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Photograph of the Parthenon, temple of the goddess Athena, in Athens, Greece, built c.

432 BCE

9th Grade Humanities: World History
Mr. Schneider
New Haven Academy, Room 205
Contacting Me
Teaching Schedule: After-School Help: Tuesday, 2:30-4 PM and by appt.
1A – World History (M, W 8:15-9:35; F 8:15-9) Activity Leadership: Student Government
2A – World History (M, W 9:40-11; F 9:05-9:50)
1B – Facing History (T, Th 8:15-9:35; F 12:05-12:50) Email:
4B – US History I (T, Th 1:05-2:25; F 1:45-2:30) Phone: 203-946-8995 (NHA Main Office)
World History takes the class on a humanities-based journey through human history from the evolution of man to the
European Renaissance. The sequence of study winds through our human ancestors and paleolithic man, early river valley
civilizations, classical Greece and Rome, the European Dark Ages and Islamic Golden Ages, Africa, the Americas and China,
world religions, the Reformation, Renaissance, and Age of Exploration. We will work as archaeologists, anthropologists,
philosophers, and historians as we dig deep in the historical record to hear the voices of people who lived in these times.
Our objects of study will include human remains, ancient artifacts, visual art, literature, music, and political documents. We
will devote special attention to people whose voices have been muted over time, and to why this silencing has happened to
some and not others. Their words, ideas, and actions will illuminate and complicate our understandings of the past,
ourselves, the world, and, ultimately, our connection to humanity. We can honor and learn from them by discovering,
remembering, and retelling their stories.

This course is worth your time and effort because we can help each other succeed in some worthy goals. With our full
effort, as a result of this class we will:
o build a strong foundation of knowledge in key episodes of world history.
o take concise and useful notes from readings, presentations, films, and lectures.
o read actively by noting important information, making connections, asking questions, and monitoring our response.
o write effectively, which includes being able to:
o organize ideas in paragraph form.
o make clear statements, support them with compelling evidence, and justify them with sound reasoning.
o edit and revise writing for grammar, organization, and style.
o organize ourselves and our work to meet rigorous academic expectations.
o understand our own potential to make history.
With my full effort, I will:
World History Syllabus 2
My Commitment to You
Respect and dedication.
o I ask it of you, and I offer it unconditionally.
o I will always consider and appreciate your perspective.
o I will incorporate many forms of learning and expression into your work.
o My goal is to help you grow and succeed. I will do my best.
I have high expectations for you.
o I will push you to work harder than you might like to, but only because I fully
expect you to succeed at a high level. This is non-negotiable.
o I don’t care how “smart” or “dumb” you think you are. Intelligence is not fixed; you We're going to pump you up!
can lose or gain it just like a muscle.
o I do care about how much effort you put into this class. If you apply yourself, I will set you up for success.
I will communicate my expectations clearly.
o I will grade all major assignment with rubrics that you receive in advance.
o I will make my directions as clear as I can, and I will answer any questions you have about them.
I will give you regular feedback on your work and performance.
o I will return your assignments in a timely manner.
o I will update the online gradebook—which you can access to see your grade—weekly.
o I will give individual written or verbal feedback on all major assignments.
o I will be in contact regularly with your Advisor and as needed with your parents or guardians.
o I will be available for help during mutual free periods, after school at designated times, and by arrangement.

Grades & Related Policies
Your quarterly grade will be calculated as follows:
10% Organization (binder, assignment notebook, journal, preparation)
20% Citizenship (average of daily scores of 0, ✓-, ✓, ✓+)
20% Participation/Historical Connections Log
25% Homework/Classwork
25% Projects/Essays/Tests

o Homework is due when it is due. In accordance with school policy, late work will not be accepted.
o Essays and projects submitted late will incur a 5% penalty per school day.
o If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the assignments you missed from a friend, your weekly plan, the
absentee folder in the classroom, or the class website. Work missed due to excused absence is due the next class
meeting without exception. That means if you are absent Monday, you need to get the work when you return on
Tuesday and have it ready to turn in by Wednesday. Do not wait until the next class meeting to get the assignment!
o Your daily citizenship grade depends on fulfilling your responsibility to the class, which includes effort,
promptness, listening to others, being prepared, following directions, using respectful language, keeping electronics
away, etc. See the next page for more. I will call home for a score of ✓-. A referral will result in a zero for the day.

Photograph of the urban center of Inca society at Macchu Picchu, Peru, built c. 1430 CE
World History Syllabus 3
Your Responsibilities to the Class
“[G]reatness is never a given. It must be earned. Our journey has
never been one of shortcuts or settling for less. It has not been
the path for the fainthearted—for those who prefer leisure over
work, or seek only the pleasures of riches and fame.”
– President Barack Obama, Inaugural
Address, 1/20/2009

Be respectful. o Listen closely to your teacher and classmates.
o Respectfully consider ideas you do not agree with.
o Refrain from hurtful or disrespectful language.
o Dress appropriately for the classroom; this includes no headwear.
o Keep the classroom clean; leave food and drink outside.
o _____________________________________________________
o _____________________________________________________

Be responsible. o You will make mistakes; admit to your own and move on.
o Organize yourself well.
o Bring the required supplies to class.
o Complete and submit your work on time.
o Be in your seat before the bell rings.
o _____________________________________________________
o _____________________________________________________

Focus. o Make your work in this class a priority in your life.
o Identify and resist distractions.
o Leave your phones, iPods, cards, etc. somewhere else; they will be confiscated
in accordance with school policy.
o Follow directions.
o Listen to your teacher and classmates.
o _____________________________________________________
o _____________________________________________________

Work hard. o Give your full effort.
o You will struggle. When you do, persist.
o Ask questions if you have them; come after school if you need the help.
o Take risks.
o Participate in class discussions and activities.
o _____________________________________________________
o _____________________________________________________
World History Syllabus 4
Routines & Organization
o The class website ( contains an assignment calendar, all class handouts, a link to the
online gradebook, and other important resources. You can access this from any web-enabled device.
o You will write reflections in your historical connections log (HCL) everyday, at least once at the beginning of
class, during the opening. This is one of the reasons it is important to be in your seat when the bell rings. A
complete journal entry includes the date in the upper right, the prompt beginning on the first line, and at least half a
page of writing in full sentences. Your journal entries should demonstrate your original thinking on the prompt; they
do not have to be perfect in grammar, spelling, etc. New Haven Academy will supply your HCL.
o Everyday after the HCL opening, we will get settled. This is your opportunity to ask questions about the schedule,
assignments, and other administrative matters. Because we have time set aside for these items everyday, please do not
interrupt the journal opening with such questions.
o Part of getting settled everyday is going over the daily plan, which I will write on the board.
o Part of getting settled is turning in your homework and picking up graded work from the in/out box for your class.
o The last part of getting settled is introducing the homework assignment, which you should expect to have after
every class. This is the time at which you should write the assignment down in your assignment notebook.
o Because of the New Haven Academy weekly schedule, you should complete homework the night it is
assigned; otherwise you will have a huge pile of work to do on Thursday night.
o In addition to the assignment notebook, materials required daily include pens, pencils, and paper. I will keep a
portfolio of your completed and graded work in the classroom.
o You will also need to purchase a 1”, three-ring binder with pockets to use exclusively for this class,
and a set of 5 binder tabs. This will be checked in for a grade on Monday, September 1.
o You will receive five hall passes at the beginning of each quarter that you can use to go to your locker or the
bathroom. I suggest that you use these wisely because you will not be able to leave the room if you lose them, forget
them outside the classroom, or run out. If you have passes left at the end of the quarter, you can submit them for
extra credit. If you need to leave the room, you need to ask permission and sign the hall pass log. No passes will be
granted in the first or last 10 minutes of class.

Acknowledgment of Expectations Photograph of a stone inscribed with the Code of Hammurabi, c. 1790 BCE

By signing below, I certify that I understand the above policies. I will do my best to fulfill the expectations of this class and
my obligation to my peers.

Student: ______________________________ ______________________________ __________
Signature Print name Date
Parent or guardian: By signing below I certify that I have read and discussed this syllabus with my student.

______________________________ ______________________________ __________
Signature Print name Date

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Email Alternate email

Which phone number do you prefer I call first during the day? (please circle one) Mobile Home Work

Which phone number do you prefer I call first during the evening? (please circle one) Mobile Home Work

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