Self-Made Detail Report for Project Introduction

It will be a great honor for being one of the participant of Prime Minister Youth Business Loan Program to fulfill one of the dream of my life, I am already looking for the financial support to extent my small part time English institution. I have been teaching for three years and administrate the center but I could not be financially strong to run my this small business in wide range, it will be a great economic support to re-establish it properly. The Prime Minister youth business loan will be a light for me in the dark. I am 1st class graduate from the University of Baluchistan, and have done English courses. Recently I am running an English language center which is the small source of my income. With help of this program I will be able to run a Montessori school in my area. It will be a great economical support for me as well as my family and I will be lucky enough to get this loan to establish my small business.

Executive Summary:
The English Language Center is proposed to be located in a commercial area which is in close proximity of students and business people of middle income groups. A range of Facilities are to be providing to people including… Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Listening Skills, Speaking Skills, Special Teaching English Grammar Furthermore, projected workings of the Teaching have been based on 3 hours (3pm to 6pm, Evening) of operations per day.

Brief Description
An English Language Center with high reputation have a stringent admission selection process, it has given rise to a high demand for an English Language Center that prepare children for admission to reputable English Language Center providing necessary educational training starting at an early age. With the growing population and a limited number of centers, establishment of English center has become a potent business opportunity. The overall proposed capacity of the Montessori school is for 170 students. However, the school will start with 96 students initially in Term 1, gradually increasing to 170 students in Term 8. The proposed building for the project will be acquired on rent, covering an approximate area of 1.5 Canals to accommodate the proposed student strength. The total project cost for setting up this center is estimated at Rs. 2 million.

Critical factors:
1. At an English Language center level, teachers / attendants play a critical role in the success of the learning process. Therefore, it is suggested that staff employed by the center should be highly qualified and properly trained for English

education. Before starting education services, it is recommended that teacher training program should be imparted. 2. Parents are conscious about the wellbeing and safety of their children at center; therefore, it is suggested that the center environment ensures security and should be free from any apparent hazards. The center should preferably not be located in a highly populated location or at a location with a high possibility of traffic hazards. 3. The area of the classrooms should be adequate for the number of students in each classroom. Moreover, the classrooms should either be air-conditioned or at least well ventilated. Classrooms should also be well equipped with teaching as well as extra-curricular activity aids. 4. Adequate provisions for physical, either indoor or outdoor or both facilities should be made available. 5. Teacher-parent interaction should be a regular feature of the English Language center education system. 6. Higher return on investment and a steady growth of business is closely associated with regular training and capacity building of the entrepreneur. Prior experience / education in the related field of business can be a big advantage.

Installments and Operational capacities:
It is proposed that there are 8 proposed classrooms for the center having a total capacity of 170 students. The center will start with 96 students in Term 1, gradually increasing to 170 students in Term 8. The maximum number of enrolments per class is limited to 30 students. However, this capacity may not be achieved in the initial years of operation. The building will be acquired on rent, covering an approximate area of 1.5 Canals to accommodate the proposed student strength. Year wise capacity utilization details are mentioned in the table below:

An English Language Center should be easily accessible and should be near or in a village’s area, preferably in close proximity of student hostels and local people belonging primarily to middle income groups.

A detailed financial model has been developed to analyze the commercial viability of an English Language Center under the ‘Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loan’

Office Equipment Details
The details of different equipment required for the project is given in the following tables:

Year Wise Number of Students

Basic Childern-1 Childern-2 Begner-1 Begner-2 Level-1 Total

Student Per Term
Term 1 20 20 20 13 13 10 96 Term 2 26 26 30 20 20 15 137 Term 3 28 28 35 25 25 20 161 Term 4 31 31 40 30 30 25 187 Term 5 33 33 45 34 35 30 210

Building Rent Building Maintenance Center Office Equipment Furniture/ Class room chairs Computer and Other Equipment Total

Investment for the Project Monthly Annually
15000 …. …. …. …. 180000 160000 250000 500000 (1st time) 120000 1210000

Human Resource Requirement Staff Requirement

Administrator Teachers Office Assistant Director Peons Total

1 4 1 1 2 7

Salary per Month Salary per Term
12000 (per term) 20000 (per term) 3500 (per term) 15000 (per term) 6000 (per term) 66500 (per term) 48000 80000 14000 60000 24000 226000

Salaries of all employees are estimated to increase at 10% annually; each term will be completed in every four months. It will complete three terms in every year. The key responsibilities of the staff: 1. Director: The Director will be the head of the center who will control the whole administration of the center. He will manage the office activities as well as economic chick and balance.

2. Administrator: The administrator will administrate the class and outside of the center. He will be the man of honor and maintain the in-door and out door management of the center. 3. Teachers: The responsibilities of the teacher to teach the students well and make them beg gun for their up-coming future. They will teach the English language as a foreign language to meet the demand of modern education and them well-manner citizen for the country. 4. Office assistant: The duty of assistant to manage the office activities and he will be helpful for the admission process in center. He will set-up all MS activities of the center. 5. Peons: The peons will maintain the cleanliness and help the whole system of the center to run properly. Their contribution will boost up the quality of center. Regard Sahira Daughter of Manzoor Ahmed District Turbat Balochistan.