AAB Style, one of the USA’s foremost wholesale jewelry brands adds new piercing supplies to its product

One of the USA’s leading wholesale jewelry brands AAB style, announces the addition of its new trend-setting line of piercing supplies. The jewelry retailer also speciali es in stainless steel jewelry products. AAB Style, one of the USA’s unri!aled and pree"inent wholesale jewelry brands redefines fashion this winter with the launch of its new trend-setting body piercing supplies. AAB has ti"e and again co"e up with inno!ati!e product lines, attracting eyeballs of fashion conscious "en and wo"en globally. #eedless to "ention, the stainless steel jewelry products of AAB are !ery popular a"ongst attention see$ing "en and wo"en.

%usto"ers will be able to choose fro" a wide-range of wholesale piercing supplies as per their re&uire"ents and elegantly enhance their appearance. The jewelry products designed and "anufactured by AAB are internationally recogni ed for their class and &uality and hence, custo"ers buying these products will not ha!e to battle s$in infection or itching unli$e inferior &uality of piercing jewelry supplied by so"e run of the "ill retailers. According to one of the senior spo$esperson at AAB Style '(e are de!oted to pro!ide inno!ati!e jewelry products to fashion conscious "en and wo"en. Our wholesale piercing jewelry blends superior crafts"anship and !i!acious designs. The new line of piercing jewelry products are beautiful and tactile and undergo a rigorous &uality chec$ so to ensure that we continue to pro!ide un"atched &uality to our custo"ers at affordable rates. Our s$in friendly piercing jewelry will ensure that the wearer stands out fro" the crowd and be the center of attraction a"ongst

friends, co""unities and fa"ily "e"bers. )!en today we ha!en’t forgotten our founding principles li$e &uality, !alue, selection and ser!ice and all our products are "anufactured centering these principles. (e are also the pioneers of stainless steel jewelry products adhering to the *+, - standard. Our "ain goal is to help our custo"ers loo$ chic..

AAB style is USA’s pree"inent wholesale jewelry retailer pro!iding one of its $ind body piercing and stainless steel jewelry products at poc$et friendly rates. -ocated in /lantation, 0-. for the past decade, AAB Style, 1nc. has been a world "ar$et leader "anufacturing tactile and high &uality jewelry designs with round the cloc$ superior custo"er ser!ices, e2ceeding custo"er e2pectations worldwide e!ery "inute. 1f you want to custo"i e wholesale piercing supplies or buy stainless steel jewelry products, !isit3 http://www.aabstyle.com/ Address6851 West unrise !oule"ard# uite 1$%# &lantation# '( )))1) *elephone: +,5-.-)/$--/6/ tate 0 'lorida 1ip code - )))1)