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Dependable Emergency Lighting Relies on Insulation Solutions From Fabrico
Since 1973, Barron Lighting Group has provided commercial and industrial customers with emergency lighting based on innovative technologies and environmentally friendly designs, supported by exceptional service. LED technology has been the cornerstone of the Barron Lighting Group. The combination of energy efficiency and maintenance-free operation helps Barron Lighting Group to provide their customers with reliable lighting, cost savings, and high performance. Emergency lighting, as well as exit sign applications, demand durability and reliability. Barron Lighting uses the latest LED technology, plus advanced designs and materials to ensure that they exceed customer specifications. Insulation Challenge As part of the design of their LED exit signs and emergency lighting units, Barron Lighting Group uses advanced electrical insulation material. Depending on certain criteria, the insulation is required to keep the circuit board in a unit fully insulated, separating the high voltage area from the low voltage area. In one particular application, Barron Lighting Group was looking for an insulated box that would totally enclose their lighting circuit boards, yet still provide easy access to the wire terminals and a 120V/277V dip switch setting. In addition, the box needed an interlocking mechanism that would make installation easy, and allow for operation and warning information to be printed on it. Barron Lighting Group had a design in mind, but was looking for a company to help with the selection of the insulation material, fabrication of the box, and the development of interlocking features that would keep the box sturdy, but open for interconnections.

Baron Lighting Group uses LED technology to provide energy-efficient and maintenance-free emergency and exit lighting for industrial companies.


015” – +/-0. multi-layer die-cutting and lamination. In addition. and the maximum length for individual die-cut parts is 22". After die-cutting. it can be used inside electronic devices or components for air flow baffles. Die-cutting is performed to extremely tight tolerances with exceptionally high repeatability. Material thicknesses can range from 0. Electronic web tension control ensures precise registration. These characteristics make it an excellent.to four-color printing capabilities on a wide range of materials. There is no limit to the length of sheeted materials.Selecting the Right Material As an experienced converter. lightweight insulating material that meets safety and environmental standards. but was open for connections. In addition. Formex™ from ITW was selected. In-house Test Lab Fabrico conducted extensive tests on materials before suggesting Formex for Barron Lighting Group’s application. scoring. tensile. Cleavage It is often used to provide protection for sensitive Load electronic components and serve as a barrier to prevent unintended contact between circuit boards and housings. and folding into three-dimensional shapes that retain their form. and peel strength • Outgassing • Dielectric strength and electrical conductivity • Thermal conductivity • Slitting widths and tolerances Barron Lighting Group required an insulation box that isolated the high voltage from the low voltage area. and die-less cutting. or between circuit boards themselves. part numbers. making it ideal for long production runs for complex. It can also be embossed or printed to display product identification. and EMI/RFI shielding. Formex is a flexible polypropylene electrical insulation material. or technical specifications.015”.1%).005”. low moisture absorption (<0. Formex has high dielectric strength (1460V/mil @ 17 mil thick). the boxes are scored for easy folding during assembly. including Formex. at speeds up to 500 fpm. After testing. and UL 94V-0 flame class rating. rotary die-cutting. After printing. This included a box shape as well as tabs to secure the box and keep it closed. safety information. Its flexible polypropylene composition allows for die-cutting. and shipped flat to Barron Lighting Group. Developing an Effective Insulation Box Fabrico die-cut Formex to Barron Lighting Group’s specifications. . water jet cutting. Tolerances can range from +/-0. Fabrico offers a range of die-cutting capabilities including state-of-the-art laser cutting. Formex lends itself to fabrication into different shapes. Its in-house lab can test for: • Temperature resistance • Performance at upper temperature limits • Shear. Fabrico investigated and tested a number of materials that would meet Barron Lighting Group’s specifications.001” – 0. wire and cable harnesses. with widths up to 13". the Formex boxes are printed with warning and voltage information. Fabrico provides from one.

• Custom blending of fluids. easy. The Aquaflex supports four-color process or four matched colors using water-based or UV-cured ink. pore-measure. For conductive films and tapes. Keeping it simple has minimized the production time required. kitting. and pressuresensitive custom labels. Fabrico provides packaging/repackaging to fit the customer’s manufacturing process. The design of the insulation box for Barron Lighting Group allows for fast. In addition. Fabrico offers full integration with the customer’s engineering. • Assembling. Fabrico’s printing machines are both Mac. assuring that the circuit board is completely protected. • Precise pre-mix. cartridges. • Develop prototypes for customer testing. precision slitting and rewinding. foams. Two-sided printing is also available. The open sides provide access to all the electrical connections. and printing are also critical capabilities. A Competitive Advantage The insulation box has been a success for Barron Lighting Group. . fillers.Fabrico has a state-of-the-art Aquaflex ELS 2200 13” multi-color press located at its Kennesaw. • Single. • Dispensing and curing equipment and supplies. and custom packaging. including products delivered in roll or sheet-and-stack form. • Liquid dispensing systems. for multi-step applications. integration of the customer’s electronic drawings. Additionally. Fabrico offers custom finishing options. Fabrico can: • Analyze the application for materials and adhesive requirements. including laminates. plus water jet cutting and die-less cutting. cans.and PC-compatible. Fabrico engages in ongoing materials and adhesives research to discover new solutions for customer applications. tapes. and safe installation. including 2D and 3D CAD design capabilities. Georgia facility. and bottles. Fabrico offers precision die-cutting using rotary or laser technology. and rapid prototyping capabilities for thorough design vetting before manufacturing. • Provide design-for-manufacturability. • Test the materials and adhesives. and there is a cut-out for access to a voltage dip switch. and accept all standard printing applications. and the design has proven to be easy for production personnel to install. and can be positioned in line with other processes. Working with an Experienced Converter As an experienced converter. ITW Formex is a flexible electrical insulation material that lends itself to fabrication into different shapes. and air-free materials. and solvents.and dual-component cartridges. such as laminating and die-cutting. For liquids. Having this insulation box gives Barron Lighting Group a competitive advantage in their industry. The Aquaflex system handles a wide variety of substrate materials. including: • Tubes. • Suggest materials and adhesives and suppliers. laminating.

Suite 800.fabrico. Whether adhesive films or liquid. About Fabrico Fabrico’s materials converting capabilities include: custom design solutions for applications that require slitting. and water jet cutting are available depending on the application and materials being used.com Fabrico is a trademark of EIS. DuPont.. and moisture resistance. including chemical. Fabrico Headquarters 4175 Royal Drive. Laser die-cutting. Material Partners Fabrico has strategic relationships with world-class materials suppliers. kiss-cutting. to assist its customers in selecting the best material for the intended use and to expedite materials sourcing. GA 30144 Phone: 678-202-2700 | Fax: 678-202-2702 Toll Free: 800-351-8273 | E-mail: info@fabrico.com www. laminating. and design material systems that optimize production efficiency and improve overall cost-effectiveness. thermal. such as 3M.After die-cutting the insulation boxes are printed with warning and voltage information. Adhesives Research. Inc. and others. ITW Formex. ITW Formex is a trademark of ITW Corporation. and die-cutting. all critical material properties are considered in any Fabrico project. Fabrico engineers also understand the impact of a material selection on the overall manufacturing process. Loctite. Kennesaw. With more than 30 years of materials experience. .