The management is caught in a dilemma.

On one hand, the consultancy firm recommended for price cuts but on the other aggressive advertising which has a telling effect on expenditure is also recommended. To compound the problem, competition from two more five star hotels likely to be started within a year, is hovering around like a gathering storm. Questions: 1. Comment on the survey findings. In the light of these, what are the reasons for the falling demand of Mayur International Hotel? 2. Evaluate the suggestions offered by consultancy agency to improve the services of Mayur Hotel 3. As a marketing manager, what marketing strategy do you suggest to revitalize the services of Mayur International hotel?


a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Classification of goods Significance of services Market segmentation Service Gap Intermediaries Pricing Strategies External Marketing Promotion of Services SECTION-B Answer the following: UNIT-I 2. Answer any FIVE of the following: Each answer should not exceed one page. a) Analyse the opportunities and threats to Broad-casting services in India particularly in view of competition from TV and cable network.Marks: 60 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Instructions: All parts of the unit must be answered in one place only. a) Explain the distinction between goods and services Marketing with suitable examples OR (5 x 2 =10) 8 b) Define service.[MPRBA-MM-501] MBA DEGREE EXAMINATION V TRIMESTER SERVICES MARKETING (Effective from the admitted batch 2008–09) Time: 3 Hours Max. How do you design suitable strategies to reposition the broadcasting services? 8 8 . Examine the expanding opportunities of services Marketing in India UNIT-II 3. Figures in the right hand margin indicate marks allotted. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION-A 1.

a) What is internal marketing? Also state its importance and strategies OR 8 b) “Advertisements today relies heavily on sex exploitation and tends to achieve its objectives by arousing the basic instincts of man” – Do you agree with this statement? Suggest control measures to be adopted in this regard SECTION-C 7.OR b) What do you mean by Demand? What factors are to be considered in predicting demand for services? UNIT-III 4. Mayur International is the only five star hotel in the city. i. film personalities. Case Let (Compulsory): Hotel Mayur International (P) Ltd is a five star hotel setup in Hyderabad in 1975. business executives. people of higher strata. a) Explain the basic service package with suitable examples OR 8 8 b) Discuss the various types of service gap and provide suitable ways to reduce them UNIT-IV 5. political dignitaries and other professionals patronize five star hotels. 8 10 . industrialists. Therefore. demand for star hotel is dependent on the events that take place in the city involving these groups. Generally.e. a) What are the objectives of pricing of services? Explain pricing methods followed in services OR 8 8 8 b) Discuss the delivery of services through intermediaries UNIT-V 6. Out of 15 star hotels.

health club. regrettably there has been gradual erosion to the demand for its services. use of other media. After 2008. The management of Mayur Hotel hired the services of a consultancy agency which conducted a survey by interviewing 200 regular customers. Image building : Improving public relations and personalized services. Pricing : To offer price discounts. Promotion : To revitalize promotion mix through aggressive advertising. most of the customers shifted to other Star hotels Public relations was ignored by the hotel The consultancy firm has suggested the following measures to improve the services of Mayur International Hotel: Service Mix : To add services like. . The important results of survey were as follows: 46% customers felt that service was of average quality while 34% rated as good About 85% customers felt that price was high 65% of customers availed boarding and lodging facilities while only 13% used conference halls Only advertising was used as a tool of promotion Due to high price. seasonal discounts on conference halls and marriage functions. ladies club etc.Over the years. children park. the response to these measures have been quite encouraging. concessional prices to families. beauty parlour. in house photographer. the Hotel has extended its operations enormously and endeavoured to improve the quality of services. Upto 2008.