Yunho came into his room after working in his work room and found Jae joong already sleeping in his bed. I SAID I'M COMING!!" 20 minutes later they were in the doctor's office. "Oh so not today.

15 MINUTES LATER "Mr. I have gotten the results and.. I guess this worked out better than our plan."Let me do an ultrasound to determine the baby's condition. Yunho sat in the living room.. "Mr. ""No. then he came back down and started doing the dishes.. How could I not be pregnant? I.Jung. since Jaejoong seemed to hav e no objection. eyes on the road. then a gain Yunho was looking back. Yunho and Jaejoong looked up the Doctor curiously. then. we can perform the ultrasound again. popping doritos in his mouth while watching the ne ws.Well. before frowning.about his greatness in the business. and Jaejoong did."Yunho said. you're not pregnant. Both of them came home. The rest of the car ride was silent. while glancing at Jaejoong since the latter was very quiet. he hadn't said a word since the news. .isn't it what you wanted? An abortion? The b aby wasn't there to begin with.it was never there?? But." An eerie silence followed."The doctor informed the couple. while he washed the plate till it was clean and shinn ing.. "So. He walked out and motioned Jaejoong to follow...Well. that won't be necessary.was. it."The Doc said calmly..Jung.I was talkin g to it! Jaejoong thought. "Jaejoong-shii. Jaejoong nodded in the back of the car. Mrs..thank you. yes. Yeah! Thats why we w ere here in the first place. with Jaejoong sitting behind. aishh you're becoming an old man already. Jaejoong wears a blanks expression at the mom ent. as if Yunho could see him.. "What the hell do you mean 'he's not pregnant'??" Yunho asked harshly. Yunho tho ught. a bit puzzled. "WHAT?!" Yunho/Jaejoong yelled.Jung."Yunho said.. but I assure you there won't be a difference. and Jaejoong went up to change his clothes." Yunho finally said. so shouldn't this be to your liking?" "I. They were in the car. but. "Sorry if I'm being bold here.. so Yunho lets it go."The doctor looked through the file once last time.

Yunho sighed. here's the number.. voice. Yunho's mini Flash back-1 year ago "HYUNG!!!! Guess what?!!" Cahngmin yelled.. Yoochun wanted all of us to-. I was in pain and he--" "What?! Where? Who hurt you? He hurt you didn't he?"Yunho raged."Y-Yunho. "Then."The man answered. "No.. "What is it now? You haven't said a thing--" "It's really not there?" Jaejoong asked. it's not."Which doctor did you go to?" "I don't know.Yunho came in to put the Doritos back in the pantry. Jaejoong looked at his confused husband in awe.. Yunho came behind him and gave him a short hug.but still a doctor!" Jaejoong said. "I. what are you doing with the doctor's phone?! "Yunho asked. not believing a wo rd of it... Jaejoong cleaned his hands. tall figure. Jaejoong stuttered."Jaejoong was out of words.I was cleaning up the house and--" Yunho motioned Jaejoong to be quiet since the man on the other line picked up. thin lips. of course he said he didn't want the child. Yunho's eyes narrowed instantly. gleefully. .but the first doctor said I was.. "Jaejoong. maybe it was too early to--" "But he's a doctor!.Heechul took me there so.. "Hello?. just like how you wanted it to be. thinking. fists balling u p.. tanned skin. suddenly breaking away from the hug and fetching the phone. but then he saw Jaejoong fi nishing up the dishes all by himself with a very sad pout. by circling his arms around the tiny waist.Oh! Changmin? Changmin-ah!! What are you doing there? Oh by the way ."Jaejoong muttered t he last part... knowing something was definitely suspicious if Changmins involved... "WHAT?! What do you mean 'you are the doctor'?!"Yunho yelled. and all color was gone from his face. "What? No! Of course Heechul didn't hurt me!. bl ack hair.so call him up right now Yunho!"Jaejoo ng said... while giving his husband the little paper with numbers scribbled d own in purple ink.Wait.. and he remembered the doctor's face. Jaejoong leaned his head back onto the broad shoulders while placin g his hands over Yunho's. coming clos er. "Heechul? " He hissed. as he tilted his head.Maybe a young one... "What?No you didn't fucking tell me! you ne--" All of a sudden Jaejoong sees Yun ho go into a thinking-way-back pose. and dried them yet still stood in the same plac e. Jaejoong quickly shoved the phone into Yunho hands as they entered the cozy livi ng room.

. finally coming to the point. .."Yunho shu t the phone.and I kn ow you're not listening so I'll head over to Yoochun's."Just say it min.yes. but even if they look really really happy or angry. you shouldn't find it funny.ugh...."Yunho answered Changmin."it is very.. well-..."Uhuh. that's that then. Jaejoong raise an eyebrow..."Well..running around pl ayfully... Jaejoong chuckled. He grabbed the phone. a bit prou d at his Dongseng. with his knees up on the comfy sofa.Yeah. shaking his head at his Dongseng's unusual hobby. as well."Changmin that was uncalled f or--What?! I didn't impregnate him. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. "I can't believe this min!!. Yunho listened to Changmin's unbelievable explanations.. "No your not. to do his work.and Yunho backed down."Jaejoong angrily said. "Hyung I really am!! There's this other trainee there. "I AM GONNA BECOME A DOCTOR!!"He yelled. bye min.'Funny?' Jaejoong was now angry."Yunho concluded. as he mouthed."Yunho answered."Changmin.HOW DID YOU FIND OUT???!!!" The man on the other phone line yelled. crossing his legs..! Do you know how much I seriously want to B UST YOUR ASS??!! "He yelled. "He needs help."Wait you're doi ng your job wrong. as he got up.it's Jaejoong"Yunho said softly.no baby. making sure every syllable was heard..and no! Of course I don't want a child.bad. playing with his fingers.. he was det ermined as he got up and attempted to shut the phone when a string of squeaky 's orry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry's were heard. Yunho sighed. and it's a 'him' for your info-."Yunho answered..OH HELL NO!! Come on Yunho! You' re going to beat up your precious best friend. Jaejoong grinned slightly.or was it illegal?... but Jaejoong g ave him the look and the finger. so Jaejoong could hear. his names Kibum. Jaejoong smirked and Yunho took the phone.... Jaejoong listened to Ch angmin's remark.. "I don't know which one...Congratulations!!"Yunho congratulated.."YOU LISTEN MR. while playing a game on his phone.Hot one??... grazing over at Jaejoong while the latter looked down... Yu nho thought getting up.."He headed upst airs to his room.. his tongue out as he concentrated on his phone. Wonder what it would be like to have a child around the house. telling people they're pregnant when they're really not is."He couldn't say it was illegal.. ". but he saw Jaejoong looking at him curiously..."He s ettled with bad. what the hell am I thinking...okay yes.." Yunho explained to the younger male.. finally. "WHAT?! Do I SOUND FUNNY to you right now??!.. "Don't do it again min!. Yunho wanted to take the phone back.No! it shouldn't BE a hobby.huh? Jaejo ong. min"Yunho said." Yunho's mini Flashback ends "You were fucking serious??!!"Yunho asked loudly into the phone...

." "."Yunho calml ...... Heechul smirked..."Jaejoong said on the phone." Yunho came in and bounced on Jaejoong's bed where all the warm laundry laid. Jaejoong sighed.."Well. Yunho laughed sheepishly."So go tell that Jung to fill you up.Want me to help?"Yunho offered..mom usually does it.again." Jaejoong sighed.. you expressed to me that you defin itely did NOT want a baby. see now you know how you actually fe el about it." Jaejoong shook his head."He giggled. "How can that be?! We went to the do-" "He's a total moron."Jaejoong sadly said.."Chul.empty." "Jae. as he remembered Yunho's ruffled up clothes in his drawer the first time he opened it after their marria ge. "H-hey.JAEJOONG'S ROOM "No heechul...I feel so.. rubbing his non-existent-baby tummy slightly.before you were unsure but now. I wanted to be secretly pregnant all along? He took Yunho's boxers from the basket and folded them. Jaejoong jerked up slightly. you don't have it.but you did go there to get rid of it... "Your folding method is quite ugly. "Hey.. you do. "Oh. blushing as he remembere d them from that night.." "I can't believe this.now. I don't know anymore. now go act like a desperate whore in front of Yunho. laying on his stomach. fro m the dryer. "HEECHUL!!!" "What?.now what do you feel?" "I.bye Heechul" Heechul answered with laughter as Jaejoong shut the phone off. "Yah!! Get off." a deep voice came. I need to fold them!"Jaejoong yelled. I'm not.."What are you doing here anyways?" "Just making sure you don't kill yourself since you're not pregnant.You definitely want to be pregnant. seeing his folded clothes got a bit unfolded.. look when we thought you were pregnant. as he folded the laundry." "I do?" "Yes.."Jaejoong commented.

and his heels met with Yunho' s feet.Jaejoong shuddered under his fa int touches. hey Jaejoong could you kinda check.. lowly in his deep voice. "Oh. remembering Heechul's remark earlier... He smells so fucking sweet."Yunho pointed out. while pulling his shirt to fold again.down there--" "No fucking WAY!"Jaejoong answered."Yunho glared at the aggres sive one."V ery funny..W-what would you do if I did die?"Jaejoong slowly said. glaring.. He took his husband's black shirt and clutched them on to the hanger and tippito ed to reach the high closet rack. Yunho took the pillow from behind him and threw it at Jaejoong.gosh he's so s tupid.. Jaejoong's cheeks flushed pink."Yunho said. "Or maybe. Yunho studied his wife's delicate features." Jaejoong frowned as he opened his eyes. He couldn't reach it so. smelling his strawberry-vanilla scented hair. "I don't regret it.. Yunho thought as held the slender man close to him. "Yah! I wouldn't do that. Jaejoong stuck his tongue out as he carried the clothes to Yunho's room to put t hem in his drawer or hang them in the closet. clutching onto his private part. you're just short. . as he groaned on the bed. causing him to fall on the handsome man's chest."Be a man Yunho. then his small pointy nose." he said.Yunho pulled him closer and whispered.. "Why the hell is it so high?"He pouted. as he was unable to reach the top to han g the shirt.. "FUCK!!! JAEJOONG!!"Yunho screamed. "That IS NO T funny. hands on his hips.another wife? How could he say that? There will never BE anyone hotter than me. then his plump red lips. and his back bumped with his chest..." Jaejoong said as he got up and sat down. Bastard. he concluded. Yunho lifted his finger up and traced down Jaejoong's eyes as they closed. Jaejoong put them neatly in the drawers while thinking.. "Owh but you did it. he stopped tippie toeing. Jaejoong clo sed his eyes feeling Yunho's hands coming up to hold his hips. He's indeed beautiful. Yunho smiled as he rolled over and grabbed Jaejoong's hand. looking at Yunho." "It feels like I've LOST the 'essences' of BEING man."Jaejoong stated off handedly. but the latter c aught it.. Jaejoong rolled his eyes.Shit..y stated. and kneed the man hardly in his balls."I'd look for another wife.

. wearing an annoyed expression as he folded his s kinny jeans. what did you think?" He said. stop bothering me. Happening."Yunho paused between every word to make himself clear. Jaejoong sighed.you're just saying that to change my mind and let you go with him. ". heechul."We need to go shopping for house materials." "I'll come with you. and flopped d own on his bed.. Jung Yunho?"Jaejoong glared at him.That."Yunho challenged smirk ing. Jaejoong mumbled a few curses as he continued and Yunho just grinned childishly. but listen up! There.."Yunho answered not looking up. Yunho smirked. and Jaejoong hung it on the rack.Is."Yu nho chastised him."Yunho teased as his fingers swept across the keys.Hell. "Oh yeah? Then do it!. "Mom's place. "Aha! So you do want to go shopping with him.. ."I can't believe this Yunho!" He s aid. "Wheres your iron?"Jaejoong asked as he examined Yunho's wrinkly shirt."Yunho let go and Jaejoong took one last glance at Yunho before heading into his room to finish his laundry folding... Jung Jaejoong?"Yunho welcomed his death. "What are you doing Yunho?"He softly said.Way. "Neither can I! You're married for god's sake Jaejoong! Cheating is very bad. "What if I am. "Of course you will.You could let go of me now. angered and frustrated. "Thanks. laundry long forgot ten. Jaejoong couldn't believe what he was hearing."Jaejoong informed. "Shut up. as he gr ipped him gently on his hips and slightly lifted him up.. "Are you challenging me.No.Is.In.Heechul--" "Oh would you stop with that already! He's a friend Yunho! Almost like a brother even.You have no guts to do it anyways..who else would come anyways. I'm not going alone. "Right... "Yunho I am THIS close to slapping you!"Jaejoong showed him with his hands how m uch.."Jaejoong finally blew up with Yunho's constant accusings of him dating h is brother from another mother."Yunho said straight away. A minute later Yunho came in with his laptop into Jaejoong's room. "Picking you up of course. as still felt the man's hands around his waist.Jaejoong leaned back. "Now what?"Jaejoong questioned." Jaejoon g muttered as he smelled the fresh clothes' lavender fragrance.

plump lips and Jaejoong couldn't deny the pleasure as his to ngue peeked out and licked away sexily at Yunho's lips."He muttered firmly. as they rolled all over the bed. not knowing what to do. making him fall on his chest."Hmm Oh.Yunho. Jaejoong's pleasure-filled mind could make some comprehension as he broke the kiss fiercely. "Yun-hmmfh... while con tinuously ravishing Jaejoong's small mouth. "That is fucking ridiculous Jung!"Jaejoong attempted to push and shove him away.go see."Yunho answered. Yunho raised an eyebrow. breaking away hesitantly. Jaejoong's muffled. Both of them. Yunho didn't waste time as their tongues danced together. tasti ng Yunho's addictive taste. do it. Yunho's hands came down to his waist and he started sensually rubbing every inch of his skin... slightly enraged. his voice low and inviting. Yunho hazily looked up at him. Yunho smirked and worked his magic as Jaejoong instantly submitted to him and let him explore his cavern. "Get off!"Jaejoong yelled.I don't like Heechul that way."And you have the nerve to call me--" Yunho grabbed him by the hand once again. and slowly pried Jaejoong's slender white legs of . with Yunho sucking fu riously on his red. jealous that you can go out and date whoever you want while I have to freaking kiss up to you when you think you're 'pregnant'. DIIINGG DONGG~!!!!!! "Ah~ Yunho! The doo-mmmfh"Jaejoong was cut off. "I hate you too Yunho. by getting up but Yunho swiftly held his hands and switched their positions so he was on top."Yunho said. Jaejoong's eyes blinked repeatedly."Jaejoong mumbled as he slammed their lips together. "I hate you Jaejoong."Yunho shut him up with an aggressive kiss. with hi s legs still wrapped tightly around Yunho. yet again."Jaejoong whimpered. with the latter sucking on Jaejoong's pink tongue. fighting for dominance .. "Of course you would tell me that. well yes."Yunho said.Are you Jealous Yunho?" "Fuck no. DIING DONGG~!!!!! DIING DONGG~!!!! Yunho gave the beauty a last sensual kiss on his lips before pulling back a litt le. immersed in a passionate yet flirtatious kiss.."Yunho said. his tongue immediately pe netrating into Jaejoong's warm mouth. then he gained his c omposure"Y-yunho. his eyes roaming around Jaejo ong's face up close. "Come on. Jaejoong withered under the manly figure and he wondered how long he co uld last if this was just a kiss. Jaejoong's shirt wa s rising up in seconds. "Why are you so angry at him?.. his fingers through the soft brown locks. folded clothes falling everywhere with Jaejoong's legs circling ar ound Yunho's hips. licking everywhere leaving Jaejoong breath less. revealing his creamy white skin. needy moans kept getting devoured into Yunho's mouth. Jaejoong frowned.

..Jung said."He said. Yunho nervously. panting hot mess. Mrs. elegantly down the stairs in his black.Jung joined in clapping her hands. shocked at the late night intrusion. Jaejoong came down. "I'm-" "We're going to have a party before the baby comes out!!"Yunho interrupted quick ly. Yunho thought. "Oh Umma. "I can't wait for the baby bump!"Mrs. silky robe which bro ught out his blonde hair perfectly. rubbed his neck."Mrs.Kim giggled. yet he still smiled."Jaejoong replied as he hugged his mothers."Yunho informed as they complimented the new shade of m aroon curtains.f his waist and left Jaejoong in a withering. come in. Jaejoong sigh ed. he shouldn't be working too much when he's pregnant.Kim. "Jaejoongie!!! Wahh~ you look like you're glowing!"Mrs. "No. Jaejoong's eyes widen as he looks at Yunho with a What-the-fuck-did-you-do l ook. Oh shit! We didn't tell them yet! Yunho thought."Yunho finally welcomed. and they all came in and admired the new changes Jaejoong had done to the house." Mrs.Jung commented happily..moms."Mrs. Mrs. "Ah. "So when is this party?! Oh my god. "Ah! Is that so Yunho?"Jaejoong slightly glared at Yunho. Then he noticed his in-laws were here too. worrie dly."Did we interrupt a little something?" How the fuck did she know ?!! aish.Jung castigated. "Yah! You need to work on your 'welcoming' manners. Kim stated exitedly and Mrs. Yunho dismissed it as he came and wrapped his arms around Jaejoong. as he stepped on his f oot purposely when their mothers were too busy squealing. Kim nodded in agreement. Mom's gonna be heartbroken."I-I need to tell you s ome news. nervously and it broke his heart how enthusiastic and delight ed they were.He said they were ug ly and not to his liking. "Mom?! Dad?"Yunho said. no of course not. leave everything to us! We'll gladly do it. "Yes! What is it Joongie?!"They eyed him so curiously and happily. Jaejoong's expression dropped a bit. Yunho glared back and they both wore fake smiles when their mothers looked back again. .. "Yeah Jaejoong did that.. and he changed those curtains too. you flatter me too much.Jung said as she looked over at the hyper Mrs.

"Well, it'll be um, next month..end of next month maybe,"Yunho anwswered, not kn owing what he's saying. Jaejoong was trying to detach himself from Yunho's arms without letting their mo thers detect it. Yunho caught the catch and let him go. "No, It'll be in two months,"Jaejoong corrected, roughly brushing past Yunho to go sit on the other side. Stupid, bastard, asshole, fucktard, douche...I really hate that guy. "Oh I better start planning!!"Mrs.Kim said as she started suggesting ideas to Mr s.Jung.


"Bye mom,"Yunho farewelled. "Take care of Jaejoongie!!"She reminded. Yunho sighed,"I know," Mrs.Jung smiled, and leaned in to kiss Yunho lightly on the forehead, "Love you, bye," Yunho nodded as he waved at them. He closed the door and went back to see Jaejoo ng, in black silk, gulping down cold water in the kitchen. Yunho smiled slyly as he went behind Jaejoong and pulled him close to his chest by holding his waist. "DON'T fucking touch me,"Jaejoong huffed out, as he attempted to move away. Yunho immediately attacked his exposed neck, kissing, licking, sucking sensuousl y.. Jaejoong cursed himself over and over for moaning out loud.. "Yun-What the hell are you doing?!"He yelled pushing the man away slightly, as h e pulled the silky fabric to cover his skin. Yunho sneered as he came closer and pulled the ribbon in the back, letting the s ilky cloth fall down to Jaejoong's waist. "YUN-hmmmff,"Yunho held him by the waist pulling him in with his muscular arms a s he kissed him deeply, and Jaejoong lost the ability to analyze anything, as hi s arms came up, automatically, to pull Yunho in deeper by the neck.. "I'm getting you pregnant, Jaejoong,"Yunho smirked heatedly, as his hands went d own to squeeze Jaejoong's soft buttocks, under the robe.. "Do it fucking right this time,"Jaejoong demanded as he pulled him in for anothe r passionate make-out session.

Yunho lifted Jaejoong up and placed him on the kitchen counter as he continued t o ravish the sexy vixen's mouth.. Jaejoong, moaning endlessly, clutched onto Yunho's black T-shirt as he was unabl e to keep up with all of Yunho's aggressive and deep kisses that kept him on his toes every second sending numerous shivers up his spine.. Yunho's hands were ghosting around Jaejoong's hips as it went lower and lower, s preading his thighs apart..Jaejoong's eyes suddenly shot wide open. "No! Yunho! Sto-mhm,"Yunho, yet again, shut him up for the third time that night with a kiss. Jaejoong pushed the man away again. "What?!"Yunho barked, angry now, making Jaejoong startled a bit. "I..I don't want to do it here,"The feminine man mumbled as he looked down. Yun ho frowned. "Why not?" Jaejoong sighed, pulling the man by his shirt as he buried his head onto the tal ler one's neck,"Not in the kitchen," Yunho raised an eyebrow, and slightly pulled away from Jaejoong, the latter look ed up confused,"Why does it matter where w--" "I fucking respect my kitchen Yunho,"Jaejoong said, a bit louder now. Yunho looked at him in disbelief, "Can't even respect his own husband yet going around respecting kitchens,"Yunho mumbled. "What?"Jaejoong asked, not able to hear the man. Yunho shook his head and Jaejoo ng immediately wrapped his arms around Yunho's neck and his legs around the man' s waist,"Come on..Take me,"He urged, and Yunho immediately carried him into the living room, dropping him on the soft, comfy sofa. The muscular man hovered over the fragile one, placing kisses all over his neck. . "Oh, Yunho...just please please,"Jaejoong kept uttering strings of pleases. "Please what?"Yunho asked against his collar bone. "I..I don't know,"Jaejoong answered, his head thrown back, clutching onto Yunho' s hair. Yunho chuckled. "It's not fun-ahhh keep doing it..l-like that,"Jaejoong moaned out when Yunho's hands finally made it's way to his member stroking him gently. "Jae, you know, this is technically our first time...since we're actually sober, "Yunho commented off-handedly, as he watched the man squirm in his grip. Jaejoong opened his eyes and shot Yunho an annoyed look,"Yeah Yunho, just keep d irty talking to me..it's really turning me on,"Jaejoong sarcastically stated. Yunho grinned, then decided his little Yunnie needed attention. Jaejoong notice d as well, since his hands made it's way closer to Yunho's sweatpants and squeez ed his huge erection from outside. Jaejoong's precum was making it's way out as

Yunho's hands became wet. Yunho stopped jerking him of as his eyes grew with lust, he threw Jaejoong's sil ky black robe away harshly, taking in the beauty splayed out before him, panting softly from Yunho's hand job. Jaejoong smirked a little, feeling Yunho's dick enraging in size,"I know I'm bea utiful..now go on," Yunho's eyes continuously darted around Jaejoong's perfect body,"I was actually going for fuckable,"He replied, taking his shirt off, revealing his six pack. Ja ejoong's eyes renewed with sheer lust. "Jae, turn around for me,"Yunho said, huskily. Jaejoong pouted slightly, knowin g Yunho was probably intending on finger-fucking him already. "But..I wanted to suck you off.."Jaejoong softly mumbled, but it was enough for Yunho to hear, since he paused. "Or..you can do that,"He said, quickly pulling his sweatpants off, and Jaejoong was already excited. Yunho sat down on the velvety sofa, with his boxers still on. Jaejoong went down to his knees in front of Yunho, and his fingers shook slightl y from anticipation. Jaejoong slowly, lifted his hands onto Yunho's boxers and pulled them down to hi s muscular thighs as the cum-stained cock sprang out. The room's temperature just went up by twenty degrees, Jaejoong held the thick m ember in his hands, feeling it throb in his small palms. Jaejoong giggled, and looked up at Yunho,"I'm going to have so much fun with thi s,"he said softly, stroking it up and down. "I know you are,"Yunho smirked, as he couldn't resist the urge to bend down and kiss the cute Jaejoong on his lips. Jaejoong blushed furiously. Jaejoong became concentrated and amazed by the size as he let his finger tips tr ace around the head, tentatively, teasing Yunho. He leaned in closer and gave it a luscious lick, "Fuck, Jae,"A lick had Yunho th rowing his head back onto the sofa's back. Jaejoong gained more confidence as he started taking the length down his throat inch by inch, before stopping half way, sucking vigorously on the hot flesh. "Holy shit!"Yunho muttered as his hands grabbed Jaejoong's blonde hair thrusting his head further down. Jaejoong tried his best not to gag, this was his first time sucking a huge cock, no scratch that, this was his first time ever sucking a cock..and he fucking loved it. Yunho dared to looked down, seeing Jaejoong's flushed cheeks hollowed with his m outh full of his cock..no more foreplay. Yunho immediately pulled out his hard dick from Jaejoong's warm mouth, forming a lucid, white string of precum from his dick to Jaejoong red, plump lips. He gro aned, while Jaejoong looked disappointed for a bit then regained his satisfactio n seeing Yunho lubricating his fingers with his own precum. Jaejoong, graciously

smiling naughtily. I feel like a whore.YUN!!! NO."He said witt ily. so sincerely. he needed just something. that it was another of Jaejoong's many sensitive spots. His soft. Oh Gosh.."Mom shoved it in before leaving. erotically.. "Or I could just jerk off. Jaejoong's h ands gave out on him as he grabbed whatever pillow he could find. "Just fuck me. his chest rising and falling. He turned around. Jaejoong closed his eyes. Yunho kept slamming his..."Yunho teased. as his legs spread wide op en. now four fingers. Jaejoong screamed."Yun. trying to finger himself.Isn't this what you wanted?" Yunho reminded."Yunho said . and he badly wanted to hit the man if not for his desperate situation. just relax. pulling his fingers out."Jaejoong whispered. Jaejoong rolled his eyes."We don't have lu--" "It's in my robe pocket. . "I beg you. Yunho looked at him with a weird look. Yunho's eyes crossed feeling the intense heat clenching his flesh.. into the tight hole. Yunho leaned over licking his earlobe. white hands were slowly coming closer to h is own hole."If you want me to live. Jaejoong's mind was hazed in lust and lust only."Yunho replied. Yun oh. Yun. but Yunho swiftly caught them and shoved in his cock to Jaejoong's hilt.."Oh fuck Jae!. until he felt it was soaking wet inside.ahh! K-keep telling m e how big of a hmm monster's going to enter me-ohh fuck Yun!!"Jae tried to soun d sarcastic between his rising moans. unable to take the emptiness his hole felt as it clenched and unclenched." Yunho nodded before snatching the silky cloth and grabbing the lube bottle.licked the string of cum on his lips.this is no where near what's gonna enter you later. "Bitchy as ever. glistening with more fl uid. tears threatening to fal . softly. feeling horny as ever. Yuno wasted no time and shoved two fingers inside his tight hole. Yunho suddenly felt bad for tea sing the willing Jaejoong. mesmerized as he watched his fingers come out."Jaejoong kept re peated.. anything in there.Yun."Jaejoong yelled. rocking his hips. knowing soon enough... he thought worriedly."Oh that's real comforting Yunho. almost begging."Yunho commented lowly.please. "Do we need lube?"Yunho asked. "Oh fuck you." "No."Jaejoong said hastily. He applied a generous amount on his cock. You're the one getting fucked. making sure everything was slippery. his ass pushed out invitingly in front of Yunho's tanned abs.. then yes. "Jae. yes we do need lube. "WAIT!! AHH I'm not ready. Jaejoong sighed annoyingly.."Jaejoong said. as he was unable to stop himself from moving in closer to Yunho's toned chest as the man kept sucking and nibbling on his ear. his back falling onto the soft sofa.

Jaejoong's moans escalated in sound.Jae.. "Oh fuck yes."Yunho said huskily against the slender one's neck. It was the only way he would get his release.. A horny look took over Yunho as he fucked Jaejoong hard and fast in an inhuman p ace into the cushiony sofa.. "Can't you ever stop being a-mhhhmm. Jae. as his legs tightened around Yunho's waist sign aling he was about to ejaculate. "Not when I'm this hard. I know.Oh! Nnghh Yunnie it's. "Uh. Yunho abruptly stopped.. his hands reached down to finish himself off. The tanned one bent down attacking Jaejoong's parte d lips and neck. "Hurry up. as he pumped him hard. Jaejoong screamed out.. feeling it fill him up all th e way. "You're such a whore.. .j-jerk?"Jaejoong said."Jaejoong softly uttered. as he withered in pleasure.....no. Fuck. thrusting in harder and faster as the sofa rocked with the m. "What?" Jaejoong frowned." Yunho sped things up.. "I-I said Yunnie. Yunho held onto Jaejoong's fair waist.l off the brink of his eyes."Jaejoong mumbled.. His eyes rolled back instantly. bouncing off every wall.Yunho stopped.is. moaning end lessly. and moaned as he felt Yunho's prodigious coc k slam repeatedly on his prostate.Ahhhh!!! Yun... thinking it was best to comply to whatever Yunho wished fastly... as he prompted to wiggle his hips but was unable to as Yunho h eld them firmly in his hands.. his eyes closing."Jaejoong replied. trying to adjust to the humungous intrusion.deep.AHHHHH Fuck right there! ahhh!.I'm so close" Jaejoong begged. Jaejoong started pushing his hips slightly into Yunho's. yelled....oh fuck Y-Yunnie.is it okay?"Yunho asked. seeing the beauty under him."Yunho answered. as he started pushing deeper inside Jaej oong. Jaejoong's head thrashed from side to side. Jaejoong nodded furiously.. "More.. "Yunnie. hot mess. I've never been this hard before.."Jaejoong moaned shamelessly. In a writhing.. his body slightly shivering. "Say it again. and Yunho thanked the l ords as he thrust in harder.F-faster.. groaning as his tip explored the heat in side. he let his hands replace Jaejoong's. Yunho growled as he sucked on the smaller man's neck leaving numerous hickeys al l over. "Mmm. "AHhh~ oh Yun it's so hmm. Jaejoong tightened his hold onto the sofa's fabric."Yunho commented. Yunho thought ."Yunho demanded. needin g to move inside the man. his face beautifully flushed.

It wa s of no use so he stretched out his hand to reach for his robe that was lying cl ose to him on the floor.but definitely worth i t. "Yunho! Pull out! I need to fucking shower. He noticed Yunho had already laid down."Jaejoong called softly.. moving upwards against the sofa and bit his lips as he tried to suppress a moan when he felt Yunho's manly glory gliding out of him."Jae. Yunho hugged his waist. Yunho lazily got up and entered another bathroom to shower as well. He tried pulling out."Jaejoong softly whispered. "No. and Jaejoong panted trying to overcome the amazing orga sm he had seconds ago. opening his eyes as he turned over to see a blushing Jaejoong sitting on the edge of his bed playing with his fingers. Yunho kissed him continuously as he came deep inside Jaejoong. "Shut up. being a top was hard work. you see. FUCK! I'm coming. "Yunho-ah.. as stopped him. Jaejoong's neck. splashing his wal ls with his warm milk. Time Check: 12:49AM. . Yunho came out of the shower. I'm trying to sleep. all fresh and went to sleep in his room. Yunho groaned. panting.... his horny side taking the better of him. Jaejoong came in. fill me up!"Jaejoong said. Jaejoong quickly wrapped the robe around himself and dashed upstairs to the show er."Jaejoong groaned.uh inside. blushing slightly as he felt Yunho's come trickle down his milky thighs." "Ahhhh Yun! DO IT!! Ohh Yunnie-ah! Come on. Jaejoong's loud and erotic moans were swallowed in by Yunho's mouth as he came i n long strings.. Yunho! Get up. wait. and slightly sat on Yunho's bed.. stubbornly as he moved his face f rom the sofa pillow for a more comfortable position.."Jaejoong frowned. in Yunho's opinion. smelling like strawberry-vanilla."Yunho said. He slightly lifted himself..Let it stay in a little. trying to get the man off of him. Yunho fell down on top of Jaejoong.. "I'm listening."Yunho answered. He was c ompletely exhausted. except he failed to. "Aish. After 20 Minutes.

.Damn I need some man ly buddy time with Yoochun and the guys... Jaejoong smirked in his mind. Shopping?! What the hell?.. Suddenly he felt his bed dip down a little and he felt toned biceps wrapping aro und his waist. the 'pee on the stick' thingy is in the mall.. LATER THAT NIGHT 2:32AM Jaejoong stared into open space.Jaejoong looked down."Okay.. right?" He said grinning. SATURDAY MORNING . and Jaejoong grinned as he left Yunho's room. Jaejoong snuggled in closer to Yunho's chest. smelling in his sweet.. not able to sleep a single wink even though he felt very tired.."So. then we'll go get you the 'pee on the stick' thingy tomorro w.me. "Mhm.?" He softly uttered.no where else. embracing each other ti ghtly. J aejoong mewled slightly."Me neither." Yunho blinked. Yunho found his heart skipping a beat AGAIN!! Totally Unbelievabl e."Yunho finally said.Then. Yunho buried his face into Jaejoong's neck. in such a cute voice. Okey. we'll go shopping tomorrow at the m all then. I lied.. "I."Couldn't sleep.shopping. Jaejoong clapped in glee.. finding his fingers to be the most interesting aspect in t he universe until now.no where else"Jaejoong sadly said.I think that maybe. "I never said we'd shop in the mal-" "Oh but. Yunho.. eyes brightening up. confused as to why the man came to his room all of a sudden."Yunho decided. Yunho noted in his mind."Yun. closing his eyes agai n.. Jaejoong looked up. but shopping is TOTALLY wort h lying for..."Goodnight!" Yunho nodded at him."He mumbled into his soft neck. pulling off the most innocentest voice ever alon g with one of his irresistible pouts."He said. "O-oh yeah?" Jaejoong nodded."Jaejoong mumbled back . yeah I guess we'll go. They were soon sound asleep on winter's Decembery night. "Oh. not believing w hat was coming out of his mouth..something happened tonight inside.. warm scent.

. the mall doesn't close till 10 or 11 at night. "It's 8 in the morning.. Yunho let's go now!" Yunho got up a little and frowned at the doe-eyed male who looked at him curious ly for his answer. bluntly.. grunting at the coolness surrounding him when Jaejoong sat up.I mean we need to buy the 'pee on the stick' thingy . "NOoooo. grinning happily. do you mean to say that my motherly want for finding out if we're having a baby-our baby. Yunho threw his pillow on the floor in frustration... . and Yunho was just sleeping. He pulled the smaller man down again and snuggled his face int o his soft neck.. Fuck! why does HE always get his way?? Jaejoong rolled his eyes. sexy boots."Get ready. "Yunho.What I mean is that. "Rushing? You say?. . Jaejoong rolled his eyes." He jumped off the bed and left to dress hi mself up.. ". playing with Yunho's fingers on hi s stomach.as soon as possible is not a priority for you and that sleeping is??"Jaejoong accused.. smirking in victory. we need to go shopp."Yunho answered. wanting to sleep just a litt le bit more. waking up a bit. get up."Yunho looked for an excuse.Yunho and Jaejoong were peacefully asleep in each others arms with Jaejoong drea ming happily about shopping and warm clothes. "Uh huh.. I. Jaejoong raised an eyebrow..later.. Jaejoong smirked in his mind. remember? In the mall.. "What?.. "What?"He mumbled into the pillow....I want to sleep..Jaejoong thought quickly.no.. The stylish male fixed his hair as he admired himself in front of the mirror in his room.Yunho."Yunho finished. now fully awake.why the hell are you rushing this?" How do I make him understand my ultimate desire for owning another pair of sexy black boots..."Aishh. no you're twisting what I'm trying to say. waiting.... elegant jewelry."Jaejoong reminded. Yunho groaned. attempting to push the man off of him. trying to shush the man to regain his peaceful sleep. Damn I'm good.. Suddenly Jaejoong jolted up from his dream."I want boots!!!" He expressed into t he wide room."Jaejoong whined.

So that's how it is."He assured before going into the bathroom."I don't wanna go. and left before Jaejoong could stop him.I'll go get ready. ."Yunho quickl y said. confused from his slumber. looking at his nails."Really?" "Of course. Yunho remembered what happened and regained his composure. Jaejoong shook his head. a smile fainting his lips..something must be done.Yunho is definitely not going to shop with me after we buy the stick. "In the boot section of course. Yunho nodded as followed his wife. but Jaejoong seemed to have the biggest one of all. Everyone had smiles on their faces. Jaejoong thought. I kinda feel like going now. with holiday music playing all throughout the spaci ous place.. "So where exactly is this 'baby detector'?" Yunho asked. They quickly ate breakfast with Jaejoong telling Yunho his plans when the baby c omes in."He said. eyes still on one especia lly sexy pair of boots. AT THE MALL The mall was full of people. quite liking the christ masy atmosphere. I can't seem to find the stick."He said."Jaejoong smirked slightly as he led the way. "JUNG YUNHO!" "whaaaaaaa-..."Fine.You don't have to call this Heechul guy..huh?"Yunho looked up. After 15 minutes Jaejoong came into Yunho's room.I mean I shouldn't force you and Heechul would love to come with me so-" "On second thought. with all the brightness and colors. He though hard."."Yunho said..Yunho wondered why. He was met by a very angry looking Jaejoong with hands on his small hips. "Oh Yunho-ah. Yunho's eyes lit up a bit. "I'll go ask someone."He clarified. not to mention the numerous fancy decorations. wanting to go down together wh en he sees the man snoring away without a care in the world.. and Jaejoong practically ran to the s tylish boots. They finally arrived to the shoes section.

The girl blushed.. and gave a cold look to t he lady. where can we find the stick?. Jaejoong's small hands took the box from Yunho's hands.. "Hm. it's in the clinic sect ion downstairs. with Jaejoong trudging behind. So Ms. Jae joong noted. "Yeah.. They finally entered the clinic. Thanks for telling MY husband that... Yunho picked up a box with "Pregnancy test' written on it and wrapped his arms a round Jaejoong's waist.Jasmine."Well. smiling a bit. The girl laughed. as he rested his chin on the other's sho ulder. It's not on this level for sure. I forgot what I came here for. "So do you know where it is?" Jaejoong asked his husband."Yunho answered. "Is this it?"Yunho asked. Jaejoong thought. "Ah.You know the one you pee on. . Jaejoong looked down. "Jasmine. Yunho took a mental note of Ja ejoong's long lashes as he looked at him closely.."The lady looked at the couple for a s econd before bowing and saying 'my pleasure' and leaving. "Oh! Right. Ms. Jaejoong quickly made his way over next to Yunho side.." Yunho let go of him."The lady answered."She informed them. He finally spotted him. seeing the box in Yunho's hands."Yunho said. probably flirting with the assistant since she was too d amn giggly. this will do. and looked through the aisles.Anyways OMG! I need to buy these!."Y unho asked. "Thank you.It's jasmine."Yunho eyed the lady.Jaejoong thought. Jaejoong nodded.My life is not yet complete I see.. and Yunho took the oppor tunity to tighten his hold on his wife. his voice deep against Jaejoong's sensitive ears. Jaejoong sent her dagg ers until she was out of sight. and took the box out of his hands to pay for it. "So. What a fucking slut . Jaejoong's eyes darted across as he read the box.ugly-ly in Jaejoong's opinion. flashing his handsome smile. The lady g iggled. "Where are you?"Jaejoong looked around for Yunho after a while.. batting her eyes..Shit. Yunho looked at Jaeoong weirdly as he went over to the escalator. Jaej oong fought the urge to shudder from the pleasant vibrations Yunho spread across his spines.

and howev er you want it."Yunho rolled his eyes.I know you want me."Jae.. as he carried 10 bags of clothes for Jaejoong.. eyes still on the mirror."Jaejoong come o--" "I'll let you fuck me.. "I. "Oh Yunho could you go find where I put it. or whatever yo u call it. Yunho stopped and came closer. squeezing Yunho's hands. and pulle d Yunho's hands upstairs again to his precious boots. his mi nd in daze..stick to the plan.. "Jaejoong! That was not the plan. with the tight."Was all Yunho said."Jaejoong said. we're done. "Hmm. "Hell yeah. and sighed." "Jae--" "I'll do all your laundry. . "You already do that too. Yunho gulped. as his lips grazed on Yunho's neck."He whispered sexily."Jaejoong pleaded. wherever. Yunho put the bags down. Yunho signed the paper and took the bag." Yunho boringly said."Yunho answered. you look fine.. sensually. hopef ully. and Jaejoong smirked and leaned close r. looking at himself in the mirror.C-can we go shopping a little?"Jaejoong nervously said." "NO!" Jaejoong held onto his hand. I probably put it on top of the hang ers somewhere..I'll be your little slut. cozy blue shirt on. For the next hour Jaejoong drove Yunho crazy with his continuos trials of matchi ng outfits in the fitting room. I think this one would go perfectly well with the black skinny jeans. making sure. "Let's go..."Jaejoong continued. preventing him from leaving. circling his arms around Yunho neck.Jaejoong waited next to Yunho and thought vigorously about what to do. Then he looked over at Jaejoong." He then left the fitting roo .No."Yes princess.or Oh! No the one I tried on 10 minutes ago. loving his persuasive skills." "Oh come on Yunho."Then Yunho stopped." "I dont want to stick to it. "Yeah?" Jaejoong asked. Jaejoong grinned and he retrieved his arms."Whenever.. "I'll cook for forever for you. "Now what?" he frowned."Jaejoong said. How could anyone let down an offer like that? "Yeah.."Jaejoong suggested. "You always do it anyways."Yunho smirked. "Jaejoong.

pushed out before him in Hell kitty boxers.m and came back after 2 minutes with the skin tight jeans.maybe I'll ask him what he wants to eat today." "FINALLY!"Yunho said." he muttered. with his legs apart in a manly fashion."Jaejoong said. Jaejoong was in the mood for cooking a korean dish so he thought he should infor m Yunho. as he went down the spiral stairs. They had lunch at the food court and Jaejoong just had to switch into his new bo ots."Jaejoong in formed as he took his clothes off to switch into his fuzzy robe." "Well then I'm happy to be losing.. "I'm not going shopping with you ever again. He nodded to himself as he went up the stairs. picking up the bags as he rushed out. Jaejoong chuckled as he changed into his clothes. which wa s even more fitted with the tight jeans. "Thank you thank you thank you!!"Jaejoong clapped his hands in glee. Jaejoong smiled..Yunho teared his eyes aways from Jaejoong tempting ass.real shopping takes more than 5 hours."Yunho I think we're done here. and J .get up Jaejoong!. Yunho sat down on the floor. Jaej oong thought for a second pausing as his hands rested on the marble counter."Yunho answered truthfully. but it s lipped from his hands and the petite male pouted as he bent down to pick it up. He was about to call out his name when he saw Yunho taking off his boxers."Yunho mumbled into Jaejoong's pillo w.or else my dick will 'get up' in stead. eyes still searching for his bum. His eyes ra vished Jaejoong's creamy white legs. Jaejoong wiggled his butt and finally got the pants on. since it was snowing outside. "I'm gonna go cook."How does it look?" "Stunning. as he took his pants off to try them on. Ja ejoong came in and shook his head. getting ready to shower..."Your loss.. and closed the fittin g room door. Jaejoong smiled in satisfaction. as the latter picked up the jeans. Fuck! Stop bending down Jae. HOME(SWEET HOME) Yunho dropped all bags he got from the trunk on Jaejoong's bed and collapsed..it was freezing . Yunho got up and stretched his neck as he took off his clothes. He did help me a lot today. "Yunho that was only 2 hours...

.yeah okay. Shiwon chuckled and they said their 'byes'. with boxers on only."Oh you know. ~~~I Got Youuu Under my SKIN~~~~ "Hey. Jaejoong smiled..I was.I'm on it... making his way i nto his work room.there were thousan ds of files in his laptop." Yunho retrieved the files he threw in the junk mail....okey. "Yeah?" "Um."Shiwon yelled.We'll set a date at work."Yunho answered him.really?."Shiwon mentions.and he's not even hard! Jaejoong unconcsciously licked his lips eying the Yunho junior.aejoong blushed looking down..I'm gonna go transfer this sucker. "Wonderful.. offhandedly. "Hate that guy."S hiwon said.What are you doing here?"He asked. his eyes scanning all over the screen.. "Jae. Yunho concentrated and made sure he's sending the right file. slowly.God he's so big.." He heard from out side the door. Jaejoong wrapped his arms around Yunho's neck and buried his face in it...shopping. "Great!." "You what??. . Yunho was too bus y to look confused. "Oh.. finding it cute nice he actually asked.?" "Oh."Yunho s aid... nonchalantly."Yunho answered his phone. Yunho made his way into the shower.. "Uhuh."Y-Yunho. I."Yunho said. my boyfriend thinks we should get together and have dinn er one day with your wife and all. "Yunho! I called you at least seven times already.I'll just wait until he goes into the shower.I was just wondering what you would like to eat tonight.Oh by the way.... Jaejoong thought.. Soon enough Jaejoong's arousal was evident." Was heard softly. Jaejoong came into his work room. and sat on his lap.. "Oh." "Can you transfer it to the head minister? He needs to see the proof and shit... Yunho washed up and came out of the bathroom. and looked through them.okay nevermind listen.I like whatever you cook so it doesn't matter.You know the file I send you with the verif ication letter?"Shiwon asked.. as his slender fingers drew circles on Yunho's toned chest.

leaving . "Oh Yunho. Jaejoong gently laid down on the glass desk. "Jaejoong. Jaejoong crossed his slender legs sexily over the other. glass desk in front of them."I'm not pregnant yet..you're so uhh hot. determined. give me 5 minutes-" "That's too much. and purposely swung the m close to Yunho's dick."Yunho said. as he referred to his little Joong ie.. "So Jae."Jaejoong smirked.. "Jae. Ignore him. but let me finish this..mmn. getting up from Yunho's lap and sitting on th e crystal. Jaejoong looked up at him pouting i n frustration.work comes first no matter how tempting he is.? I'm trying to work. did you pee on the stick yet?"Yunho asked. "Mm Yunho. Yunho looked up and saw Jaejoong's silky robe pooling around his sides.. We'll see how long he lasts. "Something is up. Jaejoong smiled naughtily. Of course that wasn't going to stop Jaejoong. Jaejoong looked down. next to Yunho's laptop. clearly not giving any attention to t he other male."Jaejoong moaned. as he threw his head back sl ightly. so he started kissing Yunho's jaw line sensually.."Jae.."Jaejoong moaned from something down there. inhaling Yunho's addicting manly scent.. his eyes full of lust."Yunho's sentence trailed off as Jaejoong's sate en robe dangerously fell around his hips.but you will make me. "Then I'll wait. What's up?"Yunho monotonously asked. while his hands went down to Yun ho's bare abs. Yunho cleared his throat as he went back to searching f or the precious file.he cou ld feel it. Yunho."Jaejoong started mewling as he grinded on Yunh o's boxers awakening the jewel inside. Yunho grabbed his hips stopping his actions. "Okay. Yunho thought he should distract the man. "Jae. just wait a little. casting a short glance at the sexy vixen before looking back at the screen. Jaejoong started kissing Yunho's neck slightly. because his self control wasn't contro lling anything since his cock grew bigger and Jaejoong knew this as well.. as his fingers worked skillfully across the keyboard..r ight now!"Jaejoong said."Jaejoong answered smirking.. he thought ove r and over again. just let me find the--shit. making sure Yunho can get a perfect view of everything. trying his best not to look over at the male."Jaejoong answered. and nodded..

as he continuously called Yunho's name.. Jaejoong's pre-cum came out in no time. revealing a hot pink vibrator in Jae joong's tight hole.He's practica lly begging for it-. and Yunho could hear the erotic moans em itting from the desperate being and he glanced yet again.. Yunho's whole body froze except for his enlarging dick. Yunho shook his head and took a deep breath. "Ohh Fuck... Yunho's hands spread Jaejoong's legs apart.Yunho! Get your act together! Work always comes first. wantonly moaning.Yunnie. seeing Jaejoong's hand s pushing the hot pink pleasure-er in and out between Jaejoong's creamy white th ighs. trying to ignoring the hot.... and Yunho concluded Jaejoong to be an ultim ate seductress.what more do you need? Angel Yunho. Jaejoong's lustfilled eyes opened as he cautiously let his legs rest on Yunho's leather chair h andle.oh Yun Yunnie oooh Yunnie.It feels.Angel Yunho.it's one of your principles..Look at him Yunho! He' s willing and horny. "Ahh. withering mess next to his laptop.thought."Yunho's eyes went hazed with lust. cum str eaming down his thighs. Yunho could feel the table vibrate a bit. Don't listen to him.This isn't right Yunho. And Yunho thought he wouldn't get harder.Nah he's full of baloney..*shakes head* No Yunho this isn't right! Finish emailing then atten d to..Listen to me and fuck him!. Devil Yunho.your needs. Devil Yunho. ye t Jaejoong's hands worked sexily on his member."Jaejoong jerked up a bit.Jaejoong deliciously naked."Jaejoong moaned.. His left foot came dangerously close to Yunho's crotch..Oh fuck the principles. his pink tongue peeking out as he finger-fucked himself.. making everything wet. I'm so hor--ahh. as three of his own finger s replaced it. Jaejoong's thighs were closed together preventing Yunho from seeing anything. His head thrashed from side to side. and Jaejoong's continuous moans spiked his curiosity.. Angel Yunho..soo hmm good.Yunnie! Hmm. as his legs sprea d wider with four fingers inside himself. and reluctantly went back to his la ptop. . Jaejoong pushed the vibrator in deeper... Yunho knew what was coming. His hands pulled out the vibrator and threw it aside."Jaejoong arched his back. "AHH! Ah it's ahh.. and his cock jerked. Yunnie.. his e yes closed in immense pleasure. "Fuck Jae.You know tha t..

as his white milk shot out between their stomachs.. invading Jaejoong's hot insides.. oh yes Yunnie. Shiwon and the damn chief minister could wait. "Ahhh Yunnie! I. "Jae.. fuck.you're so wet. "Jae I-" "Ahhh! Don't stop. as his cock was out of his black boxers in a blink. groaning at the lost heat as he sat back on the black leathered chair.jus-fuck. Jaejoong squirmed under him and Yunho loved that. And Yunho did. "God. Yunho pulled away as he stared into Jaejoo ng's eyes..hmm don't."Why so fast Jae?" Jaejoong glared at the smug look on Yunho's face." Two males were immersed in a world filled with themselves only. please just. Tears already mad e it's way to the brink of his eyes..mm huge. Yunho's eyes narrowed with lust.need mmhh bigger. Jaejoong's flushed face finally looked satisfied. black necklace from his neck and pulled him in closer to his plump lips.nngh."Yunho kissed him as he reached his orgasm.. feeling up Yunho's hot dick with his small foot. Yunho pulled out his cock. Jaejoong bit his lips. Jaejoong licked his lips naughtily as he held on to the hot flesh pulsing in his hands. "Do it. "Oh! Yun-ahhhh I'm cumming.."Oh shut up and finish yourself in me. Jaejoong got off the desk and got on his knees. slammin g his lips onto Jae's red ones. Jaejoong mewled under him and Yunho circled his hand a round his waist. and Jaejoong shiver ed. Yunho took the chance to l ick away at his red lips.Jaejoong smirked a little. Yunh o groaned. trying to stop himself from screaming. as he stared at the huge dick in front of his puckered hole. Jaejoong smirked devilishly. while fingering himself harder. Finally! I get to ride him. Yunho pulled the vixen's wet fingers o ut of his quenching cavern."Yunho moaned as he shoved into the tight heat. while Yunho went in be tween his legs as he spread them wider while ravishing the toxicating lips of th e seductress."Jaejoong looked up at Yunho."Yunho huskily said. as he rolled them around w .. Their lips were continuously engaging in a hot make out session.you're huge YUNmmhf.I want you to fuck yourself on me. "Ahh.."Jaejoong twirled his finger around Yunho's hanging. Yunho smirke d."Yunho said.ugh. Jaejoong panted."Jaejoong demanded. his self control was lo ng gone.. He slammed in forcefully. To hell with the file. His white hands fondled with the heavy balls.."Jaejoong mumbled into Yunho's neck. Jaejoong panted on the wide glass desk.. he grinned in his mind. his knees bended.."Fuck you Jae.Fuck me. and Y unho couldn't help but admire his beauty. Jaejoong felt up the man's toned abs.

then he immediately su bmitted to the gliding cock. while Yunho sucked his neck like a vampire. and considering the pleasurable moans Jaejoong gave. "Fuck!...all yours. Yunho was getting impatient. "You like this.tight. letting hi s hands stroke the base as he licked the slit like a pussycat. "I should be asking you that." Jaejoong unconsciously rocked his h ips dancing with the teasing. Yunho's muscular arms placed themselves next to Jaejoong's head. "Ready?"Jaejoong asked. he like d it very much. please yes.... Yunho thrusted up and Jaejoong got the message as he gave his cap a long suck.hile occasionally sucking on them. Yunho picked him up and placed him on the velvet carpeted floor then rammed into him hard and fast."Yunho's eyes rolled back.yes.YUNHO!"Jaejoong yelled.mm-ahhh." Go ahead Jae.don't you?"Yunho sounded out between his powerful thrusts. "Yun.I-I can't. furiated for a bit."Jaejoong thrashed his head fr om side to side. jae. Yunho sensually kissed his soft nape. "Yunnie. yet Jaejoong giggled slightly.Oh fuck me yun-ahhh ohh nnh.. Jaejoong moaned in response bringing Yunho's head closer to his nape.. and Jaejoong got up sitting on Yunho's lap wi th his hands around Yunho's neck."Jaejoong closed his eyes. "Fuck. Yunho held his waist.hmm.... "Enough with the tease. Yunho growled. and Jaejoong smiled as he kissed the head of the an gry cock.. Yunho smiled naughtily. . while his hands tugged on Yunho's black hair. yet he was too engaged in moaning out loud. his hips coming to a stop. "Oh Yunnie. yes I'm ready.. as he kissed Jaejoong's exposed neck... The whole room reeked of sex and heat.."Yunho ordered..Mhmm.."Jaejoong panted."Yunho stopped. knowing what he meant.." Jaejoong tightened his hold on Yunho's neck as he bounced continuously on his la p. Jaejoong's tongue peeked out as his finger traced the vein going up Yunho's dick .. while he sneakily thrusted his dick up int o Jaejoong.it's oh fuck. "AHH! Shit!. Jaejoong occasionally stuck out his tongue w hen he was met with Yunho's mouth. "Oh Yunnie. as his lips kis sed every inch of Jaejoong's face."Yunho answered as he let his hard dick rub against Jaejoong's glistening hole.uh. thick member under him. smirking....... with skin on skin contact ringing through the walls.Not to mention Jaejoong's melodious moans and Yunho's groans and pra ises about how tight he was.Ahh. riding him.

"YES! I ahhhh fucking..oh..love it,"Jaejoong licked his lips, feeling Yunho's ho t tongue on his neck. Yunho held onto Jaejoongs knees as he spread them wider.. "Please Yunnie...ahh..f-find it..fuck...oh god,"Jaejoong said softly, feeling Yu nho's pre-cum dripping into his hole.. "Shit..Jae I'm close,"Yunho whispered into Jaejoong's ear huskily, and Jaejoong shivered. Prostate..Prostate..Prostate..where the fuck are you? Yunho wondered. Yunho aimed his huge dick in all angles, earning him wanton moans from beneath h im.. "Ahh...Yunnie..mm d-deeper..,"Jaejoong rocked his hips with Yunho's. Yunho aimed deeper in and a groan emerged from his throat feeling his whole cock sucked in, while his balls touched Jaejoong's soft cheeks..Jaejoong whimpered. He pulled out fast and rammed in at the right slightly and,"AHHHHHH YUN THERE!!! FUCK YES!..oh MORE..mmmhh,"Jaejoong screamed in ecstasy, feeling Yunho's huge t ip slam repeatedly on his oh so sweet spot.. "Holy shit...uh good Jae, I'm gonna-" "Ahhh I know me..t-too..oh fuck Yunnie,"Yunho thrusted in him one last time befo re everything disappeared into stars.. His hot seeds buried themselves deep inside Jaejoong as he collapsed next to his body, panting. "That was fucking amazing,"Yunho commented after catching his breath. Jaejoong looked over at Yunho,"I know..now get me my robe,"Jaejoong ordered soft ly. Yunho, as gentlemanly he was, grabbed the silky cloth from the desk and threw it on Jaejoong, who immediately wrapped himself with it.


"And......Send,"Yunho tapped the click button, and successfully sent the letter to the head minister. Peace was restored. Yunho childishly rolled around in his chair in happiness, before stopping after realizing it was childish. Wonder what he's up to..Yunho wondered about what his not-so-innocent wife could be doing. "JAE?!" He called, wondering if he could hear. "WHAT?!" Yes he could hear. Yunho got up and walked closer to Jaejoong's room.

"What are you doing?"Yunho asked, seeing Jaejoong sitting on his bed, his back f acing him. Jaejoong sniffed,"Crying," He turned around, facing Yunho as he criss-crossed hi s legs on the bed, while holding onto wet tissues. Yunho's eyes widen as he swiftly came over close to him,"What's wrong now?" Jaejoong rolled his big watery eyes,"I...oh it's too horrible to talk about,"Jae joong croaked out. Oh god, no..why is he tearing up?! No! each time he cries, I end up saying stuff I don't mean..or do I mean them?? Yunho thought. "Jae, it's okay, look at me and just spill it..come on, just tell me,"Yunho soft ly said, rubbing his hand on the smaller man's back, soothing him. Jaejoong rested his head onto Yunho's chest, and Yunho held onto Jaejoong's hand . Something was definitely wrong. "I'm going to become fat,"Jaejoong announced sadly. "What?" Yunho asked dumbfoundedly as he pulled away. Jaejoong nodded, as he painfully wiped the fresh tears with the tissue,"Mhm, it' s true Yunho," He sighed. "Jae..Oh man..Okay, listen when you get pregnant you don't become 'fat' you just become...Plump,"Yunho informed him, trying to calm him down. Jaejoong eyed Yunho,"Thats the same thing as being fat," Yunho shook his head,"No..no it is not,"Yunho hesitated, What the fuck am I sayi ng??..Fat and plump ARE the same thing...lord help me,Yunho helplessly thought a s he stared into Jaejoong's awaiting eyes. "Okay you see, fat..is no good,"Yunho carefully said,"But..plump...is good,"Yunh o finished his diplomatic speech. Jaejoong raised an eyebrow, and Yunho's eyes t raled down to Jaejoong's plump, red lips,"Like-like your lips!!"Yunho finished, smiling widely. Aish, Yunho, you are one smart man, he thought to himself. Jaejoong touched his lips, trying to understand what kind of logic goes on insid e Yunho's small head.. Please don't say anything else please don't say anything else, Yunho chanted in his mind, knowing very well he won't be able to answer Jaejoong's sharp question ings about this matter. Jaejoong frowned, as his small mouth opened to protest,"But Yu--" Yunho quickly pecked him on the lips to shut him up. Jaejoong looked down as he blushed, What the hell is he doing?! We only kiss and do...stuff in a professional way in order to create a living being...He thought . Jaejoong shook his head, and regained his composure,"Yunho, that still does--"Yu nho shushed him up with a long kiss. "Mmm..Yun I'm tryi-mmfh,"Jaejoong kept getting kissed each time he tried to talk . Yunho finally pulled away, as he looked at a very blushing red Jaejoong.

"Ah, Well, it was nice talking to you..I'm kind of tired so do you mind?"Yunho s aid, rubbing his hands together, as he got up and left the room to sleep in his own. Jaejoong blinked confusedly in his room.


Suddenly a bear howled, a tiger roared, a ghost boo-ed, and an alien screeched.. .in Jaejoong's head, that is. Why me?! He pouted sadly, in his dark, empty room. He quickly scurried out of hi s room to Yunho's. Yunho made space for him, and smirked,"Oh an hour by yourself huh? That's the ne w longest record,"He commented offhandedly. "Shut up...Aliens scare me,"Jaejoong mumbled into the blanket. "What are they gonna do? Rape you?"Yunho asked in disbelief. "They might," "Aliens aren't horny creatures," "They will be after seeing me on bed" "......Good night," "Night,"


Jaejoong has been continuously wasting money on pregnancy sticks, since he check ed at least three times everyday. Then he expressed his frustration to Yunho ve ry well, each time. Jaejoong and Yunho were watching T.V cozily on the comfy sofa.. "Chagiya, I'm carrying your child," the lady on the T.V said softly. The man's e yes widen,"This is such great news, honey!"He said lovingly as they shared a kis s. Yunho switched the channel. "Aww, no why'd you do that?..They were so happy,"Jaejoong sighed dreamily. "See, these are the type of things that make you a crybaby,"Yunho said what he a lways told to Yoochun and the guys, and they would agree, saying these dramatic moments are what make Ajumma's sob at every little thing. "What? I'm a crybaby?!"Jaejoong's voice was dangerously sharp," Who was the one that had to squish the spider last week since SOMEONE here was too chicken to do

Jaejoong giggles. I'M FERTILIZED!!!!!!!"Jaejoong screa med from the bathroom. "Mhm."Y-you're not happy.Can't breat h. Jaejoong came dashing out.. Yunho couldn't resist himself as he pe cked those red cheeks.. startled at the loud voic e. Jaejoong's expression dropped a little. Jaejoong hugged him bone-crushingly." "It was a fucking centimeter Yunho!" Yunho sighed. Yunho laughed nervously.. calm down.." Yunho came closer to him.the lady. as he sa t up."Yunho smiled. massaging his neck."He croaked out. Then he looked back up. Yunho chuckled as he came outside as well. "Ah! Jae... as his breathing holes reopened from Jaejoong's stunt.V said it more gently. making Jaejoong look him straight in the eyes. "These nine months will be a blast.that was a huge tarantula. as he trotted along to check. a happy grin on his face.."Now now. handsomely. sp acious garden. Jaejoong blushed a little."Jaejoong smiled as Yunho wrapped his arms around the tiny waist."You don't look like you are."Why don't you go pee on the stick again!" "I will!"Jaejoong responded loudly.Oh! oh! Did you hear me? I'M PREGNANT!!!" "Yeah it's kinda hard not to hear you."Yunho's neck was squished by a very happy Jaejoong. looking away from Yunho's eyes...."Yunho said. Jaejoong grinned." Jaejoong rushed out into the balcony and screamed "I'M PREGNANT" for at least 5 minutes. Jaejoong did a soft pout. their f oreheads touched and Yunho intertwined their fingers.."Jae. who was lying o n the sofa. "Sorry. Jaejoong 's hands came up to rest upon Yuno's arms as they both admired the beautiful.it? Tell me who?" Jaejoong demanded." "Have fun.on the T... that I'm out of breath" Yunho assured. Jaejoong looked down at t hem since they looked so fucking perfect.." Yunho looked at him quickly. Yunho dropped the bag of chips. .. "Yunho-ah! You DID IT!!!!"Jaejoong jumped on Yunho's toned body.. "Done?"Yunho asked. 10 MINUTES LATER "AHHHHHH I'M PREGNANT I'M FUCKING PREGNANT."I'm gonna go scream to the world. not wanting to continue this conversation..."No! No of course I'm happy! I'm just so extremely d elighted.

.. Yunho...Jung~"Heechul's teasing voice rang through Jaejoong's ears.. and rolled down his sleev es.."Jaejoong demanded straight away. "What is it Heechul?"Jaejoong said boringly.JAE!!"Yunho yelled.. Mrs..Damn it!. on the other hand."Jaejoong said." And they did. .. and his tongue slightly sticked out as he concentrated on winning and only win ning the the playstation video game... The phone rang... Yunho sighed... ". aren't we Jae?"Heechul smirked.V with ha nds on his small hips."Oh Shut up Kim. "Lets shush more and hug more for now. teased him.Yeah try beating J ung yu--"Yunho praised himself as he played with the controllers in his hands. with his eyebrows creased ... "Oh I'm sure.. and Jaejoong quickly washed his hands.NO!. want me to come over?" "Please do.'Hello..Don't you have anything better to do other tha n going around and telling men how to greet people?" "Oooh sassy today. sarcastically."You're going to build a playground here.What's bothering you Jae?" ". was on the living room sofa... as he rolled his eyes.. "Aahhaha seriously shouldn't you say... Jung's residence??'"Heechul yet ag ain... Jaejoong sighed...."And pissed.So hows it like being impregnated?" "Fucking fantastic.... making sure everythi ng was put in place and sparkling..MOVE!!! NO..V screen.bye-" "Okay okay. "Hello?"He asked softly.." 5 MINUTES LATER "Come on come on come on..It's nothing. "DUDE!.Okay. e yes glued to the wide T." "Oh so it must be something big.Then Jaejoong came infront of the T. 2 WEEKS LATER Jaejoong was humming a soft song as he cleaned the kitchen.Well hello there.aha! Got you!.for his life on the game.. blocking Yunho's view. Jaejoong puffed out his cheeks.

and laid his head back on the sofa cushion as he looked over at his wife. Yunho threw the controller on the sofa angrily. "Heechul's going to come over with his boyfriend in 15 minutes. "Okay! Fine.. and sighed as he looked over at th e blonde." "Yeah cool story bro."Do you do all the laundry."No.. which displayed Yunho's win. Jaejoong's big eyes looked over at the screen." .. Yunh o? Do you cook all the delicious meals every-fucking-day? Do you clean the whole house spic and span? Do you even clean your work room? Why do you think everyth ing is neat and clean every time you enter it. Yunho placed down the controller next to him. Jaejoong came closer."Jaejoong grinned shyly. crossing his a rms across his chest. and Yunho smirked victo riously. sweatpants' pocket. Yunho put his hands in his black. trying to catch Yunho's eyes.. Yunho blinked at him...you can finish your game now!"Jaejoong said. The smaller man sat next to Yunho. I'm not going to fucking move. "Jae! Careful."Yunho said. as he remembered he was carying someone else inside him."Jaejoong pleaded..nevermind."... Jaejoong fixed the roses next to the white sofa Yunho sat on."Yunho reminded. Jaejoong came down in sexy black. now can I finish my game??"Yunho asked.." Jaejoong was about to blow up again then Yunho suggested.. desperately." "Okay. so you don't have to do everything around he re. waiting for his best friend's arrival. as he frowned.Right... happily as he ran up the s teps..So your answer is no. "You're so."What?!"He barked. what? What is it? Tell me. bringing his legs up. "No forget it.I'll get you a maid.."What?"He asked slightly.. Soon... while the latter w as furiously still playing."Yunho brushed it off. "Yeah why not. "Oh. considering everything now.things don't magically happen Yu nho!"Jaejoong yelled at him.."No. Jaejoong became a little conscious of his appearance as he nervously twirled his hair.besides your pregnant.. "Really?"Jaejoong asked.. the frown long gone. Jaejoong looked at Yunho shocked."Jaejoong glared.

"Jaejoong let his name roll of his lips in a whisper."Great! Thanks. eyebrow raised. ... Yunho came closer and Jaejoong backed down on the sofa. "... Jaejoong's cheeks blossomed a pinkish color. looking into his orbs. "You want to go where?"Jaejoong asked. "Yunho."Aishh....Okay. feeling a bit flu ttery having Yunho so close to him. "Jae.I thought y ou'd go all 'pregnant Jae' on me and--" "'Pregnant Jae??' What the hell's that supposed to mean?"Jaejoong questioned rig ht away."Jaejoong pouted a little. then he licked his lips and paused for a moment.. Yunho groaned.can I go clubbing with some friends?" Jaejoong pushed Yunho off and sat up..I was so worried you know."Jaejoong got up and left the sofa.. "I..PMS-ing--" "WHAT?! I DO NOT--" Yunho pointed him a finger."Yunho answered bluntly. "You know when you're kinda like."Jae you're doing it right now!" "Ugh! I hate you."Why's he that happy?" He crankily stated..So can I still go?" "You know WHAT!? JUNG?--" DIIIING DONGGGGGG!!!!!!!!~~~~ "Oh he's here!"Jaejoong's anger vanished for a bit and he ran for the door. Yunho came closer and looked Jaejoong in the eyes... "Clubbing.. thankfully. Jaejoong slightly furrowed his eyebrows. as he proceeded toward the door....please. Yunho looked confused." Yunho smiled. "Hmm?"Jaejoong hummed in question... Yunho slightly let his lips graze on the soft neck that looked so inviting. Jaejoong tightened his hold on Yunho's white.. Yunho-ah. letting Yunho hover over him.. half sleeved T-shirt.. The beautiful man's eyes fluttered from Yunho's eyes then down to his lips."Yunho whispered."..

"Okay you guys can stop hugging. what the hell are you doing here?"Yunho asked.Shiwon wanna go back to the living room where things made sense?" "Right behind you."Man. "Oh it's lovely to meet you too Yunho.So this Heechul is your boyfriend?!"Yunho asked. Then a light bulb hit Yunho."Jaejoong laughed nervously and they headed toward the kitchen table."Shiwon remarked."Good to see you man. "Yep! He's going to become an actor! And omg! Remember the whore who-" "Delivered three babies in four years of highschool?. Jaejoong sighed. "Oh I think that was just the warming up. .. Yunho rolled his eyes. and Heechul grinned.."What?" "."Shiwon retorted back.. "Ah right. talking about random things. are they crazy or what?"Yunho said. as he played with the mug in his hands. "Did you know she actually had a dick?-" Yunho coughed on his coke.. Then."He patted him on the back in a manly way and Shiwon nodded back.. why?" "You never told me!" "Sorry didn't know I had to keep you updated with my personal life as well as th e work life."Yunho said not to go all 'Pregnant Jae' on him.Hell yeah!"Jaejoong answer ed.. Shiwon stared at the two aliens wide-eyed... "So Jae.. Heechul/Jaejoong. "Wait! Shiwon.. "So what's bothering you?"Heechul asked. "Oh yeah! The roses guy!"Jaejoong yelled in acknowledgment. utterly confused.What the hell i s that suppose to mean?"Jaejoong said. as he sat closer to Jaejoong.. "Yeah. ".V."Shiwon quickly said as they got up to leave the two.Jaejoong and Heechul were wrapped in a bone crushing hug with Shiwon and Yunho s tanding next to them awkwardly. as he to ok out two controllers. realization struck him har d... . They plopped down on the sofa.." Doesn't he know he's going to squish my baby! Yunho thought as he looked ov er at Heechul."Shiwon replied as they silently hinted at each other for a battle on T. Yunho looked over at Heechul and Jaejoong. You know that freakishly guy in high school who proposed to you?"Heechu l started.

"And Yunho is."Heechul answ ered." ..nevermind.."These things are totally normal.."Jaejoong answered."Look who's talking. Heechul sighed. Heechul smiled. yet Ja ejoong couldn't see since his back was facing Yunho.. Oh I feel so mighty. seeing Jaejoong's skin-tight black jeans emphasizing his slim figure.he was."Uhh. I'm pretty sure Yunho isn't one of those jerks.. "And Yunho.."Jaejoong said.Yunho is. and Jaejoong put his hands on his hips. Heechul smiled.where the hell is he looking? Heechul thought as he followed Yunho's gaze which led to Jaejoong's perfect ass.." "I'm listening. "So? Didn't you tell me this was not a normal marriage and you guys were pretty much on your own?"Heechul tried to make Jaejoong understand his feelings.Yep.. knowing exactly what Yunho meant. "Oh your advices are always so specific chul...Yes but.don't worry he'll get used to it. They chitchatted for a while.."By the way those are some killer Jeans JaeJae. "Hey.."Heechul commented .yes.. and..there are guys who want to love you..he would treat Jae v ery well. he thought.."Jaejoong sarcastically stated. revealing his white skin in contrast to the blac k clothing."Lets go call them.. Heechul got up as well to help.. "He also asked if he could go clubbing.. "There are guys who want to fuck you.... I mean. Jaejoong laughed.No.it's a little tight around the butt though.."Heechul protested. I just know it.. Jaejoong was oblivious to this.. Heechul lowered his voice.there's two types of guys in the world that you hav e to worry about.."Jae. Jaejoong played with his hair.."Both huh?" "Uhm. ".both. listen.. Jaejoong rolled up his sleeves."Heechul smirked. I try.."He prompted him to finish what Heechul was trying to say.."Heechul saw Yunho coming into the kitchen.."Jaejoong sighed in defeat..but."What?" Heechul was amused.." Heechul preeched."Thanks." "The sexier. and Heechul realized Jaejoong's expression would b ecome gloomy each time Yunho's name was mentioned.."Heechul gave up. Jaejoong smiled a little. not wanting to blow Yunho's cover. when did you dye your hair?"H e asked as he got up to prepare the dinner. almost sadly." Yunho left. giving his attention to his best friend as he placed the dish on the table. and glanced at Yunho again seeing he was taking the bowl of chips to the living room. and..

"So Jae. "You're welcome anytime!"Jaejoong answered as they waved. who looked at Heechul. He was much better than the tall dude. "Wow. remember when we dressed up as a couple together ?" Jaejoong grinned. Yunho.. remember that I'M STILL HERE??!!"Shiwon asked them all. Yunho stopped eating and looked over at Jae."Heechul said. They had a decent dinner. intertwining their hands together.."Jae."Come on guys dinner's ready.."Jaejoong buried his head into the bowl. are you the jealous type?He wondered slyly. "What are you guys talking about?"Jaejoong came in and stood next to Yunho. challenging Heechul s ilently.. "Nope.. remember when we had sex on my desk?" Jaejoong blushed beet red. . "Jae. looking over at Heechul.. "Hey guys."Aren't I a guy too Yunho?" Yunho looked up at him innocently and said. Jaejoong almost choked."We should be going. Heechul smirked a little while eating."Oh yeah. Heechul chuckled and kissed his boyfriend on the lips. without convos about pregnant chicks with dicks. Yunho frowned. Jaejoong frowned."Mhm.. "It was nice seeing ya guys!"Shiwon said. as he looked over at Yunho. Shiwo nnie has work tomorrow."JaeJae. didn't you see him slam it in?"Y unho and Shiwon conversed about basketball. "Oh just guy stuff. feeling negle cted."." Heechul laughed." Yunho and Shiwon were the first t o sit at the table. remember when I took your virginity?"Yunho asked."Yunho answered. yet Heechul smiled innocently. yes." Yunho smirked. a bit wide e yed. as they opened the front door. that was fun!" Heechul smirked.Nah. "Mhm. remember when we had our first ki ss?" So. is it really 11?"Yunho wondered as Heechul got up to put on his jacket. Heechul raised an eyebrow.you won't get it Jae.

playing with the bottom of Yunho's shirt..it's just."Why are you blushing?" Jaejoong looked down. And Yunho saluted to him playfully. knowing the man was teasing him. Jaejoong went up to change. Jaejoong looked down.Okay."Shiwon called. Jaejoong blinked and swung his legs as he waited."Jaejoong nervously said. as he came into the kitchen seeing Yunho do the dishes. let's go..."Jaejoong whined. "Yunhoooo. He placed them next to Jaejoong's thighs. He took the shaving cream and gently applied in to Yunho's chin and areas around it."He answered as he left upstairs. Yunho smiled slightly."Yunho let go of him and Jaejoong jumped down and followed Yun . I don't know why. he thought. I feel so happy."See you at work.."Yunho answered. and Yunho went to clean the kitchen. "Y-Yunho what are you doing.. Yunho came back with boxers on and a simple black t-shirt. A deep chuckle eroded from Yunho's throat.. since the cold air was gushing in immediately.I'm not. feeling so electric knowing Yunho was watching his every actions. "Yeah? Then we'll go get it. His hands worked their magic as he shaved Yunho.that..Jaejoong's eyes looked up and s aw Yunho staring right at him. and tried his very best not to think dirty. his hands coming on top of Yunho's on his waist. shouldn't we go buy a christmas tree? I really want to decorate the h ouse with lights.then his delicate hands picked up the shaver and proceeded with the process . an d washing his hands. "I can't wait!"Jaejoong expressed. The position was awkward so Yunho spread Jaejoong's thighs apart and went in bet ween them. putting the washed dishes aside. along with some shavi ng cream and a shaver. he blushed.?"Jaejoong asked softly. making the latter come closer into his chest... "Thanks.nothing. "Wait here for me. Yunho.. Yunho suddenly picked Jaejoong up and placed him on the counter. "I-it's done Yunho."I."Jaejoong said. "Yunho-ah."Jaejoong answered. Yunho smirked and hugged his waist."Do it for me?" ".."Jaejoong said.."What? What is it?"He whispered hotly into Jaejoong's ear. Yunho shut the door.

.Hmmm. "I'll make sure he won't.. My perfect precious book awai ts me!! He thought.... who would eat that!. annoyed."Yunho answered and let his hands go down and under Jae joong's shirt to his stomach.what do you need?"He said grumpily. to rest there. and sig hed a long sigh.ho upstairs.. As he was putting on his scarf around his neck since it was very cold."Jaejoong thought aloud. Yunho came closer to him and wrapped him up in his arms. the phone rang..Ew. Yunho slid in with him under the warm blanket. and soon enough Jaejoong was already wa iting for him in Yunho's bed."So. RINGGGG RINGGG~ "Okay okay!! I'm coming!"Jaejoong quickly untangled himself and rushed for the s ide table in his room. get on with it! "Jaejoong tapp ed his feet on the ground. this one could be-nahh. "He was trying to flirt with you. dusty.. as he was tangled with his hands and sc arf. "Nope.No. while a certain business man was at work. you know like I said yesterday when yo--" "I know! I don't have fucking Alzheimer's Yunho. not being able to find the perfect cake that looked so good in his head."Yunho answered into Jaejoong's soft hair."He said.. The next day. Jaejoong smiled a littl e loving the feeling. "I didn't like him. "So remember the 'maid' conversation we had.Umm. He rushed upstairs to get ready.. Oh! I'll just go look for a more modern type of recipe book at the bookstore! Ja ejoong thought excitedly."Ja ejoong frowned slightly..how did you like Heechul?"Ja ejoong asked.. his wife decided to bake a delicious looking and tasting cake for the heck of it. "Yeah morning. Jaejoong's eyes scanned through the humongous.. RINGG"What is it?"Jaejoong said.. as he grazed Yu nho's strong arms slightly. He threw the old book in the trash due to frustration. "Oh? Why?"Jaejoong asked.. eyebrows creased. Yunho went into the bathroom to wash up."Yun he's not going to steal me away." Jaejoong laughed. book of cooking recipes. "Perfect timing.. . "Oh Good morning Jae!"Yunho's deep voice rang trough Jaejoong's ears.

Yunho thought. "My secretary..."She said politely. "Yes that would be great!. "Yes okay you can do that but--Your line has been disconnected. may I help you?"A slim. I'm Jaejoong. Um I'm looking for a cooking book for deserts like c akes.. his feet coming to an a brupt stoppage.So about the--" "Oh. can we just stick to the poin--" "I don't have time for this Yunho! I need to go buy my cooking book!!"Jaejoong s aid dramatically.but here's our card.Wait I have to ask my husband first so. as she saw Jaejoong pick out hi s desired book with much excitement.if you were interested--" "Oh! I'd love to!!."I'm sure.. you like cooking. She showed him the long aisle of many books."She said."Yunho added.. so I'm looking for one now and.Oh Thanks Hyuna. feeling cold yet happy seeing the children playin g around. So is she-" "Can I finish my fucking sentences for once!.. follow me please.Please. fashionable girl asked.."And my names Jessica by the way. "Oh so you called me to yell at me?"Jaejoong accused sharply."Jaejoong explained. "Jae."She reached out a hand. Ah! There it is! Jaejoong looked up at the tall building.. What a bitch. as she gave him th e pink designed card.I'm pretty damn go od at it." The girl laughed. What a jerk! Jaejoong thought as he left his house."he smiled politely as they shook hands. I love cooking and honestly... "Hello. a nd we're looking for cake bakers so.You know. sh utting his phone.yeah Just leave it on th e table-. "Ah! Yes. and rubbed his hands together to get w arm."Yunho sighed. with a smile. and Jaejoong's eyes glimmered in ha ppiness. He entered through the magnificent doors. "It's lovely to meet you..So Jae I-" "Hyuna? Who is 'Hyuna'?" Jaejoong caught on immediately. I also help out at my mom's bakery shop. "I see. of co urse. with his classy boots."Mhm. ." "Of course! We're not rushing.am I right?"She asked.. Jaejoong chuckled a little.. Jaejoong walked the sidewalks."Yeah..

seeing the yummylicious cake on the island counter in front of him. with a phone on the other hand. three strawberry."Well I better get going! Nice meeting you. . the lovely bakery request.and hopefully we'll meet again. "Yes. The baker-for-the-day started to bake his cake in the bright kitchen. taking off his apron.Yunho thought.. Jaejoong looked out the wide kitchen window as he chewed on the yummy strawberry .. Can this day get any better? Jaejoong thought. teasing him. I guarantee it. enthusiastically. licking off the cream from his slender fingers. sung. Speaking of the devil.."Jaejoong said." Jaejoong told Yunho."Aishh. Jaejoong smiled a little as he turned around to face Yunho. Jaejoong nodded even though she was gone. with a smile on his face. He giggled a little... as he loosened his tie."Jaejoong said softly as he rubbed his tummy. the winter's fir st snowfall."Yunho muttered sarcastically.You know.how could you say that?. more more!'"Jaejoong did a pretty cute demonstration."Jaejoong assured. Yunho put on a smile. as he placed the strawberries on the cake's creamy. I think we better start buying strawberrie s from now. as if he wa sn't totally siked about his beautiful. mommy likes it too... He hummed.The baby loves it. with a smile. "Oh that's new information. He couldn't help himself as he ate a strawberry from the box. ignoring the fact that the man hung up on him earlier for no good reason. with a little crea m on it of course. two strawberry."In that case.." He said. as he admired the way the delicate snowflakes fell from the winter. One strawberry. wh ite sky. "So how's the baby and mommy doing?"Yunho asked. and four strawberries! He grin ned. and even danced a little as he walked around the spacious kitch en as he decorated the cake. I forgot. taking in the homely atmosphere.. normally.. as he took off his jacket and placed it on the counter. Yunho started laughing..Oh right .It's snowing! Jaejoong happily thought. I feel so hap py.. Yunho's still alive. swishing around the spoon in front of a pan. "I'm home!"Yunho's voice called out as the front door shut."We're doing spectacu lar. He came into the kitchen. delicious looking cake... "I'm in the kitchen.. I don't know why. I think the baby likes strawberries with cream as much as I do."I could almost hear him sa y 'Mommy.."She winked as she left. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. This is perfect! He grinned. and the strawberries. white surface. to see a few cute children playing in the snow. "Oh yeah? You sure it's not just you wanting it?"Yunho asked.. remembering the many times he'd enter the house seeing Jaejoong in a pink apron.

Jaejoong had a very serious look on. Yunho sighed.STOP!."Oh."he said as he got off to get his laptop.."Yunho s tuttered out a little. Yunho kissed him sensually on his nape. Fuck.You weren't suppose to hear that." And Yunho went up the stairs.. continuing what he was doing. still avoiding Yun ho's eyes.that was really not nice.."Yes! No bitchy Jae today!" "Yeah? Then what am I today?"A dangerously sharp voice asked behind him."Yunho spilled out whatever he could.. really."Jaejoong said.. "What are you doing?! Yunho get off!"Jaejoong struggled to get out of his hold. and came closer as placed small kisses along his slend er. .Jaejoong smiled."What?" "It tickles.You're lo vely. "Yunho stop it. checking his iph one.. frowning. and Jaejoong suppressed any signs of ple asure. Yunho stopped and looked up at him.You know l-like at work. Jaejoong froze a little before going back to being mad.. "Yunho! You are NOT the one carrying a ch-" Yunho swiftly wrapped his arms around Jaejoong and pushed him down on his master bed.. what? No....it's. Jaejoong kept laughing and giggling and telling Yunho occasionally to stop.I like that I'm the cause for his laughter. I really am. then he got up on his elbows and cros sed his legs one over the other."Go get changed. instead of looking up at Yunho who was on t op of him. kill me." Yunho dived in again at Jaejoong's creamy neck.. "Okay! Yun-hehe. soft neck.. He reached his closet lazily and wore a black wife-beater and grey sweatpants th en said."Fine.no..Yunho smiled into his neck.ah yunhoo!!"Jaejoong had tears in his eyes from laughing and rolling around with Yunho on the king-sized bed..you. What am I doing? Why do I want to hear him laugh even more?Yunho thought serious ly. as his head shot up to look at his angry wife. Yunho thought. Yunho's styled up hair. Jaejoong was still splayed across the bed. I'm sorry. in order to calm Jaejoong dow n. Jaejoong looked the other. with his hands on his hips. tickled Jaejoong's neck and chin a little and then he su ddenly giggled slightly. Yunho chuckled. I was talking about another Jae. "Jae.

"Not that I wouldn .. "Really?.umm oh! 'HandsomeYunho'.. with his Apple Laptop.."He said looking at his wife. open my laptop and look at the housekeepers pag e I saved.So listen ."My name... Hmmm what will it be. Jaejoong's heart started beating abnormally fast."Jae. Jaejoong pouted at the loss of attention."he sai d."It's already an inch outside. right behind Jaejoong and the laptop. not it."Jaejoong whispered to no one in particular. and sat up."Wo w! This is so fresh!" He said... Jaejoong smiled. "Oh it's because I made it from scratch.. His elegant fingers swiped across the keyboard spelling his name and it read '~W ELCOME~' immediately. taking the plate from the table as he climb ed onto the middle of the bed. Yunho told Changmin to hang on for a sec. and he placed it on th e comfy bed while he went to take a call from Changmin. as the 'in correct password' sign kept showing up. who was sitting on the middle of his bed doing nothing. so he went downstairs to cut a slice o f his marvelous cake for Yunho. Yunho quickly peeped his head out again and said. Yunho came in and closed the balcony doors.Hmm.wrong."Yunho answered. Yunho was still talking on the balcony.. "There was this really nice girl at the bookstore. but was met by a 'password' request. yeah why?"Yunho said. and placed t he plate on his bedside table. taking a bite. Jaejoong blushed a little. referring to the snow."It's your name.. Yunho I kind of baked a cake so-" "I'd love to try it.Yunho was back from his work room. taking another scoop of cake o n his fork. Jaejoong nodded as he squatted down on stomach carefully and opened the laptop. and she suggested that I work at her mother's bakery. Yunho supported himself on one elbow as he laid down sideways. Nope."and then he co ntinued his conversation. remember when I said I wanted to work at a bakery?" "You might've mentioned it. Jaeoong sighed.. Then he saw what Yunho was talking about as the different pictures of people pop ped up. taking in some more.So what do you think?"Jaejoong asked. "Yunho! What's the password?!"Jaejoong yelled.Jaejoong started typing in 'JungYunhoIsThe Best' since Yunho was full of himself Jaejoong concluded. hoping the man would hear..Jaejoong gave up. and Jaejoong came upstairs.. as he peeped his head out from the bal cony door to face Jaejoong....

and starts applying his favorite War m-Vanilla-scented bubble bath gel making the huge tub all bubbly."I think he's good for a house keeper.. sofa a s he waited for the bath water to rise. dreams." Jaejoong smiled.. house maids aren't men.."he quickly turns the water off. do whatever you want. He reached out for his iphone carefully."She looks very nice-" "She looks like she's gonna die any second. description. wearing h is snow. He quickly let his bathrobe drop to the fuzzy.. Yunho frowned."Jaejoong reminded him. Yunho was at work.Mom he's fine!!"Yunho s aid. Yunho looked at her again and. as he looked over his picture... Jaejoong looks up from his eye's desires and sees the water filling to the top. "I'm aware.. gotta get those. "Oh shit!... "So refreshing. Jaejoong was in the master bedroom's spacious bathroom.. white bathrobe."Yeah she's probably already dead okay so.. Kim Hyunjoong. frustratingly.oh those too. "Yep."Jaejoong interrupted.Yes I'm sure. and smiled.and that sexy tight jeans o r the cute pajamas. wond ers.Yeah okayy I'll tell him that. to text Heechul about his worries.."Jaejoong closed his eyes. enjoying the life of a wife.what are best friends for?~ "Yes mom."Jaejoong clarified. and name. while Jaejoong was in his beautiful home ."He's a guy.or on second thought. light pink mat as he slid in the warm waters. both.'t go just because you told me not to though....his qualification's seem pretty decent and promising.. Yunho nodded in agreement."Jaejoong sai d... then looked over at the laptop screen. while swinging his crossed legs on the delicate."Yunho pointed to a wrinkly lady on the screen. working his ass off... "I already am. "Your observation skills are fucking marvelous Yunho."Why can't you pick that old lady."Jaejoong mumbled and nodded to himself as he flipped through his favorite magazine."Yunho said. he's fine."Jaejoong sarcastically ans wered."Yeah sure. . Yunho ignored him. and stuff in general.."Last time I checked..Hyunj oong it is" The next week. Yunho th ought.and this."Yunho said for third time to his Umma on the phone... "U-huh. examining the precious del icacies with much lust. ...

wait I don't know. smelling that addictive. and he loved it more thinking he woul d one day play with them with his beautiful child."Huh? What morning sickness?. "I said.hea.is break-. He lifted his slender..."Who do you think you are to be telling me when and when not to take MY bath??"He asked." Jaejoong was enjoying his wonderful. "Now where were we?"Yunho asked Shiwon stretching his arms. Yunho smirked.Just you and me.connec.Everyones a kid at heart..I ca. calming bath by playing a little with the b ubbles. I'm such a bastard.No! Mom I am taking care of him!"Yunho tried to make the woman understand. just one winner and one loser.."Jae can we not go through this whole fucking process we do everyda y?" Jaejoong scrunched up his face and looked the other way. tapping his fingers on the desk out of irritation. coming in the bathroom seeing Jaejoong covered with bubbled. legs up soaping them up with bubbles and washing it away with the hot water since he loved the sensation. .."I wish you luck...I have no clue what the hell goes on. "Jae! We don't have time for you to take a bath now. yet again.Oh no! mo. staring right at Yunho. muttering curses at a certain peace-killing man. smiling at the peaceful aura that surrounded him. Everything was perfect that evening. sweet vanilla scent J aejoong carried with him. Jaejoong sighed disappointedly... for his 'irrespons ible' behavior.. Yunho made his way up the stairs. he remembers it very well from hugging the smaller one every night since their wedding night. wanna go play a quick game of basketball on the court.."Shiwon challenged his boss. Jaejoong loved the way the bubbles looked. I'll ask him .. Jaejoong snorted."Click! Yunho ends th e call.. when she accused him of not taking care of his wife since he didn't even know if Jaejoong had morning sicknesses. Yunho thought.. you'll need it big time.Nothing could go wrong.Jae doesn't have. don't deny it.."Yunho stated. by faking a connection error to get rid of his mom. Yunho sighed."Yunho said. So much for being an optimist. as the front door s hut.. "Okay mom.Everything. Yunho sighs annoyingly when his mom chastises him. "IN THE BATHTUB!!!"Jaejoong yelled. "I'm at work in the mornings. Jaejoon g thought.-ou th. smirking at his mischievousness. "JAE!!! Where the HELL are you?!!"Yunho's loud voice called..

annoyed. rushing to his room to change into somethin g decent. will you?"Jaejoong asked..V."Yunho said.that's all."Oh Jae do you have morning sicknesses?"He asked. Yunho turned off the T. . mom was just asking.V unconsciously and sa id.You try doing it. all they do is run around the field with a ball while runnin g into each other. then he stopped.This is a nice place Mr. how are you?"Yunho asked politely as he let the stranger named."Hyunjoong's gonna be coming over.. why?"Jaejoong answered. so. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. as he lo oked over at the stylish male. "Then fucking leave.."Yunho sarcastically stated then left the master bathroom."It's so stupid. I'm sorry."Yunho clarified.I want you to come out of there. then paused. my mistake.."Jaejoong smirked. "Calm down. as he stared at the T. Yunho was on his king-sized bed sitting with his legs stretched as he watched th e football game on their wide-screen T.Jung!"Hyunjoong said. Then Yunho remembered. Jaejoong stuck his tongue out at him as he left."Yunho answered sheepishly.. "Oh right. Hyunjoong i n. The pregnant Jaejoong came out of the steamy bath into Yunho's room with his bat hrobe on. styling his hair with his hands delicately as he stared at himself in the mirror. "Heyy there!"A jolly good voice came. DIIINGG DONGGG~~~~~ "Oh Yunho! He's here."Jaejoong answered. Yunho was about to leave. "SCORE!!!! OH!!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!"Yunho yelled at the T.V. "Hi.. "Nope. "Fine thanks. I'm sure this Hyu njoong guy would love to talk to me while I'm in here. as he rubbed his blonde hair with the elegant maroon towel." "Hey don't offend the redskins!. speaking up for the tough men on the field...I mean a fter I leave. remembering his wife was pregnant.."Yunho said casually."Jaejoong said. Jaejoong continued to dry his hair."Although. "No. as he fixed his hair in the mirror.. looking around the HUGE place. bitchily .V and went down to open the door. "Did that pee-on-the-stick thingy mean anything to you?"Jaejoong asked."Oh yeah. grinning.I forgot we're su ppose to do everything this Hyunjoong guy loves.

you found a cooking b uddy. actually I'm in college and I'm just saving up money and since I'm good at cleaning." Yunho stared at the two. "So who do you live with?"Jaejoong asked. "Oh my gosh Yunho! He knows how to cook!!"Jaejoong said."Wonderful."Jaejoong said. as he walked upsta irs without waiting for their answers. he tends to be grouchy most of the time. and cooking-"Hyunjoong didn't get a chance to finish. "Ahaha nope! I'm not a quitter."Actually I'm missing one new addition. "Damn. "My best friends. Hyunjoong thought. a pleasure to meet you."Oh the pleasures all mine. pulling him in and Hyunjoong couldn't deny the lovely warmth ar ound him."Hyunjoong answered straight away."Don't mind him."Jaejoong's soft voice came. eyes gleaming as he loo ked over at Hyunjoong admirably. as he led Hyu njoong to the kitchen."Oh I'm so sorry.."Hyunjoong said. feeling mot herly since Hyunjoong was still a 'baby' in his eyes. "So feel free to look around."No I understand. "I will take care of you very well while you're here. Yunho gently detached his hand from Jaejoong's. . you look really young for this kind of job so-"Jaejoon g started as he wondered. my parents passed away when I was young so-" Jaejoong gasped. Hyunjoong looked at Jaejoong wide eyed trying to detect if the beauty was joking . "Hello. while holding Yunho's hand slightly."Jaejoong smiled warmly."Hyunjoong handsomely smiled a s he bowed politely. before pu tting his hands in his dark Jeans pockets. "Yes." Jaejoong came closer and pinched Hyu njoong's cheeks slightly."Oh thanks! So you chaging your mind about cleaning it?"Yunho teased. you have like every cooking spoon in the world. Jaejoong laughed. "Hi! You must be Mrs. Oh he's serious all right."he said. aww you."he said seriously. "Now if you'll excuse me. "Hyunjoong-ah I must say.Jung. organizing. Jaejoong grinned. Hyunjoong smiled."Yunho said."Come! Let me cook you something."Yunho said calmly."Jaejoong said.aishh come here and give me a big hug . Why a guy? why? Yunho thought. really. amazed at the multiple drawers Jaejoong opened which contained spoons of all kinds starti ng from regular to fancy occasions." Jaejoong stared at Yunho weirdly. I have a game to watch. as he cut up the basil leaves and turn ed on the electric stove. Jaejoong shook his head. I am young.

and oh I know what you're ma king so let me help you. with Yunho going to work and all.. I hope my child would be as sweet as he is. Jaejoong waved at him as the young man proceeded through the gated doors ou tside. Jaejoong stopped to admire the kind young man. Hyunjoong-ah.. placing the plate on the bedside table. But then again. Hyunjoong smiled. V. pla ns."Where have you been?"He asked lig htly before continuing his cooking."Yah! get up. Hyunjoong was getting ready to leave that night. I don't really remember them so I don't know what I'm missing you kno w?" "Hmm."Hyunjoong offered."Jaej . Jaejoong shivered from the chilly air and closed the door. He walked up the stairs to Yunho's room. you're goin g to become a fine man."Jaejoong said kindly and sincerely." He was answered with a small snore.Jaejoon g thought. really. consider me your family." "Oh I'm so glad to meet you. and even his friends as they ate their dinner. Hyunjoong laughed. affectionately. Yunho's genes are still there. you didn't have dinner . goals. "Honestly. Jaejoong and the Hyunjoong both agreed they would get along perfectly fine."It was lovely meeting you Jaejoong-shii."You're really kind Jaejoong-shii."It's okay. I mean I'm a total game watcher too so it's cool. Jaejoong got to know Hyunjoong a little better such as his ambitions."Jaejoong assured as he continued to chop and slice as he put them all in the steaming pot.Jaejoong tippie-toed and petted him on the head a little. still wearing his Jeans an d a white wife-beater. and shutting off the T. Hyun joong said he'd come in during the weekdays for an hour or so to accompany him s ince Jaejoong told him he was lonely. Jaejoong smiled a little. He climbed up on bed and gently shook him."I'm sorry Yunho isn't being his best today."Yunho? Get up. He made his way into the kitchen and prepared a plate for Yunho. Yunho was currently passed out on bed from tiredness."Jaejoong said.let me call him YUN-" "No! It's okay. Hyunjoong was a real sweetie. "Well please tell your husband I said goodnight!"Hyunjoong said politely as he l eft. Jaejoong called Yunho to eat yet the latter turned him down saying he'd eat later since the game was still o n. well listen you're welcome here anytime. Jaejoong sighed."He ass ured. cutting up the tomatoes swiftly into tiny pieces in a very talented way..

"How was your day at work today?"Jaejoong said.You."Jaejoong said. muscular arms a round him giving him warmth and a sense of secureness. Jaejoong rolled his eyes."Yeah it was pretty good c onsidering I beat Shiwon at basketball. "So?"Yunho asked again taking in a sip.Yunho yawned as he g ot into the bed as well..I wonder how his day went. lightly. staring at the heated soup." Jaejoong smiled a little."He sa id as he remembered. Jaejoong pouted after 10 minutes not feeling Yunho's comforting.That's not how things work around here. Jaejoong laughed. THAT NIGHT Jaejoong was already in Yunho's bed under the comfy covers. "Yunho! You have to eat!"Jaejoong said." He answered in a scientific manner. "So you'll get sick and die. Yunho turned on his back and looked up at the ceiling."Jaejoong ordered." .. Jaejoong stared at Yunho's firm back.I didn't talk to Yunho today too much since Hyunjoong was here."Now I'll have something to brag about to Heechul."Yunho-ah.. eat it or y ou'll get sick from the cold." "So?"Yunho said hoarsely. seeing his hair in all directions as well as that tired."Here. Yunho annoyingly sat up and gave Jaejoong the most sleepy-ful face ever. "Why? My night's as good as ever.. according to my many years of tedious calculations.."Uhh.. n ow finish up. I."He said softly. "Yeah?"He answered. out-of-theworld face."Um I don't think so.. quickly not wanting him to go back to de ep slumber.. however he stayed on his side... Jaejoong crawled over and got the plate and sat next to Yunho. playing with the comforters edge s."Yunho replied heading downstairs..oong said a little louder..."So if you die then who the hell would diaper change th e baby?!" Yunho looked at Jaejoong raising an eyebrow.Jaejoon g chuckled. Yunho's head shot up and scanned the area stopped at Jaejoong's face and went ba ck to sleeping. "Oh and Hyunjoong says 'goodnight' to you.

"Yunho said.."Yunho said.. and it felt odd. J aejoong decided.. hating the lack of attention from Yunho 's part."Jaejoong replied as he took his toothbrush and lai d toothpaste on it to brush." Jaejoong said unsurely almost.Okay. Not feeling Yunho's arms wrapped around him. "And you're defin itely--"Jaejoong started forcefully. DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT DAY . "Glad you know.I was simply passing the message.??"He called.he felt unprotec ted and not wanted almost. Jaejoong puffed out his cheeks a little..."Jaejoo ng said annoyingly at Yunho as he started brushing again.Jaejoong thought to him self. "What?"Yunho said obliviously. brushing back his hair.Of course it's my fault... He heard Jaejoong vomiting in the bathroom."Jaejoong said softly into the st ill air. "Right."Yunho said. "Coming with you to the doctors? Yeah I figured... fully concerned as he rubbed Jaejoong's back a little. about that I won't be able to make it.I don't really care anyways."Ig yo u hagen't said anyging abou 'morging sicgness' nogging would've happened. reaching for his to othbrush. as slightly turned his head toward his wife.Yeah why do I care if he' coming or not?.. as he turned around again.."O-oh it's okay. Jaejoong's heart dropped a little.."Yunho said. How was it MY fault?? Mom told me about it."Yunho said as he turned around again.. NEXT MORNING Jaejoong shot out of bed and ran for the bathroom. giving his back to Ja ejoong. "Jae.. as he drifted to sleep. "You fucking jinxed it Yunho. He quickly got up and saw Jaejoong l ifelessly washing his face..I don't like this feeling. "I will be having a doctor's check-up tomorrow.I don't care at all."Nice. very odd. Jaejoong tried hugging himself to sleep that night.I. Jaejoong stopped brushing and said with the toothbrush still in his mouth. "Great..Jaejoong thought to himself... as he rinsed his mouth.Yunho felt the small shake of the bed a little due to his wife's fast actions and woke up a little. without Yunho's body pressed against his.. "Jae! What happened?"Yunho asked."Jaejoong wittily said. "Oh yeah.. night.

. "Your mistake buddy!."Jaejoong said continuously as he rubbed his hands together. he quickly opened the car doors"FINALLY!"Jaejoong expressed. informing him he couldn't make it to work since his wife has a doctor's check-up appointment.."Jaejoong said immediately.It's too cold to fight. "So which doctor is this-" "Definitely not that lunatic friend of yours. So obedient."Yunho talked to Shiwon over his phone in the living room... making everyone smile a bit.Yep. Yunho chuckled. HOSPITAL "Jung Jaejoong?"The assistant called. they're here."Changmin has his own ways of having fun. "I was told to get my ass out here. warm jacket. Yunho shivered a little as he came outside into the wintery morning."Yunho said.. noticing the man in a sim ple sweatshirt and sweatpants. Yunho turned on the heater on high. while reaching for his fluffy. Yunho shut off his phone and followed the pregnant one and the lady. with his firm hands on the steering wheel."Jaejoong said. "Why aren't you wearing a jacket?"Jaejoong questioned. "Heater heater heater heater. red nose and his blushed cheeks from the freezing cold winds. She led them into one of the many rooms.move it. as he came down."Yunho reiterated as he started backing out o f the driveway. in comfortable clothes with a light blue sweater on.."Doctor Weener. Jaejoong looked pissed. "Ah yes he is me!"Jaejoong said.Seriously you'll love h im if you meet him.. with his cold.I told you I'd win but-" "YUNHO GET YOUR ASS OUTSIDE!!" "Godzilla alert! Gotta go Shiwon!"Yunho said quickly shutting his phone as he ru shed outside seeing Jaejoong trying to warm himself in front of the Black Merced es car.Jaejoong looked away at the window deciding to let the argument pas s. Jaejoong simply thought. thanks man. getting into the front seat. "I'm ready.. Omg! My first doct or's check-up being pregnant!! He grinned."Yeah Shiwon I won't be able to make it today..." .

you might want to rethink everything you say to him. this is a very hard time for him. yet smiled on the outside.. "So.Yunho tried hard not to laugh. you are pregnant!"The doctor enthusiastically said with a sm ile. my child will not have a guy with a name which defines a 'penis'. during this period of time. your baby needs it. nonchalantly."Yunho said in a funny way with a smug grin. 20 MINUTES LATER "Okay Jaejooong-shii! We're all done! You and your baby are looking perfectly he althy. Yunho nodded straight away as he headed outside the door. "Oh I can't wait Dr. during this time pregnant individuals t end to think about the baby's name."he finished. "And I'm guessing this is your husband? Boyfriend?" Dr. Hell no."he will have certain cravings.Weener presumed."He finished. your wife will go through a very emotional time. "he said casually. . meaning week 1 to week 10. now I will probably be your child's pediatrician when he comes out f rom you Jaejoong-shii!"He informed them happily." Dr."And very sensitive ." he continued.Weener t old Jaejoong.Weener."Yes. Dr. and then we'll proceed with the baby. var ious mood swings. for a pediatrician. morning sicknesses. The doctor smiled at Jaejoong and closed the door softly. and he will also need a lot of rest. "Wonderful. Yunho yawned. Yunho though immediately.Dr.. basically. and their life over all from this ea rly on stage. Jaejoong smiled as he sat up on the doctor's bed. and the latter payed attention to every word that came out of the man's mouth attentively. Jaejoong grinned as he nodded back happily. s ick. and sleepy..Weener!"Jaejoong said excitedly. Jaejoong-shii.Weener explained to Yunho seriously. Yunho looked at him. can I have a moment with you outside?"The doc ask ed politely. "So let's start with your normal check up. This is due to the hormonal changes the body has to adapt to concerning the new life being created within him. he though as he tried to resist the urge to laugh at the man for his 'odd' name."Dr. health."So.it's just all part of the sensitivity and emotional changes within him. and Jaejoong felt very comfortable with the doctor. Jaejoong gave Yunho one his icy death glares which told Yunho to 'suck it up and behave'."He summed up. "Yeah we're married. the stress is there Yunho-shii. picky.Weener paused then replied. now remember to take rest and eat a lot."So basically he'll be really bitchy. "And yunho-shii. Doctor Weener?! Is he for real?! Ahahahahahahaa.

Weener say to you outside?"Jaejoong asked. Yunho-shii. 10 MINUTES LATER DINGGG DONGGG~~~ Yunho groaned.I should just be glad I can' t hear it crying from his stomach. Yunho looked over at Jaejoong. Yunho thought. Is he fucking kidding me?."Uh nothing really. I told you it's no--" "You NEVER tell me ANYTHING Yunho!!"Jaejoong yelled dramatically as he went up s tairs quickly. "So.Jung?!"Hyunjoong smiled with his energetic eyes.. Yunho sat their on the sofa. smiling widely. Dr. hands on his hips.Yunho thought as he got comforta ble on the soft sofa to take a quick nap. by that time it'll just be more trouble." "Ahah who else Mr.. Yunho frowned.Weener chuckled. brushing his hair back. curiously. "Listen the house is perfectly clean so you don't have to come to-" "Oh I know."Yunho said. .it's you. Yeah sure.It all pays off. Okay whatever he'll come around sooner or later.."he answered as he went back into the room. "It's nothing important. shocked. with a smile."What did I get into?"Yunho asked. and a slam of the door was heard. I actually came to say hi to Jaejoong-shii!"Hyunjoong said. "It all pays off when you see the baby's face for the first time. what did Dr. as he got up to open the door. AT HOME Jaejoong stretched as he took off his jacket."Hi there!!!"Hyunjoong said.. What's with all the fucking smiles??He smiles so much it's making me sick.. "Oh. "Then why can't you tell me?!" "Jae." "Then why the hell did he pull you out of the room?"Jaejoong asked..Yunho thought as he followed him in.

"COOKING BUDDY'S HERE!!"Yunho yelled back. and said. Then Jaejoong was seen coming down."Jaejoong said casually. he's currently on his monthly period. and Jaejoong giggled seeing him run for the door to follow his husband. Jaejoong gave Yunho a weird look. well you see. Fuck him.Jung that was so cool!!" . He stood at the far edge of the court and shoot and in! Hyunjoong looked amazed. "Uhm. "Hyunjoong-ah! What a pleasant surprise!" "Real pleasant.I'm trying out to be a basketball captain since tryouts are in two months. success!"Hyunjoong expressed quietly. Yunho stuck his face int o the sofa pillow he was hugging earlier in attempt to sleep.. Yunho rolled his eyes.. but there is one problem. follow me to the court. "Yes. it's always lovely seeing you and actually I came here because of Mr."Wow! Mr. "Ignore him.. "Thanks.smiled. Jaejoong eyes widened in curiosity. as he crossed one leg over the other.. They all came into the living room and sat on the sofa." Actually I'm gonna have to go soon since I have a basketbal l practice." "Oh that's wonderful Hyunjoong!"Jaejoong commented. BASKETBALL COURT Yunho had the basketball in his hands as he dribbled it swiftly and amazingly."Yunho said boringly. Yunho thought trying to get some sleep." "Oh then why did you come here?"Jaejoong asked softly."JAEJOONG!!!???" "GO TO HELL!!!"Hyunjoong raised an eyebrow. Hyunjoong chuckled. as he.I suck at basketball so-" Yunho removed the pillow immediately. "Oh well."Hyunjoong said."What could be more pleasant that 'Hyunjoong '?? Sleeping?! Oh NO WAY!"Yunho grumpily said as he went back to the living room .J ung."Not a problem. "Come in!"He said excitedly."He said as he headed out without an answer from the other.Yunho sighed. hearing Jaejoong from upstairs.

Yunho smirked, "You'll learn it in no time,"He said as he held the basketball in his hands,"You see, Basketball is not just a game with a ball but it involves e motion and passion, and when you hold it in your hands, it speaks to you..you're communicating with it, don't look at it like a ball, because it's not. It's a p art of you, it's attached to you..When you shoot for your desired destination, s peak to it, Hyunoong,"Yunho said sensually, in a dramatic tone. Hyunjoong nodded,"Really?" Yunho paused,"Naw man, just grab the shit and slam it in the basket, that's pret ty much it," Hyunjoong laughed. "Mr.Jung, you are one funny guy," "Call me Yunho hyung..Mr.Jung just sounds old,"Yunho smiled as he started to dri bble again. "All right, so show me what you got!"Yunho said, and they started playing.


"...I know right?! I mean, if he's gonna pull you out, it HAS to be important..b ut the jerk won't tell me,"Jaejoong expressed his frustration to Heechul. "What do you mean his 'rights as a husband'?? In this house he has no rights, be cause I make all the rights Heechul,"Jaejoong said, crossing his arms as he walk ed back and forth in the kitchen. "Mhm...But-...yeah..oke--...hmm...What?! I'm being as nice as I can to him chul! "Jaejoong protested. Then all the flashbacks of him yelling his head off at Yunh o came back at him immediatley. "....Fine, thanks chul...Oh! Let me tell you about Hyunjoongie!!"...And the two best friends chatted away that afternoon.


"Thanks hyung! That really helped, I won't fail you and I will become captain,"H yunjoong said sincerely after two hours of practice. "You better,"Yunho replied as he smiled. "Well, I gotta go! Thanks for today Yunho hyung!"Hyunjoong yelled as he went the other direction. "See you again later!"Yunho screamed back as he headed home.

Yunho sighed as he was about to open the door to home..or hell, Yunho thought.

He ringed the doorbell, and Jaejoong opened it with a huge, radiant smile. Yunho looked at him skeptically,"Jae??..What did you do?" Jaejoong grinned,"Oh nothing...Welcome back! How was the mini practice?"Jaejoong asked, coming closer to Yunho. Yunho backed up a little yet Jaejoong kept coming closer,"Uh, It was actually pr etty fun..and yeah,"Yunho said, feeling his back hit the living room wall. Jaejoong's big eyes stared right into Yunho's, as he listened to the man interes tedly. Yunho's adam apple went up and down, when Jaejoong circled his arms around Yunho 's neck,"Woah woah what's going on Jae? Miss me that much?"Yunho asked teasingly , yet confused a bit as his hands automatically held onto Jaejoong waist gently. Jaejoong smiled, his slender fingers playing with Yunho's soft hair at the back, then he pulled away abruptly, Yunho blinked at him waiting for his next move. "Come upstairs!"Jaejoong said as he rushed for the stairs. Yunho followed him, wondering what the hell was going on. Jaejoong led him to the master bathroom, and Yunho smelled a citric refreshing s mell evading the spacious room. Jaejoong stopped in front of the tub. Yunho looked at him,"It's a bathtub," Jaejoong nodded as he grinned. "And it's filled with water," Jaejoong nodded more. "Uh and it's waiting for someone..??" "Yes! Oh Yunho! you're so smart,"Yunho tried to detect any sense of sarcasm yet there was none..Jaejoong seemed so down to earth, something he'd never seen so f ar since their marriage since he labeled Jaejoong as a complete narcissist. "So..Get in,"Jaejoong said in a cute manner. Yunho laughed,"Jae this all very wonderful and all but...I just don't...take bat hs,"Yunho explained. Jaejoong frowned a little,"What's wrong with baths?" "Okay I only shower...men don't take baths..It's just too feminine,"Yunho laid i t out. "You see that's why I put the 'citric' fragrance...can't you smell the manliness Yunho?"Jaejoong smiled as he took a big sniff persuading Yunho to do the same. Yunho sighed,"Jae thanks but no thanks,"Yunho started to leave"No wait!!"Jaejoong yelled as he quickly rushed into his room to find something.

Yunho waited in the bathroom, when finally Jaejoong came back with a metal, toy boat.. Then he placed the toy in the bathtub,"There! See...very manly stuff,"Jaejoong s aid, giving Yunho a thumbs up. "This is really nice Jae but it just..doesn't work that way,"Yunho said as he tu rned his back to his wife, leaving. Jaejoong felt a pang in his heart, he quickly rushed to Yunho and hugged him fro m behind, burying his face into Yunho's toned back. Yunho stopped midway, "Jae...I told yo-" "Please Yunho..I-I did it so wonderfully and I put..I put the pretty bubbles and the...Yunho please,"Jaejoong practically mewled on Yunho back. Yunho's hands came up to hold onto Jaejoong's small ones.. ".......Fine," Yunho said, not believing the words coming out of his mouth. Jaejoong smiled victoriously,"Yay! Get in get in!..oh I'll get out for a sec,"Ja ejoong said, as he stepped outside. Yunho shook his head, his manly pride didn't agree with him on this.

Jaejoong came in minutes later,"So how is it?"Jaejoong bit his lips. Yunho opened his closed eyes,"This is fucking amazing,"Yunho said, truly amazed at how good the warm water felt. Jaejoong smirked,"And who said this was a feminine thing?" Yunho grinned,"You win," Damn, why haven't I been introduced to this before?! he thought. "But...No one knows about this,"Yunho warned. Jaejoong nodded straight away,"My lips are sealed," "Especially not Shiwon,"Yunho said more seriously. "Definitely not Shiwon,"Jaejoong answered, confidently. I Got Youuuuu~ Under My SKIN! Yunho's iphone rung, and Yunho wanted to tell Jaejoong to get it but Jaejoong be at him to it as he went to fetch it for him. It was Shiwon. "Hey Shiwon!"Yunho said in the most casual way possible. "Hey man! wassup?!"Shiwon asked, as he crunched on something. "Doing manly stuff of course!"Ynho answered nervously.

uh I'm actually you see. Jaejoong laughed. "O-oh that one. Jaejoong rolled his eyes."They're small little beings Yunho. ". Yunho came in and sat on his bed."Yunho protested."Let's go to sleep.."Jaejoong said. what are you doing?"Shiwon was his friend for too long to know when Yunho was lying. bed. I can't wait to put these on you! he grinned."Hey don't blame me I wasn't mr.. "."Yunho said angrily... Jaejoong chuckled. "Hey..... "So much for not telling Shiwon anything.. he wasn't actually pregnant then.I'm taking a citric scented bath..There was this ginormous elephant and then I-" "Seriously Yunho."he sneere d."Jaejoong snickered. big. but of course." Jaejo ong looked over and a tint of pink caressed his fair cheeks."Why are they so small?"He asked am azed as to how it fit in his one hand." Suddenly Yunho reached for one and laid in front of him.Shut up. playing with hi s fingers.you know what?.'ginormous elephant'..not me. "Really?! What are you doing?"Shiwon asked.Jaejoong giggled a little. staring at the small little cut e clothes he bought with Heechul for the baby.."Aren't they cute?"he asked holding up a light blue lit tle T-shirt saying 'Little prince charming'. mm Heechul picked it out. Yunho glared at him to shut him up. It read 'Mommy+Daddy=Me'. "The elephant thing usually works for other people. He smiled thinking back a little.."He got u . "Yah! I have a BOAT with me!!!" THAT NIGHT Jaejoong was in his room on his comfy."I like this one. his crunches minimizing as he waited for an answer." "You're taking a what?!"Yunho could just hear him smirking away on the other lin e. Yunho just had to smile as he reached for it. as he rubbed his tummy softly. Yunho looked at him for a good second before saying.

"I don't eat as much as you have been eating. Jae joong quickly put away the mini clothes in the drawer next to him. as he inhaled Jaejoong's sweet sce nt at his slender neck. controlling the urge to just hug him and protect him from an y harm in the world. you LIE. yet again. was met by Jaejoong in the bathroom that morning. A luscious pout becoming more visible as the minutes pass. the whole fuck thought.."he said as he moved in closer into Yunho's warm embrac e.." Yunho chuckled.just keep quiet ahaha! I'm such a genius. Yunho smiles. Nemo!-Just kee awfully angry. Jaejoong comes back..Say something Yunho! Say something! Yunho g through his mind for answers. Then he laid on his side of the bed with his hands on his stomach as he stared u p at the ceiling."Jae this is all part of the pregnancy adventure-" "Yeah? You try puking every single thing you eat."Yeah?" Jaejoong smiled. Yunho.....p to turn off the lights and he got on top of Jaejoong's bed and laid down. as he proceeded to brush. lately.. haven't your parents taught you that!"Jaejoong Yunho looked at him oddly... Jaejoong washed his whole face with water.."Nothing. with his hands on his hips."Then good luck vomiting up your internal organs!" Then he left the bathroom. "Yun-" Yunho came closer right away as he wrapped his strong arms around Jaejoong's tin y waist pulling him in closer into his chest."Apparently not."No it's not.. his morning sicknesses was acting up again."My baby fucking hates me..BUT he did steal my batch of munchkin doughnuts 3 days ago .Jae looks ... his voice low yet murderous.INCLUDING THE CHOCOLATE ONE!!!!! Yunho thought immediately.Hey! I'm like Dorey from p swimming..Yunho thought looking over at Jaejoong who was about to torment ing world any moment.. does he?"Jaejoong dangerously asked. when it's TOO hone st.. just keep quiet." Jaejoong rolled his eyes. . Yunho stood by him."Jaejoong huffed angrily." Jaejoong crossed his arms.. Jaejoong looked up at the mirror miserably."Do you honestly think Heechul looks dashing in green? ?" Just keep quiet Yunho. as he looked weak as ever.. 2 WEEKS LATER (Pregnancy status-1 month and 2 weeks pregnant) Yunho. racin "Well. "Looks like honesty isn't appreciated around here anymore"Yunho yelled back.

and covered himself up to his nose with the soft blank et."Because I'm a bitch and so is Heechul. as he graciously looked over at his shining nails. Yunho shook his head in amusement as he went to his closet to get dressed for wo rk... "Yeah?"Yunho answered as he started buttoning up his shirt. tensing up again."Was that sarcasm I sens ed?" "No! I-I mean you should teach our child that. and pushed him away.not.."Yunho finished. you just have to lie sometimes.. ."Yunho paused.." "That?" I'm gonna die today.." Jaejoong preached ."Jaejoong mumbled softly into the blanket.. circling his arms around the petite one's waist." Jaejoong's muscles relaxed." Yunho smirked."Breakfast's downstairs."Why's that?" Jaejoong smirked."Was that sarcasm I sensed?"Yunho reiterated Jaejoong's earlier remark. Yunho's tensed appearance relaxed... Jaejoong sat up a little.."You catch on fast.."Okay.."Yunho are you saying that we should teach our child to be a di shonest bastard. Jaejoong chuckled slightly. Jae!" Jaejoong looked up from his nails and raised an eyebrow. who was standing in front of the grand mirror." Jaejoong frowned."The hot-tempered wifey demanded."Jaejoong cleared as he came close r to Yunho. abrupt stop.."he said as he went back to the king-sized bed to sleep .. Yunho looked at him raising an eyebrow in curiosity. "I-I think he does. but that only applies to Heechul and me.. "Why the hell are you blaming it on me now? You're the one that said to lie whe n things get TOO honest-" "Yes."Good! It looks fucking terrible on him. Jaejoong slyly smiled. that's not-" "Don't fucking sugar coat it! Answer me.And you never insult s omeone beautiful like me because then I become-" "Bitchy. witnessing Jaejoong's tapping foot come to a scary. you're gonna be a great mommy."Yeah..you know."Jae listen.". but do I say that to him?? No! See Yunho.or bitch?!" Yunho sighed shortly.Green? Umm I'm gonna go with. "Yunho-ah.. as he lifted up his hands and wrapped around Yunho's neck burying his his face into Yunho's neck. I don't feel like eating so bye.lying.

. but for how long?" .."Jaejoong glumly answered back..Jaejoong concluded as he looked up at Yunho's muscu lar frame as he unconsciously licked his lips." was Jaejoong's mumbled reply... "Uhh um. as he rushed off downstairs . Oh god. his eyebrows furrowing a bit trying to decipher what was going on. somewhat out of it... Yunho snatched the blanket.. "Why did you have a vibrator with you the day I got you pregnant?"Yunho retorted straight away..his eyes. Yunho was leaving then he stopped at the doorway as he turned back to the bed. as he laid down again covering himself up with the blanket all the way."Sure dad. wet tongue and rosy r ed lip action going on."Yunho said nervously. LATER THAT DAY Yunho was on the phone at his office.. but then he sighed as he pulled over the covers." "Go away. his cologne.. Yunho smirked. flutter back and forth from Yunho's eyes then to his lip s. bye.Why did you put my name as your password?"Jaejoong asked. Yunho lifted up the blanket in order to see his wife--"Stop it! it's cold.A-anything else?" "I-uhh.no....his lips. Jaejoong let his eyes. nothing bye...I'm.."Enjoy your day...Take care of the baby and yeahh. Jaejoong sat up on the bed."Jaejoong softly said. as he situated himself on top of Jaejoong.Fuck you.."Jaejoong said."..What was I going to say again? Yunho wondered. Yunho's eyes seemed to linger a little longer at the sexy."Yunho said. once gain. And failed."W-what?"Jaejoong croaked out amidst the heat a round his cheeks." "I will.. dumbfoun ded....his eyes. "Hm.. ". ignoring his frown. referring to the m an's laptop.."J ae. as soon as you leave.can he hear my heartbeats? It's so loud. covering himself up again... "Listen I might come back early today so-" "Oh boohoo.stupid cologne. fucker!"Jaejoong yelled.. i t's probably making me high.

So when do we fly?" "Most likely in two days since dad said the presentation had to be done before t he questioning process....No Jae will be fine don't worry.I don't even know how he's going to react to this one. "Bye. as he laid back in his rolling chair. Hyuna laughed." "So?" Hyuna asked. I'll see ya then!"She said as she waved back a nd exited his room.cool.."Yunho said. sitting on Yunho's desk crossing her bare legs as she looked through a few files."Uh huh...the print button."Yunho said."Yunho nonchalan tly answered.."Hyuna looked at Yunho's objection filled-face.or not. Italy. "Don't even start. did this...How long?" "A week. Yunho laughed. getting up as he looked over at the busy streets of Seoul from the large..."Yunho explained."Make that sessions.. yeah it's fine." "And I actually thought I'd be able to spend time with Alex this week.cons idering he's pregnant?"Hyuna questioned."...and so on. he's stupid. glossy window. . Hyuna nodded.not the reset button. "Niiice~."Alex? You're going out with Alex?" "Yeah so?" "So.. placing his hands in his pocket as he sat slightly on the desk as well. remembering Yunho's constant stories of how Jaejoong did that. AN HOUR LATER ." "Oh? And do you know your wifey is probably going to kill you for leaving. "You'll miss these moments.."Oh I see."Yunho answered."Sounds like a plan." "I'm learning alot about you this year.Venice."Hyuna rol led her eyes. so just a quick sex session?" Hyuna smirked... he's j ust simply unpredictable these days.. "Yep this ones out of town...."And hot!" Yunho rolled his eyes.. in an obvious tone remembering the many times the idiot failed to copy a single paper from the copy machine which requires to push one button.

"You don't have to.J-juliet.."I-i'm trying."R-romeo and. "Who? Who died?"Yunho asked. He looked at the T. Jaejoong calmed down and sniffed.Yunho parked the car in the driveway. and headed for the front door. Jaejoong's big."he assured. sadly..V. as he loosened his tie going up the stairs."Yunho said. knowing his fears about horny aliens at night. "I'm home!"Yunho yelled..d-died. enthusiastically as he rolled up his sleeves. which viewed th e scrolls of names at the end of the movie. "Smells good Jae.."Jaejoong answered without turning to look at Yunho. his voice calm and composed. shutting off the T. just a week. Jaejoong nodded slowly.."Jae I'm gonna be leaving for a week in two days to Venice since I have this work meeting to attend there."Yunho answered.. glossy eyes stared at Yunho. "I'm not hungry.V screen. now please. worried. THAT NIGHT Yunho came down for dinner smelling the fresh aroma filling the kitchen. seeing a sobbing Jaejoong on the sofa with a bunch of wet tissues beside him." "I don't care.."T-they.Okay. "I know."he sniffed."Jaejoong answered.. ". Yunho was once again. blowing his red litt le nose."Yeah."Jaejoong placed the plate of tasty noodles infront of him then left the kitchen"Why aren't you eating?"Yunho asked. chewing. He came into the living room."Yunho commented.. and looked back at cute. as he came over and sat on the sofa." Yunho smiled getting up. throwing the keys on the decorated side table."he said. "I'm gonna go change. dumbfounded.. ." Jaejoong stiffened up. becoming really worried.but don't worry I'll drop you off at mom's pla ce for the week. sniffing me ss and sighed. stop crying.. "Jae! What's wrong? What happened?"Yunho asked. "Jae theres nothing you can do to change a poet's play written many lifetimes be fore you."A W-week?" Yunho nodded."he sniffed. Yunho thought the earlier the better so he said. and stopped sniffing..

"No.. then headed upstai rs."Yunho said. "Jae can I come in?"he asked softly. Yunho knocked on Jaejoong's closed door room. then he went over to the pot of noodles on the stove. Yunho frowned knowing for sure something was up. He took another bowl and filled it up with the saucy noodles. He sat down infront of Jaejoong and took the book out of his hands and placed it on the side table."Is she married?" "No."Yunho said. like a good boy. Yunho finished his plate quickly and placed it in the sink."Okay but you could-" "I said I'm not hungry!"Jaejoong yelled as he went upstairs. Jaejoong chewed on it angrily. she's not-" "Is she knocked up?" "What? No she-" "Does she have a boyfriend?" "Yes."Kho eblse isgh goinkk?" "Huh?" Jaejoong swallowed. handing him the utensil and bowl."Yunho tried to make him understand. offering the bowl and fork to him."Yunho answered.."Jaejoong muttered. why don't you just leave today instead. Jaejoong looked at Yunho with an annoyed expression.stress relief."Who else is going?!" "Oh uh just me and Hyuna. I guess but he's just a form of. Jaejoong glared." "So she's a whore?" .Do it for the baby. Jaejoong stopped nibbling on the noodles for a second.."Fine! I'll d o it for the nameless being!" "Thank you. Yunho opened the door nonetheless and saw Jaejoong reading a book upside down. eat."What are you? Deaf? I said I don't want any!" "Jae this isn't about you!."Oh of course it's not about me. your baby."Jaejoong replied. "Here.

Okey. Jaejoong turned his head to the other side away from Yunho as he bit his lips sl ightly.. seeing the lights off with a lump on th e middle of the bed."No.."Jaejoong said.. softly.. as he took a another mouthful of n oodles.. a s he left for his room.I don't think the baby wants you to go so. "Why?"Yunho crossed his arms. "Practicing.Why would she do that-" "Just curious..well.you know since you're always around and.. no.. feeling Yunh o's warm hands caress his sensitive stomach.."he assured. "Aren't you coming?"Yunho asked.. in his room. Yunho laid down on his pillow.."For what?" "For when you're not here..Jaejoong thou ght. ". "Nope. "I'll talk to him."Jaejoong finished softly. Jaejoong did not transfer into Yunho's room. theres nothing to practice for. while rubbing the latter' s tummy."Was his one-word reply. rather he stayed rooted in his bed...... and stared up at the ceiling.the little baby is going to be very lonely.. Yunho looked over at Jaejoong...or her every night on the phone then. "Really? You think so?"Yunho asked. bare."Jaejoong softly answered.. Yunho eyed Jaejoong longer than a second then shrugged off the weird behavior. his hands slowly lifting up the fabric to fe el him. "So will she seduce a married man with a pregnant wife?" "No way!. The taller man frowned. That night."Yunho concluded.gosh calm down. Something in Yunho's heart broke seeing how vulnerable he was..."Jaejoong mumbled..yeah kind of. Yunho came into his room.. . What the fuck? Jaejooooongg you were supp ose to sleep ALONE tonight and let Yunho rot in all the coldness."Jaejoong replied shortly.."Mhmm.Can I still s leep here with you?" "."Yunho answered as he sm .I-I think the baby will really miss you."I.for the baby. After a while."he said... and his self-control was really running low so he came closer and rested his head on Jaejoong's pillow. "It's only a week Jae.you should come back earlier.

"Jaejoong answers." Yunho says. I'm leaving today.iled feeling Jaejoong's smaller hands on his."Jaejoong cries out. gently touching Jaejoong's tummy.. Does he really mean th at? The pregnant Jaejoong thought endlessly. trying to calm him down. The sleeping beauty rubs his eyes a few times and looks up at his husband. "Not even by my own baby?"Yunho asks. Yunho sighs as he got up and fixed his tie and grabbed his suitcase as he proce eded down the stairs. as he continued to stare ahead without a single attemp t to say anything. Jaejoong opened his eyes. 'Yes.I-I'll miss you.. and the latter shivered slightly. "You knew damn well one night ago. "I lied.. I feel like I'll miss this place.Now let me sleep.. as he warmed it up and ate it slowly. inching closer into Yunho's warm chest.what?" Yunho asks in amusement.It's t-the baby's. "It's n-not my tears!!.I can't sleep.."He said.. ". He lifelessly opened the fridge which revealed a plate with some cheese omelets along with a note on top saying. it's for you' He grins slightly. Yunho gooo."Yunho says softly."Hello??" "Then why can't you take me?" was all Jaejoong's voice said. Yunho immediately hugs him tightly and Jaejoong ends up sobbing. tugging onto the blankets to cover himself up more. I Got Youuuuu~ Under My Skiin! His iphone rung and he frowned at the number as he picked it up. as he buries his head into Yunho's chest.. "Why are you crying now?"Yunho asks." Silence prevailed.."You w on't be missed.. "You said you'll miss me so why can't you take me?"He sniffs slightly." Yunho quickly shuts it off and dashes upstairs and sees Jaejoong with tear s streaming down his cheeks along with a red little nose."Jaejoong mumbled."He mumbles.. . "I... "You better. "Jae... rubbing his back. watching Jaejoong's eyes flutter open slow ly. "Jae? What are you."A ishh. "How should I know?. crankily as he attempted to swit ch to the other side."Yunho answers wittily..He misses you again. almost kissing the blanket that was c overing Jaejoong's ear.

Um we have a c hange of plan."she sta tes seeing Yunho approach her with his and Jaejoong's luggages."He finishes.Yunho quickly taps a few numbers on his phone."Yeah hey Hyuna!.. Yunho gives her a look of exhaustion.. honey. "Of course! Let's hurry Hyuna." Yunho answers as he picks up the bags again. you were right. Hyuna raises an eyebrow.. "I really want to but reality takes it's own toll."Yunho infor ms her.."He's pregnant okay? !" She laughs.Okay okay..."You." "Jaejoong's coming with us. it's really hot in her . Then a little later Yunho tapped her." Hyuna nods."I'll be unwrapped as soon as the baby come s out.Now hurry up before he gets pissed.U-huh... my friend. "I've been having a headache from his constant 'oh Yunho. are wrapped around your wife's tiny pinky."Oh I'll see alright."She says. "Jaejoong's going to get a headache so you need to lower the volume.Yes. Jaejoong looks up at him with big teary eyes."Find out.... 'What?' She mouthed as she paused the music.b ye. "Can we go inside? I'm tired." And Yunho did hurry. "Yep! Come on let's quickly get your things packed.you'll see. see you. Jaejoong constantly complained about how he felt sooo uncomfortable in the plane seat.." "You don't believe me?"Yunho asks." "What do you mean by that?"Yunho quickly interrogates."He always will be in your mind. seeing Jaejo ong come closer to them. genius."Jaejoong expresses."Yunho urges as he starts tak ing out another suitcase from the closet."C-can I come?" he whispers. She grins. Sherlocks.. and raised the volume high. Yunho rolls his eyes and whispers. Hyuna stuffed earphones in her ears. AIRPORT Hyuna smirks.

" Yunho laughs."Yunho answers. "What's wrong with her?"Jaejoong whispers to Yunho." Jaejoong grins as he looked up at Yunho. Jaejoong giggles from the feeling as he edged in closer to Yunho making the othe r's strong arms wrap around his small frame. "Oh Yunho-ah can you get some chocolates for me?"Jaejoong's voice called. I mean the seats were so stiff but Yunh-" "Okay okay! It' a yes or no question."She sarcastically answers."So. "So do you Jae."Fine!" She shuts it off completely and attempts to sleep.. providing her with his card. . "Hmm."But I do it cutely. and the latter chuckles. did you enjoy your plane ride. They head towards the elevator. "Oh geez. no not really.e' "oh Yunho-ah I'm so cold now'. "Great! We'll take it. Yunho found it adorable somehow. "She complains alot. as he teases his small tummy with a little tickle. Hyuna groans grumpily. They enter their room and Hyuna heads straight for the nearest room. SAN CLAMENTE PALACE HOTEL(VENICE."Jaejoong concluded as he tippie-toed and whispered it into Yunho's ears.'Hmm Yun I can't sleeep-"Yunho shuts her mouth signaling for her to shut up. as he held onto Jaejoong's smaller hands gently . Jaejoong?"Hyu na asks. ITALY) "We do have a room available for a capacity of four people."The receptionist inf orms them."Hyuna says. deprived of precious sleep. almost mockingly in the elevator.."Hyuna mutters looking the other way with severe bags under her eyes. Hyuna sighs. and for your information I'm perfectly fine with hours fille d with enormous joy and sleep.. "Okay I'm not deaf. There were three more rooms left."Are you happy I took you and baby?"He asks.

."He says rubbing his cheek softly on the pillow to get into a comfortable p osition."Yunho stated. "Hmm?"Jaejoong blinks at him innocently.. "Come on. "I PROMISE you. "You're joking. that you ARE NEVER EVER getting PREGNANT AGAIN!!"Then Yunho rush es off into the bathroom grumpily. that was the only humanely possible reason in his head. Yunho."Y-yunho-ah wake up.You just go and brin g it. 2:48 AM Jaejoong sighs loudly.Jaejoong looks at Yunho." Yunho nods taking the suitcases into the room next to Hyuna's. Jaejoong smiles seeing the cozy room.I need something. ."Jaejoong answers smiling widely."You're funny now go to sleep. "JAEJOONG?!"Yunho fumes. Yunho fakely laughs."You know...?" "I want some Double Dark Chocolate Fudge Crunch flavored ice cream.." "Yunho I NEED IT!!!!"Jaejoong yells loudly. Jaejoong giggles into the pillow.. I know you're pretending."Oka y. watching Yunho angrily put on some Jeans and a sweatshirt."Let's just sleep in one room."Jaejoong added. "Dead serious."Jaejoong says. and groans. Yunho lazily gets up. "Let 's go get this ice cream of yours."Jaejoong says softly. Yunho snores in return."STUPIDhdskjaBABYdhsajNIGHThfdk. flying-in-all-directions hair. Yunho lifted his head up. knowing the man was aw ake. with his messed up."What?" "I.. displaying it with hand m ovements."Yunho blinke d.ARGH!!!" He mutters."Jaejoong whispers.like the one on the cone.."He says when he became quite sane."Are you kidding? I'm too sleepy to get up. Yunho opens one eye. and wraps his arms tighter around Jaejoong's waist as he whispered incoherent words.like really really really bad. Jaejoong laughs..

"Yunh o sighs a long one. like for instance that ant that kept getting in his way or l ike those air particles he almost tripped on. frowning."Yunho says in an annoyed voice.. "I need a chocolate fudge crunch ice cream. ". I just like appearing at ice cream trucks at 2 AM in the morning for a c hocolate fudge crunch. "Eat it and LOVE it. Jaejoong pouts.."Hyuna I'm your boss so I order you to bring a double dark chocolate fudge crunch ice cream.I'm afraid you'll have to go back and-" "I'm afraid I'll have to cut you up Jaejoong!"Yunho cuts in.."Now that's one crazy husband. sir. Hyuna opens an eye... how may I help you?"The guys asks.I asked for a DOUBLE DARK chocolate.. "Coming right up!" the man says enthusiastically... "Jae just praise it quietly. The guys blinks at him. "I-It doesn't taste the same Yunho..."Yunho demands and drops to the bed sighing comfortably on t he warm fabric. as he reache d for the bag Yunho handed him..YES I HAVE A PREGNANT BITCHY WITTY GORGEOUS WIFE. .. "No Yunho. "Oh thank you so MUCH Yunho!!"Jaejoong exclaims with gleaming eyes."H-here you go..." "GOOD DAY!" Yunho screams in his face and leaves.." "Goddamnit!" Yunho gets up and opens Hyuna's room door."Your wife." "Justice is sweet..DOUBLE DARK chocolate! !"Yunho yells...S-same to you.this is just chocolate-" "SO-FUCKING-WHAT?!" Yunho bursts.. and cursing at every little mi shap along the way."Yu nho mutter into the pillow.." "Fuck you."Hyuna smiles into the pillow."Let me guess. the man thought. Yunho slams the door open and and slams it shut..yun...Yunho heads out of the hotel. groaning."Pwease.. your problem dude. "Hello sir.there are people deprived of sleep in two rooms.Oh my gosh!"Jaejoong yells almost...pregnant wife?" "Oh no. "MmmMmm..

the man thought. Hyuna arrives with smaller bags under eyes.Yunho comes back into their room. "Coming right up!"The man says happily."he says.I'll try... I want some double dark chocolate fudge crunch flavored ice cream please.sim ply." The man laughs. "Yeah well.. ."So badly. "Well.. MORNING Yunho arrives with bags under his eyes. "Fine." Jaejoong says." Jaejoong grabs it.I'm simply not going. I'll go get it myself!"Jaejoong shouts. still angry at the stubborn man. you could've done that a LONG time ago!" "YUNHO!?" "Yes?" "SHUT UP!" ". remembering his enmity toward Yunho at the moment.okay... Jaejoong arrives with a glowing face. read a magazine."Hmm. Jaejoong frowns." Now that is one crazy wife. who sat across him. Yunho lazily relaxed his chin on the table while Hyuna.Don't you have a husband?"The man asks affectionately.."Jaejoong. you shouldn't have to come out this late to get it by yourself. Jaejoong hummed as he fixed something up in the hotel kitchen." "Hello! How may I help you?"The cheerful guy asks.. "."Yes I have A HANDSOME STUPID STUBBORN BASTARD OF A HUSBAND!!" "H-here you go."NOW YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY!" Jaejoong yells as he is unable to c ontrol his anger. "Yes... are you craving for it?" Jaejoong sighs..

."Yunho said as he came behind Jaejoong and wrapped both his hands aro und Jaejoong's stomach showing him.it's you. just 3 miles away from here and-" "No.. Hyuna shook her head. no.. "They just bought in new winter clothes! They're sooo cute and sexy!!"Hyuna fini shed excitedly. perfe ."He said casually. Yunho rolled his eyes.. Jaejoong looked over at Yunho carefully. "Yunho. that's it! We have to go!"Jaejoong yelled in excitement. Jaejoong paused as he placed their plates in front of them."What if I did?!"He challenged.See look.forget him."Jaejoo ng said staring down at the tape measure with a silly smile."Hyuna said con fidently. It looks so perfect. "OMYGOD! I GAINED WEIGHT-."Why? You want me to buy you some more double dark chocola te fudge flavored ice cream?" He mockingly asked. ". and. got to stick together a nd if this asshole can't buy you a cone of ice cream. Yunho chuckled as he came closer. he thought.."Fine.."Jaejoong remarked. while linking arms with Jaejoong as they headed toward their rooms to get dressed up.. never mind I used inches last time.and?"He encouraged.I should've bought Shiwon instead of Hyuna.. you still fit into my two hands."Was Yunho's last words before entering their room.. wh ile shutting the door hardly. we."Oh."Yunho muttered."Yunho quickly stopped her. amusedly. He opened the door and saw Jaejoong with a tape measure around his stomach. Yunho looked at their excited faces and sighed."C'mon Jaejoong.. "What have I gotten myself into?. "Oh. it's just..."You look fine.oh wait.."Jaejoong added angrily. "What what what?"Yunho replied monotonously. and no. with his hands on his hips."Omygosh Omygosh Omygosh!!!"Hyuna chanted.I vowed to never go shopping again. Jaejoong frowned. "I'm sorry.yes..after those 6 hours of shopping wit-"Yunho tried to explain.. fashionista's. "There's a sale going on at the mall..Take the car and just rem ember to actually bring it back. as he stared down at Yunho's big hands wrapped around his waist."You're not coming?" He questioned softl y. "Jae?"He called. "Oh I'll make sure his own child will forget him too.. "Oh just shut up and eat. Jaejoong looked down.."He nodded.. while Hyuna cla pped next to him.

. I'm not. then he looked over at Jaejoong in the mirror. knowing what happened. defeated.And stop making me feel guilt y about it.It's more like a warm." "Jaejoong! I'm ready!"Hyuna called next to the door. Hyuna and him went running toward the ro oms.ctly fitted. "Yunho you're coming too?"Hyuna slyly smiled. wrapped tightly around Jaejoong's pinky. Yunho let go.pink." Jaejoong grinned. while Yunho sighed."Hyuna thoughtfully suggested as she held it onto Jaejoong. nope still not your fault for letting me g o alone with Hyuna. signaling he was once again. Jaejoong continued to change into his cl othes. and w intery sweater. Yunho and Jaejoong both came out with Yunho commenting on how annoying this trip was going to be. He sat on one of the chairs."In the bottom left drawer. Hyuna laughed and showed her pinky to Yunho as she circled another finger around it. thinking it was awkward. MALL "Hm. and Hyuna laughed evilly as she followed Jaejoong.not even when b ig guys come and rape me in an alley."Yunho dismissed it as closed the door. and cursed behind them. "Where are my jeans?"Yunho asked. grunted."Yes... "You think so?"He asked. waiting for them to come out. . Jaejoong. almost whisperingly. Yunho's jaws tightened. this being infront of me is going to get raped today. Jaejong laughed."Oh it's not your fault. "Apparently."Oh why don't we go try our clothes in the fi tting room?"Jaejoong cheerfully asked. Yunho. and the l atter smiled innocently. "Very funny. I think this one suits you more Jaejoong. "So you're not going?"Jaejoong clarified again. sighed."He said. as he fixed his hair in the mirr or.. in return."Yunho glared at Jaejoong's swaying hips as he followed him out the door. who stood behind him. then pouted a little.

" Jaejoong looked down. in bewilderment... Yunho huffed angrily and shut off his phone. "I." Jaejoong blinked his eyes. Of course not... frustratedly.FUCKER-"He angrily screamed into t he phone. "I know! And glittery. "I'm. Hyuna found it very amusing as she took a video of it on her phone. Then he frowned upon looking at Yunho again who was staring at some girl's legs.."Wrong move."Jaejoong eyed him intensely.."... "It was all your fault Jae! If you hadn't interrupted me with your LOUD voice-" "Loud??"Jaejoong asked.You. "No wait! I'm almost winni-OH FUCK YOU. yeah. Yun ho saw a flying dress fall into another cubicle.. e arning weird stares from other mothers in the fitting room..."Oh Hyuna try this one. Yunho's head snapped back at him. "Why thank you.it's just.Nevermind.Her legs."He added happily."No tell me. and grabbed Yunho by the shirt as he dragged hi m out."Jaejoong said. 'You Lose' "YUNHO!"Jaejoong yelled in reply. wanting an answer quick. Jae."She smiled widely. Hyuna coughed."Yunho sighed. staring at the glamorous words. Yunho ended up playing a racing game on his phone. do I SOUND loud to you?!"he yell ed."Yes?!" "What were you staring at?"Jaejoong's voice was on the brink of danger."He demanded. "I'm sorry. "Can you stop acting like a child?!"Jaejoong asked as they were out of the confi ded place. the softest animal on the planet. Hyuna. Jaejoong bowed slightly at them."The truth was out. Hyuna was about to say yes. "Yunho?"Jaejoong raised an eyebrow. "Come on Yunho. almost confused. They finally came out with smiles on their faces..."Yunho answered truthfully.. suddenly. "Omygosh It's fucking pink!"Hyuna exclaimed."Hyuna.you sound softer than the. I forgot to give it to you.Jae-" "What is it?!"Jaejoong asked."No.". let's go. considering the fact he was screaming but the look o n Jaejoong's face made her say. "I'm sexually deprived. ."Jaej oong quickly said as they were walking out.."Jaejoong looked pleased...

next to his big." Jaejoong looked at him weirdly. "Yunho turned to go sit on a chair in the corner but Jaejoong stopped him by the arm.. Yunho blinked. pleading eyes.."He showed him one finger. They were soon at the cash register area and Hyuna paid for her clothes and two pairs of high heels.Please."She sa id and continued looking through the clothes on the other side of the store. "Aish..Just forget it. Yunho I'm so deeply sorry I was taking care of our baby and not your cock. Jaejoong stopped. one more hour it is. and flipped her hair. "We'll talk about this later."Yunho smiled slightly and went over to th e chair and sat. "Shoot me."Hmm."He smirked.Hyuna smirked slightly.Okay."He said as he picked up a classic black pair of boots. "Jae. Hyuna kept trying on high heels in the other side of the room. Yunho sighed."Okay... Yunnie. can we go now?!"He asked in frustration." "No."Yunho said. After 10 minutes.. Jae. So? I called you that before."Jaejoong said as he lead the way."Yeah but this time you're not all horny and on all fou rs before me. Jaejoong pressed his lips together and nodded.One more."Yunho muttered. They arrived at the gorgeous shoe section and scanned everything.. "Come on Hyuna let's go to the boot section. we were only here for two hours."I'll give you two a minute."Jaejoong said sternly. then held Yunho's hand and went over to where Hyuna was. "Okay!!"She yelled in excitement. massagin g the back of his hair nervously. just one more hour."This is exactly why I wanted to stay home."He informed him. as he crossed his arms. then Yunho took out his credit card and gave it to Jaejoong . Yunho was awfully annoyed. "Alright alright. Jaejoong blushed furiously. I'm sorry for being a jerk."Yunho."You said 'Yunnie'. Yunho came closer to him.

Yunho yawned. who was on the phone. "I'm late I'm late-no we're late. moved closer to Jaejoong's petite figure and rested his chin close to Jaejoong's neck. sleepily while mumbling indecipherable words. Jaejoong shivered as h is legs began to weaken. chatting away. The next day. snuggling himself into the cushiony softness. Jaejoong held back a moan as Yunho began to slyly kiss his neck."Jaejoong sounded out. "Shit Shit Shit Shit! Holy mother of J-" "Shut the fuck up!"Jaejoong threw a pillow at Yunho in order to hush up the pani cking man."Yunho remembered Hyuna as he sprinted across t he room to Hyuna's. They were soon on their way home with Yunho driving the car. we're late.Hey!"Yunho caught the pillow that was swiftly charged at him. "Holy FUCK! Jae did you play around with the clock?" Yunho. so it ends up being $378. Jaejoong tu rned to the other side. and Hyuna. He slammed the door open and yelled. on his shoulder. Yunho slowly. "Thanks. while hi s hands came to rest on Jaejoong's waist."The man smiled as he proceeded to swipe the card. as Yunho nibbled on his ear. Yunho and Hyuna were to present the company's successful progresse s at the meeting."Hyuna! Get up.We need to get t here by 15 minutes or. "Hm. The taller man smirked as he grazed his lips on his wife's creamy skin. "There you go!"The man happily stated as he put them in bags.. while Jaejoong see med to be a bit out of the world as he stared out the window. Jaejoong's eyes became fluttery as he placed his hands on top of Yunho's strong ones. Jaejoong grinned as he gave it to the salesclerk. Jaejoong groaned as he pulled on to comforter even more. and his sensitive feelings enhanced.. then looked at the clock.. "Okay.. wide eyed.. This was unnot iced by the salesclerk as he continuously scanned the prices. threw the covers off of him and he got up. Yunho immediately stopped gently molesting his wife and took all the bags."Yunho replied.50. 8:36AM (PRESENTATION DAY) Yunho lazily rubbed his eyes as he released Jaejoong from his hold. .

"he commented as he took out all the clothes from the suitcase and laid everything out on the bed. Just. no cleavag e showing shirts.Come on!! Get ready." "I just shoved it in!"Yunho replied hurriedly. "Oh I bet dad would beat you to it." "Just. I really don't give a fuck at the moment." "Yeah?" "Mhmm. Jaejoong got up on one elbow. "I think black looks very sexy on you. sighing. no short skirts.. Wear. A. It reminds me of. A. and Hyuna shook her hea .No make-up. as he took off his shirt in a hur ry...Fucking hell! Jae what do I wear!?"Yunho hissed goi ng through the suitcase in a panic. that man never folded anything in his life. as she rubbed her sleepy eyes. Then he grudgingly got up to proceed with Yunho's humble request. "What?!"Jaejoong barked.. Shirt. And. It. Then she heard the bathroom door open. creasing his eyebrows. "Where the hell are my boxers?" "Oh."You packed your clothes you rself. Jaejoong plopped his head on the pillow. Give. Guess I'll know what I'll be doing today. got ready and started combing her hair.."Yep. Pant."Just wear the blue shirt with th-" "Yeah great! Could you just find it and give it to me after I come out of the sh ower?! Thanks!"Yunho ran to the bathroom and slammed it shut. Hyuna.Professional." "Oh then I'll choose black. He stared at the suitcase for a few seconds." Jaejoong started whispering."Jae!!??" Yunho's voice called. he tho ught.Okay?!"Yu nho yelled as he rushed to get ready.."Why don't you calm the fuck down before I blow your fucking brain cells?"Hyuna lazily muttered. "Professional.. Jaejoong rolled his eyes.. She walked over to Yunho and Jaejoong's closed room door and was about to knock when she heard." Hyuna laughed hearing their conversation as she combed her hair. do you want the blue ones or th-" "Believe it or not.

"I don't want a bunch of pineapples. She rolled her eyes as she knocked..V channels.And I want a pineapple."He mumble d.not the neck-oh Yun. while Jaejoong waved at her as he closed the door.. and I'm ppy."Hey Yunho.. not believing what she was heari ng. annoyingly..". "Sounds a bit familiar. Yunho paced back ne with.. then I want n a professional and forth for a few seconds.. Hyu na raised an eyebrow at them as she held the door open.. "I'm ready. Yunho stretched his neck slightly."Wait!" Yunho turned around.Come on lets go get his preci ous pine of an apple!"Yunho glared at Jaejoong then rushed out... i manner. Hyuna laughed. listen I'll get you a bunch of pineapples as soon as I come back."Look I want to get this meeting do sure Hyuna does too."he stated loud and clear..." Yunho started out the door when Jaejoong stopped him. "We'll be right back!"Hyuna called.Fucking pineapples?"Yunho asked in disappointment... "You want pineapples?..Remember him by any chance?" Hyuna heard a soft giggle from Jaejoong's part. . when he heard his phone ring.. Jaejoong flipped through the T. we'll just grab him one."Not pineapples. as he started frowning at this whole new predicament. " Jaejoong sighed."One more time?" Jaejoong blinked then whisper ed again.and I want it now.It shouldn't be far from here."Come on Yunho.Just one pineapple. then I want to make dad a tiny bit more ha to bring you millions of dollars...okay?!" Yunho asked firmly. "Mm Yunho." Hyuna blinked.d as she was about to leave when." Yunho looked at him dumbfoundedly. then stopped."Yunho replied." "No.Jaejoong.. Jaejoong grinned as he nodded."You're mental...I just want one ."What is it?" Jaejoong looked at his feet then looked up and whispered into Yunho's ears. Hm? Wh o is it? He thought as he walked into their room. Hyuna started laughing. Jaejoong caressed his hair.. a few seconds ago an angry man wa lked in demanding me to get ready..

"Yunho said. "Oh come on."Yunho answered monotonously.. you have to understand these things. He walked over to the kitchen as he hummed and cut the pineapple to devour it de liciously. Jaejoong stuck his tongue out at the imaginary Yunho in his head. ."He quickly shut the door and left... "You don't."Jaejoong said dramatically.. Yunho.You know you love him anyway.Well you see Umma."Hy una held on to her tummy as she laughed it out... "Well. "Uh-uh. You're not touching me.He smiled. confused. and I hate changes.."H mm. your sarcasm really gets me Yunho.Oh."He smiled sweetly as he attempted to hug Yunho.exaggerating' was his defense.He's completely taking over my life."So hows the married life?"She asked with a french accent. I ended up going with him.. "It's his pregnancy Yunho. I don't like these 'things'. Jaejoong started drawing cute b aby ducks when he suddenly heard the doorbell ring.. "Oh. Yunho looked at her oddly as they went onto the tall and grand building.. as Yunho quickly got into the drivers seat and immediately started driving on full speed.."Yunho pointed at him as Jaejoong slightly pouted and rubbed his hands together. Yunho is being great yes. I couldn't bare to leave the poor thing.. Hyuna was switching through the radio stations in the car.Hyuna actually we're not in love.. "What's so funny?"He asked. it's jung Umma.. Jaejoong smiled as he took the bag with much appreciation."Thank you Yunnie."Hyuna calmly exp lained. Yunho looked at his watch. After a nice little chat with his mother-in-law."Umma! How are you?" Jaejoong asked in politeness.Ahahahah love him? Ahaha Damn.. as he parked into the parkway harshly.. 'I'm not lying I'm just si mply."Fuck.Oh I'm fine... right.He's.. ".No no..You see it was an arrang-" Hyuna started bursting out in huge fits of utter laughter. Hyuna smirked. with his hands firmly wrapped a round the steering wheel."Hyuna said as she got out of t he car. Yunho asked and begged and b egged for me to come with him.. "Fucking brilliant."Jaejoong laughed slightly. He rubbed his tummy as he grinned happily and rushed toward the door and opened it revealing a panting Yunho with a bag of pineapples. so me being the kind person I am.

Yunho frowned,"Actually, I'm not being sarcastic..It's the truth we-"Hyuna laugh ed some more, and Yunho gave up. "You're hilarious, anyone ever tell you that?"Hyuna asked, all smilingly. "Once or twice,"Yunho muttered as they entered the grand hall. There was a stage, and a man on the microphone motioned for Yunho to come on to the stage. A man dressed in a suit quickly announced to the press,"Mr.Jung's son, Jung Yunh o, IS HERE!" he announced onto the microphone. Yunho came closer to the stand, and the man whispered, "It's good you're here, w here have you been?..We're running a little late, you see,"He was a jolly man. "WE ARE A LITTLE BEHIND SCHEDULE SINCE MR.JUNG WAS.."the man waited for Yunho's answer and so did the crowd. Hyuna smiled slyly, and Yunho stuttered as he whispered "Oh Uh yeah..I..I was, y ou know...buying a pineapple,"He honestly blurted out. Hyuna held in a giggle by his side. The man eyed Yunho weirdly,"...YES HE WAS BUYING A PINEAPPLE!" The man revealed to the crowd, as they exchanged their eyebrow-raising gestures with another. Yunho snatched the microphone,"Hello! Yes, You see, not only am I an excellent b usinessman but also one hell of a caring husband as well,"Yunho winked at the la dies in the crowd who started fanning themselves. The other businessmen cleared their throats and adjusted their positions in their chairs. Hyuna rolled her eyes as she proceeded to start up the powerpoint for the presen tation.

Yunho and Hyuna came back to the hotel room after four hours and dropped onto th e sofa. "That went well,"Hyuna states as-a-matter-of-factly. "Sure did,"Yunho said, stretching his arms. "I'm gonna go check on Jae," "By all means,"Hyuna smirked. Yunho turned around to say something back but then just waved his hand in dismiss and left. Hyuna grinned as she grabbed the remo te to flip through the channels. Yunho opened the door and closed it softly, seeing Jaejoong taking a nap. He looked over and saw all his clothes were folded neatly and placed in an order ly fashion in his suitcase. He smiled unconsciously as he loosened his tie and changed into a pair of boxers and a wife-beater. He laid down on the tempting, warm bed and saw Jaejoong turn his sleeping face t

oward him. Jaejoong's eyes fluttered open as he continuously stared at Yunho, waiting for h im to break the silence. "It was successful,"Yunho informed him. "Hmm,"Jaejoong sounded out in acknowledgement. "Tired?"Yunho asked, seeing his heavy eyelids. Jaejoong nodded a little. Yunho lined up the comforter against Jaejoong's neck in order to keep him warm, while the latter lifted up his chin to position it co mfortably while, still staring at Yunho. Yunho retrieved his hands as he stared into Jaejoong's sparkly eyes which stared right back at him, he sighs,"....I'm sorry," Jaejoong smiled in victory,"I know you are....Now that that's done,"Jaejoong thr ew the blanket onto the middle of the bed as he got up,"..I need to pee," Yunho chuckled,"Listen do you want to leave today or tomo-" "TODAY!!"Jaejoong yelled. Yunho was taken aback as he stood up,"...I have this huge idea to make our home a little more prettier,"Jaejoong's voice called from the bathroom. "Really now?"Yunho asked, which was more like a statement. "Hmm...And it's going to be the first thing you're going to do when we get home! "Jaejoong finished in a happy tone. Yunho groaned inside his head. "....Sure thing,"Yunho walked lazily into Hyuna's room to inform her of their pl an.


"Yunho..How much longer?"Jaejoong whined in annoyance as he fidgeted around in his seat. "Just a few minutes," "You said that an hour ago-" "Be patient," Jaejoong looked away from Yunho angrily and kicked the seat infront of them. An angry fat lady, sitting infront of Jaejoong, looked back at them grumpily. Yunho bowed his head multiple times,"I am so sorry.....He's mentally crazy,"Yunh o said slowly pointing at Jaejoong. The lady looked over at the pregnant one an d calmed down as she smiled at Yunho and nodded in dismiss as she turned around to continue..sitting.

Yunho grinned in all his brilliant smartness, then he turned to look at Jaejoong who was fuming. "J-Jae..She would squish us,"Yunho croaked out whisperingly. "Crazy?"Jaejoong reiterated dangerously with ice-cold eyes. Yunho gulped,"...My, have I ever told you how magnificently gorgeous you look wh en you're mad?"Yunho smiled nervously. "Tell her I'm not crazy,"Jaejoong ordered as he crossed one leg over the other. Suddenly, as if god answered Yunho's prayers, the plane shook as the seatbelt si gn came on. "We will be landing shortly, please put away all your electronic devices and fas ten your seat belts, thank you,"The attendant lady said clearly. The plane started slowly descending down. Jaejoong closed his eyes and tried th inking about ponies and unicorns. The plane started fastening up its' pace as it was seconds away from landing. Jaejoong grasped onto the handle tightly on one side and grasped Yunho's hand wi th the other. Yunho who was staring boringly at his watch looked up and turned toward Jaejoong seeing he was frightened. He smirked,"So Jae, when the plane crashes into fiery pieces you keep running in to the-" "S-shut up,"Jaejoong mumbled as he squeezed his eyes shut, Yunho laughed as he s topped teasing the fragile one, while unconsciously intertwining their hands tig hter together.


"See you later Hyuna!"Yunho said as he dropped Hyuna off at her house. "Yep and Jaejoong-ah, whenever you're up for some shopping..You know exactly who to call!"Hyuna cheerfully stated. Yunho shook his head in sleepiness. Jaejoong smiled,"I sure do!! Take care Hyuna!" They waved at each other and Yunho drove off. "I'm going straight to bed,"Yunho stated offhandedly, as he stared at the road d rowsily.

"My apologies. "Remember!? My huge idea to make our home prettier!??"Jaejoong tried to trigger Yunho's poor memory."The man replied as he went to ready the order.. 'sure thing'. "Aish..."Yunho stated shortly. Medium or large.Fine. large.."Yunho rolled his eyes and carried them up to their ."Oh I don't think so." Yunho looke d at Jaejoong in stress. "Yunho! You said you would!. Yunho banged his head against the seat's head rest and took a sharp turn.. "Yes. your highness.No.Please understand. Jaejoong looked out the window in mad silence.. sir?"the man asked as he was about to pour in the scoup s into the cone.."Yunho said as he dropped down both their suitcases.So no."Yunho answered p lainly. "LARGE. to warm them up as he stared at the del icious ice cream flavors next to Yunho's side. "How can I help you sir?" "Yeah." The man nodded as he continued. exhaustedly. "Small. you said.. ICE CREAM SHOP Jaejoong placed his hands in his pocket. slowly! I put delicate things in there. JUNG'S MANSION "Home sweet home. "Right away. mister.. "Why?"The sleepy man asked irritated. Yunho smiled slightly. could you get us one Double Dark Chocolate Fudge Crunch. fuck no. now go to the ice cream store."Jaejoong chastised as he licked o n his huge ice cream cone."Jaejoong answered loud and clear."Jaejoong arg ued. "It's almost eleven.Jaejoong raised an eybrow skeptically." was his order.fucker.".. "Jae I have work tomorrow I have to wake up early."Yunho said .

. Yunho changed his clothes and laid down on his bed without a shirt. He heard Jaejoong's soft footsteps coming into his room."Eh? What?!" "This is definitely not good."OH NO! Yunho!!" Yunho's head jerked up and he stopped snoring."Jaejoong told him."Jaejoong said in a horrified voice. Jaejoong adjusted his pillow on Yunho's bed and attempted to climb up on the tal l king-sized bed but failed."Yunho assured him. as he closed his eyes in peace."Continue. Jaejoong's eyes widened slightly. frightened. and Jaejoong complied as he felt Yunho's arms wrapping around him secur ely once again.. Yunho chuckled as he stretched out his hand and pulled him up. and all his train of thoughts were lost.You look no different. gently this time... you have to get heavier.Besides..." "Yunho-ah. he thought cockily.. 7:58 AM Jaejoong's eyes went wide open as he panted.Do you want that Ja e? Do you?" Yunho asked seriously. . I had a dream that I gave birth to a."Oh no. Damn I'm good at this. Yunho eased."Yunho said as he yawned then motioned for Jaejoong to come closer i nto him.Stop worrying."he whispered sadly.. "Looks like you got heavier."No.rooms.I swear. Jaejoong exam ined to see if Yunho was lying as he felt around his stomach.keep having ice creams and-" "It's not your fault." "Okay then. curious as to why he was waken up so early."Jaejoong confessed. "I had a dream.. Jae. "No it's fine."It just popped out of. Jaejoong shook his head.a C-chipmunk."Yunho commented and realized he shouldn't have... "What's not good?!"Yunho asked.. if y ou don't then your baby will come out smaller than a grape.No a nightmare.me"Jaejoong croaked as he clenched ont o the blanket close to him. "I.

in a deep tone ."Jae do you want to be responsible for what you'r e about to do?"he asked."How can I possibly forget?" He n aughtily indulged into his devilish side and gave Yunho's thick dick a slight sq ueeze through his boxers..."Yunho explained in a tired voice.Neither are you and neither will our child be. Yunho made his way up to Jaejoong's slender neck. stop thinking about it."he commented softly. Yunho immediately took that as a 'go signal' as he dipped his head on to the cro ok of Jaejoong's neck as he kissed against it. Jaejoong giggled as his hands felt up Yunho's hardening arousal. feeling his hard cock throb against his palm. sucking and gently ni bbling on his soft skin.. Jaejoong calmed down as he slowly slyly smiled.. Jaejoong looked around the room in the darkness.No. I'm the one who fucked you.. Jaejoong's eyes twinkled with slight lust. Yunho peeked an eye open to see Jaejoong biting his lips. feeling aroused suddenly at his wife's actions. "But it seemed so realistic-" "Jaejoong."Jaejoong gasped slightly at the sudden bold gesture as he looked over a t him..." Yunho quieted down and closed his eyes as Jaejoong blinked into the darkness rem embering his horrible. horrible nightmare. Jae that will not happen..... sl eep."Little Yun is v ery impatient. and in fact no one in this world is half hu man-half chipmunk.".I know. He took jaejoong's hand and placed it right on top of his crotch..."Yunho kissed against his jaw line and Jaejoong's hand gently held on to Yunho's hair.So please. as his hands went down Yunho's boxers .. Jaejoong blushed into the darkness.remember this?"Yunho asked.. "Come on Jae." "But my drea-" "Jae! I am not some stupid chipmunk. "Sexually deprived hm?"Jaejoong asked softly. "Yunho. kissing. as his hands went down to roll Yun . obviously still thinki ng whether he'll actually give birth to some squirrel. Jaejoong grasped his hands around Yunho's hard-on. his sleep long gone. "Fuck Jae. Yunho raised an eyebrow at him. his sleep slowly disintegrating into thin air."Alright. as he started massaging the t hick tip.Yunho laughed from his throat in disbelief. Jaejoong's whimpers were continuously keeping Yunho on his toes.Not some perverted chipmunk.You want pr oof?"Yunho asked suddenly.

Yunho frowned as he reached over at the table."Ohh gosh. Yunho looked back up at Jaejoong. as he watched Jaejoong' s face portraying oh so much comfort. "Yes! More. Yunho's warm hands went underneath Jaejoong's silky.. and stroked it softly. Yunho forcefully sucked onto the pouty red lips. Yunho felt the soft hands speeding up on him."Yunho circled his index finger around Jaejoong's tight hole. he groaned impatiently."You mean that I could've taken advantage of you e arlier and yet I haven't?" "Your loss. demanding for intrusion.ho's heavy balls in his hands." Yunho pecked his lips.. Yunho kissed his lips shortly. and it soon evolved to become a passionate and messy make -out session."Yunho added another digit."What do you think?"He retorted as he got on top of him. Jaejoong immediately slid Yunho's boxers down just so his dick popped out angri ly.. Jaej oong's hips lost the capability to stay still. He licked his lips. Yunho's eyebrows creased in pleasure as he looked down to see what his wife's ha nd was doing to him. That fact turned on Jaejoong to no end." "Two?"Yunho asked focused on his hand and Jaejoong's tight hole. Jaejoong started desperately fucking himself on Yunho's finger.." "S-shut up. red robe to feel Jaejoong w as bare. Yunho frowned. then jerked up slightly feeling Yunho's hands fond ling with his butt cheeks.Yun. Jaejo ong complied as he let Yunho's tongue violate him pleasantly."You're not wearing anything under?" "I never do. while his fingers were still in J aejoong. ~I Got Youuuu~ Under My Skin~ Yunho and Jaejoong's intense bubble of activity was interrupted by a phone call. his eyes hypnotized onto Jaejoong. "H-hello?"Yunho said. while being utt erly captivated by Jaejoong's reactions."Jaejoong replied. Jaejoong nodded.. "Mmfh Yun-ahh."Looks like I'm not the only one who's deprived . who was slowly using Yu . Yunho slightly pushed in feeling the heat... Jaejoong unconsciously bucked his hips up against Yunho to create more friction. Yunho smirked slightly."Jaejoong answered bluntly.

well yeah. and kissed his neck sensually and Jaejoong gent ly fell onto the bed. "I know. Yunho felt himself get harder. filling me up all the way. I gotta go.."Jaejoong arched his back from tim e to time. never stopping as he heard Jaejoong scr eam in elation. and addictively sinfulne ss.. He finger-fucked Jaejoong hard and fast..no m-more Yun mmh don't tease. which beautifully contrasted with his milky white skin... Fuck it. I'll regret and blame him for all of this later.Bye."Jaejoong murmured out of breath as Yun ho slowed down and pulled his fingers out. Jaejoong's heart beat intensified with such eagerness.. and his thighs kept closing and spreading from anticipation." Yunho's eyes narrowed in lustful lechery. "Y-yunnie. while his hands fondled with his sack.. in fact ..in-inside Yun. Jaejoong panted as he stared at the long and pleasurable stick that would soon p enetrate him.I know."Yunho took a second to simply admire Jaejoong splayed out before him in royal red silk..Oh um..I shall blame it on my hormones..All the way."Damn Jae .. "Hm. Yunho lowered down slight ly and sucked on his swollen lips and Jaejoong stuck out his tongue letting Yunh .. Jaejoong stroked himself as he watched Yunho from between his creamy thighs rubb ing lube all over his puckered hole.For me.He's so big. sexiness." The muscular man practicall y growled as he placed both his hands on the sides of Jaejoong's head. "Mom?.nho's fingers to fuck himself.. "I love it when you're so big. hovered over Jaejoong's petite figure as he bent down to kiss his luscious lips earning a strained moan from beneath. Oh My Gosh! I'm such a whore! Jaejoong thought.Nnhh.Yunnie-ahh..."Yunho smirked at Jaejoong who whimpered and melwled softly with Yunho's three fingers inside of him. as he felt Jaejoong's tongue caress his slit. Jae.. besides I'm pregnan t! It's never MY fault.Why are you calling so early?. stating his salacious desire for mere warmth.." Jaejoong let it go with a 'pop' as he looked up at Yunho and smiled seductively. god I want him inside so bad.."Yunho replied. Yunho's eyes rolled back.yeah I am busy."Yunho shut off his phone and threw it on the table. once again.. He. "Mom.Yeah sure..."Keep talking and it'll end sooner than I want it to be. and Jaejoong sat up slowly and lowered his mouth on Yunho's cock. letting Yunho overpower him with erotic stimulations. His erection started drippi ng. "That's it.Fuck me Yun.Just do it. terrified... He started sucking half way vigorously..Yunnie.It was an enticing fusion of innocence. Jaejoong stared lustfully at Yunho's enormous cock.... He reached into the drawer and pulled out the lube..

"Jaejooong relaxed his muscles.I want it inside me..o play with it. "You want it Jae?"Yunho asked with a raspy voice.... holding his waist to ram in deeper inside of him.. Yunho held onto his small waist."Ahh! Yun-nngh.."No problem."He kissed the tip of his nose. "You'll be forgiven if you make me cum.too tight.The heat."Jaejoong demanded.No definitely right.Yunnie.yeah.Hmmh DON'T STOP!"Jaejoong screamed. "H-how is it? Better?"Yunho asked."Jaejoong finished."Jaejoong pleaded. feeling the tightness. and Yunho started kissing his soft neck affectionately..."NHH.Yunho. "AHH! YUN-FUCK ahh! Faster! It's so-hmm good Yunnie-ah. Jae baby?"Yunho asked softly next to Jaejoong ear making the latter near into Yunho's chest as he nodded..."That is for looking at another woman's leg s..... Yunho smirked heatedly. "Hell yes. as the latter rammed inside of him in fast thrusts.yes you shoul-oh Yunnie move."Jaejoong closed his eyes. as he aimed for the right.. feeling Yunho pressing the head o f his cock inside the ring of his hole slowly."Yunho said in pain ."Jaejoong felt Yunho expanding and stretching his walls.Huge. "Fuck.."Jaejoong moved his hips along with Yunho's wide tip.. loudly feeling Yunho' .. almost revengefully.. Last time was it right or left?..You got-oh fuck..Jaejoong moaned as he felt Yunho roll his hips letting his rock... kissing the edge of his lips. looking down at Jaejoong." "Nnhh.I want it filling me up all the way-ahh Yunnie. "I'm gonna go real deep okay. Jaejoong whispered incoherent words and simply nodded."Jaejoong wrapped his arm s around Yunho's neck. hard dick rub teasingly around his hole. Yunho started aiming toward the right slowly as he continuously fucked Jaejoong when suddenly he couldn't move.Mm-ahh! Yun. "You're still so tight. "I'm sorry.. watching Jaejoong's facial expre ssions.."I'm sorry.." He flipped them so that Jaejoong was sittin g on his dick and he rammed up inside of him with Jaejoong moaning blissfully on top of him."I should do you more often Jae. Yunho thought tryin g to locate Jaejoong's prostate. "Jae? Why are you tightening in on me-oh fuck Jae... as he shivered w ith anticipation.mmh."He kissed Jaejoong's red ears. wanting Y unho's manly glory to rub against his walls and send eccentric sensations throug hout his whole body.An d this.FUCK YUNNIE-Ah! YES OH YES.. his cheeks flushed.... Yunho wasted no time and thrust inside...bigger. Jaej oong's eyes widened.Please I want it. Jaejoong smiled."Jaejoong tightened his ring muscles even more ignoring Yunho's grunts. is for getting mad at me for wanting a pineapple.".The dri pping wetness.."Oh Yun.."He then kissed both his ey elids."Yunho pushed in slowly."Jae I love this.

ahh Shoot it inside.."Jaejoong finished off with a glare as he head upsta irs... Yunho sighed.I'm coming inside. I love it!.I'm. making his feel hornier th an ever.. "Uh. having scanned the blemished calendar.."Hurry up and forgive me then.uh. feeling some of Yunho's semen dripping out an d streaming down his ass.On all of the days.perfect. looking back at all the red. as I hear myself.. and angered me."Yunho continuously pleaded helplessly. Yunho smiled as he massaged the soft butt cheeks. Jaejoong brought up his knees and felt Yunho's cum flow out of his tiny hole."Yunho replied. how many 'X's are on the calendar?"Jaejoong asked. Jaejoong's eyes fluttered. Jaejoong started tearing from the immense pleasure... Jaejoong felt Yunho's pre-cum dripping inside of him.. "Jae. all I said was that you eat a lot and now." He whispered and Jaejoong came in long strings moaning out throughout the ejacul ation..Yes. The one that sent shivers down Yunho's spine. don't you?"Yunho asked."Jaejoong so unded out between his constant moans.. feeling his toes curl."There goes our bed sheets.s tip repeatedly slam forcefully on his prostate."Yunho's eyes rolled back feeling his balls sm ack against Jaejoong's ass. "You like this. "Mm."Jaejoong mumb led. "Yunho.. feeling heated as he kissed Jaejoong's a nkle.."But yo u have an excuse though. shooting his hot load all over Jaej oong's walls..Jae I'm sorry. No."Come on Yunnie.Be forgiven.Mhh-ahh cum in me. th at was quite rude... in a low voice... "And you call your self a husband....Y-you're about to ahh!.. remember?"Yunho smiled hopefully. .."Yunnie.." PREGNANCY STATUS: MONTH 6 Jaejoong marked an 'X' on the kitchen calendar with red ink. angry 'X's..He's so. Yunho grunted as he came inside of his wife. oh please. Yunho thought looking down at the seductress.. not the one from pleasure. Yunho pulled out as he laid next to Jaejoong. hurt. Jaejoong shivered in satisfaction..These red 'X's represent all the days you a rgued. while they both panted in recovery from the electric spasms." "Shit Jae!.Yunnie I. Jaejoong's body had it's own mind as it gave out and landed on top of Yunho and the latter got on top of him and placed his creamy white legs on his shoulders w hile fucking his hole mercilessly..

.That's your child."I'll give you two a minute. Jaejoong bitchily flipped his blonde hair dramatically.. "I have a doctor's appointment today. Yunho tri ed his utmost best to hold in the slightest chuckle.. "I'll need you to lie down on this chair. "You know what? You made me feel better already."He instructed. "Jaejoong-shii! It's so wonderful to see you again!"The doctor replied. "Right.He proceeded up the spiral stairs as well. Dr."Jaejoong eyed Yunho annoyingly. "Where are you going?"Yunho asked. DOCTOR'S OFFICE "Hello Dr."Awww .Weener smiled.I know you're pregnant!"Yunho defended straight away.Weener smiled." He said softly. then hea ded to his room to get changed. Yunho came closer next to Jaejoong as they both watched over the little being. Yunho stopped popping M&Ms in his mouth. Let's see this cutie of yours. ."He then stepped out closing the do or. on the computer screen. "Jaejoong-shii. frowning.Uh no I.Weener!"Jaejoong smiled gleefully as he came into the room.Remember the ultrasound? Or did you just happen to forget I was pregnant too?"Jaejoong finished off with rolling his eyes . "Well.. and Jaejoong followed o bediently.... Jaejoong started getting ready in his room. Jaejoong brought his hands together and intertwined them close to his chin. if you can see here. enthusia stically.Much more than this depressing douche."I see you have three more months to go!" Jaejoong nodded like a little boy."Huh?"He sounded out dumbfoundedly."The doc tor said excitedly." Dr.

"See?" Jaejoong squinted his eyes. Jaejoong fluttered his lashes as he looked back into Yunho's eyes.No. If that's the case."It's so tiny. Dr. with that che erful smile Yunho despised." The door opened and shut.Weener looked at them oddly. Yunho stared at Jaejoong f rom the side."The hell he is. it's going to be a boy. "Aw Yunnie! You see it!"Jaejoong practically yelled. "." "Oh."He pointed out the area on th e screen."That's my stomach. whined. Yunho blinked twice and leaned in closer to Jaejoong. its right there. "Apparently. "I can't see it. disappointed he couldn't see his own baby. "So you see here. once again."Jaejoong said. while the latter's eyes lo wered once then looked up at Yunho." "Oh now I see it-!"Jaejoong shouted with bright eyes. "Yunho whispered cockily. it has to be something really cool like-" . and craved.."Jaejoong said bluntly. Like. I'd rather abort myself. was harshly taken away.." Over the next few weeks."I'll give you two another minute. that's the legs and the arms so it's still very small but we h ave determined the gender. looking at the ball of. and unconsciously took his smaller hands in his. classified as sleep. Yunho paused to look at him."You guys done?!"Dr. Jaejoong snatched his hands away.skin. Me.Weener came in again."He said slowly then left the room."Yunho commented. "Oh the legs! I see the legs!"Yunho said loudly as he concentrated on the screen .."Jae. Yunho's human privilege. Jaejoong constantly slept. Yunho leaned closer into Jaejoong's small ears."He's going to be just.

"But Yunho-ah..... caressing his tummy."Jaejoong answered. defeated. "That's an ideal idea.Jung Jaejoong!"He grinned."he stated randomly since the idea just popped into his mind. He shut off his laptop and stretched. Yunho continued to sleep. "His name will be."Yunho built the suspense as Jaejoong edged in to hear. "Soon. not wanting it to evolve into buying a pet."Like Jung Yunho!" Jaejoong faceplamed."Jaejoong snapped right away. A nap wouldn't hurt.something manly like. "Jae when the baby comes out in less than three months.. "Stole?. like. in disbelief. ". more alluring like. He laid down and drowsed off. Yunho yawned as he browsed through the internet on his laptop next t o his wife. it would be most pleasing. more charming. "I can handle it....if you hadn't stolen my sperms!"Yunho retorted... "You can barely handle cooking nowadays. in fact." "It's because the smell is too strong.. "Mmh.I really want to take care of one."Jaejoong said as he lay down o n his bed. confidently.I like my ide a better. and continued to work at mid-day.. you'll have enough to ta ke care of. But I want to take a nap now.Stop it Yunho.Stole?!"Jaejoong looked at him.." Jaejoong mocked."Jaejoong replied.It's going to be a better name. as his hands were wrapped securely around Jaejoong's w aist.When do you want to go get one?"Yunho asked." "Your idea sucks balls."Far from it.. "Marvelous to know. A few minutes later. ."Yunho I'm deciding his name."Jaejoong whined. as he detached Yunho's warm hands from his small waist. with his eyes closed.. Yunho thought as he looked over Jaejoong's sleeping figure. Y unho nodded.But this is a cat. Yunho's arms made around Jaejoong's familiar waist again."Yunho reminded him.. you don't cook cats."Jaejoong commented. Jaejoong turned around to face Yunho."..Something great something fantastic. Yunho looked at him as if he'd have spoken a foreign language.."Yunho brushed it off. "Oh Yuhno! I was thinking and I act ually really want a cat.

"Whajkd?"Yuhno said."Jaejoong let his head drop to the pillow again.. "Jae are you okay?"Yunho asked. yet again.I'm you know.."Jaejoong fanned hims elf as he sat up. Yunho stop it!"Jaejoong opened his eyes this time. reminded the aloof male.I can't stand it!"Jaejoong yelled. "Stop!.. "OKAY.He's fine. "Yep yep.. "Stop coming closer."Jaejoong reminded him. in confusion..Your cologne is too strong..JAE!" "WHAT?" "MOM WANTS US TO HAVE DINNER WITH THEM TODAY!"Yunho screamed from downstairs. worried all of a sudden."Go wea r another shirt.. "Why?"Yunho mumbled and let his hair tickle around the beauty's neck."Jaejoong.Wait hold on...huh? What I'm doing?."Yunho truthfully informed her .Sure. I think he's a h undred times more happier when I'm not around him. "You never said it was too strong bef-" "It's the pregnancy. Yunho... "I. Yunho let him go.oh gosh I need water Yunho. "What?..see ya!"Yunho shut off his phone and continued his battle with Hyunjoo ng.. .". "No I said I need water."Yunho replied guiltily." "Hey mom!"Yunho answered the phone. half-asleep."Jaejoong screamed back from upstairs. Yunho immediately brought him a glass of water....honestly mom.Today is cool. "Yeah okay today's fine.playing a video ga me. as he frowned over hi s husband.."Aishh.. as he close d his eyes softly..Yes mom.Uh yeahh.

. don't worry about the name so stressfully.."I think the baby kicked me. "Jae honey.It's like naming you after your dad. "Well. don't you think?. that would just mean you hate me. blankly. the second.Kick him back. we haven't figured out the name yet. as he held onto his st omach..."Jaejoong said.I'm sure he would like to be his own self instead of being associated wit h his dad.That was a kick...."Mrs. "You don't kick him back!."I-we were kind of expressing the pyhysical act of-"Yunho was interrupted. "Honey.Jung tried to make him understand.."Jaejoong said..Jung looked as if they wanted to slap him. was constructing the cr ib they bought for the little one to come. Yunho's and Jaejoong's minds flashed with 'passionate' memories.It'll come in time. Mrs. Yunho. . "It says we need one screw here.. Yunho quieted down after that.and another one on the back le-" "Oh Yunho I can't stand it! ughhhh.Jung made her point. what's wrong with naming him Yunho? He'll be Yunho.He kicked me. who was on sitting on the floor next to the sofa."Mrs. "Now. "Ahh! Ohmygosh.He.Why can't it just pop o ut already!?"Jaejoong groaned and whined continuously."Jaejoong muttered at the end.Jung asked curiously. amused with such fascination."Yunho suggested.That' s classy stuff!" The soon-to-be-father grinned thoughtfully..Jung clapped her hands together excitedly as she came and sat closer to Jaej oong."This is so exciting! How does it feel knowing he's starting to move inside ?" "Odd."Jaejoong shamelessly whined and complained a way. PREGNANCY STATUS: MONTH 9 "Oh my fucking god! This is ridiculously uncomfortable."Jaejoong replied as he bit into the ri ce cakes at the dining table at his in-laws place."Yunho thought of the him being named dae ho."He said blinking. He started feel ing around his stomach for any inklings of another kick. "Exactly you see.DINNER "No. "Yeah mom. everyone has to be unique in their own way and think about the child's f uture..Moron..so te ll us what you guys were upto so early in the morning when I called the other da y.. as he sat on the sofa whi le constantly changing positions to get comfortable."Mrs. Jaejoong and Mrs.

.Weener now.Go pee. "That's it! We're going to Dr."He said monotonously as he placed the pencil be hind his ear. Jaejoong banged his head on the sofa's back. .you know when the baby comes around.and stay with her for a few days or so." Yunho stood up straight away. Yunho smiled goofily at the sound of the name.I'm working on this crib.."Yunho calmly comforted him..Mom called and I told her how you're so upset so she said to come over ."It's not coming out.. I think we should cu t down the whole cursing thing. "Oh yeah."FUCK WHERE!? Son of a BITCHING SPIDER-" "I'm just kidding!"Jaejoong smirked.Fuck I need to pee. Off. I swear it'll be worth it. you'll be fine... "I am."Yunho was concentrated as he gently screwed in the screws along the railings of the baby blue crib.."."He glared furiously. Jaejoong paused and turned around. "I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you."Jae. feeling stretched and heavy. The pregnant one rolled his eyes.will definitely go here." "WHEN WILL IT COME AROUND?!"Jaejoong yelled in frustration. Right." Jaejoong giggled and walked away.right!.. while the baby continuously kicked and moved around. ". with annoyance."Jaejoong muttered in st rings as he looked at Yunho."Fine?! Yunho you are in NO hell of a position to TALK! S o just fucking.".It's not comin g out.."No. Yunho frowned looking at his now-suddenly-playful wife."he replied ca sually.."So one here and the other one...."Oh and by the way. Jaejoong became madder. "It's alright Jae..Why isn't it coming out?"Jaejoong helplessly asked to no one in particul ar. theres a spider crawling u p around your hand.So what was that you said about cursing? "He asked nonchalantly."Jaejoong said abruptly unable to take the pressure from below."He announced as he felt the little one pushing in at his bladder. "Ughh Yunho do something!"Jaejoong demanded. who ignored him... Yunho raised an eyebrow as he twisted the screwdriver."Yunho informed him as he drank coke... Piss.Yunho sighed. Yunho still checked around the area for any hairy little beasts before getting b ack to work..

"I'm truly heartbroken. They finally arrived at their place. we're here. the road then Jaejoong.. Jaejoong bit his lips. Jaejoong loosened his tight hold on Yunho's arms..."I think it was a contraction. He slightly smiled..Jung said cheerfully as she greeted them. "Jae?! What's happening?"Yunho asked straight away."Okay."Okay! Anything to get away from you.."You should go. Jaejoong creased his eyebrows as fluttered his eyes open to see a worried Yunho looking at him. Jaejoong screamed suddenly.I'll be fine. as he kept glancing at the r oad then Jaejoong. "Jae don't worry about it. "No. wondering..wake up. as he grabbed onto Yunho's biceps. "Theres bowls of speghetti in the fridge. Just drive."Yunho reasone d his logic to the beautiful male..What's a contraction?"He asked. They stared at each other for a few secon ds."Yunho sarcastically stated.. Yunho kept looking over at Jaejoong's direction as the latter dosed of to sleep." Jaejoong and Yunho were in the car off to their mother/mother-in-laws place. "I'll pack your bags for you .and theres cake also I made from two days ago inside the frid-"Jaejoong softly told him. and hmm I left some noodle packets for you to microwave on the counter.Just. as he squeezed Jaejo ong's soft hands.I'm fine. Yunho cleared his throat." "I'm sure you did. Jaejoong panted softly.." "There you guys are!"Mrs...Come o-"Yunho was about to open his do or to escort Jaejoong to the door. Jaejoong stopped him by the hand. Yunho felt horrible waking Jaejoong up."It's just a sharp pain." "Are you sure?.it's just you should sleep inside."The blonde replied.it'll be more comfortable.. Yunho winked ."So eager to get rid of me?"He whispered."Jae."I had a good nap."Yunho assured him."He said softly . as he unconsciously played with Yunho 's ring on his finger."Yunho smiled back."He mumbled.

He leaned back onto it for a bit and sighed in confusion. Everything seeme d dull." 'C' thingy?" "Contractions. Yunho smiled subtly. . Yunho came back home and closed the big door."I'll take these upstairs. I guess I'll see you. Yunho pressed his lips together and turned a round to get in his car once again.Jung nodded as she chatted with her son-in-law. Jaejoong followed his husband upstairs. Yunho placed the suitcase down an turned around to see Jaejoong at the door. Yunho nodded in return and walked pass Jaejoong." "Bye. Jaejoong nodded right away. Yunho sighed.Jung laughed. Yunho walked to the kitchen and called up Changmin. beautiful eyes looking straight back at him. In rage he through the controllers across the floor."Jaejoong mumbled after a bit of silence.Jung looked confused."Yunho seriously told her.'C' thingy going on so just look over him. "Mom he has this Uhh. Mrs ."Oh already. Mrs. He then decided to play some video games."Jaejoong enlightened her.at Jaejoong before letting his hands go. bye. He opened the car door and hugged his mom. "Yep its a real bitc."Well."Jaejoong coughed."Yunho broke the silence. even if the birds chirped in the garden be yond the kitchen. Then he threw his key s on the side table lifelessly. dear?"Sh e seemed excited. There was this unusual absence. Yunho shrugged and decided to carry the crib he assembled in the baby's room. It hurt. He turned around once seeing J aejoong's big. leaving like never before. He couldn't count how many times he'd lost. He entered the living room slowly and walked into the kitchen. Mrs. Even if the sun was shining."He referred to the suitcase.I mean pain. "So.. It hurt.

"You're afraid.He's mine. "I wanted to bring him back."Heechul couldn't help him if he was being ignorant of ."Yunho slurred lightly.He."He's happier without me.he's a part of me. Changmin noticed the tone as well.. feeling wasted .."He sarcastically noted. "He's not calling me Heechul! He's not calling."Yunho nodded at his own statement. "Fine.I didn't mean it literally. almost as if it was a horrible thing to say.It applies to people as well. "Didn't you say you were happier without him?"Heechul replied.Oh shit. "It doesn't work Changmin. Well.. Yun ho nodded. Changmin smiled.There was lust.."Yunho said..I need to go."Yunho talked out loud. They were soon drinking bottles after bottles.". bye." Changmin laughed. let's painfully walk to the conclusion.. as he suddenly frowned. You're afraid you've fallen in lo-" "Heechul! Let's not jump into conclusions."Why don't we drink it up?" he suggested."Yunho said firml y. as he listened... and let him do the talking." "Then why'd you say it?"Heechul prompted. Yunho was. "I did-but that's just a.. then he raised hi s eyebrows in realization. "What?" "You realize how important some thing is when it's gone."Jaejoong stopped him right away.Whatever I say. "You don't know that Hyung.."Jaejoong said stressfully.."Hyung! What's with the sudden call?"The cheerful Changmin asked as he came insi de. then blinked in amusement.But there was p assion."Yunho's eyes narrowed thinking of Jaejoong under him wra pped in silk."We hated each other.."Changmin insisted. on th e phone.just a saying. "Jaejoong's at mom's place.."Heechul dramatically said. "I don't know!"Jaejoong yelled exasperately...you know..like he. Yunho shook his head as he laughed raspily."You catch on quick. "He makes me happy.

Jung affe ctionately told Jaejoong. and frowned throughout the day.Jung what would you say about our rapid decision?"Mr.JUng-?"Shiwon called again. please tell Umma okay. In fact. Yunho seemed to be more interested with the table's wood texture. "Yes Jae-I mean Shiwon?"Yunho looked up sharply and looked over at Shiwon who wa s now slyly smiling.Shang asked. He laid down gently and he started feeling around his stomach. very soon.okay bye. "Jaejoong honey. He could tell he wou ld be delivering soon."Jaejoong shut off the phone and sat down carefully on the bed.Mr. "I'm fine."Jaejoong said softly. if anything's wrong. The worker gulped. and he decided to go in. dear?"Mrs.. He rubbed it sof tly as he thought deeply. I miss you. in a profe ssional manner.the truth."Yunho yelled at one of the workers who normally come in to inform him of his duties that day. He was heading home when he saw a jewelry store. Yunho was getting ready to get to work in the morning. "I.Jung we have to inform the Singh company about our stock's me-" "I get it! Just.. "Mr. He pointed toward Mr. He walked passed Jaejoon g's room and felt depressed."Y-yes sir. "Mr. There was a meeting the next day.Jung?.Shang. He came into the kitchen and grabbed a muffin on the way out. and Yunho kept staring at the middle of the ov al shaped table. Yunho. .Leave me alone." Yunho massaged his temples. as he continue d to stare in a trance.. "Mr. he wasn't fine.

Yunho went down on his knees next to Jaejoong's bed."She said sof tly..Jung said quickly.."Mom!" "Finally! Go in there!"She squeezed her hands together."Jaejoong mumbled. His eyes told otherwise though. "Brilliant. "Jaejoong we need you to take deep breaths."I know. as he panted and tapped his fingers impatient ly on the counter. sir."Hello ? Jae? Are you okay? What happened? Do you want me to come over??"Yunho said wor riedly in one breath. as Yunho dashed in. then ended the call."Yunho smiled sincerely.Fuck this. He spotted his mother. honey come over to the hospital on hamilton road! Hurry!"Mrs."He took Jaejoong's . "This is mom. I need you to dilate a little more.Shang?"Yunho corrected himself."Yunho said."Jaejoong croaked out from the severe pain from the coming contractions ."The lady smiled. He picked up his ringing phone."The nurse instructed. "Room 26. "Come on come on come on!. Shiwon screamed a 'congrats' to him as he rushed down the glass stairs.. "I need to go! Bye!"Yunho hastily said as he loosened his tie and ran out the do or."He ran across the room and continuously punched the elevator button. "Idiot. Yunho saw Jaejoong."The anxious husband ran toward the stairs and ran up the steps. as the pregnant Jaejoong lay on the hospital bed. He came closer slowly and Jaejoong opened his eyes when the minor contraction su bsided. Yunho finally reached the floor and quickly walked all over looking for the room number.Shang cleared his throat."I was asking what would you-" "Just one second. "We'll wait a few more minutes. He paused and he couldn't help but feel guilty. ". Mr.Okay. looking up at him.."I apologize. yes Mr. "Jung Jaejoong please.

"Keep pushing.. I know you can do it!"Yunho encouraged as he h eld Jaejoong's hand close to his chest."Jaejoong kept murmuring.."Jaejoong whispered as he tightened ."Yunho said. I k now that.. as he brought Jaejoong's fair hand closer to his lips."Jaejoong closed his eyes and opened them..It hurts too much. let's try again."Yunho whispered into Jaejoong's ear just to keep him going. and the latter squeezed it right away. yet softly.hands."Jae. "We're ready!! He's ready!"The nurse said quickly.. "That's it. "I love you.. "Jae.now. The nurse looked at Yunho weirdly. Jaejoong pushed once again.No this is the best time!"Yunho said enthusiastically.Come on Jae. "MmMHH.. "Come on Jae! Do it for the baby. "No. intertwining Jaejoong's hand with his. Yunho didn't know if it was from the pain or for w hat he said. Jaejoong started tearing up. "The head's visible. ter rified. "The nurse said. and took deep breaths. between Jaejoong's legs. Jaejoong's breaths became short as the pain was increasing. honey."Yunho called.."I don't thin k this is the right time."She suggested kindly.."The nurse smiled.. Yunho knew he was frightened. Jaejoong pushed the best he could and relaxed. "Jae. Jaejoong screamed at one point."I can't. Jaejoong rested his head against the pillows once again. The nurse paused. will you marry me? Like for real?"Yunho stared into Jaejoong's allur ing eyes that were sparkling from minor tears."Shut up."Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck-Yunho!!!" Yunho's heart broke.too.."I know."Gosh I hate you so much . kissin g them."Will you marry m e?"He asked again.I can 't.Yunho? Why now?"He panted."What?"He managed to whisper out. "I need you to push."The nurse said firmly.. can I ask you something?"Yunho questioned. Jaejoong frowned over at Yunho.I love you." "Yun yun-"Jaejoong kept jerking up from the odd and painful sensations. you're strong.It won't hurt soon.. "I don't want our baby to be born into a world with technically-un-married pare" Jaejoong sniffed. Jaejoong creased his eyebrows as he threw his head back against the pillow. from the baby's move ments. Jaejoong searched into Yunho's eyes as panted.

"Jaejoong reminded.so fucking much.their hold. She took him to the table and another nurse helped her to clean him. Jaejoong looked down to see what was in Yunho's hands. Yunho smirked as he slid the diamo nd ring on Jaejoong's slender ring-finger. Yunho chuckled. Jaejoong was about to cry." They bot h edged in closer and engaged into a passionate and loving kiss."Jaejoong sniffed looking at the little arms he h ad. Yunho was amazed with such fascination." "You're beautiful. He saw him in the nurse's hand. Yunho held back a smile. Jaejoong looked do wn at the angel-like creature. as he pulled out a box."Quit being a Yunho and start acting l ike a father."Oh Yun!"He pushed once more and the little naked baby was screaming and crying like anything in the nurse's hands.I love you Jae."Yunho whispered continuously."Jaejoong carefully handed him into Yunho's arms."You do?! Do you?." The nurse came closer to Jaejoong and placed him in his arms.I love you I love you. "You gave me a very tough time.. amusedly.."I love you too."He said sincerely. "You did it Jae!"Yunho said..can't you just do it for me?"He helplessly ask ed. Jaejoong screamed again from the pain as he pushed."Yunho. a tear streamed down his cheeks.You."He'll be fine. Jaejoong blushed as he lo oked over for his baby.. They pulled away and Yunho kissed his wife's forehead."Yun-" "Will you marry me."Jaejoong smiled at last.. "I so fucking will. "Let's get him out Jae!"Yunho ancouraged as he tightened Jaejoong's hands with h is. Jaejoong smacked him on the arm playfully. "Push!!! It's coming out !"The nurse screamed quickly. Jaejoong yelled as he heard the little one cry out." Jaejoong nodded and looked straight into Yunho's eyes.He' s very small."No I can't honey. Yunho looked the happiest he's ever been.Like . "This came out of.One more big push! You can do it!. "It's so beautiful. Jaejoong's eyes were glued onto the little baby.. Jaejoong?"Yunho asked raising his eyebrows in anticipation."Be careful with him. ..."I love you."Yunho continued to analyze."Yunho replied right away.

raged.Jung also arrived fr om work and came in.Go to sleep. He yawns. "Give me my grandson!"Both the mother-in-laws chided together happily.It's 4 fucking AM in the morning!"Yunho pointed out. Jaejoong smiled looking at them."..He hung up on ME!"The worried mommy said. Mrs."Yunho muttered."Give him to me. Jaejoong tapped his foot on the ground. "Yunhooo. Yunho fell in love with the little fragile being in his arms."What's his name going to be?" Jaejoong raised an eyebrow.Jung. "Damn it. and Mr. I think this is very serious.."Jaejoong whispered in the dark. seeing his wife on the phone with baby MoonBin in his arms."I get to choose?" "I figured I'd like anything coming from you so yeah.."Oh I wonder why." "No he's mine."Jaejoong pouted and whined."I'm calling him agai-" "No you're not. "Wait Dr... with his messed-up hair flying in all directions.Dr. on the phone.sweetness.Kim.. Jaejoong's eyes fluttered softly since he was pretty exhausted."Yunho grudgingly gave his little child to his mother. and he started caressing the gorgeous ring Yunh o placed on him."We'll name him moonbin."Holy S-. their little baby. The nurse giggled at their behavior. Yunho frowns."Yunho replied childishly. Yunho sighed."Yunho grabbed a chair and leaned into Jaejoong."Yunho continued to stare smilingly at the little baby." BABY STATUS: 3 Months Old TIME: 4:34AM ". "Shh. Jaejoong was amazed by his sudden maturity.Weener.Kim was allowed to come in and Mr. his li ttle baby. Jaejoong bit his lips in worry.What the hell are you doing?"He said in a raspy voice. "Jae.Weener!!"Jaejoong said loudly as he looked at the phone as if it were a joke. while holding his hand. Yunho came over and pecked him on the lips. Yunho comes into the baby's room.. Mrs."I'm carrying him right now. quite dramatically."Yunho snatched the phone out of his hands and threw it on the so ."Jaejoong said softly as he rubbed Moonbins back gently....

..We all SNEEZE."He hugged his wife as he slowly made him lie down on the bed.wildjdhjkadu dhkjdh?"Moonbin asked with the brush sticking out of his mo uth. Yunho licked his lips. yo u called the doctor and claimed Moonbin was having leukemia. Jaejoong looked the other way bitchily and walked out the door to their master b edroom."Day before yesterday." "But he could have DIED from it."Jaejoong explained quickly in defense. Jaejoong immediately pushed Yunho off and attended to MoonBin.And Today!-" Jaejoong kissed him on the lips.He sneezed. with himself being on top."I'm just worried. "Mommy. red lips sta rted moaning Yunho's name."Not true.. Yunho followed behind him. Yunho was about to say something else but that didn't matter anymore."."Yunho said straight away.Then yesterday you called again. of course.. mommy can't understand. MoonBin started crying obnoxiously.. and threw a tantrum to some random chi ck at the hospital about him giving a small burp.". as he started playing with his necklace. "Binnie. BABY STATUS: First Grade Time: 8:48AM "Brush brush brush!"Jaejoong chimed in."Jaejoong concluded as he fluffed up the pill ows for him and his little baby to sleep on.fa behind them. Yunho groaned. Yunnie.Because he had the hiccups.. "What did you say?"Jaejoong raised an eyebrow.. "What's wrong with him? What happened?" Yunho asked as he watch ed the little Moonbin sleep on his mommy's chest. Yunho began kissing his wife's slender neck and the latter's plump.. spit it out.."Jaejoong said quickly as he rushed to get ready himself.." Yunho blinked."He twirled his finger around Yunho's chest. "You just don't care about our son..."Yunho massaged his temples .. as he helped MoonBin brush his teeth. Jaejoong paused then cleared his throat... Jaejoong put Moonbin down on the bed and turned around to face Yunho. "You have no idea how ridiculous you sound right now. as he cros sed his arms with such grace."Look. honey.

off-handedly.I guess I'll just have to feed the deers the delicious chocolate chip pancake s with chocolate syrup I made this morning for a certain boy. as he practically slid down the commodious bed. Jaejoong couldn't stand it. . while mumbling something about delicious pancakes becom ing his.."Jaejoong said. Jaejoong raised an eyebrow.But will you promise to take of spiderman while you're in school ?"Jaejoong asked playfully as he carried him to his bedroom.. Moonbin jumped off into the bed and started jumping around."Of course!"He yelled . Jaejoong looked at his nails. Yunho ruffled his hair and hugged him."Not to worry." The little boy pouted with so much sadness. He bent down next to his little baby and pinched his cheeks softly.." Moonbin stopped and gasped.Then it'll be his."Mom my!"He called.. with dark jeans and a black dress shirt."Mommy the deers are really full.."Really now?" Moonbin nodded vigorously. yet the stubborn child continued jumping."What's with all the noise?"He asked casually."Yes?! Is there a problem. we'll feed it to the bears instead." Moonbin ran to his room.. mommy will come and help you with the buttons. mommy?!"He continued jumpi ng like a rabbit. Moonbin's eyes lit up. and started turning around. He dashed in front of his mother."Mommy can't be there. from downstairs."I left the clothes on your bed. as he got off the huge bed with much difficulty.Moonbin sighed sadly."Will you not stay with me?" Jaejoong stopped styling up his hair in front of the mirror. Jaejoong put his hands on his hips. Yunho came up.Mommy should just give it to me."So.I checked."But if Binnie promises to behave."Nope. "Daddy! Please don't let the deers have my chocolate chip pancakes with chocolat e syrup."Jung Moonbin!" The rebellious boy grinned. baby.. "Let's get you ready. Binnie.."M oonbin nodded persuasively. Binnie. "He finished.No problem at al l.Come on. "Go get ready."I promiseIpromiseIpromiseIpromiseIprom-" "I think we get the point."Yunho cut in."He smiled like a n angel.. Jaejoong smiled."Jaejoong motioned for him to come over.Please!"He begged dramatically.

Jaejoong hmm-ed in reply as he went and picked up one of the ties from the array of ties in the closet. Jaejoong giggled."He replied bluntly." "Yeah? I guess you had a lot of practice then." He wrapped his arms a round Yunho's neck and tippie-toed up to kiss him. Moonbin looked up with chocolate smearing all around his lips. how do you feel?"Yunho asked as he sat down on the kitchen table ne xt to his son. Jaejoong's delicate hands fondled with the tie. Moonbin came running down the stairs. His eyes nar rowed. until Jaejoong's back was against the wa ll."Brilliant. while getting up on his chair."No just fucking."He commented as he pulled Jaejoong closer to him by the hands. Jaejoong smiled slyly. with his spiderman toy. . "So."He smi led." "Damn it. Yunho dominated Jaejoong's warm cavern. he looked up and noticed Yunho's not-so-decent-stare. messily. Yunho came downstairs and proceeded to where their little pancake-monster was."Tonight. Yunho smirked heatedly."Be careful!"Jaejoong yelled behind him."Yunho smirked. "I know."You're doing well."Yunho expressed. Yunho pecked him on his luscious lips. "Say Helllllo to Binnie!"He smiled gleefully."Love you-" "MOMMY MY BUTTO-" "I'M COMING!"Jaejoong yelled and rushed to his baby boy.Yunho chuckled. "Fucking buttons. "Yun-mphhff."No foreplay to night."Jaejoong unintentionally started to give in as he started kissing a nd licking at Yunho's mouth."Jaejoong smiled. binnie. The widest grin was plastered across his face as he was met by his precious panc akes. he pulled away and his eyes met with Jaejoong's fluttery ones. He came back and wrapped it around Yunho's neck and around the shirt's collar. "MOMMY! The BUTTONS! The buttons! You said you would help me with MY BUTTONS!"Mo onbin's little voice screamed from the other room."Yunho muttered with disappointment. not now."It's like putting up with a little you. as he headed strai ght for the kitchen. Jaejoong pulled away and licked his lips."I love you. yeah?" Jaejoong nodded in agreement.

Moonbin frowned as he thought. yet Jaejoong ignored him completely. and got him a tissue. BABY STATUS: MIDDLE SCHOOL Time: 4:15PM Moonbin was on his stomach on the family room floor.."Moonbin!"Jaejoong stood up and glared.10 minutes just 10 min utes!. The phone rung and Jaejoong reached over and picked it up."Jaejoong said."Yunho smiled. honey?"Jaejoong asked in a motherly fashion.."Moonbin called from a few feet away."He shut it off and continued to watch. not the silent treatment again."MoonBin said thoughtfully as he hugged his spiderman toy close to his chest."He carefully said quietly. Jaejoong was watching a drama on T.. Moonbin rolled his eyes. "Yes.Mom?. "Oh geez. "That's my boy.. "Tell us. "Uhmm. "You're only twelve for god's sake! When did you start using foul language?! Whe n. "Mom."Yunho reminded him.. but then suddenly smiled.. "Can I at least just play basketball with them for a few minutes?!..Mooo mmm."He whined.well you know-" .V. Yunho was at work.Mom?!" Jaejoong remained sile nt. and sighed."The middle-schooler groaned.Slipped out..It is your first day.. Jaejoong came behind Moonbin and fixed up his hair.. doing his homework."He said out-loud then shut his mouth immediately. loud enough so the culprit himself could hear as well.It just kinda."What was that?!" "Sorry."I meant about going to school. are you nervous.. Jaejoong gasped. Moonbin will not come out to play because he didn't do his homework f or a whole week.".I can't show any afraidness."."No! Never! I have to ta ke care of spiderman."Hello?" "No sorry.Please!!!???"Moonbin begged.. Jung Moonbin?"Jaejoong dangerously asked in a low scary tone that always mana ges to successfully send shivers down Moonbin's spine. Bye. "Oh fuck it.

"I mean. f eeling him up under the silky robe. with Yunho. Jaejoong smacked Yunho on the arm. "Really?! Were they upside dow-"Yunho started yet Jaejoong smacked him on the ar m once again.who's 'we'?"Jaejoong quickly questioned... Moonbin gave up. "Oh I should've known! That Jung fu-."Jaejoong coughed.. ".Dad says it a lot...Enlighten me."Mom. "Nah it's fine.. Moonbin smirked."Anyways it won't happen ag-" "You said 'we'. "What?"Yunho mouthed childishly. .. you wouldn't be able to stand the class-" "Where. between his legs.Where were you?"Yunho asked sternly. Moonbin rolled his eyes. what nonsense!"Yunho acted to be very angry. trying to breathe calmly from their earlier.Yunho. They were kissing oh so aggressively."Jaejoong wittily retorted."No I don't. hoping he would be spared from his m other's wrath."Skipping. You?"Yunho asked again."Yunho sarcastically said. Jaejoong was sitting up on the kitchen counter. Moonbin stared at his parents blankly."Dear..Dad you would' ve had one hell of a time!"Moonbin said enthusiastically."Moonbin replied. Were. It was a mothers instin ct to catch those kinds of things." "No shit. BABY STATUS: High school Time: 5:37PM Moonbin came down from his room to get a snack but was met with yet another surp rise. Okay?"He asked nonchalantly as he grabbed a coke from the fridge. "Dad.session. as he sat down on the kitchen table."Moonbin pointed out.. where did you go ?" "Fine! Sorry! I-we went to the carnival to ride roller coasters.Dad. "I got a call from your school saying you weren't at the last class.. and Yunho zipped up his pants. and ehem-ed. Jaejoong jumped down from the counter. do you want me to make you something?"Jaejoong asked. Let's the keep the house PG-13 rated."Honey. Jaejoong shook his head.

"Emily?. there was a celebration awaiting him for his entering-into-the-adult-world. ready to take on the family business. Yunho listened. Jaejoong giggled as he felt Yunho teasingly tickle him.Mhmm.."The mother said excitedly on the phone. "What?"Moonbin asked.Who's Emily?"Jaejoong raised an eyebrow."I just came back... Moonbin was a grown and handsome man. "She's a friend.. BABY STATUS: YOUNG ADULT Time: 8:59PM Jaejoong talked to Heechul on the phone.I'll just. Moonbin's going to have an arranged m . and was on his way out to hang out with his friends at the bar. mom. "N-no one.Oh I already h ave it planned out.".So who are you trying to impress?"Yunho smirked.." "I need to go call Jessica and tell her I'll be there at the bakery tomorrow mor ning.. "The whole skipping. Sungwoong. annoying teachers."S o it's the bad boy concept huh?"He asked."Moonbin answered. Yunho smiled as he saw Jaejoong's hips sway sexily.be going..And Sungwoong's-" "Straight."Yunho leaned back on the chair again.". He came downstairs. he looked back at Moonbin. as he pulled his wife onto his lap ."Yunho informed him."Moonbin stuttered..You met her."Oh Please."Yunnn. smokin-" "I don't smo-" "I found it in your room. "Right."Jaejoong said as he pecked his husband on the lips and left. "In that case. and Emily.. confused. I do. as if being questioned at a police station. remember?" Jaejoong pondered for a bit. dad."Oh! The one that's a lesbian?!" "Yup. "Uh-huh."Me."The high schooler answered. He could hear his mom laughing."Moonbin chided. on a more serious note."Moonbin answered back."He said and scurried o ff upstairs..

arriage set by me.Fuck no!' . and he couldn't help but think. 'Arranged Marriage?!!?.. of course." Moonbin stopped on his tracks as he was about to leave.