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Show 20 | All results per page. 36 results total. # Abhinav Asthana Student Name Design and Synthesis of Asynchronous Circuits Aditya Vij Low power built in Prof. D. self- test (BIST) architecture for fast multiplier embedded core Aseem Verma G aurav Kaushik Design of a Low power high slew rate OPAMP Prof. Chetan D. Parikh Aseem_verma.doc (34 KB) Nagchoudhuri Aditya.doc (19 KB) Project Title Project Guide Abstract Prof. Hemangee Abhinav.doc (20 KB) Kapoor

Receiver Amplifier Prof. D. Design For Nagchoudhuri Receiver Unit of Fast DATA Transfer System

G aurav_ Kaushik.doc (465 KB)

Jay Kumar Patel

Deep Submicron Extractor using probability distribution

Prof. D. Jay_Patel.doc (10 KB) Nagchoudhuri and Mr. Rajendra Pratap, Cadence Design Systems, New Delhi Jitendra.doc (48 KB)

Jitendra A Low Voltage Prof. D. Babu Bensal Low Power High Nagchoudhuri Swing Operational Amplifier for High Speed Analog to Digital Converters

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2/1/2013 12:11 AM

Parikh Prof. Trivedi Novel architecture Prof. D. D. Prof.doc (20 KB) Ronak.Chetan D. high speed MAC unit using custom based approach Yogesh Malviya Extremely Low Prof.doc (19 KB) Yogesh_Malviya.in/?q=node/21/webform-results/table # Student Name Project Title Project Guide Malav.doc (47 KB) Sawprakash_Mohanty. D. D. Chetan D. of Pipelined ADC Low Power and High Speed Sample-and-Hold Circuit Swaprakash Design of a low Mohanty power. Sushanta Kumar Mandal Prof.doc (38 KB) Abstract Malav Shah Scan-Based BIST Prof.Chetan D.Chetan D. VLSI Testing (DFT) Nagchoudhuri Scheme for Low Heat Dissipation and Reduced Test Application Time Manu Tandon Ronak P.Chetan D.doc (1476 KB) anuradha.doc (25 KB) mangesh. Voltage Rail to Rail Nagchoudhuri Operational Amplifier Design Anuradha Ray A Novel Architecture of a CMOS LNA at 2.doc (26 KB) 2 of 5 2/1/2013 12:11 AM . D.Parikh Prof.tech Project Abstracts | VLSI http://vlsi.doc (25 KB) Divya Aggarwal Prof. Nagchoudhuri Manu_tandon. Nagchoudhuri Parikh Prof.ac.doc (25 KB) Mahavir jain.M.daiict.Parikh Prof.Parikh divyaagarwal.doc (12 KB) Neha Khera Design of LASER driver circuit Mangesh Bhalerao Built-In Self-Test for a Flash Analog to Digital Converter A Fault Diagnosis Algorithm for a Flash ADC using neha.4GHz Mahavir Jain BIST architecture for Mixed Signal Systems Prof. Nagchoudhuri.

Chetan Voltage High D.Chetan D.Parikh Performance.Chetan a constant-g m D. Wide Bandwidth Current Feedback Amplifier with Complementary Input Pair Area Reduction in 8 Bit Binary DAC using Current Multiplication Prof.doc (24 KB) Ram Sahay Singh Implementation of Prof.doc (25 KB) Maitry Upraity maitry.tech Project Abstracts | VLSI http://vlsi.Parikh narayana.doc (25 KB) Amit Kumar G upta An Optimized CM O S Comparator Design for Analog to Digital Converters Prof.Chetan D.M.Parikh divyadubey.Chetan D.Parikh CMOS op-amp input stage using overlapping of transition regions ramsahay.doc (24 KB) Divya Dubey Design of Low Prof.Parikh amit.Chetan D.doc (24 KB) Raju Kunde A Frequency Compensation Prof.doc (24 KB) 3 of 5 2/1/2013 12:11 AM .ac.daiict.doc (24 KB) Marshnil Dave Comparison of single-bit and multi-bit second order sigma-delta modulators Prof.in/?q=node/21/webform-results/table # Student Name Oscillation Based Testing Technique Project Title Project Guide Abstract Narayana Rao Low Power High Slew-Rate Adaptive Biasing Circuit for CMOS Amplifiers Prof.Parikh marshnil.Parikh raju.Chetan D.

Parikh sesha sai.Chetan I/O Buffer circuit D. D.Chetan D. Ranjith Ranjith.doc (27 KB) Bhavi Panchal Curvature Compensated all-CMOS voltage Reference Prof.Chetan D. Uday Kumar Akhil Rathore R.Parikh Bhavi Panchal.doc (24 KB) Vivek Verma Low-Voltage. Nagchoudhuri . Low-Power.doc (10 KB) Venkata Raghava Sesha Sai Design of a wideband low-phase-noise low power voltage controlled oscillator Prof.Chetan D.Chetan D.daiict.M.Parikh Uday Kumar. Prof. High Band-Width VGA Prof.ac.doc (27 KB) P.Prof. Ramesh Design of a low voltage high linearity mixer Prof.doc (28 KB) Design of a CMOS Prof. Sushanta Mandal Prof. D.doc (27 KB) ramesh.doc (27 KB) 4 of 5 2/1/2013 12:11 AM .Parikh vivek verma. High-Dynamic Range.tech Project Abstracts | VLSI http://vlsi. Sushanta Mandal Akhil Rathore.Parikh Design of low voltage high performance voltage controlled oscillator Designing of an Efficient Power Clock generation circuit for Complementary Prof.Parikh G arima.doc (27 KB) Ch.in/?q=node/21/webform-results/table # Student Name Technique For Low Voltage Three Stage Operational Amplifier Project Title Project Guide Abstract G arima Bajaj Design of Linear adaptive-biased operational amplifier Prof. Nagchoudhuri .Chetan D.

Sushanta Mandal Prof. Nagchoudhuri .doc (26 KB) Punam Sen G upta. Prof.ac.M.doc (27 KB) Contact Us Des igned and Maintained b y P. D.daiict.doc (26 KB) Prof.doc (26 KB) Rahul Dubey. Rahul Implementation of Dubey.doc (27 KB) Prof. a Pipelined Bitrapezoidal Architecture For Discrete Covariance Kalman Filter Vaibhav_Agarwal.tech Project Abstracts | VLSI http://vlsi. A S IC Implementation of Discrete Fourier Transform Processing Module Vishal Bhatt Low Power Microprocessor Design Vaibhav Agarwal A S IC Prof. Vaibhav_Agarwal.in/?q=node/21/webform-results/table # Student Name Pass-transistor Adiabatic Logic Carry Save Multiplier Project Title Project Guide Abstract Ajay Kumar A High Speed Sinha 512-point FFT Single-Chip Processor Architecture Punam Sen G upta Design of Low Power and high Speed Decoder for 1Mb Memory Navneet G upta.Rahul Dubey vishal_Bhatt. Nagchoudhuri Ajay Kumar Sinha_'. D.Sai Charan and Purushothaman Nair 5 of 5 2/1/2013 12:11 AM .