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Campion College

Old Toongabbie, Australia

Education today is experiencing the same
globalization that other sectors are. It is not
surprising, then, that there would be an op-
tion for U.S. Catholics to be able to study at a
faithful Catholic college in distant lands, and
Campion College outside of Sydney, Austra-
lia, represents one such opportunity.
After many years of planning, Campi-
on—named after the English martyr St. Ed-
mund Campion—opened its doors in 2006.
The founders saw the need for a Catholic
liberal arts school that would help produce
Catholic leaders for society and the Church in quick facts
Founded: 2006
One of the influences in the formation
Type of institution: Small college
of Campion was the U.S.-based Fellowship Setting: Suburban
of Catholic Scholars, which provided counsel Undergraduate enrollment: 75 (2009)
and, informally, members of the college’s in- Undergraduate cost: AUD $27,050 (tuition,
ternational advisory board. The college also room and board for 2010)
has established links with several U.S. Catho- Undergraduate majors: 4
lic institutions, including Thomas Aquinas
College and Christendom College; Christen- Five Key Points
dom president Dr. Timothy O’Donnell attend-
1. The only liberal arts, Catholic college
ed Campion’s opening.
in Australia.
In fact, Cardinal George Pell, the Arch-
2. Provides a fully accredited, quality
bishop of Sydney, has said of Christendom and
education with a full BA degree in only
Campion: “These two colleges are signs of the
three years.
vitality of evangelization in the Church. Both
3. Students take 24 required courses in
are lay-inspired. Both blend faith and reason
liberal arts.
in the quest for truth. Both pledge loyalty to
4. Located near the center of Australia’s
the Church that guarantees their religious in-
largest city yet close to famous
tegrity and educational distinctiveness.”
Dr. O’Donnell said at the opening, “I be-
5. Affordable education overseas.
lieve that the beginning of this College will
mark a turning point in the history of higher

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Campion College

education in Australia.” cial assistance including need-based grants
The first group of students completed and loans is available.
the three-year undergraduate program (the
norm in Australia) in December 2008. Of the
12 graduates, all of whom received a bachelor
of arts in liberal arts, nine went on to post-
The college is governed by a 10-member board
graduate studies.
of trustees, the Campion Institute, which in-
The 2009 Campion academic year be-
cludes Dr. Michael Casey, private secretary to
gan with an orientation in February. The first
Cardinal George Pell. The college also has an
semester ran from March to June; a winter
eight-member Campion Foundation, which
course was in July; and then there was a ser-
launched the college and raises funds for it
vice outreach to aboriginal enclaves. The aca-
but has no direct control
demic year ends with a
over the institution.
second semester from
The international
August to November.
board of advisors in-
Seventy-five students
cludes such notable fig-
were enrolled in Feb-
ures as philosopher Dr.
ruary 2009.
Ralph McInerny, moral
The college is ea-
theologian Dr. William
ger to attract U.S. stu-
May and Georgetown
dents to study there for
professor Father James
one or more semesters,
Schall, S.J. The late Fa-
or to complete a full
ther Richard John Neu-
degree. The first U.S.
haus was a member.
student transferred
Since December
from Thomas More
2008, the college has
College of Liberal Arts
been led by an acting
and completed her
president, Dr. David
degree in 2008. The
Daintree. He has been
first American study
tapped to formally suc-
abroad student came
ceed Father John Flem-
from Benedictine Col-
ing, who is currently on
lege in 2008. Several
extended administrative
American students
leave. Dr. Daintree previously served as rec-
also participated in the 2008 summer session.
tor of St. John’s College at the University of
Campion College is accredited by its
state New South Wales Department of Educa-
tion and Training.
Depending on the current exchange rate, Public Identity
the cost of studying at Campion can be very
affordable. The total cost for tuition, room According to the college, “As a Catholic insti-
and board in 2009 (February-November) was tution faithful to our traditions and in union
$27,050 in Australian dollars, or $22,779 in with the Magisterium of the Church, the es-
American dollars as of August 2009. Finan- sential purpose of Campion College is to place
students on the path to Christian wisdom, a

266 The Newman Guide
Campion College

wisdom born from the contemplation of both
natural and divinely revealed truth.” From the
The college also points out, “At Campi-
Financial Aid Office
on, we train students for life, in fact, we Edu-
cate for Eternity.” The phrase “Educating for
“Scholarships of up to AUD $7,000 per
Eternity” and its Latin translation, Educare ad
year are available to students demonstrat-
Aeternitatem, is part of Campion’s crest. The
ing need. Application is being made for
crest also includes the designation “IHS” and
financial aid and students loans for U.S.
the papal triple tiara which, it is noted, “at-
tests to the Catholic identity and doctrinal fi-
delity of the institution.”
According to Karl Schmude, who is a ny in December 2008, Archbishop Hickey
founder of the college and executive director said, “The growing popularity of Campion
of the Campion Foundation,“The presence of College and the wonderful opportunity and
[John Henry Cardinal] Newman can be felt education it provides is witnessed not only by
throughout Campion College, most notably its growing numbers but also by the fact that
in his Idea of a University which seeks to en- it has become a national and international in-
large the mind by re-integrating secular and stitution of Catholic higher learning, attract-
religious learning.” The college also pledges ing students from around Australia as well as
its support for Ex corde Ecclesiae. from overseas, including England, the USA,
Three Australian bishops concelebrated Canada and New Zealand.”
the Mass at Campion’s opening in 2006. Arch- Among other speakers at Campion have
bishop Philip Wilson of the Archdiocese of been Father Ian Ker, Ph.D., of Oxford and a
Adelaide said, “Campion College will, I am renowned expert on Cardinal Newman, and
sure, soon find its proper place in Australian Dr. Pierre Ryckmans, an Australian academic
Catholic tertiary education and make a signif- and Chinese scholar, who spoke on “An Idea
icant contribution.” of the University.”
Cardinal Pell,
who was in Rome at Academics
the time of the open-
ing, sent a message The three-year
which noted, “The bachelor’s pro-
opening of Campion gram requires six
College is a sign of the semesters of work.
times, a strong sign of Each semester of
hope, and its success the first two years,
will work powerfully students must take
to change and renew one course in each
Sydney and Australian of four fields—his-
society.” tory, literature,
More recently, philosophy and
Archbishop Barry theology—and two
Hickey of the Archdiocese of Perth sent one science courses are added in the third year.
of his seminarians to study at Campion. Fol- Overall, students take 24 required courses in
lowing the college’s first graduation ceremo- a sequence by discipline, with some flexibility

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Campion College

in choosing subjects in the last year. Students also can choose extra courses as
For example, in history, students prog- electives in Latin and mathematics. The col-
ress from an overview course to ancient his- lege has five lecturers in the fields of theology,
tory; then the Middle Ages; and finally the history, philosophy, literature and history and
Renaissance and Reformation and beyond. classics. All five are relatively young, but they
In the third year, students have the option of all hold doctorates.
studying the 20th century and “Australian As part of Campion’s academic program,
Politics, Culture and Religion.” students participate in a one-week service
The required courses in theology are project in aboriginal communities in rural
“Theological Foundations of Christian Cul- areas of New South Wales, the southeastern
ture,” “The Development of Revelation,” state which has about one-third of Australia’s
“Sacramental Theology” and “Theology of population, including the Sydney area.
the Post Conciliar Era.” Optional courses in- Enhancing the intellectual life of the col-
clude “Moral theology” and “Human Bioeth- lege, Campion held a three-day conference,
ics.” “Redeeming the Culture: The Reforming Vi-

Message from the President

Dear Parents and Prospective Students:

Campion College simply sparkles with freshness, energy and new life.
Its generous benefactors, its talented and dedicated academic and general
staff, its unique and confident vision, and its splendid students all combine
to make growth and success a certainty. I feel enormously privileged and
elated to be part of this young and vibrant institution.

It is impossible to imagine any student in Australia, or elsewhere, receiving a better educa-
tion than that on offer here. This is a big claim, but the smallness of the classes and the enthu-
siastic commitment of the lecturers combine to make a strong case for it: ours is an elite college
in the best sense of that term.

I like the contrasts at Campion: the relaxed and friendly Australian style side by side with
traditional practices such as wearing gowns at ceremonies and at formal dinners in hall; the
almost rural atmosphere in the midst of suburbia; the smallness of the community and the gran-
deur of the vision.

On behalf of all my colleagues and students I send greetings to our American cousins: think
outside the square—come and join us!

Yours in Christ,

Dr. David Daintree

268 The Newman Guide
Campion College

sion of G.K. Chesterton,” as a run-up to World A schola made up of students and facul-
Youth Day in summer 2008. Among those ty sing at Mass regularly at Campion and also
participating was Mr. Schmude, who is presi- on occasions at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Par-
dent of the Australian Chesterton Society; he ramatta and St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney.
has sought to foster at Campion College an On most days students can participate in
interest in Chesterton as expressing the in- Morning and Evening prayer and Eucharistic
tellectual and religious fullness of a Catholic Adoration at the Campion Chapel. All-night
liberal arts education. adoration occurs every first Friday of the
Also, the Fellowship of Catholic Schol- month.
ars’ Australian Chapter sponsored a one-day A large cross has been constructed, and
conference on “Faith and the Disciplines: The students regularly conduct an outdoor “Sta-
State of Play” in 2007. tions of the Cross” together with prayers in
One student the local suburb and
commenting on the other public streets.
intellectual nourish- Campion stu-
ment at Campion in dents are active lead-
the college’s publica- ers in the Catholic
tion, Campion’s Brag, Youth community
said, “I have found in Sydney. Many
Campion College an are members of the
oasis in the desert.” Australian Catholic
The college es- Students Associa-
tablished a John Paul tion (ACSA), and one
II Evangelium Vitae is a board member.
Scholarship Fund in Students participate
2008. This follows up in the annual Cor-
on three other schol- pus Christi proces-
arships targeted to sion and are active in
graduates of specific supporting Catholic
Australian schools. causes, including conducting protests at the
For U.S. students to enroll at Campion on Chinese embassy against China’s “one child”
a study-abroad program, they need to have policy.
completed their freshman year. Those seek- Students were very involved with World
ing to enroll on a full-time, three-year basis Youth Day in Sydney in July 2008, participat-
need to be high school graduates. ing in the many events while 105 internation-
al visitors were housed by Campion.
Spiritual Life
Student Activities
A chaplain, Father Richard Aladics, arrived
from England in 2008. In addition to provid- There is a students’ association and an in-
ing spiritual direction to students and fac- formal sports program. Kerygma Teams, a
ulty, he celebrates Mass twice daily during Christian youth group committed to evange-
the school year in the Ordinary Form. The lization, is active on campus. For two years
Extraordinary Form Mass is also celebrated now the students have operated a pro-life
at least weekly. group that works to support other local pro-

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Campion College

life organizations. ally hold a BBQ for the neighbors of the col-
A popular activity combined with the lege.
evening meal each week is the Public Speak- In 2008 for the first time, students par-
ing Club, which as the name suggests devel- ticipated in an overseas mission trip to India
ops oral expression and provides skills in the to help out in an orphanage. Plans are being
procedures of business meetings. made for a trip in 2009, and it is hoped it will
Students play the piano and perform at become a regular event to finish the academic
Formal Hall. The college is also proud of its year.
Schola which performs weekly at Mass, regu-
larly at formal events and in the Cathedral.
Local concerts and plays are often free.
Residential Life
The College game of choice is soccer and
Campus housing includes single rooms des-
the students play it on a “pitch” they built
ignated for men and women, each containing
themselves, along with a volley ball court.
basic furniture and air conditioning as well
Trips to the beach,
as wireless Internet ac-
hikes in the moun-
cess. A linen service is
tains or picnics by the
provided for laundry
harbor are regular ac-
tivities. Twice yearly a
Students can rent
group ventures out for
nearby homes or apart-
a multi-day hike in one
ments. Although these
of Australia’s National
are not managed by the
Parks or World Heri-
college, it will arrange to
tage areas. Students
have the lawns mowed
participate in improv-
regularly. Average rent-
ing the natural environ-
al for a three-bedroom
ment of the campus and
house runs about $200-
learn practical skills in
$260 per week in U.S.
gardening, tool opera-
tion and installing nest
boxes and take both
ing a single or shared
pride and ownership of
room in a nearby pri-
the presentation of the
vate home—is another
option. A typical price
The spacious cam-
is about $180 (U.S.) per
pus also allows stu-
dents to build campfires
Three medical clin-
around which they re-
ics, as well as the 975-bed Westmead Hospi-
cite poetry, sing and perform skits. One of the
tal, are in the vicinity.
traditions established at Campion is a Reveil-
lon, which is a formal and festive celebration
which takes place in November. The Community
Since the inception of Campion, students
have provided assistance to members of the The college is located in Old Toongabbie, one
local community and along with staff annu- of the oldest suburbs of Sydney, and is located

270 The Newman Guide
Campion College

18 miles from the central business district. It The Bottom Line
is also near Parramatta, a major business and
commercial center. Campion College was founded to provide
The campus is in a “bushland” setting Australian Catholic students with an op-
in the midst of suburbia. Birds like cockatoos portunity to be educated and grow in their
and loriokeets are commonly seen on the faith at a liberal arts institution. The college’s
grounds. founders carefully
Among local attrac- studied the renais-
tions is the Blue Moun- sance taking place in
tains World Heritage U.S. Catholic higher
Area, where people can education at colleges
enjoy hikes or “bush- such as Christendom
walking” or view spec- College, and they
tacular waterfalls. The have sought to plant a
2000 Summer Olympics similar flag of ortho-
took place nearby. doxy in Australia.
There are many Today Campion
outstanding cultural, College is a successful
shopping and sports op- Catholic institution
portunities in Sydney, that offers a unique
a city of more than four experience to Ameri-
million people. Perhaps can students seeking
the most notable site is a study-abroad option
the Sydney Opera house, or even matriculating
which features opera, symphonic and theatri- for a longer period.
cal performances. Rugby is avidly followed, Campion has developed a strong curric-
and residents and tourists enjoy the beaches, ulum, which ensures that graduates will be
including Bondi Beach. able to go forth and evangelize. While certain
Sydney International Airport is a major aspects of Australian colleges and universities
world airport where most travelers to Austra- are unfamiliar to U.S. students—for example,
lia arrive. U.S. travelers usually come through a three-year undergraduate program and a
Los Angeles for the 14-to-15-hour flight Down February-to-November academic year—the
Under to Sydney. Two U.S. carriers, United opportunity to study at Campion could be
and American Airlines, fly to Sydney as do very appealing to the adventurous student.
many international airlines. The 45-minute
trip from Sydney is accessible by automobile,
bus and rail service.

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