Upload Weather Display graphs and weatherdata to your website !

This document assumes that the needed files and folders are located at:

version 2.30 2013-09-30

Weather Display is installed in: Files to be uploaded are stored then in: Default upload folder on your webserver: www.uw-web-site.nl/ If you want /have to use another upload folder you will find some hints in the uploadToRoot document in the downloaded documentation folder. The files to be uploaded can either be created with the config program or when no changes are needed use the default files from

C:\wdisplay C:\wdisplay\webfiles /weather2/uploadWL/

/weather2/wdConfig.php /weather2/uploadWD/

The files to be uploaded are: 1. First copy the files from your download to the correct folder for your weather-program (C:\wdisplay\webfiles). file testtags.txt clientrawlocal.txt purpose the actual weather values to be used with Steelseries gauges (optional) number of minutes every 5 minutes once per minute. extension php php

2. Two other files are automatically generated by WD when one sets a menu choice file menu choice in WD clientraw**.txt menu choice in WD yowindow.xml purpose Files for WD live YoWindow gadget on the starting page (optional) what is uploaded 4 clientraw files containing weather values xml file containing a few weather-files

3. In Weather Display go to: a. menu=>ControlPanel than b. button=>Webfiles / Webpage Real time FTP/ WDL than c. tab=> Web Files Setup #1

d. At the bottom you find the indicator for uploading testtags.txt.

If you are already using the name testtags.php for another web program you should file our testtags.txt with a different name in C:\wdisplay\webfiles. You need some more steps to upload our renamed testtags.txt to weather/upload/testtags.php. Look for more information in the WD documentation, our Q&A or send us an e-mail. 4. For the YoWindow gadget there is detailed documentation to be found at: http://yowindow.com/pws_weather_display.php

Upload Weather Display graphs and weatherdata to your website ! 5. tab=> Web Files Setup #1 part 2 . Graphs The graphs are used in template menuchoice Almanac==>Station Graph. button=>Webfiles / Webpage Real time FTP/ WDL than iii.php. menu=>ControlPanel than b. menu=>ControlPanel than ii. you find at: a. 6.30 2013-09-30 You can adjust the upload frequency also (in the example screen it is 60 seconds). tab=> version 2. The windrose graph. button=>Webfiles / Webpage Real time FTP/ WDL than c. You will find the graphs mentioned on the same page as for testtags. WeatherDisplayLive data i. used on the trends page.

.txt is mentioned to be uploaded to testtags.Upload Weather Display graphs and weatherdata to your website ! version 2. Different versions of Wd uses different screens with different fields. d. button=>Internet File Creation & Uploads than c.php every 5 minutes. Setup Page #2 en buttons setup. Check and recheck your entered data especially the upload directories and frequencies. Again testtags. You arrive than at this screen .30 2013-09-30 Perhaps? you have to set and check other upload frequencies with choice 28 (clientraw) and 29 (testtags) using a. menu=>ControlPanel than b.