The Monospar Universal is, as its name implies, intended as a convertible type for a number of uses. The cabin may be seen in ambulance and freighter form in the pictures above ; normally there are four chairs, and the machine can be considered either as a luxury private-owner type or as a feeder-line proposition. shown its value and the latest version, with a Series II Gipsy Six and v . p . airscrew, has an even higher cruising speed and a usefully increased payload. Pilots are becoming accustomed to such additions as pitch controls and the v.p. ver-. sion shows signs of being even morepopular than the standard type.

two-seater Tipsy is the natural development of the single-seater machine and is equally pleasant to fly. It has a similar performance a t the top end of the scale, b u t manually operated flaps are fitted both t o steepen the approach and, more . important, reduce the landing float which . would be otherwise inevitable. The occupants are seated side by side, but slightly staggered, in an open cockpit ; there is full dual control and luggage accommodation. A batch of fifty is now being put through and, there being at present no suitable British engine available, these machines (or most of them) will be fitted with the 60 h.p. Walter Mikron engine. The equipment will embrace all the essential instruments, including a compass. The price given in the table on p. 522 is necessarily a provisional one. Tipsy Aircraft Co., Ltd., London Ait Park, Hanworth, Middlesex. W being manufactured under licence NOfrom Avions Fairey of Belgium, the

Another attempt to provide what the average private owner requires— the Moss monoplane. In this machine the occupants sit in tandem, the pilot being ahead and provided, consequently, with an exceptionally good all-round view. The Vega Gull is, of course, a fourseater low-wing cabin monoplane with manually operated split flaps, and passenger comfort has been carefully studied. There is a door on each side of the cabin, ample luggage accommodation at the rear, and the wings can be folded by one person for storage purposes. In the meantime the original Gull is still obtainable with either a Gipsy Major or Gipsy Six. This machine carries three and is now fitted with flaps. Miss Batten lias used a Gull in all her more recent and successful record attempts. For those who require Percival performance at a slightly lower price the Gull still has its place in the market. The Mezv Gull is a single-seat cabin machine with a cruising speed a t opera-

tional height of 225 m.p.h. when fitted with a v . p . airscrew. Though primarily a sporting aeroplane, the Mew carries an extremely useful payload in addition to the pilot, with a standard range of 875 miles, and could be used for high-speed mail or Press work. Percival Aircraft, Ltd., 20, Grosi'eimr Place, London, S.W.x.

Essentially an enthusiast's machine, the Mew Gull can nevertheless carry a useful payload. The machine illustrated won this year's King's Cup in the hands of Mr. Charles Gardner. (Flight photograph)