Change is good, God wants far more than we have for us. You need to
change and evolve, you are not supposed to be stagnant, the views you had
before are to miopic. Your view needs to change. Your hidden potential is
going to be exposed. Psalm102:13, This is our time and season, everything
we have experienced, everything we have gone through is so that we can go
into our season fully prepared. You are going through some things that God is
ready to bring you out of whereby, in the end, you will be able to give the
testimony of God's grace. Jeremiah32:17-19, Jeremiah50:20, Psalm32:1-2.
God will give you a new heart, as that is part of the change. You
represent God in all of your ways. (It's all about you, it's all about you, it's all
about you Jesus). When God tells you to jump, you jump into favour and
victory, you must totally submit to the power of the almighty God. God will
not redraw his gifts and powers neither will he recall his calling upon your life.
Romans11:29, the spirit of God left Samson because he went against his
word, Isaiah10:15, everything you have is given to you by God.
There is nothing too hard for God to do, Jeremiah32:19. Judges7:10,
some of the things God asks us to do are difficult, but God will show himself
worthy and mighty if you have patience. ou have to surrender to the power
of God, as you cannot be the axe and control yourself. What you do not value
or honour cannot work for you. If you despise any annointing, it is the
annointing that will use you instead of you using the annointing Luke4:18. It
is the name of Jesus that can set you free.
You must have a vision. Do not make your problems a god but look at
where you are going not focussing on the now but having a vision of your
future. Give liberty to those who are oppressed, and appreciate him for the
little things he does for you. The set time for God to favour you is now.
1. Fear God: Psalm25:12-13, let the fear of God be your mandate, let it fill
2. Get lighted up: you need light to prevent robbery, be mentally and
spiritually empowered. Psalm82:5-6, establish who you are and walk in who
you are. There is a difference between a son and a servant.

Live in your assignment: face your calling. (The story of the talents). Move into your assignment. . what are you using the talents you have been giving for. complaint causes ill health. Ask yourself.3. let your life bring to joy to others. Bring joy into wherever you are. 4. if you have been bringing joy to anyone. Do not murmur: live in God's praise. press towards the mark of what God has assigned you. are you doing what God has been asking you to do. Philippians3:13-14.