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PAPER HEX SPELL To cause a hex or bad luck to follow someone disliked, a piece of paper, preferably black, is cut

into the shape of a man or a woman. Use Dove's Blood Red ink to write the person's name on the paper image. Stick a new pin at the head and thread it in and out of the image all the way down to the feet. This will cause the paper image to fold up and become quite small. Place the image and pin in a small box and take it to a cemetery. Dig a small hole and place the box within. On top of the box place some Devil's Shoelace roots and sprinkle the roots and box with Black Arts Oil. Then cover with dirt from the graveyard. Leave the cemetery and never return to where the box was buried TO CAUSE A HEADACHE Say This person _____ has made me angry! Lucifer bring forth the pain of madness known upon his head! ardrelamastro, martarastar, frocuss! To punish black candle 9 nails white plate oil carve the persons name in the candle.... put the candle on the white plate then at different locations push the nails in.... put the oil around the plate. That should stay for about 1 moon phase.....when done... remove the nails, and using a warm knife or metal spatula, smooth the pierced/carved areas, so the candle looks unblemished....wrap it in vervain and sweet basil....and then dump in a garbage can...that will take care of both. HEXING OIL SPELL Used to influence others to grant favors, follow your directions, and do your bidding without argument or resistance. Anoint a black candle with the oil and as it's lighted, repeat this affirmation: "Damn the foe who has harmed me, May evil return to it's source ten fold. Let the sufferings intended me be visited upon the perpetrator." I don't consider this so nasty as one is just returning what is given. Although I would probably leave out the tenfold thingy myself, and alter the spell accordingly.

HEX THE ENEMY MISFORTUNE Take a piece of parchment paper and write your enemies name onto it using black ink 9 times. Prick your finger and place a drop of vitality onto the paper. Light one black candle, then say out loud: I curse thee (Enemies Name) and I hex thee, Let it be done. Now place the paper into the candles flame and let it burn. Now just sit back and watch the misfortune come upon your enemy. It never fails! GRAVEYARD DUST SPELL "Graveyard Dust" is one of three things: dirt taken from a cemetery, mullein powder, or patchouli powder. Or, it can be a combination of them. It is usually used in any combination with such things as asoefitida, jezebel root, Lost and Away powder, Black Cat oil, Four Thieves Vinegar Oil, Goofer Dust, (which is similar but not the same as Graveyard Dust), Mummy Oil, Damnation Water Oil, Black Mus, and other powders and oils representing hexing powders. Any and all are mixed with Graveyard Dust together with something belonging to the enemy. If some personal belonging cannot be secured, the person's name is written on a small piece of parchment paper. This and the mixture is put in a small bag and buried or hidden near the enemy's abode. Also, if the mixture is made only with powders, it is sprinkled on the doorsteps. If the mixture includes oils, it is smeared on the doorknobs. All of this is in addition to the hiding of the small bag. Such action is said to result in making a person sluggish and sleepy and eventually wasting away. SPELL TO MAKE SOMEONE FALL ILL Materials Required: Hair of the person to be cursed Nail clips of the person to be cursed A picture of the person to be cursed A small voodoo doll The droppings of two different hens

Eagles feathers Oil of neem Needles or pins Method: First set up an altar where you are going to perform the spell and cast a circle around it. Have the inner part of the circle purified with either salt water or rose water so that the spell doesnt backfire and you end up falling sick instead! Once the circle has been cast, light a small fire at the center of the altar and set up a pot above the fire. Fill the pot with water. Now prepare the voodoo doll with the personalized items that you have obtained from the person that you wish to curse. Attach the photo of the person to the dolls face. Build up all the negative energy that you have inside you and poke a needle on the dolls body; depending which area you want to inflict illness. For example, if you want the person to suffer from stomach illness poke the needle on the dolls stomach. Once you have decided what illness you want to inflict on the person and poked the needles at the appropriate places, keep the doll aside but well within the circle that you have cast. In the pot that is placed above the fire, add the rest of the ingredients except the oil of neem. Pour the oil of neem over the voodoo doll and let it soak for about ten minutes. Suspend it over the pot of boiling poop. Once the potion above has begun to boil, throw the doll into the fire and wait until the fire dies or the potion evaporates, whichever is sooner. If the fire dies out first, throw away the remaining potion in an area outside your protective circle.

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