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mjPage 24 CRANFORD CHRONICLE Thursday, May 22,1986 Hi

Where else but Kings?

€ranf orb Cfirdtticle
• Vol. 93 No. 22 Published Every Thursday

Let us help you make your Memorial Day weekend a celebration to remember. Start with the Clambakes for Two in our Seafood Corner. Jacked with fresh s e a l e d in individual cooking pots, each of these Kings spe^ialtiercontains two Maine Lobsters, 18 Little Neck Clams, three Earsjrf Corn and a pair of RedSkirined Potatoes. .•„ ~ 7 ~ „ • » f D -Whenitcomes-tD-sizzling-ideas-for-the^grilU-take-your-choice^oilBeef; Chicken, Lamb and Pork Kabobs in our Butcher's Corner. ' Speaking of our Butcher's Corner, our specials go from USDA Choice Sirloins, Filet Mignons, Porterhouses and T-Bones to Country Style Spare Ribs, Perdue Chicken Parts and Oscar Mayer Franks. As for the freshest produce in town, it's all yours m our Farmers Corner. And

to highlight some of the specials, our Cherries, Avocados and Raspberries are from California, our Sumnier Sweet Corn is from Florida and our Radishes, _ Scallions. and five varieties of Lettuce are Jersey-Fresh. , _ To complement your fresh fruits and vegetables, by all means take advantage of the Yogurt, Sour-Cream and Cottage^€heese specials in our Dairy Corner. To make things easy on yourself, count on our GrocersCorner and our Freezer Corner for everything from Paper Plates ancTCnp!rtJ ^nu IU K.vC your holiday table a memorable look, turn to our Gardener s Corner for our Fresh-Cut Daisies and our Red, White and Blue Bouquets. They're aU as special as can be for a very special weekend.

*of Kabobs.
the Farmer's Corner California Dark Sweet Eating ^i

Thursday, May 29,1986

USPS 136 800 Second Class Postage Paid Cranford, N.J. 30 CENTS

In brief
Downtown fete
Special lunch hour events in' eluding entertainment, gifts and ' prizes begin today in downtown I Cranford from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and will run three sue'cessive Thursdays for office | workers, residents and visitors. A free shuttle bus for business park I office employes will be provided. I The Cranford Chamber of Commerce, its retail division and the I Downtown Management Cor-, g i | jpofatlon H T 8 sponsoring th t events. See details in the advertisement on Page 2.

A deer roams tha school yards

How sweet it Is to be grand marshal," said John W. Patten, a 90-year-old member of^VFW Post 335 who joined Vincent Sarnowski, left, master of ceremonies for Memorial Day ser* vices. D.J. McGuire and Tim Korner at rear were among participants in ceremonies. More photographs and story on pagesiOand 11. • • • • • _ . •

The Butchers Comer n,~)A Oinice, "Boneless Beef

The DeU Comer Homemade

The Seafood Corner The

The Freezer Corner
Stouffer's Lean Cuisine Chicken .

Sirloin Steak


Baked Ham
Louis Rich Solid White Meat Caterer's Turkey Breast Vi lb. *2J69 Schaller & Weber Bbckwurst _ _ _ _ _ _ _ lA lb. »2.19 Kings Homemade Golden Crisp Southern Fried Chicken lb. $2.79 Hormel Natural Casing Dilusso l Genoa Salami A lb. '2.59 Daniele Sopressata or Abbruzzese l Sweet or Hot A lb. *3.50 Freshly Baked Hamburger or v Hot Dog FtoUs pkg. of 6 *1.29 Nacho Chips _ _ 1 2 oz. *1.19 Freshly Made Casino Salad lA lb. 99*

for Two
Two Maine Lobsters, eighteen Little Neck Clams, three ears of Summer Sweet Corn and two Red Skinned Potatoes, all wrapped in seaweed and sold in its own cooking pot. Fabulous! ___• Live Maine Lobsters (1-1W lbs. each) : lb. »5.99_ Fresh Little Neck Clams dozen *3.99 Sharkabobs Chunks of Mako Shark, Peppers and Onions on a skewer and marinated in our own Seafood Vinagrette (Approximately 2 per pound.) ___ lb. *4.99 Freshly Prepared New England JA Ib. '1.79 G a m Chowder Traditional with a JA Ib. '1.79 . Clambake or serve as is for unparalled evening fere _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ l b . $ 1.99 JA Ib. '2.29

Cherries Seedless Grapes


Chow Meln with Rfce, Cheese ' rflnndlonl. Meatball Stew, Iinguini in Clam Sauce, Zucchini Lasagna,: Spaghetti with Beef and Mushrooms: or TuriiuLasagna_______ each$l J 9 : Citrus Hill 8 oz.

99 Filet Mignonib. $3
USDA Choice Beef

California White Sweet

A section of a bike-a-thon benefit for the American Diabetes Association will take place in Nomahegan-Park here | Sunday afternoon. Page 3.

.'i V !J


Whole or Half—Custom Cut to your specifications USDA Choke Beef Porterhouse or T-Bone Steak Tailless Ib. 3J69 USDA American Spring Lamb Boneless Leg of Lamb __lb. '2.99 Fresh Boneless Bark Country Style Spare Ribs " Ib. !1.99 Fresh Italian Style Sausage Hot or Sweet Ib. $ 1J69 Kings Homemade: FVesh from Perdue: gusllli Salad" Jb. 79* Whole Legs Itobusto Salad Jb. 89* Drumsticks. Dilled Carrots Jb. 99* Thighs. with Walnuts _ Store Made Kabobs with Skewers: Beef Sirloin Steak _ _ _ J b . »3J69 The Cheese Corner Round Cubes lb. »2.99 Pork Tenderloins lb. »2.99 Imported from Denmark Breast of Chicken _lb. »3.99 Jb. '3.69 Cream Havarti Lamb Leg Cubes lb. »349 Kraft Excelsior Domestic Boarshcad Smoked Sliced Jb. *3J69 Swiss Cheese Bacon ' lb. »1.99 M u n c h e e _ l b . *3.59 I—Oscar-Mayer: Imported from WesTGermany Jb. '1.39 All Meat Franks Mozzarella Ib. '3.99 Jb. *1A9 Lo Sodium Lo Cholestrol Alpine Lace All Beef Franks Louis Rich Turkey Smoked Swiss Cheese _ _ _ _ _ l b * »3.99 „_ ib. n.19 Imported from France Baby Brie Jugtown Mountain Smokehouse: Plain or Herb & Garlic _ l b . '3.99 Canadian Style Imported from Denmark Bacon 8 oz. pkg. *2.99 Danish Blue Cheese Ib. M.19


Orange Juice
Green Giant \fegetaNes Poly Bag . Corn, Sweet Peas or Mixed Vegetables , 16 oz. 99* Ore-Ida Golden Patties . Potatoes _____-__-. 15 oz. •1.19-

Jet Fresh California Red Raspberries or Blackberries % pt. cbnt. »1.99 Large Western Anjou Pears lb. 99* "Calavo" Brand—California Hass Avocados Large 40 Size 10 oz. avg. wgt. ca c n 59* ;

'Summer Sweet' Variety New Ultra Sweet j * I •+ QQ

Le Menu Dinners
Button! Fettuccine , Alfredo

$119 O

(Primary Tuesday]
Primary election polls open Tuesday. The only competition in | Cranford is among Republicans I in the 12th District where the ' GOP municipal committee post ) held by Doug Nordstrom, the curI rent mayor, is being contested by ' Gene Marino, former mayor. |

Rail tower to soar 200 feet above town
A 200 foot microwave tower is engineer, who. would like to take a scheduled to rise above Cranford this strip of unused ralfland between the year to enhance railroad com- town garage, the Roundhouse, and the parkway, fence it in and use it for munications. salt and cinder storage. The The structure will tower over the Garden State Parkway on the east tradeoffs, including NJ Transit edge of town and will become, the^ cooperation on the station area tallest structure in the community. It downtown, afestill being negotiated ~ ~ The tower will be. part of a new will be 70 feet higher than the once railroad communication system linkcontroversial towers that hold power lines running along the Lehigh Valley ing the local Raritan Valley Line and Railroad right-of-way. It will rise the North Jersey Coast Line with NJ ingfield along Doerlng Way and into more than three times higher than Transit's control tower in Hoboken. Nomahegan Park on its own. Another deer was the tallest buildings in town, the It would be adjacent to the eastern spotted by Bill Muuse on.Orchard St. Monday apartments along Riverside Dr. and end of underground communication cables that will be installed along the morning. Springfield Ave. between Cranford and Raritan NJ Transit said the structure will track for local control of individual switbe mounted on a 16 foot square base —ehes^and^ignalsrits-anbennarwouldon the railroad property just west of be on a direct line-of-sign with a new the parkway, mid-way between the South Amboy- tower serving the main^ operating tracks of the com- Jersey Coast Line similarly, enablmuter line andMadan Plastics on ing both lines to be able to transmit to North Ave. E. and from Hoboken from either tower. The site was selected in talks betNJ Transit hopes to construct the ' ween rail and township officials in- tower this year. cluding Manu Patel, township


lg. can*)/ JL

Beef Sirloin Tips (11V4 oz.), Yankee Pot Roast (11 oz.) or Pepper Steak (11lA oz.) •• ,10 oz. tt.29 Jenrfs Ttow Snack Tray 5% oz. »149 Sara Lee Family . -.-•-...


lender Fresh Green Zucchini Squash _ _ _ _ _ _ l b . 69*

The Dairy Corner Nestea Iced^Teri Breyers

}A gal. 99*

First of the Season from Nova Scotia


8 oz.

V 4 gal. *1.79

Fresh California


Hydroponically Grown Burpless Seedless Cucumbers Pxtra targe # Size _ _ _ each 99* Jersey Fresh: Crisp Ptomaine Lettuce lb. 69* lender Boston Lettuce head 59* Green or Red Leaf Lettuce lb. 99* Bibb LettuceIb, H.29 Crisp Red Radishes bunches 2/79* Tangy Scallions bunches 2/79f

Pound Cake . 16 oz. »2*9 l Seahest Sherbet A gal. $ 2J9 Doles Frutt *N Juke Bars All Varieties pkg. of 4 »li»9 : Nataral Foods'Corner * • Toward the purchase of uny

St. Anne parishioners sent a (proposal to the Newark archdiocese yesterday that would i keep the school operating on | $210,000 a year...Borough policemen took several children | 1 in wheelchairs to participate in Hands Across America. Page 17., A doe "matriculated" between Brookside arid Cranford High School Sunday morning. Ptl. Joseph Koury stood watch over deer while awaiting S.P.C.A. aid to get it back to natural habitat, but the animal retreated across Spr-

Axelrod Sour Cream pt. 99* Polly O String Cheese _ 5 oz. $ 1.59 Grapefruit Juice _


' vnsKHNs OR HttX~




With this • Coupon 7 ! Good thru 5/27/86 " WUtt j '•...«.Limit one coupon per customer...•.••

Blood drives
Residents will have two oppor- \ ' tunities next week to donate, | Wood. Cranford High School is' sponsoring a blood drive Tuesday ^ I and a bloodmobile will be at the | First Presbyterian Church' Thursday. For details see page &.\ The North Jersey Blood Center i will collect blood at Cranford' , High School from 9:30 a.m. to 3 j i.Tuesday.

I —Irish Bacon ^ = ^ _
Liberty Eat Slim: LJverwurst Franks Knockwurst. Bologna _ _

_ l b . *3A9
Ib. Ib. Ib. Ib. '1.99 '1.99 '1.99 U.99

Cheese 24 oz
Friendship Fruit 'N Cottage Cheese All Varieties 6 oz. 69* King Sour Non Butterfat Sour Dressing pt. 89* Dorman Natural Muenster Cheese Slk:es-___Z_&oz. *1.19

Lack of land coubL inhiBU 'fair share 'housing units

The Pasta Corner
With love from Kings:

The Gardener's Corner
Flower Bouquet (Red, White & Blue)_bunch '5.99 Fresh Cut Daisies ___bunch »2.99 Bants _ 1 0 inch pot '10.99 ,•""*>

Manicotti Cheese or Spinach Fresh Cut Pasta _ Puttanesca Sauce
Our best wishes for a safe-and-sound holiday fol come .from Kathe Benjamin-Webb,

15 oz.- *»J69

The Grocer's Corner Heinz

i Minute Maid jORANGE

I -•-.


Ib. '1.99

H gal.

15 oz. *3.99

Squeeze B Bottle lb. 12 oz. bd. Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard Squeeze B"ttl<* 17 < w - crtntainer 79*

With this ; Coupon I LU172 : Good thru 5/27/86 Limit one coupon per customer... ..•

| link with Africj
Hillside School students are' participating in a Peace Corps) I Partaership with counterparts. w >i I the African nation of Malawi. A ner volunteer who is now a | ) school administrator here and a, (durrent volunteer in Africa' helped create the link. Page 3.

Executive Secretary to Jim Melster, President of Kings.

Kraft Regular

: Breakstone

Lipton -—•••-

ib. 2 oz. bti.




Iced lea
Mix 3 Ib. canister


With t h i s ^ Coupon^ . Good thru "5/27/86 " LW» : ' • . . . . . L i m i t one coupon per customer ' ••*****"**' •••••••«••• .^

"ime and mone]
Hugo and Ann Staiger have ( I alven a total of 8,700 hours of ) volunteer service tQ Runnells Hospital and now, thanks to an I Exxon Volunteer Involvement l Grant, they've donated' some! money there,too.PageW.

: Regular, Diet or Caffeine Free :


B&M Baked Beans lb . 2 oz jar 99* J lirikA Kingsford Charcoal 20 lb. bag <4.99 M R Big Napkins Jumbo Pack pkg. of 300 99* :. 2 ltr. bti. ' #-X : Schweppes Mixers ltr. btl. 69* * "• BAG Relishes 10 oz. jar 49* With this : Dixie Flower Patch or Pastel Prints Coupon • 7 inch Paper Plates pkg. of 48 '1.59 : Good thru 5/27/86 " LUK4 \ 9 inch Plates pkg. of 48 '1.59 ' . . . . . . L i m i t one coupon per customer......* 7 oz. Cold Cups pkg. of 100 '1.59 • Regular or Waffle • Dixie Flower Patch WA Inch Paper Plates pkg. of 24 '1.79 Blanchard and Blanchard 7oz. bag Ketchup 12 oz. bti. '1.99 i CHIPS Nabisco TVlscuHs 13 oz. pkg. '1.69 With this Coupon The Bakery Corner LU17S


_ ! TO* :

A dedication
r Marlborough Place was dedicated at the triangle at Spr[ingfield and N. Union avenues Monday. "Josiah Crane" par) ticipated In the event. Story and [ photographs on Pag<:12.


Ten year term
iniBpectedT?ocairH5traffi been sentenced to a ten year term in the state prison and was fined i »6,026. Pagel4.

Kings Homemade FVuH Tkrts Made with Seasonal Fresh Fruit and Custard __each »6w49 : Oscar Mayer Baked Fresh Dolly 10 inch Apple He _ - 3 6 at. HA9 : WDENERS ib. pkg. With love from Kings S inch All Beef, or .Cl Quiche Lorrain, Spinach or Mushroom•'..•..—JS oz.$ 2.29 whhthu • Ms. Desserts Lemon coupon :: lb. «2.19 H)imd Cake : Good thru 5^7/86 " WtJ6 I Blondks, Brownies ' « . . . . . L i m i t one coupon per customer.. .'.•<*; JA lb. »2.99 or Chewks
' RS. All price* effective through M«y 24,1986 We reterve the right to limit quantiiiei; we do not sell to dealer*; and we cannot be reipotulbte for typographical errors.

Northwest Mount Laurel Housing The lack of available land coupled said the council didn'ttake into con- Region. In this region, the council sideration the available land for with housing rehabilitation and creaand "there's got to be a lot of_ says that a family of four that makes -i^ir^Wtt** **** tion O f senior citizen housing will pro- housing back and forth on this." He said the lesfr than $28,240 a year may qualify bably reduce Cranford's require- township government doesn't see the for moderate income housing. ment to provide additional low and housing obligation as a problem. The Moskowitz noted as one example that moderate income housing units, the Planning Board will review the fourth year patrolmen here fall township's planning consultant said details-and rjecommend to the i under that income level. this week. Township Committee a .number ofk ~vA—family of four earning below The state* Council on Affordable housing units ft feels is appropriate, $17,650, which is half the regional median for a four person household, is Housing announced that Cranford is the mayor said. obligated to provide 429 such units. An opposition candidate questioned eligible for low income housing. However, Harvey Moskowitz said he the government's approach in the Michael Bohdan, Cranford's com-doesn't think the requirement will context of the redevelopment, pro- munlty development director, said have significant impact because the posal for the Conservation Center. In those same income levels apply to tflwrishlp is-ghort-of buildabla-land—a""statement, Carolyn -Volloro -4he-housing-rehab-program hfirP! It, and has attended to the needs of low Democratic candidate for Township has served 148 households and he that another 700 to 800 families and moderate income residents Committee, faulted the township's thinks hvtowri-are potentially eligible to fit "lack of concern" over the estinlated through such structures as the Edinto (Jle low and moderate housing ward K. bill Apartments for senior recommended need of 429 units. criteria. "The issue is not whether .the citizens. The total of 429 obligated units is 13 The planner said the number 429 Mount Laurel decision is good, or higher than Westfield's 416. Other bad,lL-she-said. -i'The concern is to represents T^fraw- number Vror community~requirements In - thfr "target number" against which analyze what the result could be on ~ county include Clark, 216; Elizabeth, the proposed development if a Mount credits will be applied. Cranford has 1,556; .Fanwood, 87; Hillside, none; v; numerous potential credits, he said. Laurel challenge developed. It is Linden, 456; Mountainside, 198; New amazing to me that this type of These include post-1980 housing Providence, 318; Plainfield, 488; which meets low and moderate in- development is proposed without an- Rahway, 560; Roselle, none; Roselle -m ticipating the impact of the Mount come standards, like the 131-unit Gill Park, 53 r Scotch Plains, 351; SprLaurel mandate." Apartments, and housing governed ingfield, 300; Summit, 486; Union, unHWHEederal Section 8 regulations Moskowitz said it is not known at 552, Winfield, 16. like the township's federally funded this point what if any low or Many factors went into the allocarehabilitation program which has -moderate income housing require- tions including the number of jobs in been applied to 148 homes of lower in- ment might evolve out of any a community and the levels of in- Run Day coming up. Carolyn Vollero and Steve deLazaro of the come citizens in the past decade. development of the center. If the come. More .units were allocated to Cranford Youth Council model t-shirts for runs that begin at 1 area is zoned for single family homes Adjustments to the housing obliga- and sold then there would be no communities which have pursued p m Sunday. One, three and six- mile races are on tap, with tion figure also might include land Mount Laurel obligation, he said, ratables which in turn generated shirts available as they last. Details about the route and on prizes.are on Page 5 . which has environmental restraints, because the council's minimum den- more jobs. like the local flood ^zones or the sity is six housing units per acre. If Lenape Park wetlah*. The council the township sells the land for said that historic sn&, farmlands, townhouses, nothing in the council recreation, conservation and open regulations requires that a portion of space areas could be excluded from the units be designated low and consideration as possible housing moderate income. The question for sites. .... the township is not whether the Doug Nordstrom, mayor, said the obligation is legal, but whether it is I council was forced to publicize the moral, the planner said. numbers because of widespread ini J h t J J n J h e tLUaftHe

Races seton


429 units required
Add eight ht demolitions, d e m o , and then , o rp subtract fl8 "filterings', perties that "filter filter d down" in value l and thus become available to low and moderate income people. Also subtract 21 residential conversions and 18 spontaneous rehabilitations, leaving the "precredited need," or thetown'srequirement for additional low and moderate housing units, at 429. Harvey Moskowite, the planning consultant, thinks various credits will lower that flgureCsee related story). v Summaries of Garwood and Kenilworth figures are on the borough news pages.




American Diabetes Blke-A Thou Sponsor Sheets and Official Entry tbrtm aw available at all Kings Super Markets.

300 South Avenue, Garwood •Hejity of free Parking

ewmford'n n»qul»yment —ewmfordn nqul»yment for hy, y, dt I e h o u s i n gte te and moderate Income housing 429. Garwood requirement to 84 Forty-six junlow and seniors at and Kenilworth's is 154. The «irrford High School were intotal, are subject to revisions S S into S e National Honor through credits. ' v Pane . y, rage 3 *. figure* were calculated out The of various factors by the Council of Affordable Housing. The tO township's 104 deteriorated housClasstfled tagSestablishthatasthe"inS;^AreaUocationof need, basically a Garwood..... " 1 needs around the KenUworth...... .• }! Tadd* 190, b r i n g i n g ^ Crantard present wed T to Obituaries...... " the brospective need over Rdjgiousnews,....; •»!, i ^ £ 2 S i 234 brUiging



B.J. Qoodfollow celebrated her IithWrthday wHh friends on the Hands Across Ameribalne at Warlnanco Park. From left, ferlca Qreu oh,

Amy^oSTMandy Crane, Becky Morris, B.JiV Maria Dlzila and Jenny Moldave. Photo by Greg Price. Other photos on page 9. ;