Following are the directive questions to understand the sales forecasting in the case.

Find out the answers to following questions while analysing the case and use excel sheet with the exhibit data of the case wherever required/possible.

1.) Calculate the historical growth rate for PVB product family and fiver valves family and forecasted growth rate for both. 2.) What are the controllable and uncontrollable factors in this demand forecasting? 3.) Find out the a. Procyclic indicators - indicators that move in the same direction as economy b. Countercyclic indicators – indicators that move in the opposite direction to the economy which means when economy weakens, a countercyclic indicator will strengthen and vis-a-vis. c. Acyclic – indicator that reflect no indication on how the economy is performing. Is there any co-relation between these economic indicators and the performance of the company looking at the data? 4.) Which departments are likely to use the sales forecast? 5.) Which method has been implemented in the case? What are the pros and cons? 6.) Is there any seasonality or trend present in the demand? Analyse the same.