Figures in the right hand margin indicate marks allotted.[MPRBA-MM-502] MBA DEGREE EXAMINATION V TRIMESTER GLOBAL MARKETING (Effective from the admitted batch 2008 –09) Time: 3 Hours Max. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION-A 1. a) How does Kyoto Resolution on Global Warming affect Global Marketing Strategies of Computer Companies? OR (5 x 2 =10) 8 b) Does globalization result in cultural convergence? How does it affect marketing in Asian countries? 8 UNIT-II 3. Answer any FIVE of the following: Each answer should not exceed one page. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Transnational Corporation BRIC countries Demand Pattern Analysis High Tech Positioning Benefit Segmentation Value Chain Arm’s Length Transfer Pricing Global Retailing SECTION-B Answer the following: UNIT-I 2.Marks: 60 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Instructions: All parts of the unit must be answered in one place only. a) How does global marketing research process differ from a domestic marketing research process? 8 .

OR b) What kind of Information is relevant for accessing global markets in EU? 8 UNIT-III 4. While COM will focus on the marketing of Cash Registers. Japan. SECTION-C 7. OR 8 8 b) Describe the documentation required for exporting gold jewellery from India. a) Design advertising strategy for launching Maruti SX4 in South Africa. a) Describe the issues to be considered while framing product Policies for entry into Latin American Countries with regard to motor bikes? 8 OR b) How do global pricing strategies differ from region to region? Give examples. Case Let (Compulsory): (not exceeding 200 words) COOL HEADS: Epson Office Machines of Columbus. UNIT-V 6. report generation capability etc. Calculators. On the other hand COM which is a recent startup company started gaining more market share because of its added features such as expanded memory. Ohio is into the business of cash registers. The 8 10 . a) What are the different market segmentation bases used in the global marketing of processed food products? OR 8 b) What are the appropriate bases for grouping countries into global market segments for Mobile Services? 8 UNIT-IV 5. NOM will concentrate on the machines other than Cash registers. EOM has been in the business since 1982. however has been losing its business since 1970 though it produces the best cash registers in the world. data processing equipment for small and medium companies has entered into joint venture with Casio Office Machines of Tokyo. This joint venture will result in mutually beneficial scenario.

However COM preferred to employ direct selling strategy through its own sales force while EOM decided to adopt distribution channels with middle men in different who in turn will have their sales force for selling the products. the American counterpart preferred to go by commission approach. Questions: a) Do you think that the JV between EOM and COM will be successful? Give reasons. COM will concentrate on Asian. Australian markets. b) Comment on the suitability of marketing strategy adopted by EOM and will be cobranded by both the companies and they will focus on specific markets under the combined brand names. The companies have freedom to design channel strategies by taking into account the specific requirements of different markets. While NOM will focus on the US and European markets. The Advertising strategy for each market region will be designed by the specific companies and the revenues less of expanses will be shared in ratio of sales in the total shares. c) What alternative strategy could be adopted by these companies? [51/VT/209] . While the Japanese organization prefers to pay the sales persons by salary in tune with its organization culture.