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Ladies and Gentlemen we have presence, Our mothers love, Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Peace for the audience and the presence of a religion other than Islam. First of all, let us pray thanks to God Almighty for the blessings that have been given to us all, that by His grace are we able to gather together here for the umpteenth time, especially in the morning in order to commemorate and animate "Mother's Day ". Furthermore, let us pray our gratitude to God for the strength given to us especially to the mothers, who to this day still has not lost his fighting spirit as well as practice in capturing the values contained in the wisdom of "Mother's Day" which we commemorated together with the mother in the whole of Indonesia beloved. Ladies and gentlemen, especially the mother. The role of mother in the present seems to intensify. At the same time, the weight of challenges we face. But as a great nation, then we must agree to never give up, never retreat, and never complained. All the challenges of everyday life as the delicious food that must be overcome with patience and awareness. In the midst of the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, mothers can feel, how great is the impact of technological developments in our family. The responsibility of a mother faced with various problems, a wide range of challenges, different forms of matter, even the Father of the problem had already been part of the problem of the mother. For that we appeal, do not belittle the role of the father of the mother. Because without a mother, we are like a bird will never fly perfectly. Like a bird will never fly mighty. he mother should also realize that with today's heavy duty must remain alert to the responsibilities of life. The responsibility of the mother is now not only limited to the responsibilities of the kitchen and the bed alone. More than that it was time for the mother to help the father, if necessary, assist the father outside the home, in the office even if it is also necessary on the battlefield. Ladies and gentlemen, we must also continue to know the limits. Do not interfere in what does not concern us. But still wary. When we can be helpful, when we are obliged to help and when did we take a stand against the father. Everything that we do to maintain the image of a mother. An image that should be sourced to the personality of the nation, as a nation that is a sublime personality, that personality Pancasila and the Constitution of '45. In carrying out everyday tasks may Allah Almighty always be with us. There is still much to be done. There are still many that have not been completed. Good luck,

happy to run errands, to achieve a happy family, family welfare above please Allah. Amen .. Ladies and gentlemen, the welcome from us, we are sorry if our speech is less pleasing to the audience here. Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Maulid Nabi ; Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb Youre Excellencies Chairman Dear the Judgment My Beloved Brother and Sisters In the name of Allah, the beneficent and the merciful. All praise be to Allah, the lord of the world, the master of the day after, and the creator of everything in this universe. He has no partner. Peace and salutations be upon the messenger, Muhammad SAW and his household, and his companions, and his faith full followers who strive in Islam. And I thank to protocol who has given me a time to speak today, entitled THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD IS A TRUE ROLE MODEL. My beloved brothers and sisters Now we should be happy. Just imagine, suppose this event was held just on the day of the birth of our prophet, the incomparable happiness will come over you and me and all of Muslims. And so essentially, this event is a tribute to his birth, the great prophet, the last prophet, and the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad SAW. A noble servant had been sent by Allah, he was born in the elephant year. He became the light in the midst of darkness. He leads us from darkness into the light of life, enhance human morality and straighten any irregularities. My beloved brothers and sisters We know that the prophet is a role model, but most of us would prefer to replace him with another position. In fact, who we look up now, mostly, they have strayed from the moral teaching of the prophet. This shows that we are not aware; the prophet is a true role model. Now we already know, and will we still be running in the unconscious? Do you still want to get lost? Don't you interested in the owner of the great moral figure? Are we going to forget our prophet, Muhammad? My beloved brothers and sisters Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca. His mother doesnt feel any pain when she gave birth. God has instilled the noble qualities or characteristics of prophet hood. The properties of this prophecy are Sidik, Amanah, Tabligh, Fatonah. My beloved brothers and sisters Prophet Muhammad never lied. What he said was a very precious pearl. Imagine, that we are alive, and Prophet Muhammad is in our midst now, then we should not hesitate to entrust something to him. He always runs the mandate. Not a single verse was unturned to be delivering to his people, and he is really intelligent. My beloved brothers and sisters Now we already know, and will we still be running in the unconscious? Do you still want to get lost? Don't you interested in him? Are we going to forget our prophet, Muhammad? My beloved brothers and sisters I think its complete enough for me up to this point. The wrong utterance is caused by limitation of my ability and the right one is for Allah. May Allah forgive us for our short comings. May Allah reward us for the best of

what we have done. At last I say you Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb

ISRA AND MIRAJ Bismillahirahmaanirrohiim... Assalammualaikum Wr. Wb. Praise be to Allah, the God who perpetuates his servants with Isro and Miroj. He perpetuates it by making this story as the great miracle. I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, there is no partner with him. I also bear witness that Muhammad is his servant and his messenger. May peace and prayers be upon our adoration. Amma badu. Dear brothers and sisters ! The event of Isro MIroj is one of the miracle of our prophet SAW Allah honor s our great prophet deeply with this miracle when he experienced painful and frightening luck. At that time, the disbelievers tortured the messenger with the smartest tortures, interfered. With his missionary endeavour by employing various manners. Shatterd his followers and disciples. All of these painful suffering took his climax after his uncle and his wife passed away. Abu Tholib, the messengers uncle who used to protect Islamic endeavour, and Khadijah, the messengers wife who used to be his partner when he was suffering, passed away at mostly the same time. These events certainly sudden him very much. He was really sad with the demise of his two protections. With the heavyhearted, he went to taif land in order to get new endorsement. He excepted that in this new land he found people who would be ready to help his religious endeavour. Unfortunately, what he found, was that the thaif people suddenly palted him with stones until his feet were bloody. He got more sad and confused for seeing the development of this mission. In his most confusion and sadness, Allahhonored him deeply by taking him to have Isro Miroj. These two events were for affirming and calming down the messengers heart. Allah showered the messenger with mercy and nobelty from Sidratul Muntaha. Beside him was heaven which was ready to stay in Sidratul Muntaha, he saw the glory and the greatness of Allah, a view that could not be seen by anyone but the messenger. He got full of spirit and was really comforted with this journey which brought happiness. Dear ladies and gentlemen, my brothers and sisters in faith and religion. In the journey of Isro Miroj he also witnessed many add events which could be lesson for the Moslems. Among others thing is what was told by Abu Hurairah r.a

that the messenger said that, At the night when I was taken to Isro Miroj, that was when I arrived at the seventh sky. I saw can odd view. I saw upward, and suddenly, I found thunder, flash of lighting, and thunderbolt. I the came to a group off people whose stomaches were like a house containing snakes. The snakes could be been from outside their stomaches. I the asked, O Jibril, who are they? He answered, they are people who used to eat usury. This hadith was told by Imam Ahmad. At the night, the messenger also witnessed other events. All of which you can find in his narratives in the books of hadith. Dear brothers and sisters who are honored by Allah. The event of Isro and Miroj is purposeful, and the real purpose is to bring the messenger to Allah, to receive his commandment to do five-time prayers. The value of the reward of these five-time prayers is the same with that of fifty five. As what was previously commanden to messenger received this commandment directly from Allah to be delivered directly to the human kind. In Islam, prayers constitue the pillar of religion and the media of contact between human and Allah. Besides, prayer can also cause a close relationship among the Moslems anywhere they are. The most important thing we have to know in this occasion is that Isro Miroj is the miracle of the previous messengers. The miracles of the previous messengers where visible and could arise two different responses, those are encouraging people to be believer or even disbelievers. In addition the visible miracles can end when the events have been finished on the other hand, the miracle of the messenger. Muhammad SAW is always alive and enternal. The enternity is valid for each generation and never lasting. Even, this continuously experiences renewal all the time. It speaks to the reason and encourages it to think. Ladies and Gentlemen ! Another thing which is important to remember is understanding the meaning of the must of doing prayer. By commemorating Isro Miroj the Moslems are asked to think and understand the meaning of the must of doing prayer so that they will always keep this commandment. They are also asked to penetrate the essence and the use of prayer, so that they will not disobey this must. It is prayer which can put the servant in contact with his God and which distinct the believers and the disbelievers Allah said in his noble sacred book : Nay seek (Allahs) help with patient perseverance and prayer : It is indeed hard, except to those who bring a lowly spirit who bear in mind the certainly that they are to met their lord, and that they are return to him (Al Baqarah : 45-46)

Wassalammualaikum Wr. Wb.