ASSA Mission: The mission of Alumni Relations is to maintain a lifelong relationship with alumni through opportunities and benefits

that promote interaction and engagement with Wits and facilitates their contribution to the advancement and success of the institute and its forthcoming products as well as the individual exposures in corporate and academics. Objectives

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To provide an organization where alumni, parents, prospective students and friends, in a specific geographic area, can meet on a regular basis for intellectual and social enrichment. To encourage support for institute and through programs such as development, student recruitment, career placement, community service and professional expertise. To ensure continued two-way communication between institute - alumni association and its graduates. To implement an alumni liaison programme that will encourage alumni to identify themselves with the Institute; to generate and sustain interest and participation in Institute affairs; to inspire alumni to contribute to the development of the Institute and the promotion of its good name and reputation, locally and internationally; to build and enhance relationships with alumni. To provide a focal point of contact among alumni through the implementation of a programme of reunions, events and functions; through printed and electronic communications; and through the creation of networking opportunities for selfdevelopment. To establish and maintain an alumni structure that facilitates and enhances the relationship between the Institute and its alumni. This includes establishing and servicing alumni associations/chapters/clubs and facilitating and arranging meetings. To support an effective advancement programme through collaboration and cooperation with all entities in the Office of Advancement in the implementation of an alumni programme. To strengthen ties between the institute and alumni and encourage them to participate in the various cultural, social and scientific activities.

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g future regional events/programs.

4. The membership fee from the passing out students will be collected by the Institute (b) Money donated by the members. with 2 year standing ASMIT including Director. donations and other income shall be credited 3. as defined in Arya school of management and information technology. The Association shall raise funds for pursuing the objectives of the Association through: (a) Subscriptions from the members. (c) Any other source approved by the Executive Committee 2.   eadership in support of higher education and alumni association. Financial year of the Association shall be from April 1stto March 31stof the following year. The rate of subscription shall be governed by the Bye Laws of the Association. The accounts of the Association shall be maintained in any scheduled Bank at BBSR into which all subscriptions. Withdrawals from the invested funds shall be made only with the approval of the Executive Committee to be ratified by the General Body later on . All existing life members will continue to be the members of the Association    Cessation of Membership A member of the Association shall cease to be such a member if he/she resigns from his/her membership or is of unsound mind or is convicted by a court for any offence involving moral conduct or on termination of the membership by the Executive Committee for compelling reasons. Membership The following shall be eligible for the Life Membership of the Association All Alumni of the Arya school of management and information technology All members of teaching staff. Funds raising Finances and Accounts 1.

. (b) Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings. (g)All publications. A notice of clear 21 days convening an Annual General Meeting shall be given to the members. The Secretary shall upon being requested in writing by the Executive Committee or by at least 100 members of the Association. b) To consider and adopt the Annual Report and Audited Accounts of the Association.Records of the Association The following records shall be maintained in the office of the Association: (a) Roll of Membership. (e)Cash Book andLedger. (c) Minutes of the General Body Meetings. The General Body of the Association shall hold an Annual General Body Meeting at least once a year and not more that 18 months shall elapse between two successive Annual General Body Meetings. If the meeting is adjourned after 15 minutes for want of quorum. 4. 2. 3. call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) for which at least 15 days notice along with agenda shall be circulated to all the members. the meeting shall again take place after 30 minutes of adjournment to transact the same business and the members present shall form the quorum. The duties of the General Body shall be: a) To set guidelines for the Executive Committee so as to achieve the aims and objectives of the Association. reports and souvenirs of the Association. Organizing body Executive Body There shall be an Executive Committee to manage the affairs of the Association General Body 1. (h)All documents as required by law under Societies Regulation Act 1860 (i)Any other relevant record Organization of the Association General Body There shall be a General Body of the Association consisting of all members. (f)Receipts and vouchers. 100 members present in person shall form a quorum for any meeting of the General Body. (d) Stock Register of non consumable and consumable items.

To honour the Jubilee Alumni and the distinguished Alumni. In case of equality of vote the President in Chair shall have the casting vote.1 The Executive Committee shall consist of: (i)President (ii)Working President (iii)Vice President (iv)Honorary Secretary (v)Joint Secretary (vi)Treasurer (vii)Immediate Past Secretary(ex-officio) (viii)Dean Alumni Affairs or equivalent(ex-officio) (ix) Members The Honorary Secretary is referred to as the Secretary in the subsequent articles as well as in the Bye-laws. Executive Committee 6. To appoint Auditors To appoint legal advisors. The guidelines for conducting the election will be decided by the Executive Committee. To elect office bearers and members of the Executive Committee. if any. The President shall be nominated by the outgoing Executive Committee from amongst the eminent Alumni .c) d) e) f) g) h) i) To approve the budget for the following year. To transact any other business with the permission of the President in Chair All the resolutions put to vote at the General Body shall be decided by a majority vote (unless otherwise provided) on a show of hands. Executive Committee who will conduct the election process. Election of the Executive Committee: (a)All office bearers and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected/ nominated from amongst the Members.