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To satisfy strong global demand, energy companies are extending fossil fuel exploration and recovery efforts to increasingly remote and challenging environments. Meeting these challenges requires a working knowledge of the environments encountered in unexplored regions, along with a deep understanding of the performance and durability characteristics of the equipment and structures used to reach and recover resources. Gaining these insights requires precise application and control of mechanical force and motion in the test lab, along with realistic simulation of extreme operating conditions. MTS provides the knowledge, technology leadership and global support necessary to help energy companies perform accurate, repeatable mechanical testing of drilling and mining components and structures. Our solutions also help characterize components and materials used in pipes and pipe connections. When you choose MTS, you will be well equipped to pursue the most promising new fossil fuel resources with speed and confidence, and convert these fuels into energy with optimal efficiency. Contact your local MTS Sales Representative to learn more about the latest MTS test innovations, including: »» Pipe and Connection Testing Systems »» MTS Actuators and Hydraulic Components »» MTS High-Force Servohydraulic Test Systems
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Self-Reaching Bend Fixture and Actuator Axial Load Actuator Swivel Bearings Axial Load Cell Compression External Internal 100% VME pipe body yield envelope 95% VME pipe body yield envelope


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Typical API RP 5C5/ISO 13679 Load Path

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Today, oil and gas exploration requires drilling at greater depths than in the past imposing significant demands on casing and tubing connections. Industry standards API Recommended Practice 5C5 and ISO 13679 define loading and environmental conditions required for connection certification. MTS has developed testing solutions to enable you to test your casing and tubing connections to the tension and compression loads, simultaneous bending, internal and external pressures and thermal conditions defined by these specifications.

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The FlexTest controllers are based on a modular architecture that features uniquely field-upgradeable processors.High-Force Testing System Components All MTS structural test and simulation solutions combine advanced FlexTest® controls. this software gives you the power to boost your lab’s efficiency and productivity. which simplifies testing standardization and optimization. greater configurability and more setup options than previous platforms. The FlexTest Controller Family comes in various sizes and capacities: the FlexTest 40.they can be deployed directly in the lab. The controllers allow users to design and automate virtually any material. To meet the most demanding requirements MTS offers a variety of high-capacity hydraulic power solutions. FlexTest 60. compact handset for convenient specimen installation and test setup. With applications. easy-to-use MTS application software. You can easily test to specific industry standards — or pursue your own interpretation of a standard — with customizable. modules and options that are designed to be adaptable to your evolving needs. robust MTS actuators and reliable MTS hydraulic power solutions to meet your most challenging test and simulation needs – now and well into the future. The software also captures all setup data and test results. component or structural test including those prescribed by ISO 13679. FlexTest Controllers The family of MTS FlexTest Controllers allows test labs to more easily scale testing activities up or down. They are designed to run the full array of MTS application software. eliminating the need for special pump housing facilities and reducing supply line length and space requirements. All provide higher channel densities and capacities.below normal ambient levels commonly found in laboratory environments . FlexTest 100. components and structures. MTS TestSuite™ Multipurpose Testing Software MTS TestSuite™ Multipurpose Testing Software provides a flexible and productive environment for general-purpose testing of materials. . and include an optional. depending on their needs. so you can quickly repeat tests or export data to stand-alone MTS TestSuite analysis packages and a Reporter Add-in for Excel. FlexTest controllers share common sets of hardware boards and user interface tools. and FlexTest 200. Capable of operating at only 58-72 dbA . The ability to upgrade the processors makes it easy to adapt the controllers to future test requirements and accommodate lab expansion and updates. Hydraulic Power Solutions MTS SilentFlo HPUs are the cleanest and quietest hydraulic power supplies available. “plug-and-play” modules.

operation and maintenance of individual test systems without disturbing other systems. they are deployed worldwide to test civil structural components. MTS HSMs also minimize the effects of the rapid application and removal of high pressure. This allows convenient. and tension. MTS offers a complete family of highly reliable and durable hydraulic actuators. as well as store energy for transient events that require peak performance. rock and cement. Highly configurable.High-Force Testing System Components MTS Hydraulic Service Manifolds MTS Hydraulic Service Manifolds (HSMs) provide independent pressure regulation for the precise control. Our high-force actuators are designed specifically to meet the demands of mechanical testing in a wide range of civil. you can turn each hydraulic circuit on or off and independently set low-pressure levels. reducing unexpected actuator movement that could damage the test article or the test system. fracture growth studies. By integrating extremely stiff MTS servohydraulic load frames. MTS test application software and a host of accessory options. Model 815 Model 311 Model 816 Model 64 MTS Landmark™ System . efficient test setup. FlexTest® controls. these systems can be easily adapted to perform fatigue life studies. They also provide rapid pressure reduction to ensure safety. concrete. »» Double-ended or single-ended piston design »» Superior reliability and versatility »» Proprietary MTS seal and bearing designs for superior performance and life »» MTS-exclusive direct-bonded polymer bearings for reduced friction »» Hydraulic cushions to protect the end caps Rock and Material Test Solutions MTS servohydraulic test systems are engineered to deliver years of reliable testing in all types of lab environments. By installing MTS HSMs into the hydraulic lines between the HPU and servovalve. High-Force Actuators Applying unmatched engineering and test technology expertise. bending and compression tests. general materials. geomechanical and structural applications. isolation and distribution of hydraulic fluid to test stations.

A. support and consulting staff of any testing solution provider.mts.937.S. MN 55344-2290 USA Telephone: 1. and SilentFlo is a trademark of MTS Systems Corporation in the United States. Minnesota MTS Systems Corporation 14000 Technology Drive Eden Prairie. Professional Services & Consulting MTS provides expert presales support to help you design the most capable and cost-effective lab possible. and responsive post sales support to help you realize the most out of your MTS test equipment investment. These trademarks may be protected in other countries.952. Accessories & Upgrades MTS offers the world’s best selection of high quality testing accessories.com ISO 9001 Certified QMS MTS. RTM No. Lifetime System Protection MTS helps you ensure the productive life of your MTS test equipment by offering extended warranties and software support and upgrade programs. FlexTest. 211177.937.4515 E-mail: info@mts.328. 100-277-863 Premium Pipe Connection Printed in U. This global team offers lifecycle management services for all your test systems to maximize your test laboratory’s productivity and help you complete test programs as quickly as possible. Factory and field upgrades and rebuilds are performed by industry experts. © 2013 MTS Systems Corporation. 7/13 .Unrivaled Service & Support MTS fields one of the largest.4000 Toll Free: 1.2255 Fax: 1. expert on-site service and telephone support. Maintenance Services & Spare Parts The global MTS service organization fields more than 275 field service staff worldwide to deliver rapid. MTS Landmark and MTS Criterion are registered trademarks.com www.952. most experienced worldwide service. MTS headquarters in Eden Prairie.800.