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Dubai Derma 2013 Reflected a Rich Global Skin Care Market
The 13th Dubai World Dermatology & Laser Conference & Exhibition – Dubai Derma 2013, held on April 16th – 18th at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre under the patronage of H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance and President of the Dubai Health Authority; reflected a rich global skin care market with an even larger exhibition and a more comprehensive scientific program. Dubai Derma 2013 concluded with a resounding success continuing its legacy as the Most Prestigious Conference & Exhibition on Dermatology & Laser. Dubai Derma plays a significant role in bringing renowned healthcare professionals from across the world to discuss the best international practices & technologies in the field of Dermatology and Laser. This event was made possible by INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions Org. Est., a member of Index Holding with the cooperation and support of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), International Academy of Medical Specialization (IAMS), GCC League of Dermatologists and Pan Arab League of Dermatology.


Special Acknowledgement
The Dubai Derma 2013 organising and scientific committees sincerely thank all speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, participants and visitors who made a valuable contribution in the event’s success.

Dubai Derma 2013 Facts & Figures
» More than 250 Exhibiting » » » » » » » »
Companies 20% Exhibition Growth Over 6000 Conference Attendees and Trade Visitors 23% More in Participant Attendance 12% Increase in Trade Visitors More than 80 Eminent Speakers 35% Increase in Trade Visitors Accredited Workshops on Skin Fillers & Botox The Popular Hands-On Workshops on Skin Fillers & Botox Over 40 Company Symposiums & Practical Workshops 24 Credit Hours granted for the Dermatology & Dermatopathology Course 18 Credit Hours Awarded to Participants of the Conference 2 Credit Hours given for each Workshop

His Excellency Engr. Essa Al Haj Al Maidooor, Director General of Dubai Health Authority inaugurated the thirteenth edition of the Dubai World Dermatology and Laser Conference and Exhibition – Dubai Derma 2013 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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Pre-Conference Course

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The Pre Conference Course on Dermatology & Dermatopathology which was held on April 12th – 15th was aimed to prepare the participants for the Arab Board of Dermatology. The major topics covered are: Alopecia, Clinical Cases for the Boards, Cosmeceuticals, Dermatopathology Cases Common and May Be Seen in the Exam, Establishing Hair Clinic, Facial Muscles Anatomy, General Non-Neoplastic Dermatopathology Patterns, Genodermatoses, Highlight of Arab Board Residency Program, Histopathology of Blistering Disorders, Keranitization, Latest in Acne, Skin Adnexal Neoplasm, Skin Manifestation of Systemic Diseases and Skin Emergency, Skin Tumors, Structural Biology of Epidermis and Basement Membrane, Surgery for Dermatologist, Systemic Therapy and Topical Therapy.

The course showcased the very popular “Mock Exam”. The exam simulate the environment of the Arab Board of Dermatology exam and allowed the attendees to feel acquainted and at ease for the real board exam. The Mock Exam comprised of questions not only covered during the preconference course sessions, but those that may be asked during the actual exam in May. In addition, the highest 3 marks were honored with cash prizes.

Winners of the Mock Exam
1st 2nd 3rd
Mohammed H. Abdul Jabbar Anwar Al Sumait Attaa A. Q. Al Hajji

The topics highlighted were: Acne. More than 6. Exhibition The glamorous exhibition reflected a rich skin care market with an exhibition space of more than 5. Ahmed Bany Hashem. finding new agents/distributors/importers and obtaining new clients. of the visitors are interested to participate next year as an exhibitor. 95% 98% of the visitors consider Dubai Derma as a platform to generate new business leads. Accredited Workshops on Skin Fillers & Botox discussed interesting cases and the latest innovation in the use of fillers & botox. Aesthetic Medicine.Conference The Dubai Derma Conference provided high-quality sessions & lectures that meet the medical education and training requirements of Dermatologists and Professionals of this field. Alopecia. Psoriasis. Melasma. Trade Visitor’s Survey of the visitors achieved their goals and met their expectations during the three-day show. Rhinoplasty and Vitiligo. The UAE University recognised Dubai Derma’s aim to provide an opportunity for continuing medical education in the field of dermatology and accredited the scientific program with 18 credit hours. It was well attended with over 230 companies from 55 countries who displayed leading brands in Dermatology & Laser. Ayman Al Naeem were acknowledged. Accredited CME Workshops The Workshops on Skin Fillers and Botox provided a great opportunity for the delegates to learn specific techniques and best practices which they can employ in their profession. Leukoderma. Chemical Peels. Lasers. Resident doctors from Tawam Hospital and Sheikh Khalifa Medical Centre (SKMC) participated. Body Contouring. 61% Were pleased with the quality and quantity of visitors at Dubai Derma 2013. Liposuction. Psychodermatology. The workshop faculty was spearheaded by Dr. 93% 95% Were satisfied with the overall organisation and services provided by the organisers. Confirmed their Participation in Dubai Derma 2014. Hyperpigmentation of the Skin. Latest in Medical Dermatology & Research. Pediatric Dermatology. Latest in Dermatopharmacotherapy. These are presented in two ways: Lecture with Video Demonstration & Moderator and Hands-on workshop. The Best Cases presented by Dr. Anti-Aging. Best Practices for 2013. Hassan Galadari.000sqm.000 Visitors and Conference Participants viewed the spectacular display of an array of products and equipments during the three-day exhibition. Dr. Khawla Al Nuaimi and Dr. Cosmetic Dermatology. Facial Rejuvenation Techniques. Hair & Nail Disorders & Treatments. Dermatological Therapies & Surgeries. Dermatology Science. expanding new markets. Dubai Derma marked another milestone of success with the attendance of the world’s top specialists and doctors. Dermatopathology. Once again the conference featured the popular Case Report Presentation and Competition. Plastic Surgery for the Dermatologist. 31% . Exhibitor’s Survey Nearly all exhibitors met their objectives in launching their state-of-the-art equipment and latest products to a world-wide audience whilst establishing new contacts. Nanodermatology.

Obagi Assaad Atallah ” We are attending Dubai Derma for many years and it is becoming bigger and bigger. Dubai Derma is very well-organised. Brand Manager.I’m very happy because year after year I see that Dubai Derma becomes a big congress in the Middle East and worldwide. We saw the improvement of the crowd flow into our booth and this year has been a very good year for us. ” Consultant Dermatologists/ Professors in Dermatology Physicians / General / Medical Practitioners Business Investors / Developers / Directors / Managers / Executives Cosmetic Surgeons Laser Surgeons / Laser Specialists Plastic Surgeons Cosmetics / Pharmaceutical / Medical Traders Anti-Aging Specialists Key Decision Makers and Government Representatives Others: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. we are growing very fast and each year is always better. The quality of the visitors is great. Brand Manager. the attendance to our stand was very good and better than the previous years. The organisation is amazing that’s why we keep on coming every year. We are looking forward to launch more of our products in Dubai Derma 2014. Managing Director. Export Manager. ” Manager. The doctors tried the machines and we are achieving great results. Medica ” Health Care Practitioners Wellness and Spa Managers and Owners Aestheticians / Cosmetologists Joseph Zgheib Dubai Derma is a well-organised event and one of the best that we’ve attended. Lumenis ” Nidal Naji We participate in Dubai Derma every year and consider the participation to be valuable. MC Body Roger Treit It’s our 6th year in Dubai Derma and we had a tremendous experience. Lunatus Dr. We have a big stand this year and participants are enthusiastic to come to us to know the latest technology. It’s a good opportunity for us to be in Dubai Derma and we have a plan to make a bigger booth next year. Javed Nazami ” Pharmaceutical Professionals and Medical Representatives 157 Hair and Nail Therapists 139 . We have live treatments in our booth to show our machine and technology for non-invasive medical treatments. “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ ” Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of the Participants and Visitors at Dubai Derma 2013 Regional Sales Director. General Manager. we had very good exposure to regional doctors from across the region and from different countries. Next year we plan to have a bigger booth with a bigger investment because we found out that our key customers visit us here and we have a chance to promote our product on a broader perspective with more number of customers. I see more and more dermatologists with high quality lectures. Isis Pharma Hanane Flayou Dubai Derma is the biggest event in the Middle East and Asia. General Manager. More than 1500 doctors visited our booth. Bioderma “ Jean Gerard Dubai Derma is an exciting event. Dubai Derma 2013 has been a wonderful event. It’s important for the laboratories in the region to participate and support Dubai Derma to become a world congress. ICIM International Srl William Scott Agostini ” It’s Medica’s 10th year in Dubai Derma. It’s important for us to attend this major event in the Middle East which provided a great business platform where we meet a lot of Dermatologists from the Middle East. Dansys Medical & Aesthetic Equipment ” Jamil Maalouf We celebrate another year in Dubai Derma. Media Beauty Specialists / Therapists 2140 1104 834 588 505 494 454 334 267 229 215 203 193 160 Director.

Block B. equipment and machine. Sandine 8-10 April . Office 203 | Dubai Healthcare City P.index. Guests had the opportunity to network with the cream of the crop in the industry in an amazing atmosphere and great entertainment. reach their target market and subsequently sell their | Website: www. Dubai . Beauty Leaders. Several exhibitors took advantage of the opportunity and conducted a symposium or workshop to highlight their presence during the three-day show. Malaysia 25 Mexico 7 Monaco 6 Morocco 17 Netherlands 19 New Zealand 8 Nigeria 47 Norway 3 Oman 298 Pakistan 320 Palestine 9 Peru 2 Philippines 17 Poland 8 Portugal 4 Qatar 249 Romania 13 Russian Federation 18 Saudi Arabia 546 Sierra Leone 7 Singapore 36 Slovak Republic 18 South Africa 17 South Korea 57 Spain 24 Sri Lanka 28 Sudan 42 Sweden 20 Switzerland 32 Syria 102 Tanzania 4 Thailand 13 The Netherlands 3 Togo 4 Tunisia 3 Turkey 25 Turkmenistan 2 UAE 4. Japan Bio Products. Bader Sultan. Jeisys. Box: 13636. D&D. Ilooda. Mark your calendar NOW! www. The workshops conducted by AK International. Medica and Leader Healthcare organised symposiums on April 17-18 that showcased the features of the extensive range of brands that they are distributing. efficient utilisation and function provided dermatologists and specialists to facilitate their practice in sophisticated quality. Ibn Sina Medical Complex # 27.dubaiderma. Palomar. Sesderma and SkinCeuticals was indeed a bestseller as several doctors were keen to discover the latest technology and innovations in their practice. The Dubai Derma 2013 Gala Dinner held last April 17th in Atlantis. Obagi Medical.Symposiums and Practical Workshops Recent technological advancements in the field of dermatology and skin care with a comprehensive demonstration of its features.O. The Palm added a more memorable experience to the delegates of the event.United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 3624717 | Fax: +971 4 3624718 E-mail: info@dubaiderma. Dansys.159 UK 65 USA 46 Yemen 28 See you at: INDEX® Conferences & Exhibitions Organisation Est. Countries Represented by the Participants and Visitors at Dubai Derma 2013 Afghanistan Algeria Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada China Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Egypt Finland France Georgia Germany Ghana Greece Hong Kong India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Italy Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kuwait Lebanon Libya Lithuania Luxembourg 1 15 3 12 5 7 48 26 1 4 13 7 15 11 13 9 7 6 92 2 43 7 47 7 50 19 428 11 98 85 6 36 12 93 3 6 292 91 24 7 3 Social Activities Distinguished guests and speakers of Dubai Derma 2013 had a leisurely evening during the VIP Dinner on April 15th at the Emirates Towers Hotel.