Suitable either as a luxury private owner's machine or as a transport trainer, the D.H. Dragonfly has been fitted with floats for work in Canada.

A S an economical trainer or tourer the •£*• Hillson Ptaga, the Anglicised version of a Czechoslovakian machine which held a number of light aeroplane records, has distinct possibilities. I t was, in fact,

one of t h e first two-seater cabin types in the ultra-light class to make its appearance and is being built in this country by a firm with a long and wide experience of woodwork in general. The machine is a high-wing cantilever monoplane in which t h e occupants are

seated side by side with, if required, full dual control. With as little as 40 h.p. the Praga has a cruising speed of 03 m.p.h.—a figure which has been borne out by the machine's timed speeds over closed circuits in a number of races and so forth both before and after its introduction into this country some two years ago. Something extremely interesting in a rather larger class from t h e Hillson factory should shortly be making its appearance and its first test flights. F . Hills and Sons, Ltd., Trafford Park Road, Trafford Park, Manchester.

ESIGNED and built with definite ideals in view, the Hordern-Richmond monoplane strikes a new note in the light aeroplane market since it has two engines with the potentially greater reliability and unobstructed view provided thereby. The prototype was a joint effort of the Duke of Richmond and Gordon and Mr. Hordern, the chief test pilot of Heston Aircraft, where the machine was built. No suitable British engine was then available, and the Autoplane, as it is called, was fitted with two American Continental flat-fours. Unfortunately, the engine question is still a difficult one and the machine will not be put into production until suitable units are available. In the meantime the Autoplane has shown its attractive paces during something like 150 hours' flying, and there are good reasons to believe t h a t it will be possible to start production in the not-too-distant future. The prototype, incidentally, has been flown with an interesting control-operating system, in which a wheel controls the rudder, while the column itself performs its normal functions in aileron and elevator operation. Hordern-Richmond Aircraft, Ltd., 28, Berkeley Street, London, W.i.


A number of different engines have been fitted to the various Drone developments. This particular model has a fiat-four two-stroke Ava. {Flight photograph).

F T E R a somewhat disastrous fire and a removal to new quarters at Barton, Beds, work has been going on in the construction of t h e first Marendaz


A low-powered side-by-side cabin two-seater, the Hillson Praga has a number of excellent features. This illustration shows the way in which the cabin top and leading edge lift for entry. (Flight photograph.)