Spiritual &Political Ideologue Defender of Human Rights WORLDWIDE ATTENTION: Albert, the Foolish, Albert, the First King… CEO… Grand Pooh-Bah of them All, RE: FINAL WARNING: TODAY is your LAST DAY where I deal with you SPIRITUALLY. After this, it will be LEGALLY, so do as you will... cc: Apostle Stephen Amoni, Chairman of Christ Apostolic Church WORLDWIDE December 23, 2013 Albert the Scalper, You are like the ever unrighteous King Rehoboam, who listened to the young men he grew up with (who were foolish and wicked), without any wisdom and wholly unrigheous) instead of the elders, when he consulted with them as to how to treat Jeroboam and all Israel. The elders advised the unrighteous Rehoboam: “if you are kind to these people and please them and speak good words to them, they will be your servants forever” (2 Chron 10, 7). But the foolhardy, wicked young men and friends of his counseled Rehoboam thusly: “My father made your yoke heavy, but I will add to it. My father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions!” (2 Chron 1, 4). So are you just as foolish and just as unrighteous. I was going through grave financial difficulties, and you thought only to take advantage of me, adding to my burden by cheating me and getting me to work for free for you, as though I, too, were some sort of slave. Heinous sinner! You are not a Christian, at all, but wholly unrighteous. I was showing you all my goodwill, exhibiting my sheer generosity and absolute trust, when I started working for you, but you were (and still are, it is clear) hell-bent on cheating me , adding to my financial burden! You cannot buy your way to heaven or buy your pastors off (as much as you try), neither will your prayers be hearkened to or theirs come to fruition when you sin so heinously against me, in all unrighteousness. Your Company will never succeed like that, and you will never be blessed. About-face! I will force you to deal with yourself and your pride in spite of all your shenanigans, maneuvering and bribes! You will LEARN what it means to REALLY be a CHRISTIAN instead of perpetuating this GHANA-WIDE PHENOMENON of SCMMING OBRUNIS during the week, then going to prayers and fasting on weekends! What a BOGUS

CONCEPT of CHRISTIANITY! BLASPHEMY!!! Indeed, God looks at your harvest and your donations as bribes, rest assured. Neither does He accept them, nor does He accept your prayers, neither will He accept you into His Kingdom due to your damnable pride, sheer unrighteousness, deceit and untrustworthiness! Repent and correct your flagrant mistakes, vice and sin! You have only today to opt to do this yourself, I have told you. I will not let this pass. I also told you: I never sell my skills sets, my body or my soul! I always do what is right. I cannot be bought and I never sell myself! THIS KIND of INTEGRITY you have NOT SEEN YET as it does NOT EXIST in Ghana or IF IT DOES, it has NOT BEEN EXHIBITED YET! I was being very generous with you, doing a perfect job, and was only extremely helpful, doing what no one would do for you! I am NOT about CHEATING YOU, neither am I here to SERVE your EXHORBITANT EGO, but was and am all about HELPING YOU! In fact, I have virtually ALL YOUR PRODUCT SOLD already, so you are OBLIGED TO PAY ME for that as MY CLIENTS are WAITING and WONDERING WHAT THE SERIOUS HOLD UP is all about! But you are a thankless fiend and very stupid, I must say, who is not smart enough to see the extreme value I provide and how much you desperately need me, o, fool of fools! I am sorry, but there is NO “NICE” way to say that! You are A SHEER IDIOT which is positively FLABBERGASTING to me! Did NO ONE tell you that YET, or do you just REFUSE to HEAR THEM due to your GREAT and DAMNABLE PRIDE? WHICH IS IT?... As I CANNOT BELIEVE NO ONE HAS TOLD YOU YOU HAVE THIS GREAT PROBLEM AND DOWNFALL! You NEED to be DELIVERED from it as THAT is what is taking both YOU and YOUR COMPANY DOWN, so FACE THE TRUTH and DEAL WITH YOUR VICE! STAMP IT OUT AND UPROOT IT FOREVERMORE and BE FREE and PROSPEROUS, VICTORIOUS and SUCCESSFUL in BUSINESS! Like this, you will ONLY be RUINED 100%, and THAT will be your RIGHTFUL PUNISHMENT from GOD, so BLAME NO ONE BUT YOURSELF for THAT! I am the ONLY ONE trying to SAVE YOU and YOUR COMPANY! You are too foolish to even recognize real talent, real value, real honour, and to respect that mightily - as you MOST DEFINITELY SHOULD! You do not value people, you do not value their time, and you do not value their money! HYPOCRITE! You only value your own, and take others for a ride, playing them for fools! Let me tell you, bimbo amongst men; I am NO FOOL, but a VERY WISE WOMAN in the LORD, and FLINCH NOT IN SAYING SO. NEITHER will I be CHEATED, NEITHER will I serve your INFLAMED EGO, NEITHER are you of THAT CAPACITY to EMPLOY ME! ALL you could HOPE to do is to CONTRACT ME to GET YOUR COMPANY ON TRACK and SELL YOUR PRODUCT, meaning you are to TAKE MY LEAD, and get out of your own FOOLISH WAYS and DAMNABLE PRIDE, which is a SURE RECIPE for PERSONAL and CORPORATE DISASTER!!! I have given you 3 chances now to correct your wicked ways: through your pastor, through your wife and through Dr Vic Osei of GIMPA (your external consultant, who is working on a whole other ball game and not helping your current business model, in the least - as I most definitely was)! I do not give you any more chances, foolish boy! I have only been too generous beyond measure with you, while you were only trying to break my back and take advantage of me, playing me for a fool! Today, you need to pay me for my services, sign the NCNDA, and sign my Fee Protection Agreement. If you do not sign the FPA, I will call and email ALL of MY clients (and NOT YOURS), telling them not to deal with you as you are nothing but a crook - as I cannot keep silent anymore! They are wondering in bewilderment where I am, anymore, and why I dropped the ball so unconscionably - which, incidentally, I never do in business! THAT is YOUR domain and expertise! It was ONLY ME, waiting on YOU to do the RIGHT THING, which I SEE YOU REFUSE TO! Next, you will sign the NCNDA (Non Circumvention Non Disclosure Agreement) or I will get you arrested for fraud in circumventing me by going to my clients directly, in an outright effort to cheat me, which I see you have been doing! Lastly, if you do not pay me without delay, I will sue you in civil court.

So, you decide, King Albert, the Proud, whatever you want to do! Freedom of will is a POWERFUL TOOL that the Lord gave us, which we can utilize to our VICTORY or RUIN! As for ME, I will get what is rightfully mine and will be be blessed - as I always do what is right! On the other hand, you can continue to continue to consult with your young chief friend, cousin and bogus „partner‟, who does nothing for you, but steer you in the wrong direction! You will see clearly where that will land you since you are not smart enough to perceive that beforehand and to value your REAL „saviour‟ of sorts! Rehoboam‟s reign ended in disgrace for “he did evil because he did not direct his heart to seek the Lord” (2 Chron 12, 14). Why? He was too proud, just like you! So will you and your Company end in disgrace, crash and burn, if you do not repent now, uproot your damnable pride, which I refuse to serve (such a concept is far beneath me), and correct your ways! You don‟t know who you are dealing with, it is clear. You are a very foolish boy, and a very foolish businessman, and you NEED to KNOW this! Admit it, uproot that DAMNABLE pride, apologize, repent and correct your ways! That is all you are obliged to do or you might as well go to the Church of Satan, as you have NOTHING to do with CHRISTIANITY, so STOP PLAYING GAMES and MESSING AROUND! Christians are to be HUMBLE, NOT PROUD! And I was MORE than HUMBLE, in helping you, but you are a SEETHING UNRIGHTEOUS FIEND, who only seeks to TAKE ADVANTAGE of OTHERS! Christians deal with the TRUTH - not lies, so STOP DECEIVING YOURSELF and OTHERS! Christians PAY PEOPLE their RIGHTFUL WAGES and COMPENSATE THEM FOR THEIR SERIOUS TIME AND EXPERT WORK – they don‟t CHEAT and CIRCUMVENT THEM! Otherwise, you, too, will end in ruin, which will be of YOUR OWN DOING! I have given you EVERY CHANCE, and YOU STILL STUBBORNLY and PROUDLY, instead, COMMAND all 3 key people in your sad midst NOT to SPEAK TO ME, ENSURING YOUR OWN RUIN both spiritually and financially! They are OBLIGED to ADVISE YOU and TELL YOU the TRUTH, which is EXACTLY WHAT I AM SAYING! If they DO NOT DO THAT, they are VERY EASILY BOUGHT OFF, and have NO REAL INTEGRITY. If they ARE TELLING YOU EXACTLY THAT, then you KNOW your PRIDE will CARRY you to DISGRACE, and it will be NO ONE‟S FAULT but YOUR OWN! Your call, Albert! I am advising you what you are OBLIGED to DO as a Christian - since you DON‟T REALLY UNDERSTAND the BIBLE you pretend to study. You only FEIGN to read it, but GLOSS RIGHT OVER ITS REAL MEANING, like all other bogus Christians, which Ghana is FULL OF! You need to ACT Christian to BE a Christian; otherwise, you are ONLY a PHARISEE, and HELL-BOUND, at that! ABOUT-FACE, KING ALBERT, THE PROUD! I am all about SAVING your COMPANY and SAVING YOU while you are only HELL-BENT on BRINGING BOTH TO RUIN! WAKE UP & DEAL WITH THE TRUTH as THAT is ALL I DEAL WITH! AMEN. +++ In Christ Almighty & Ever Invincible, +++ Angelina Lazar +QUEEN OF THE SOUTH./ Certified International Project Manager Global Investment Banking Analyst Spiritual & Political Ideologue Global Trade & Human Rights Expert Writer, Producer & Economist.