Thought of the Moment "Discrimination grows through contemplative action.

" Amma God will not tell you that you should desire Him above all else, because He wants your love to be freely given, without "prompting." That is the whole secret in the game of this universe. He who created us yearns for our love. He wants us to give it spontaneously, without His asking. Our love is the one thing God does not possess, unless we choose to bestow it. So, you see, even the Lord has something to attain: our love. And we shall never be happy until we give it. - Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda "How You Can Talk With God" The Lord, like a lump of sugar, is sweetness all over. All differences and distinctions are the illusions of people with body consciousness. Consider this example: A mother having four children does not give the other three as much attention and care as she gives to the child in the cradle. Even if the child does not call out for it, she is ever vigilant to give it food. The other three come and ask her for food and things to play with. Observing this, you cannot pronounce her a bad mother or a partial mother. The mother adjusts her activities to the capacity and ability of the child. So too, though the entire world is His, though all are His children, He graces and blesses each one according to one s capacity and ability. To ascribe any fault to such selfless, sincere, simple, ever-blissful Providence is like attributing darkness to the Sun - it is an act of sheer ignorance! Live from day to day," he said, "remembering that all sustenance comes from God." Christ said: "Sell all that thou hast...and come, follow me. There should be nothing on earth that you cannot give up for God. If you cannot renounce at least some of your bad habits, moods, and materiality for Him, you are a weakling; and God cannot be attained by weaklings. Mental strength is absolutely necessary in order to find God. Unless one brings God into his life, creating a dynamic balance, difficulties arise no matter where or how one lives.

If I eat. Then kantulse of the devotee who shows off to the world his devotion by the sacred tulasi (a sacred plant) leaf stuck into the ear. mukhahalsa of him whose words flow like water." "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. If you think of God while you perform your duties in this world. I don't miss it. Let me do what God wants me to do. as the Bhagavad Gita teaches.What you want to do is not necessarily what you should do. First. I offer this day unto You. The little ego no longer holds sway in this body. all right."* The Lord did not create this world to torture us. Therefore I feel no attachment to food. Sri Ramakrishna Beware of these different types of people. You alone dwell here. affirm: "Lord. but inwardly I am aware that it is God who is eating through me. you will be mentally united with Him. Both meditation and right activity are essential. I enjoy the food I eat. if I don't eat. If you work with the consciousness that you are doing it to please God. but not of it not absorbed or lost in its materiality. but also when you are working. It is easy to do what you want to do. The purpose of this test is to see if in carrying on our material duties we can still keep our minds centred in Him. The idea is to learn to relate all experiences to God. your thoughts should be constantly anchored in Him. Therefore do not imagine that you can find God only in meditation. When you awaken in the morning. Of dighal ghomta . And then bhetarbunde of him the door of whose heart is closed to you. Not only when you are meditating. but that is slavery. but to test us. that activity unites you with Him. if we can learn to be in the world.

O Mother. I don t ask for name and fame." Amma . I don t ask for bodily comforts. Mother. Mother. Only grant that I may have pure devotion at Your lotus feet. I may not be bewitched by Your world-bewitching maya. knowledge and bhakti. Mother. I have given myself up to You.woman of the woman who wears a long veil. there is none else but You as mine. I know not how to chant Your name. And grant. That I may have selfless. And of panapukur water water of the tank covered with scum. I surrender myself at Your lotus feet. all will be lost. Thought of the Moment "If you seek solace in anything else than God. In Your world of maya. May I never have love for woman and gold . motiveless and pure devotion. nor do I ask for the eight occult powers. Be compassionate and grant me bhakti at Your lotus feet. seeing whom people think that she is a very chaste woman but in fact she is not. I am devoid of Your devotion. the water of which causes disorder of the three humours of the body if a bath is taken therein. Mother.