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Scope of the project

Nature of Project Team The client organization, within their own organization they had a team of consultants including an architect, engineer, cost engineer, country director (co-ordinator), a project manager. ( initially each and every stage of the project was analyzed by their inhouse team also). With their understanding of the difficulties in handling the necessary steps of the project on their own, due to constraints of code of practice and regulations, a strategic decision was ta en to get the local professionl consultancy services. The deficiency of understanding of the socio cultural bac ground of the !ri "an a in oreder to carryout necessary steps of the project also has been served as a catalyst to this strategic decision. #fter selected as consultant we have been as ed to select a proper consultancy team to perform the objectives of the particular project. !electing the project team was a major challenge since the scope of the project has to be completed within a short time of period. The selecting of the local professionals and the nature of the team wor were based on some factors specially bound with the project bac ground.

$aving had a minimal period of time to cover all phases of wor including design, preperation of tender drawings and documents and tendering. %lanning to carryout an accelerated construction process $aving to deal with recognized multinational client with a different view (approcach). $aving have to identify many contractual and construction process such as monitoring, programming, delays and variations etc. $ave todeal with severe geographical constraints of e&tensive distance between the architectural office and site office (fre'uent site visits and monitoring being prohibitted) !o the project team was selected and consisted with consultants having previous e&periences wor ed as a team with the main consultant and their individual or organizational capacity and also having past e&perienced with doing simmilar ind of project and wor ing e&periences having wor ing with simmilar ind of bac ground and simmilar organizations. The selected team is focused on a particular project This team is temporally in the organization and after completion the project they have to leave from the team.

All the consultants have to perform different functional role during the project period within the team

The project team can be identified as cross functional team mainly the structure of the project team is basically defined as a problem solving team.

%roject team is consisted with client(s organization team as well as team of local consultants Team of )lient(s organization a) )untry director * project cordinator b) %roject manager c) #rchitect d) +ngineer e) )ost engineer f) !ite supervisor ( clear of wor ) * locally employed Team of local consultants a) #rchitect(s organization (main consultant of the project) )hief architect %roject architect #ssistant architect (trainee architect) b) ,uantity surveyor #ssistant 'uantity surveyor c) !tructural engineer %roject engineer (!ite engineer) d) !ervices engineer +lectrical and mechanical engineer -nce it came to the construction stage contractor(s organization also became a part of the team )ontract organization a) .anagement b) Technical staff c) "abour staff

/ature of the team wor ing !ince the selected team having had previous e&periences wor as a team in simmilar ind of projects, it was started in the stage of norming. 0n first phase project consultancy team was properly allocated and their resposibilities were clearly defined and conveyed to the client. The team leader (main consultant) came up with a vision to clear objectives and goal. 0n terms of tas s each member was allocated clearly defined targets to gain their ma&imum commitments. 0norder to provide the best possible professional service during the project, implimentation of the all events were to be organized in a very short time period. !ystematisation, setting up the standards of wor ing drawings, shceduling and other important factors were handdled using a chec list based approach and it(s being proceeded. 0nterms of performance supportive environment is being maintained having openness, trust and mutual respect to each other. +ach and every consultants were agreed to perform their services in relevant stages from the inception to completion of the project according to the !"0# form of agreement. The role of consultants during pre contract stage )lient organization 1unding )oordinating (planning ,organizing, leading, controlling) %rogress reviews2 meetings (every two wee s time) #rchitect(s organization 3esign2detail design2 approvals2 wor ing drawings and specifications2 tendering2tender evaluation #rrange %rogress meetings and coordinating with other consultants ,uantity surveyor 0nitial cost estimating 3etail cost estimate 4o' Tender evaluation !tructural engineer 5eneral column,beam arrangement !tructural drawings for construction !ervices engineer %lumbing drawings +lectrical and mechanical engineer

+lectrical layouts and details #2) re'uirement and relevant diagrammes

The role of consultants during post contract stage )lient -rganization )oordination %rogress reviews 6eleasing approved payment for contractors 6eleasing consultancy fees #rchitect !ite inspection2monitoring(che 'uality of wor done and craftmenship at site) )oordination 3ocumentatuion 7ariation orders2 changes )onducting progress meetings and review wor programme .aintain the project within the client(s scope (, cost, 'uality, time) .a e alterations if necessary %ayments approval ,uantity !urveyor !ite inspections .easure the wor done )hec cost plan and ma e necessary arrangements )hec the contractor(s bills !tructural engineer !ite inspection )hec the structural details at site 6evised drawings for changes !ervices engineer2 +lectrical and .echanical !ite inspection and chec the relevant wor done

# proper communication system and reporting structure is being needed between client, architect and contractor was stressed by consultant and the methodology to adress these needs were formulated.

There was a good understand between all the team members and it was easy to overcome initial problems aroused in early stage of the project. 3ealing with the consultant team of the client(s organization was a additional advantage since more design issues which came up during the conceptual stage were solved by the consultant architect by dealing with and discussing with the client(s architect. 1rom the inception project progression and the standards of the wor done are being supervised by the client(s organization. The project manager (client(s org.) is supposed to upadates the wor programme and the labour charts after every site visits and deliver to the main consultant as well as others. %rogress meetings are conducted two wee s a time to review the progress of the project and necessary decissions are ta en. !ite visits are conduted three wee s a time and in the critical situations. )ontractor and client itself have their own 8cler of wor ( is full time employed at sites and it was decided that his role is to be a communicator between the project sta eholder and the site, in order to generate proper supervision and coordination. !ystem of documentations are very standardized and systemized.

3evelop stratergic plan for ur organization #nalyse present stratergy !tratergyc analyse swot 0dentify stratergic gap 0dentify option !elect one option

3evelop a strayergic plan

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