The following 5 trends are in the software testing industry tower: - Mobile Application Testing - Testing-as-a-service - Business

Intelligence Testing - Crowd Sourced Testing - Testing catalyzed through test data generation and management

Mobile Application Testing
Top 10 mobile apps types in 2012: 1 Money Trans!er " #ocation-Based Services $ Mobile Search % Mobile Browsing & Mobile 'ealth Monitoring ( Mobile )ayment * +ear ,ield Communication Services - Mobile Advertising . Mobile Instant Messaging 1/ Mobile Music

uirements and overall strategy .6ashboard4 Crowd Sourced Testing .Multidimensional analysis4 .le3ibility to scale testing as needed without incremental investment 0 Shorter cycle times 0 TaaS is sometimes re!erred to as Cloud Testing or Managed Testing4 Business Intelligence Testing 5uantum .+ot enough resources< time= clear product re.inding patterns in data4 .6ecision ma2ing4 ..)rogramming .Testing-as-a-service Key benefits: 0 #ower cost than in-house so!tware testing services 0 Service-level compliance 0 1educed ris2 through !ewer de!ects 0 .+ecessity in end user scenarios simulation .So!tware is consumer centric ..Access to global talent and diverse set o! s2ills4 .uired .Mathematic .orecasting4 .Business operations reporting4 .83pertise in specialized area9s: is re.7or2ing with a large group o! people .Business analysis BI uses for: .

World Quality Report 2013-14: Key Findings >The 5A !unction is adapting to business demands by streamlining and centralizing its structure= to achieve e!!iciency and cost optimization >A higher proportion o! overall IT budget is being invested in testing and !ocused on trans!ormation pro?ects >Testing@s late engagement in the application delivery li!ecycle and its reliance on basic IT metrics is possibly applying a negative bra2e on this increasing maturity >Mobile testing as in!reased in importan!e as a "ey dis!ipline #it in t e $un!tion% but la!"s spe!iali&ed met ods% e'pertise and en(ironment >Cloud adoption and cloud-based testing has slowed as organizations continue to manage concerns regarding data security and per!ormance >Signi!icant investment in Test 8nvironments may also be undermined by a lac2 o! specialist e3pertise >Agile development is now widely adopted but still gives rise to problems !or testing= particularly in relation to speci!ic methodologies and e3pertise4 .

A don@t have right tools to create reusable test sets4 .A cite di!!iculties in identi!ying where to !ocus their testing4 $.uate agile testing approach as a ma?or concern4 %.)roportion o! testing budgets allocated to trans!ormational pro?ects grew to %(A up !rom %1A last year4 Testing o! e3isting applications can be per!ormed more e!!iciently and at lower costs using automation tools and reusable assets 6ATA )BI+T Brganizations across all sectors show considerable increase in mobile testing4 More than hal! o! all organizations interviewed 9&&A: have now test mobile applications compared to an industry average o! $1A in last year@s research4 6ATA )BI+T (%A o! e3ecutives cite a lac2 o! an ade.

or the person who simply tests re.uirements to ma2e sure they wor2 as speci!ied -.became a thing o! the past in "/1"= Crispin said4 .Recommendations •Improve reporting of business-oriented metrics to demonstrate the value of QA •Innovate and optimize QA operations for return on investment •Establish a specialized function for mobile testing •Make greater use of the Cloud for testing •Establish test environment and test data management practices •Integrate testing into agile projects I! there was one big so!tware testing trend this year= it was this Testers too2 on the role o! business partner= shedding their image as Cbug !i3ersC once and !or all4 In "/1"= test pro!essionals helped business sta2eholders ma2e better decisions about where to spend their development and test resources4 And as they gained stature in their organizations= 5A pros also broadened their s2ill sets= writing test automation scripts= doing e3ploratory testing and conducting basic security testing4 The testerDs role is about helping business people !igure out the right things to deliver= said SearchSo!tware5uality4com e3pert #isa Crispin4 CThe truth is that business sta2eholders may be wrong about what !eatures Ean application needsF4C Testers must ta2e a leadership role in !iguring that out= she said4 The image o! the tester as a bug !i3er -.

C6oes the code meet re.uirementsG It doesG Hood4 1elease it= !orget about it and start wor2ing on the ne3t pro?ect=C she said= describing the now outdated mindset4 The 5A role doesnDt end when so!tware is released= said Crispin= a tester at so!tware consultancy )ivotal #abs= in Colo4 C7e have to start measuring whether the !eatures weDve already released to production are delivering the e3pected value4C Testers need to 2eep as2ing whether the so!tware they deliver is still serving the business4 .