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UE Don’t be a Halloweenie to your Pets; Help Us Help Them — Look for Us
Atlanta Pride Festival; Taking a Stand Against Animal Cruelty Members & Donors

5287 Covington Highway
Decatur, GA 30035 A PAWSitively PAWSh PAWty featuring
Phone: 770-593-1155
Fax: 770-593-9910 Victoria Stilwell
The Posh PAWty and there will be a Q & A session too. This
Adoption Center Hours: for PAWS Atlanta evening is for anybody and everybody-dog
12pm - 6pm Sunday - Friday will be the year’s novices, humane society supporters, reality show
10am - 6pm Saturday most entertaining aficionados, master trainers, cat lovers or PAWS
and interesting Atlanta people.
event for people
who love their This is a local event that will benefit local pets.
pets. For starters All of your food and drinks are included with

Founded in 1966, PAWS Atlanta
it’s emceed by entry and being catered by Affairs to Remember.
(formerly DeKalb Humane Society)
is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation Victoria Stilwell, After Victoria entertains and educates us with
governed by a Board of Directors she’s the host of her stories about the pet situations she has seen,
comprised of volunteers from the It’s Me or the Dog there will also be a silent auction.
local community who are dedicated on Animal Planet.
to animal welfare.
That show is as much about training the owners, Every year PAWS Atlanta helps find homes for
as it is about teaching the dogs how they should over 1,000 homeless pets. Our monthly discount
act in order to become a part of the family. vaccination clinic saves thousands of people hun-
It’s positive training, that is what Victoria has dreds of dollars on their pet health needs. Events
taught for years, and it’s how we train the dogs like The Posh PAWty allow us to continue helping
at PAWS Atlanta. pets at this pace. It’ll be a fun evening out for you
that will support the largest no kill humane society
Victoria will be sharing stories from her hit in the area, PAWS Atlanta. Have you purchased
show. Did you see the classic episode with the your ticket yet? You can purchase your ticket
Aussi mix who was transfixed on the cupcakes? online at or by calling 770-
Victoria has stories like that, some training tips 593-1155, x 15.

Tales For the Pet Lover’s Heart
The mission of PAWS Atlanta, Inc. is to
provide shelter, food and medical care Tales For the Pet Lovers Heart is a nationally syndicated show that
for abandoned pets and ensure they are highlights the good works that people are doing for pets. We’re
placed in safe, loving homes. The mission proud to announce that PAWS Atlanta board member and the
encompasses three goals: owner of Atlanta Veterinary Eye Clinic, Dr. Gail Powell-Johnson
• To advance the no-kill philosophy will be featured in the broadcast this year. The hour long show will be broadcast in various cities this fall.
• Reduce pet overpopulation through In addition to her volunteer work with PAWS Atlanta, Dr. Gail Powell-Johnson also helps out at Zoo
spaying or neutering Atlanta. The camera crew got some amazing footage of her checking up on lots of loving creatures big
• To educate the community regarding and small. Be sure to look out for Tales For the Pet Lovers Heart playing on television this fall!
the responsible and humane care
of pets

Do you have a Success Story that you’d like to share? Please email and let us know the good news!!

pawsnewsletter_fall09.indd 1 9/1/09 8:58 AM
Don’t be a Halloweenie to your pets
Halloween is fun and a chance for us people to
dress up. For dogs and cats it can be scary with
all those masks and spooky noises. What’s more
it can be deadly if your pet gets into the candy
or treats that you may get while trick or treating.
2009 Combined Federal
Be sure to keep that candy in a place where your
If you work for the federal, state,
best friend can’t eat it.
or local governments please keep
an eye open for your local CFC Lastly be very careful of any candles! Your pet’s
representative. PAWS Atlanta long tails or hair can easily catch fire, keep those
depends on donations from the candles up high and not on the floor. It’s even a
CFC each year. Our CFC number
is 50368 and government work-
good idea to keep your best friends inside, in a
ers are a huge percentage of our calm, quiet room that they’re familiar with. Turn
annual funding. Every dollar that the television on so they have some common
you donate makes a difference. It background noise too. Be safe and don’t forget
doesn’t take much, a 50¢ donation your furry friends this fall!
every pay period will add up.
The CFC period ends in early
November. PAWS Atlanta will be
at some rallies this fall, please look
for us!

Atlanta Pride Festival
Atlanta PRIDE Festival • Piedmont Park • Oct. 31-Nov. 1
Atlanta PRIDE is back at Piedmont Park! Look for the PAWS
Atlanta booth in the park during PRIDE! We’ll have some give-
aways, information on pets and more.

The current operational needs
Taking a Stand against Animal Cruelty
for PAWS Atlanta are: by Laura L. Mckelvey
• Newspapers A 3-4 month Animals come from all over the place to be sheltered
• Leashes and collars old Australian and cared for by the PAWS Atlanta staff. Some of
• Cat litter shepherd mix them are transferred from local animal control facili-
• Science Diet dog and cat food named Mailin ties that are always full and under constant pressure
• New cat and dog toys was lucky to take in more animals. Others are found as strays or
• Paper towels when a PAWS surrendered by owners who have lost everything and
• Cotton towels Atlanta em- can no longer care for their pet. It is always heart-
• Supply storage building ployee walked breaking to hear the lonely howls of the homeless
• Architectural services (new building/ towards dogs in their cages, but the pets that suffer from acts
land use drawing)
Covington of animal cruelty are always the most difficult to wrap
• $12,000 Anesthesia and
Highway to collect trash left by motorists. He found your mind around. These pets show courage and
dental equipment
Mailin crumpled on a small white blanket with forgiveness when it seemed impossible to have either.
• $160,000 Landscape & paving,
nothing to eat, drink, or contain him. Presuming that They have a lot to teach us about moving forward
courtyard and parking
Mailin was dead, he flagged down a vet tech to help and enjoying life.
• $350,000 Cat cottage & dog shelter
renovation recover the body, however, Mailin was alive. He didn’t
• $500,000 Needed yearly to fund anything to keep him from wandering because he had It is because of our volunteers and donors that PAWS
current programs (our top priority) been starved to the extent that he could not stand or Atlanta is able to reach out to these pets. The shelter is
bark. Mailin could have easily gone unnoticed on that sustained by your generosity, but the number of ani-
hot July day, but instead was brought straight to the mals that need our help seems to be growing. Please
clinic for IV fluids and testing. The PAWS Atlanta vet consider making a donation to PAWS Atlanta today,

techs and staff gave him around the clock attention or come out to the shelter to meet some of these great
for days. Finally, he could meander around the room, pets looking for a family that will love them forever.
hold up his head, and even let out a few barks. By doing either of these things you are taking an ac-
tive role in saving lives in your community.

pawsnewsletter_fall09.indd 2 9/1/09 8:58 AM
HELP US With your support we can continue to provide for the homeless and neglected dogs and cats of
the Atlanta area. Please consider making a donation today. Use the donation form on page 4 or
donate online at
Dedo Berry; Melissa Macleod for Mickee Weber; ManyPaws Pet
NEW & RENEWING Gifts In Memory Of: Catherine Adkins for Tony Sitting, Inc. for Bobby Abrams; ManyPaws Pet Sitting, Inc. for
Johnson; Beverly Aleman for Larry Lanford; Vivian Alford for
MEMBERS Diva; Nancy Anthony for Lolita Grace Thilges; Scott Ardolino
Winston Fibben & Sophie Avila; Doug Martin for Robert C.
Carter; Sheila McIntosh for Wheatley; Sue Mead for Macko; The
for Jodie Emmer; Scott Ardolino for Janette Cuccaro; Judy Asher
Guardian Angel: Ms. Virginia Johnston Merchant Family for Helen Dedo Berry; Marilyn Milam for
for Sterling; Judy Asher for Casey Fitterman; Elizabeth Bakos for
Platinum Paw: Ms. Margaret Raynor Posh Spice; Drue Barrett for Rhein; Martha & Michael
Charlotte Anne Sammons; Jo Miles for Mrs. Bron W. Fayssoux;
Gold Paw: Martha & Michael Baumgartner Baumgartner for Sable Ardolino; Kathryn Jeferris Beebe for Amy;
Bonnie Mitchell for Larry Lanford; Melissa Mitchell for Edna
Braud and Varo Adams & Pepper; Mary Moore for Gus; Brenda
Silver Paw: Dr. Ann J Anderson; Roy and Lisa Johan- Carol And Richard Beisher-Weems for Roland Bernot; Julie Bell
and Bill Moore for Annie; Morris & Raper Realtors for Jennifer
sen; Mr. Andrew Johnson; Ms. Elizabeth Klein; Ms. Laura for Nikki; Julie Benz-Pottie for Caleb Bermingham; Doris Berry
Parks; Louisa and Marcus Mouchet for Jack Beaver; Sherry
McNeill; Ms. Emily Stevens for Helen Dedo Berry; Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bielawski for Helen
Musselwhite for Bailey Musselwhite; Nancy and Tom Neary &
Bronze Paw: Mr. Daniel Basso; Ms. Leah Edwards; Dedo Berry; Betsy Blackard and Karen Hitchcock for Sissy;
Elsie Clark for Betty Jane Grant; Matthew Nitchie for Mary
Mrs. Kayla Engle-Lewis; Ms. Elizabeth Ferry; Ms. Shirley Donald Blum for Princess-Katt; J & E Bontekoe Trust for
Morland; Jim O’Brien for Jake; Dee Parker for Lizzie; Crafton
McGinnis, Ms. Dee Parker Claude E. Burns; Jeff Bowie & Melinda Moseley for Dottie;
Pease and The Langley Family for Mrs. Bron W. Fayssoux;
Best Friend: Ms. Carol Aiken; Ms. Jacqueline Arved; Dianne Bradley for Skye; Judy Bridges for Luckie; Dana & Paula
Ronny and Janie Penland for Larry Lanford; Patricia Pittman for
Ms. Sherlita Bickham; Ms. Betty Byrd; Mr. Bob Carter; Ms. Buker for Molly; Kimberly Burgess for Charlotte Anne
Dudley; Susan Porter for Maggie; Sue Potter for MoJo; Mary
Rameda Green; Ms. Jo Ann Harris; Ms. Pam Higginbotham; Sammons; Betty Burns for Mrs. Bron W. Fayssoux; Scott Butler
Ann Powell for Sam; Peggy Powell for Hailey Flanagan; Peggy
Ms. Sarah Houghton; Ms. Amy James; Mr. Dave Johns; for Carolyn Cramer Korn; Jill Bynum for Larry Lanford; Beth
Powell for Lewis Humphreys; William Prather for Larry Lanford;
Ms. Toni Jones; Ms. Allison Luton; Ms. Jenny Lyman; Ms. Calvin for Robert Dustin Shultz; Peter Campos for Coco Sutton;
Mary Reising for Betty Jane Grant; Stacy Reynolds and Randy
Gwenette Patterson; Ms. Lisa Satterfield; Ms. Laura Sharp; Christine Caveness for Larry Lanford; Diana Chase for Tony
Beebe for Anne and Ed Travis; Glenda Richards for Cocoa; Don
Ms. Janice Shure; Mr. Devon Stawkowski; Ms. Judy Ste- Johnson; Brian & Nancy Ciliax for Petey; Joyce and John Clark
and Elaine Richardson for Carolyn Cramer Korn; James Roberts,
phens; Ms. Jacqueline Waller; Ms. Janet Woodruff for Larry Lanford; Martha Clinkscales for Mousekin; Roger
III for Larry Lanford; Aarahwanna Roe for Lucy; June Row for
Cordes for Pete; Hetty Cox for Larry Lanford; Patty Crothers for
Happy Herman; Judith Russell for Honey; Christie Saffold for
Hunter; Patrick Cuccaro for Sable Ardolino; Kathleen Curry for
Ryan Christopher Parker; Julie Sands for Lucy Sands; Lisa
DONATIONS Simon; Denise De La Rue for Anne and Ed Travis; Louis Dedo
for Helen Dedo Berry; Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dedo for Helen Dedo
Satterfield for Peanut; Pat and John Schesta for Betty Jane Grant;
Erin Schopf for Freckles; Suzanne Seglar for Emma & Kiri; The
Gifts In Honor Of: Carol Aiken for Tucker; Carey Berry; Leslie DeFrancisco for Larry Lanford; Terry DelBosque for
Joe Sewell Family for Larry Lanford; Mary Shannon for Larry
Allison for Deborah White; Judy Asher for all loving animals Neumann; Lauren Dieterich for Tony Johnson; Linda Doiron for
Lanford; Deborah Shendleman for Lucky; Janice Shure for Nora;
in the world; Linda Bell for Ernest Ash; Sherlita Bickham for Brie Wyatt; Greg Donovan for Bert the Beagle; Kathleen Duff
Dr. Andy Smith for Abigail Harper, Alley Pappas, Angie
Remi; John Bray for Maia and Dylan on their birthdays; John for Larry Lanford; Carolyn Dufries for Charlotte Anne
Bridges, Annie Malone, Aslan Spindler, Athens Wellon, Bailey
Brown for Elvis Brown; Kimberly Brown for Estela Haag and Sammons; Antoinette Dwyer for Bushka; Leah Edwards for
Musselwhite, Baxter McLaughlin, Beau Henry, Buck and Bubba
Lars Sjostrom on the occasion of their wedding; BL and SI Onyx; Margaret Eich for Sophie Brehmer; Kathleen Eidson for
Thomas, Buddy Jackson, Burt Neal, Buster Robertson, Buster
Byers for Maia and Dylan on their birthdays; Bob Carter for Helen Dedo Berry; Adrian Elcock for Anne and Ed Travis;
Sherrill, Chessie Jovanelly, Clancy Scalley, Copper Dukes,
Hank & Ninja; Angelika Claussen for Maia and Dylan on their Roxane Ellis for Sherman; Mr. & Mrs. Paul Enders for Mrs.
Crumpet Taff, Daisy Rodriguez, Derby Richman, Dixie Moreau,
birthdays; Charles Cliff for Maggie Smith; Krista Crider for Bron W. Fayssoux; Julie Erwin for Stockdale Erwin; Robert Estes
Dude Broms, Duke Canby, Finster & Sophie Boa, Friskey Ginn,
Maia and Dylan on their birthdays; Sarah Cutter for Cami; Jen- for Larry Lanford; Rachel Everett for Melba; Taylor Felker for
Ganymede Stine, Gray Wilson-Campbell, Guiness Rains,
nifer Delmerico for Maggie Smith; Lauren Dieterich for Sadie; Sylvia; Elizabeth Ferguson for Larry Lanford; Jacqueline Fish for
Humphrey Donnelly, Huntley Sessions, Ivy Crenshaw, Jack
Katina DiGiorgio for Pat Thomas; Carolyn Dufries for Cathy in memory of Koby; Kathy Furr for Rudy; Chris and Megan
Desai, Jasmine Gerblick, Joan Neufeld, Kilby Powell, Lexus
Autry on her birthday; Kayla Engle-Lewis for Ariana Lewis on Galle for Larry Lanford; Susan Garrett for Tom; Susan M.
Olim, Lily “Sweetie Pie” Wallace, Lucy Mansfield, Lucy
the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah; Ebru Ercan for Anita Kumar; Garrett for Otis; Georgia Department Of Community Health
Woodward, Luke Godwin, Maggie Barrs, Marmee Peil,
Lyssa Fagan for Maia and Dylan on their birthdays; Melissa for Helen Dedo Berry; M. L. Gibson for Tony Johnson;
Midnight Young, Mongomery Norris, Moonpie Pennington,
Federico for Sneak & Lila; Deborah Feir for Ann and Sadie; Margaret Gilmore for Bear and Bailey; Tommy and Laura Glenn
Moose Starr, Mori Rudolph, Murphy Kloberdanz, Nipper
Jacqueline Fish for Jill Stepnicka and in memory of Koby; Glo- for Snuggles; Glendora Godbold for Larry Lanford; Marian
Gordon, Opie Pelosi, Oscar Robton, Parker Miller, Phoebe
ria Glasser for Cheyenne McGirt; David Greer for Mr. T.; Sara Gordin for High Jinx; Lynne Greenfield for Maxwell Alfred
Harsh, Princess Snowden, Rainee Reed, Rex Linzmeyer, Riley
Hardy for Lisa Wathey; Laina Hertz for Kenn Wagner; Rebecca Greenfield; John & Edwina Groover for Martha Bryant; Pamela
Hill, Sam Moss, Schyler King, Simon East, Solomon Wikle,
Hire for Laura Zipperer on her birthday; Sarah Houghton for Hankinson for Chevy; Jake and Clancy Haslam for Helen Dedo
Sydney Carroll, Tally Ho Chandler, Teddy Boyd, Thor
Hudson and Lillie Houghton; Jeff Hunsinger for Isabella John; Berry; Sandra Hatch for Helen Dedo Berry; Denise Hatter for
Heidelbach, Ticket Kilgore, Tie Rothstein, Toby Debruyker, Tutti
Anne Iglar for Jack Yoder; Chris Jenko for Anita Kumar; Joanne Betty Jane Grant; Nancy Haverland for Betty Jane Grant;
Heard, Whopper and Princess Arnold, Wilkie Hill, Windsor
Jordan for 24 stray cats; Sandra Kemp for Maggie Smith; Amy Connie Heath for Pea Rountree; Mr. & Mrs. Don Hendrix for
Driggs-Curtis; Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Smith III for Larry Lanford;
Keppert for Heather Hale & Patty Jervey; Nicole Krafchick for Luke Hendrix; Nina & Steve Higgins for Anne and Ed Travis;
Christian Sobon for Precious Smith; Donald Shouldice for Larry
Heather Hale & Patty Jervey; Martha Lee for Susan Lee; Rick Becky Hire & Betsy Aust for Bailey; Laura Horton for Scott
Lanford; Mr. & Mrs. John Spencer, Jr. for Sarah Woolf; William
Leonard for Sadie; Jenny Lyman for Montego; Felecia Mc- Reeves; Mr. & Mrs. Derek Hutchinson for Larry Lanford; Ingrid
Splawn for Larry Lanford; Randall Steffler and Maurice Helms
Commons for Xena McCommons; Jan McDougle for Margie Irby for Gigi; Marie Isop for Larry Lanford; Frank Jackson for
for Mrs. Bron W. Fayssoux; Mindy Stombler for Christmas
Pridham; Laura McNeill for Odette and Tom Dooley; Maurie Larry Lanford; Andrew Johnson for Buster; Carla Johnson for
Cavalli; Lori Sullivan for Hattie Belle; Lori Sullivan for Cody;
Mintz for Caroline Porkert on her 7th birthday; Rohit Mittal Elmo Britan; Cheryl & Buz Johnson for Janette Cuccaro; Betty
Kay and Bert Tabor for Anne and Ed Travis; Carol Thibadeau for
for Deborah Magough; Carroll L. Morgan for Louise; Paige Jones for Helen Dedo Berry; Elizabeth & Bill Jordan for Mama
Angel; Harald Thorsrud for Chi Chi; Louise Tillman for Kahlua
Perkins for Maxie & Pascal; Halle and John Petrini for Morgan Kitty; Lynn Kear for Buddy; Lynn Kear for Blanche; Frances
and Big & in honor of Jeannette Nicholson’s loved ones; Susan
and Sean Petrini; Diana Potter for Tracey and Muffin Bear; Kemp for Daisy; Carolyn Kidd for Mrs. Bron W. Fayssoux;
Turner for Mrs. Bron W. Fayssoux; Lynda Twilley for Mrs. Bron
Jennita Reefhuis for Maia and Dylan on their birthdays; Phyllis Kimberly Kitchens for Zak and Corey; Kathryn Kite for Larry
W. Fayssoux; Fleming Upshaw for Sam Lowry; Mr. & Mrs.
Reeves for my daughter Jill on her birthday; Lynne Repasky for Lanford; Heather Kodman for Simba Silver; Deborah Koontz for
Aaron Valenta for Gracie Mae and Piddy Pat; Michael Weeks for
Maia and Dylan on their birthdays; Patricia Rouster for Bill & Miss Kitty; Donna Krodman for Digger Parker; Steven Kruger
Tony Johnson; Elizabeth Wellborn for Adam Pearce; Sandra
Dot Drury; Marshall Saul for Jenny Magid; Lei Shan for Maia for Walter Kruger, Jr.; Steven Kruger for Kaiser; Mr. & Mrs.
Wheeler for Judy Harbuck; Karen White for Mrs. Harriet Crisler
and Dylan on their birthdays; Devon Stawkowski for Bear Michael Land & Evelyn Spencer for Mrs. Bron W. Fayssoux; Last
Mayer; Bonny Berry Wilder for Helen Dedo Berry; Sharon &
Stawkowski; Sarah & Ronald Stay for Cheyenne McGirt; Beth Monday Of The Month Book Club for Betty Jane Grant;
Amin Wilk for Francis T. Wilk; John & Mary Williams for
Steele for Anita Kumar; Emily Stevens for Iris; Claudia and Carl Virginia Lavinder for Happy Herman; Diane Ledder for Betty
Ginger; Ronald Lazarus and John Wise for Jodie Emmer; Jean
Stucke for Cheryl Brimer; Bernadette Thorpe for Maggie Smith; Jane Grant; Phyllis Lee for Lightning; Cheryl Linden for Eli
Witcher for Helen Dedo Berry; Roberta & Rick Withrow for
Louise Tillman for Jeannette Nicholson’s loved ones; Suzanne Schroeder; Beth Linker for Tony Johnson; Lisa Loften for Mrs.
Pepper; Roberta & Rick Withrow for Roxie Nall and Pepper
Verity for Connie Tritt; Jill Vlasek for Gina, Nimbus and Jo Jo; Bron W. Fayssoux; Constance Lombardo for Aberdeen Dendiak
Harris; Roberta & Rick Withrow for Simone; Wendy Wolf for
Jennifer Waljee for Sarah Keene; Haimanot Wasse for Sophie Todd; Carr and Becky Lucas for Mrs. Bron W. Fayssoux; Jenny
Skei and Otto; Alexa Wolford for Mr. Vodka; Mr. & Mrs.
Davis; Thomas Will for Caesar; Charlotte Wilson for Tigger; Lyman for Meow; Myree Maas for Ida Wells Stuff; Valerie and
William Woolf for Sarah Woolf; Ann Yeargin for Dixie Belle;
Kimberly Woods for Bill & Dot Drury Mark Macdonald for Larry Lanford; The Mack Family for Helen
Tim & Judy Zelina for Ginger

pawsnewsletter_fall09.indd 3 9/1/09 8:58 AM
Nonprofit Organization
U.S. Postage
A No-Kill Adoption Center
Permit No. 583
5287 Covington Highway Decatur, GA
Decatur, GA 30035
Phone: 770-593-1155
Fax: 770-593-9910

If you have Comcast, Pets on Demand, be sure to
check out the PAWS Atlanta
pets available for adoption!

WATCH Good Day Atlanta on Fox 5 (WAGA-TV)
Thursdays between 8:30
and 9am to see the PAWS
Atlanta Pet of the Week!

pawsnewsletter_fall09.indd 4 9/1/09 8:58 AM