20 Personal Affirmations

By Ted Nicholas
1. I feel terrific. 2. I’m happy to be alive. 3. I can make my life anything I want it to be. 4. I love my work. 5. I’m getting healthier every day. 6. Yes! 7. Each day I’m getting closer to my goals. 8. I cannot fail – only get results. 9. I am already a success. 10. If I persist, nothing can stop me. 11. I’m willing to do whatever is necessary to succeed. 12. I’m happy this very moment. 13. I completely and totally forgive myself and others for mistakes of the past. 14. I will always keep the child within me alive. 15. I’m unique in all the world. 16. I can do it. 17. I am what I learn. 18. My knowledge will save me and can never be taken away. 19. The world does not reward average people well so I will be extraordinary. 20. I will write with honesty and feeling.

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