[Dec-11] [MPRBA-MM-502


(Effective from the admitted batch 2008–09)

Time: 3 Hours

Max.Marks: 60

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Instructions: All parts of a section must be answered in one place only. Figures in the right hand margin indicate marks allotted. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SECTION-A 1. Answer any FIVE of the following: Each answer should not exceed one page. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Balance of payments Regional Integration Global Customers Formal Marketing Research Global Product Positioning Pricing Strategy Special Economic zone Foreign Sales promotion SECTION-B Answer the following: UNIT-I 2. a) What do you mean by Globalisation? Describe the major trends in the world that will affect marketing



b) Explain Cross-cultural complications. How to overcome them? 8 UNIT-II 3. a) Outline the basic steps for the Marketing Research Process 8

The company is planning to enter into the household insecticides market. The marketing research department was given the job to make a quick study and to provide suitable information so as to facilitate the company in taking a decision regarding entering the household insecticides market. Case Let (Compulsory): A Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company is producing highly ethical products sold through doctors all over the country. a) Explain in detail the different market segmentation bases generally used for agro-based goods in global marketing OR 8 8 b) State the Criteria for Grouping countries in the global market UNIT-IV 5. a) What criteria should global marketers consider when making product design decisions? OR 8 b) List out the factors that influence the channel structures and strategies available to global marketers UNIT-V 6. company products to retail outlets. 10 . a) What are the objectives of Multinational Sales Management? OR 8 8 8 b) How does personal selling differ in global markets? SECTION-C 7. Its sales force. plan the manpower requirements and draw budget estimates for carrying out such a study c) Suggest a suitable format of the final report to be submitted to the Managing Director [51/VT/211] b) Briefly discuss about information requirements of a Global Market UNIT-III 4.OR Questions: 8 a) Outline the information needs of the company for its new product planning and suggest the investigation process b) Draw a suitable time frame. of 250 sales representatives supported by 20 sales offices located in all major cities. They have the technical know-how to manufacture and the infrastructure to market the insecticides.