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Subject: Español 1/2 Teachers: Señoras

Eliassen and Feider
• Follow all school rules.
• Show respect to everyone.
• Be responsible for your actions.
• No food or drinks in the room except water.
• No hats or hoods worn in the room.
• No cell phones/ game systems/ music devices visible or audible in the classroom.
(Be aware of school policy)

Daily Required Materials
• Text Book—“Así Se Dice” (must be covered)
• Pens and Pencils (please do not use red or light colors)
• Paper and a binder or folder to organize materials
• Spanish to English dictionary is recommended, but not required

What You Will be Learning
• Tons of Vocabulary
• Grammar Skills
• Culture Appreciation

Grades (notas)

Quarterly grades figured as follows: Semester grades figured as follows:
• 40% exams (exámenes) • 45% first quarter grade
• 25% assignments (tarea) • 45% second quarter grade
• 20% quizzes (pruebas or quizicitos) • 10% semester final
• 15% participation (participación)

Exams and Quizzes
• If you have an excused absence on the day of a quiz or exam, you have two days when
you return to take it, or you will receive a zero. You must make up quizzes and exams
before or after school. Please let me know when you can make up the test. If the
absence is unexcused, you will receive a zero.
• Those who tend to finish tests quickly should bring other work on that day. You will not
be allowed to leave the room and must stay quiet until ALL tests are turned in. I may
deduct points from your test or quiz if these rules are not followed.
• Those who earn an “A” average at the semester grading periods and complete review
assignments for the final do not have to take the semester exam!! Further
requirements may be made by the teacher.
• An assignment is given nearly everyday. Often you will have SOME time in class to work
on it.
• Most assignments are worth 10 points. You will receive a stamp on your paper if it is
completed on the due date. You are then required to correct the assignment to 100% in
class for full credit.
• Assignments for the chapter will be collected in a packet when the chapter test is
taken. Late assignments can be turned in at this time for partial credit.
• If absent, please check the homework board and folder for any missed assignments and
ask other reliable students. The assignment will be due the day after you have
returned. Full credit will not be given until I have seen the assignment and signed it.
This takes the place of the stamp. It is your responsibility to ask for my initials on the
day you return to class.

• You will receive five points daily that you are in class participating in the activities.
• You will lose points if you are talking when you shouldn’t, if you are not working when you
should, if you are tardy, or if you have an unexcused absence. The tardy and absence
policies of MLHS will be in effect for this class.

A little bit more…
• The hall pass is a privilege; don’t abuse it. Use the breaks between classes wisely. You
will not be allowed to use the pass during the first or last ten minutes of class, nor while
any member of the class is speaking to the class. Each student is given 3 passes per
semester. When you have used them, you will no longer be allowed to leave. Unused
passes may be submitted for extra credit at the end of the semester.
• Cheating on assignments will result in earning zero points on that assignment and the loss
of participation points for the week. Cheating on a test or a quiz will be the same, but in
addition, you will be written up and a call will go home to the people in charge of you.
That’s a lot of points and punishments…DON’T CHEAT!!!