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Truth behind Ashok Gehlot’s Yojna. A Must Read for Every Rajasthani !!
by Akshay Agarwal November 12, 2013

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Read this news in Hindi Yuva Udyamita Protsahan Yojna- Rajasthan Financial Corporation, Udyog Bhawan Jaipur I was one of the unfortunate victims of the Ashok Gehlot Yojna and therefore decided to write a piece on how we-the masses are fooled by the politicians. They wasted a lot of my time and to my utter dismay sold the email list of applicants of this Yojna to various CA and Loan companies. Well, there is not privacy policy mention in their website and its 100% breach of privacy of users is expected to take legal action against them very soon.

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Facebook social plugin FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Tweets CrazyPundit @CrazyPundit_Com Top 10 Best Waterfalls in the World wp. Pondicherry. The scheme brochure in the website (which is now removed from their official website) claimed that it will provide financial assistance to ITI/graduates with innovative ideas but lack financial resources. Uttar Pradesh. Features of Yuva Udyamita Protsahan Yojana (YPUY) (I could not stop laughing on their Fake Promises) Up to 90% of the project cost can be covered by government assistance The limit for the loan has been capped at Rs 90 lakh All projects will be based in Rajasthan RIICO providing land for the units. Email Address Subscribe Crazypundit Like 5. as many as 109 candidates belong to other places like Kerala.023 people like Crazypundit.Comments . Jharkhand and Gujarat. They only wanted to bag votes from the youth. I guess they had different plans altogether. Madhya Pradesh. Noble cause indeed! But. Of them.947 candidates were registered under the scheme.600 submitted their business plans.Posts RSS .The Yuva Udyamita ProtsahanYojana (YPUY) was started by the state government of Rajasthan with the aim of promoting young entrepreneurs. Follow 20 Nov CrazyPundit @CrazyPundit_Com 20 Nov Top 5 Best Fuel Efficient Bikes in India Tweet to @CrazyPundit_Com RSS . IIT coaching classes in india babaji ka thulu SUBSC RIBE T O BLOG V IA EMAIL Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 13. The scheme mentioned that the state government will provide collateral free loan (interest rates below market rate) to the enterprising youth below 35 years of age with bright ideas. New Delhi.039 meritorious candidates shortlisted by the special committee. Haryana. West Bengal. of the 1. As per official records. Around 45.

I mean. They seem uncertain to give the promised land to these participants. They also distributed Rs 5000 to 4000 Applications and 10000 to 1039 applications. RFC spent huge amount in screening the applicants. why would we pay a high amount for setting up the unit if we had that much amount of money? This is not it. it will be made on highest auction rate received for industrial plot by adding 6% interest per annum from the date of receiving the highest auction rate till the date of allotment. industry professionals and members of other state financial corporations evaluated the business plans of the applicants. The applicants are also facing problem relating to the finance of working capital. RFC has now denied to finance working capital says that it will CATEGORIES Android Apple Apps Blogging Facebook Gaming Google Informations Internet Marketing News Politics Products & Features Smartphones Social Media Tablets Top Vehicle Web Hosting WordPress . fixed a ceiling of 500 sq metres. This act baffled applicants and they are re seen questioning the very basic objective of this scheme. Experts from reputed educational institutions (Professor and students from IIM). Majority of the young entrepreneurs out of 1039 agreed on the 500 sq metre plan but RFC and RICCO seemed to back off. Moreover. RIICO also decided that if any applicant wants allotment of land in a saturated industrial area.(This was one of best Game played with all the selected candidates) How was the Movie executed? (Called Nataunki in Desi Language) Selected applicants went through a twostage screening process. Under the scheme. the government could not offer land for setting up units in most of the places and where it had land.

Why the hell are they asking for security now? Are they still sane and sober? Do they actually know their plans? Are they out of their minds? I mean. 90 lakh. 25 lakh to Rs. “All types of projects shall be eligible under the scheme for loans between Rs. Ashok Gehlot Ji: Poverty can decrease only by creating more employment and not by distributing few chunk s of money… But I guess this is beyond your . Hats off to the aspirants who applied for yojna and wasted their time! If we do not take stand against the ‘Feku politician’ today. maximum loan can be Rs. But at the scheme mentioned. we the people of Rajasthan will continuously get affected by such miscreants. 90 lakh. how on earth is any business possible without working capital??? I see no point in publishing this article as nothing can be done against them. as promoter contribution has to be at least 10% of project cost. It was not mentioned in the policy and they are playing safe now.” They have asked us to approach other banks for the working capital which will be again on higher interest rate and against collateral security. it was assured that RFC will arrange Working capital through Punjab National Bank which now seems all Greek to them. Here is a piece of mind Mr. RFC has taken an agreement signed from us in form of feedback forms wherein it was mentioned that they will get it covered under CGTSME which is itself a security. I mean what the heck is this? During the training only assets.

Share this: Like Share 36 Tw eet Share 0 0 Google+ Akshay Agarwal Follow 12 Tags: A shok Gehlot Rajasthan Financial Corporation RFC RIICO Y uva Udyamita Protsahan Y ojna PREVIOUS STORY Top 10 Best Tools to Create N EXT STORY अशोक गहलोत े क योजना क पीछे क . How his talented IAS team sheered the dreams of 1039 candidates! Bio Latest Posts Akshay Agarwal Entrepreneur. attribution and marketing analytics.Life Learner Husband and Father.understanding. Passionate believer in user experience and the building of community. What is written is just the truth behind the game played by Ashok Gehlot Ji and party. marketing. PS: I don’t belong to any party nor did I receive any amount to write this post.Proven leader in digital strategy.

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Disgraceful. I was among selected 1039 but was unable to attend training program. I was also wondering that why so many CA firms are mailing me regarding BPlan. News Truth behind Ashok Gehlot’s Yojna. I was feeling bad for it but after reading this article I am happy that I didn't waste my time on such a .AROUND THE WEB 14 Benefits Most Seniors Didn't Know They Had 5 Ways to Stay Moneynews Young and Fit Stack How to Upgrade a PS4 Hard Drive IGN College FB's 2012 Uniform Tracker & Grader Lost Letterman ALSO ON WHA T ' S T HI S ? CRAZYPUNDIT Shri Hanuman Chalisa in 3D 1 comment Top 10 Plastic Surgeons in the US 1 comment Top 10 Romantic Resorts in India 1 comment Top 10 Best Packing Tips You Don’t Find Everywhere Else 1 comment 1 comment 0 Join the discussion… Best Nit in L 10 days ago Share • I saved a lot of time by not becoming a part of it. A Must Read for Every Rajasthani !! © Copyright 2013 Crazypundit.