Box: 9593 Ras Al Khaimah / UAE Tel: +971 7 268 97 99 Fax: +971 7 268 94 99 Email: info@quarry.ae QUARRY & MINING (RAK) L.L.C. Riyadh Branch P.O. Box: 250618 Riyadh 11391 Tel: +966 56 6600184 Fax: +966 5 823 29 599 Email: infoksa@quarry.ae

First Kleemann Crushing and Screening Plant been sold and erected in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1977. . Al Shuwaikh Crusher and Arabian Gulf Bulk Trade LLC. Industrial Quarry & Cement LLC. namely Stevin Rock LLC. Quarry & Mining (RAK) LLC has established most modern fabrication facility steel structure and conveyor system. Bin Lahej Crushers LLC.COMPANY PROFILE PRE-QUALIFICATION INFORMATION COMPANY PROFILE Experience of main Management team of Quarry & Mining (RAK) LLC in Middle East goes back to 1975. Activity been solely for the supply and installation of a number of major crushing and screening plants into quarries operating in Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. each operation being set up with KLEEMANN crushing and screening plant equipment supported by local manufacturing of steel work and erection. Operation in UAE started in 2002. Al Shawka Crusher. supported by own Engineering office.

and erect. This offers safeguards to the customer who can then rely on a high quality of build and standard of installation ensuring value for money in the finished plant. We are able to design. QUARRY & MINING (RAK) LLC design and manufacture to European standards of design and construction and at the same time adopt the same safety standards and features as you would expect if you purchased the equipment from Europe. manufacture. also in ship-loading and off-loading systems with no restrictions to the size of project which may be considered. QUARRY & MINING (RAK) LLC operate principally in bulk materials handling and processing applications including not only the quarrying industry. QUARRY & MINING (RAK) LLC is also established as a branch for the market in KSA.Since the establishment we operate solely as the agents for KLEEMANN and STIEBEL in the Middle East. and specialized materials processing sectors. We are also fully capable to support our customer’s maintenance needs through parts and service support as required. but also the cement. . bulk materials handling processing equipment in any plant configuration necessary to meet customer requirements and applications as part or complete turn-key plant operations.

COMPANY ESTABLISHMENT & MANAGEMENT Establishment QUARRY & MINING (RAK) LLC is a limited liability company with Industrial License established in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah United Arab Emirates. Irish.ae . The branch in KSA been established in Riyadh. Postal Address and contact details. Management The company is managed and supported by experienced and qualified team. mobile units providing facilities for steel-work manufacture and finishing.QUARRY & MINING (RAK) LLC Pre-Qualification Document 1. and accommodation. Serbian). existing of all European national ( German.000.500. The premises comprise a fully self-sufficient combination of steel hangars.ae QUARRY & MINING (RAK) LLC Riyadh Branch PO Box 250618 Riyadh 11391. Indian nationals and Philippine nationals. stores.00 AED. site-buildings. Local Partner is Government of Ras Al Khaimah. Location of QUARRY & MINING (RAK) LLC QUARRY & MINING LLC premises are located at Khor Khwair in Ras Al Khaimah within the quarry premises of Stevin Rock LLC. Telephone: + 966 (56) 6600184 Fax Office: +966 5 823 29 599 Email : infoksa@quarry. 2. Austrian. offices. Registered and paid up capital in 1. QUARRY & MINING (RAK) LLC PO Box 9593 Ras Al Khaimah United Arab Emirates Telephone: +971 (0)7 2689799 Fax Office: +971 (0)7 2689499 Email: info@quarry.

Business Registration / Industrial License QUARRY & MINING (RAK) LLC is registered with Ras Al Khaimah authorities (Industrial License) as a manufacturer and supplier of industrial plant and Engineering. Captial 500.3. Increase to 1. This experience covers operational as well as design and manufacturing expertise.00 AED. 4. Company Structure & Organization QUARRY & MINING (RAK) LLC is managed by several senior personnel with substantial experience within the construction materials and processing plant and equipment areas. 5.00 AED during July 2012 agreed by Board of Directors. .000. fully paid up.500.000.

and erection of materials handling and processing equipment for the extractives industry. we have been involved in several major projects and feasibility studies for clients involved purely in material storage.6. The Company is also active in almost all areas of quarry operations from new start up and feasibility assessments to remedial solutions for performance improvement to existing operations. With a broad range of materials handling expertise within the Company. manufacture. Qatar and Oman. Primary Activities The Company’s primary activity is in the design. but mainly in United Arab Emirates. Bahrain. . QUARRY & MINING (RAK) LLC is active in the MENA region. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. and bulk-handling projects particularly for ship-loading activities. Kuwait.

multiple welding machines. Company Premises The Company has established a comprehensive manufacturing facility complete with all essential major tooling. paint facility and many smaller essential tools. screen under-pans and discharge boxes. to agreed performance standards. Also. bending. . Safety and Environment) Officer. This gives the added advantage. and punching machines. Philippines and Nepal. 8. cutting. This supported by own Engineering office with 7 qualified staff. these premises are fully mobile enabling them to be moved to the site of manufacturing and erection operations for major projects. welders. including management. and service support. support structural steel-works for crushers and screen units. During 2012 we introduce modern ERP software to combine all departments and we plan to qualify for ISO 9001 and we feel that it is the right time for our further business development. heavy duty grizzly units and any associated materials handling requirement. These facilities enable the Company to manufacture almost every product associated with the bulk materials handling sector including conveyors. In addition these premises are totally self-contained having on-site accommodation. This means that there is a constant and focused attendance to work being undertaken with particular regard to quality and compliance to standards. Manufacturing Capabilities The Company has installed a comprehensive range of machining tools to enable this work to be executed to a high standard of quality.7. conveyor covers. fabrication. We have employed a qualified and experienced Quality Control Engineer and also HSE (Health. chute-works. shearing. These key personnel we have drawn from India. forming and finishing aspects to enable a product output to the highest standards. plasma CNC machine. We have a team of over ninety skilled personnel involved in the manufacturing part of the business as machinists. that the manufacturing facility is on hand during the erection and commissioning stages of the plant. This range of machines includes radial drills and lathes. and to the rate of work output. 9. specialist discharge and feed chutes [rock]. again only for major projects. and wash-room facilities for over 140 staff. performance standards. supervision. cooking. administration and operative employees. fabricators and painters. filter casings and duct-work. and in professional manner. Quality Assurance QUARRY & MINING (RAK) LLC does not yet have any quality accreditation with an independent laboratory or ISO certification as a business to date although we are committed to excellence in product quality. rolling. modern blast.

Downhill conveyor system with Power generation . Compliance with Specification Engineering design for all steel structures is undertaken to comply with the relevant European standards for steel construction and in particular health and safety standards for plant construction together with relevant design and construction specifications. Raw materials are specified at the time of order to ensure compliance with the specified grade of steel required and certificates of test and compliance are routinely provided with each stock of raw steel received. 11. Inspection of the quality of products being manufactured is a routine aspect of management and supervision of all work activities overseen by the Quality Control Engineer. Technical Manager and supervisory staff.10. We have invested into most modern software and hardware for our Engineering and Design department. Quality Control Procedures The quality of finished products is monitored and maintained throughout the process from receipt of high class raw materials through to the storage of the finished steel components.

design and manufacturing of all steel works. feeders. final size = 0-4mm/410mm/10-22mm.& Screening Plant designed by us for feed with limestone 0-400mm to produce maximum quantity of 40-80mm. one silo with diameter of 8000 mm and total height of 25 meters. All steel structure. extraction belt. quantity of 4080mm limestone. including hopper. screens. Replacement of impact crusher by vertical shaft impact crusher and addition of 2 conveyor belts. existing of 2 grizzly screens. Plant feed 0-1200mm. conveyors done by Q&M. Including encapsulation and complete Filter unit with duct work and silos. Amendment of existing crushing plant section. Turn-key erection by Q&M. Engineering. UAE UAE UAE UAE UAE . Installation and erection work for Gypsum board factory. Supply of KLEEMANN sand mill with capacity of approx. 60 tph. inclined conveyor with 433 meter length to feed 28 meter high to storage silo. amount of 0-5mm. chute work and conveyors been engineered and manufactured by us. preparation station and gypsum tower. Major Project Suppiled UAE 2500 tph Crushing.& Screening Plant with crushers. Amendment of existing crushing plant section by adding 2 KLEEMANN jaw crusher of feed size 1100x700mm to produce max. PLC control and layout planning from KLEEMANN. to be re erected in Suez/Egypt. one silo with diameter of 3440 mm and one with diameter of 3200mm. complete with dryer. chute work. 4 screens.12. to produce max. Conveyor system for raw gypsum with capacity of 150 tph. adding all needed steel structure work. 4 jaw crushers and 22 conveyors. Feed size 5-20 mm lime stone. chutes steel structure and conveyors.6 screens and 4 jaw crushers been provided by Client. Fabrication and erection of 3 steel silos for Gypsum factory. conservation and packing of used production line for gypsum boards. silo. Complete board line with dryer. plus partial 22-35mm/35-50mm/50-60mm. Complete de dust unit for feed hopper of raw gypsum. 600 tph Crushing. but complete unit been erected by Q&M. chutes. with hopper. UAE KSA UAE TURKEY Dismantling.

That plant is producing 1200 . The main in components supplied by KLEEMANN. 980 meters) and all the chutes have been designed and engineered from our In-house Design & Engineering Department. Exchange of all drive units. conveyors (approx. 2200 KW/h. 700t/h KLEEMANN plant designed for limestone production a crushing and screening plant which produces aggregate sixes for use in concrete manufacture UAE UAE UAE KSA UAE .KSA 550 tph Crushing. 400 t/h in 2-shift operation (22 hours a day) All conveyors (approx. The project includes two massive stock piles (covered). Plant feed 0-1200mm.1300 t/h in 2-shift operation (22 hours a day) All steel work. conveyors done by Q&M. General lay out and engineering. Quarry & Mining supplied conveyor belts and steel structure/chutes etc for the remainder of the plant. final size = 40-80mm for lime production and under-size to be crushed into 0-4mm/4-10mm/10-20mm. installation of new hopper. A second plant of similar size is planned. Complete system will have length of approx. 9200 meters and calculated power generation at full load shall be approx. designed and erected in cooperation with the client. All final material to be stored in silos. Including encapsulation and complete Filter unit with duct work and silos. new slide gates and level controls and electronic PLC controls to control and optimize the feed system. to adjust speed. 1000 meter downhill land conveyor with 3000 tph capacity for pre crushed lime stone of size 0-400 mm. The potential energy is utilized while the conveyor belts are breaking regenerativly and the energy gained is fed back into the power grid. Belt will be slowed down through frequency control system. UAE UAE Upgrade of existing KLEEMANN ship loader from 1000 t/h to 3000 t/h. Complete system with PLC controls been designed by Q&M Engineering Department.455 meter long “land conveyor system” with a capacity of 2000 t/h for0-400mm primary crushed rock. 2. Turn-key erection by Q&M. 325 meters) and all the chutes have been designed and engineered from our In-house Design & Engineering Department and manufactured by our staff 1000 t/h KLEEMANN Crushing and Screening plant for limestone processing designed and erected in cooperation with the client. design and manufacturing of all steel works. chutes. That plant is producing approx. screens. 400 t/h KLEEMANN Crushing and Screening plant for limestone processing.& Screening Plant with crushers. from KLEEMANN. 350 t/h KLEEMANN plant designed to produce aggregate sizes to suit the requirements of asphalt manufacture. 1000 ton steel silos and various technical solutions. The plant is producing about 50% more than originally advised.

8 KLEEMANN crushing and screening plants of various size to produce a variety of aggregate sizes for domestic and export use. KLEEMANN Primary Crusher type SStR 2100x1 600 with a feed capacity of up to 2000 t/h. UAE UAE UAE UAE . This plant has operated at design plant capacity with high availability since installation in 2003 700 t/h KLEEMANN primary jaw crusher operating in a Gabbro operation plus two secondary impact crusher units with a total capacity of 500 t/h 430 meter long field conveyor with capacity of 300 t/h 500 t/h KLEEMANN crushing and screening Plant for lime stone production this quarry project was completed on the basis of turn-key installation and use of non-conventional primary mobile crusher operation. These plants today are producing at a rate which matches the design capacity UAE 1000 t/h KLEEMANN primary jaw crusher supplied as used equipment into an existing limestone primary application. Both of these plants were manufactured and erected concurrently in Fujairah UAE and met the schedules agreed with the customer.UAE An identical plant as that supplied to BIN LAHEJ Crushers above. Again this plant is operating at design capacity.

. Germany. All heart equipment been supplied by Kleemann.A few pictures of executed projects STEVIN ROCK "1000 t/h Crushing & Screening Plant Design. layout and all manufacturing process done by Quarry & Mining (RAK) LLC.

. All heart equipment been supplied by Kleemann. layout and all manufacturing process done by Quarry & Mining (RAK) LLC.STEVIN ROCK "2000 t/h land conveyor" Design. Germany.

layout and all manufacturing process done by Quarry & Mining (RAK) LLC. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia "350 t/h Crushing & Screening Plant" Design.. All heart equipment been supplied by Kleemann. Germany.STEVEN ROCK “long distance conveyor” AL Khodari & Sons Co. .

On-site emergency repairs & maintenance: We have a team of mechanics plus supervisor who respond to on-site requirements for engineering support. Our products & services Steel structure work We manufacture all kind of steel structure work needed for industrial plants. 14. This is a neat and inexpensive way of securing environmental compliance and ensuring that the covers will never be damaged or abused. The effective use of this type of system substantially reduces wind-blown dust emissions. Conveyor Belts We design and manufacture high quality and high performance conveyor systems.13. Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance P. We keep all spares necessary to cover these repairs to minimize downtime and cost for our customers. Insurance QUARRY & MINING (RAK) LLC is fully insured as required by statutory regulation with. Conveyor Belt Covers: We manufacture our own design of conveyor belt covers which allow access to the conveyor for maintenance and inspection without full removal.O. Crusher Wear-Parts: We are able to supply genuine crusher wear-parts imported from Europe for any modern crushing plant or individual crusher supplied against specified part-numbers and machine type. Access may be gained from either side of the conveyor using the galvanized hinges which also act as sliding bolts. either for breakdown situations or new installation work. Stone Ladders: Our design of stone ladders for the control of dust from high placed conveyor discharge locations is extremely robust and can be used in any grading size after crushing. Most of the moving parts are imported from Germany. STIEBEL Gearbox User Exchange: We operate a user exchange on STIEBEL gearboxes whereby we retain direct replacement units for our customers whilst their unit is under repair. This ensures our customers a full level of support in the machinery and equipment availability and productivity against their investment.Box: 506 Ras Al Khaimah United Arab Emirates .