These guidance notes re ate to a!! ication !rocedures "or the degrees o" Master o" Phi oso!h# $MPhi % and Doctor o" Phi oso!h# $MPhi &PhD%' Please note that candidates for the degree of PhD will apply for MPhil in the first instance and will have the opportunity to apply to transfer to PhD midway through their programmes. For further information about studying at the University of Roehampton, please visit http:! "ourses #raduate$Department

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%o apply for a research degree, please follow the steps below: Ste! )* Discuss +our Pro!osa (ith the De!art,ent &f you have not already done so, please contact a relevant member of academic staff for an informal discussion about your proposed research. %he discussion does not need to ta!e place face$to$face but can be done by letter, telephone or e$mail. ' list of our department Research Degree "onvenors is available online at http:! "ourses #raduate$(chool "urrent$(tudents ) you should usually approach one of these staff unless you already have a clear idea about who you would li!e to supervise your intended research. &t is usually advisable to contact academic staff by e$mail in the first instance. Ste! -* The A!! ication For, &f you are not word$processing the application form, please remember to !rint egi. # in . ac/ in/' 'pplication forms are available to download from our website at: http:! "ourses #raduate$(chool 'pplication$Pac!s %he following information ,ust be included within your application to enable it to be considered by the Department: Section )* Progra,,e Detai s Please indicate the Department to which you are applying, the degree you would li!e to pursue and your intended mode of study.
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&t is not usually advisable to start your research degree over the "hristmas period or over summer months /+une to (eptember0 as many academic staff are away from the University over these Section 1* +our Acade. &f you give a preferred name. &f you intend to apply for any funding towards your programme of study. Section -* Persona Detai s Please complete the details re3uested in this section. please give details in this section. &n e2ceptional circumstances students may start at other times of the year.roehampton. Section 0* Funding %here is no mainstream source of funding for postgraduate study in the U5. (tudents starting in 1ctober will be able to ta!e best advantage of the research methods training classes available. 4our application must be accompanied by evidence of the academic 3ualifications that you hold /photocopies are acceptable0.$ May . %he permanent home address will be that retained on your student file and will be used for all correspondence unless you provide an alternative this will be used instead. Please state how your fees will be paid if you are not in receipt of sponsorship or a scholarship. months prior to your intended start date.u! finance fees. %he official start date will be the first day of the month although the actual first date of attendance may vary. Fees are payable in 1ctober of each academic year and are usually sub6ect to a rise each year.roehampton. $.u! research Research$ "entres Please enter your proposed start date. or if your application for funding is unsuccessful.html. &f you have not yet been awarded your 3ualification/s0. 4ou should usually apply at least . %he current tuition fee rates are available online at http: www. Research students must either 1ctober or +anuary. ' list of our Research "entres is available at http: www. %he ma6ority of our students are self$funded and the University li!es to ensure its applicants are aware of the costs involved in underta!ing a research programme to completion. however they will be re3uired to pay fees to cover the relevant academic period. you will be as!ed to provide transcripts as soon as these are available. &t is important to advise the 'dmissions 1ffice of any changes to your contact details during the admissions process.ic 2ua i"ications Please list your academic 3ualifications following the instructions provided on the form.Please enter the name of the Research "entre/s0 you are applying to.-*. %he University accepts applications for research degrees all year round. %he name which you give will be that under which you are registered with the University and will be the name that will appear on your degree certificate. .

%he level of 7nglish 9anguage re3uired is #"(7 at #rade ".< in any band. you will be e2pected to provide at least one e2ternal academic referee who will be able to comment upon your academic ability and suitability to underta!e the proposed research.. 'lso note that references from proposed intended supervisors at the University will not be permitted.. &t is therefore very important that you possess the necessary 7nglish s!ills.overall with no less than . . you should provide evidence of 7nglish language ability.. &t is preferable for you to attach letters from your referees /in signed and sealed envelopes0 to your completed application form. . Section 6* Re e7ant E8!erience Please give details of any e2perience or other relevant information that you would li!e the Department to consider. Section 4* +our Pro"icienc# in Eng ish Under the University8s Regulations for Research Degrees. %17F9 *-.listening. Please note that unless you are a recent graduate of Roehampton University.ic Re"erees Please provide the details of two academic referees who are willing to support your application. you will be as!ed to provide transcripts as soon as these are available.. &79%( at band :. &f you have not yet been awarded your 3ualification/s0. &f you do not already possess a recognised 7nglish 9anguage 3ualification you may be re3uired to underta!e such a course as a condition of entry to your programme. please indicate this in a covering letter accompanying your application.Section 3* +our Pro"essiona 2ua i"ications Please list any professional or other 3ualifications that you possess which you consider relevant to your application./minimum *= reading. Section 5* Occu!ations Please list your past and present occupations / if any0 following the instructions provided on the form. &f 7nglish is not your first language. For applicants who have achieved slightly below the re3uired level an offer with the re3uirement to attend an 7nglish 9anguage course at the university may be considered. 7vidence that you possess these 3ualifications should be attached to the application /photocopies are acceptable0. you must write and defend your thesis in 7nglish.-*. &f you cannot provide two academic referees at this stage.spea!ing > . .$ May . Section 9* Acade. 4ou will undergo an oral e2amination called a viva voce e2amination which will be conducted in 7nglish. $.? writing0 or the e3uivalent. 'lternatively your referee can email the admissions department directly.

Section ):* Tit e o" the Research Pro!osa Please give the proposed title of your research pro6ect.!ton Ad. &n addition to completing the form.!ton Lane London SW15 5PU $?$ May . &f you have already been in discussion with a member of the University@s academic staff regarding your proposed research.issions De!art. %he main purpose of this section is to establish that you have identified a researchable area in which the University is able to provide appropriate supervisory e2pertise. . 4ou need to provide enough detailed information to ensure that the Department can assess the viability of your pro6ect and whether they have the necessary support in place to supervise your proposed research programme. but any information you are able to include will be useful. Ste! 0* Returning +our A!! ication 4ou should return your completed application form /with transcripts. 4ou will be able to change this title at a later date if necessary. Section )-* +our Signature Please remember to sign and date your application. please give his her name in this section.!ton'ac'u/ Posta address* Uni7ersit# o" Roeha. Section ))* The Research Pro!osa 'fter the necessary discussions with the Department you should complete the research proposal section. it would also be helpful if you could enclose an up$to$ date copy of your "B. as it (i . &t is ac!nowledged that you may not be able to provide full details under all of the headings at this stage. 4ou should follow the guidelines for Parts '. A and " of this section and include as much of the information re3uested as possible. P ease do not sta! e an# !art o" #our a!! House Dig. 7nglish language certificates [if applicableC and references0 to the admissions department by post or e$ * ho.e !hotoco!ied' E.ent Eras.issions<roeha.# Stuart Co ege Roeha.!ton'ac'u/' Internationa &EU a!! ications* internationa ad.-*.e a!! ications* !gad.issions<roeha. 4our application will be forwarded to the relevant Department for consideration.

't initial registration you are liable to pay the tuition fee payable for the academic year. &f you commence your programme in the middle of an academic year you will be as!ed to pay a percentage of the tuition fee / months /part$time0 of your registration you will be e2pected to develop your full research proposal. &f your references are satisfactory the Department will identify suitable supervisors for your proposed research and will arrange an interview with you and your potential supervisors. .. &f you have any further 3uestions concerning the administrative procedures for research degree registration. &f your interview is successful you will be sent a formal offer.-*. you will receive a full e2planation for this from your! $<$ May . . if interested in your proposal. 'll refunds are at the discretion of the University.roehampton. &f your pro6ect is not confirmed by the University. %uition Fees %he current tuition fee rates are available online at http:< or pgadmissionsDroehampton. &f your application is approved at University$level. During the first = months /full$time0 to *. 'll 3ueries regarding the payment of tuition fees should be directed to financeDroehampton. you may be eligible to apply to have part of your tuition fee refunded for the period beyond the nine or twelve months of initial registration. you may wish to arrange for recorded delivery courier to ensure there are no une2pected delays.=. STEP 3* Pro=ect Con"ir. you pay a pro rata tuition fee0.ation 4ou will be re3uired to complete a Pro6ect "onfirmation / RDB2 Form0 giving the full details of your research proposal.u! Finance Postgraduate$Finance Fees are payable in 1ctober of each academic year and are usually sub6ect to a rise each year. 1nce you have confirmed your acceptance you will be invited to register with the University from a date agreed between yourself and your supervisory team. will send for your references if these have not been included. %his will be submitted to the Department@s Research (tudent Review Aoard for approval. please contact the 'dmissions 1ffice on -. Ste! 1* Inter7ie( and Registration %he Department will review your application and.&f you are sending your application from overseas. 4our supervisors will guide you in the development of this. &f you subse3uently fail to develop your research proposal and do not complete the pro6ect confirmation process.u! &f you have 3uestions about your research proposal please approach an appropriate member of academic staff.E. you will be permitted to continue for the degree of MPhil.*.