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Citizenship is Everyone’s Business!

Embedded Values:
Linesof Inquiry
Kahikatea Syndicate • How are children’s rights recognised at Nelson Central School?
Unit Topic: Children’s Rights • Not all children have equal rights
Term 2 Weeks 9 – Term 3 Week 4 , 2009 Resources
• How does our observation of rights at NCS compare with
Curriculum Focus: UNCROC
children’s rights in other school environments?
Health & PE: D3 Rights, responsibilities, and
laws; D4 People and the environment
• Contribute to and use simple guidelines and
practices that promote physically and socially Provocation: Thinkers Keys; Questioning Key
healthy classrooms, schools, and local environments.
Create 5 questions about children’s rights (T&Q)
ICT Opportunities
Inquiry into the following: Blogging
• Transdisciplinary theme.
Children’s Rights
Google searches
S Discussion Children’s rights at Nelson Central, Choose focus areas

Movie making Maybe TED talks?
• Key idea. Recall 40 hour famine video
Power point presentations,
We can apply our knowledge of Kidspiration Brainstorm: What we already know about Children’s Rights in other parts of the
children’s rights to NCS
• Key Competencies
I movies
Possible Web site
Other Curric Areas
world. What we want to find out. (P&C) A Select an area for research: children’s
Thinking and questioning, (T&Q) right to education, make friends, relax and play, express opinions, good health.
Literacy- Reading, Writing -
Participating and contributing, (P&C)
Using language, symbols and text. (L,S&T)
Relating to others (R to O)
Visual Art
(P&C) (L,S&T) U Compare our rights to those of other children in Kroobay,
Managing self (MS)
• Rich Task historically and at present (R to O) C Create power point for Children’s Rights
• Compare how children’s rights are Blog, school website showing how Central School helps children to have a right to
observed at Nelson Central School education, make friends, relax and play, express opinions, good health. E.g
with those of other children school
in a different place in the world.
• Show how we can build on the Vocabulary (MS) (L,S&T) E Self assessment on co-operative tasks (MS)
current situation Teacher assessment on effective questions CWSN catered for through
composition of Inquiry groups, support as required.
CWSA catered for through open ended Inquiry process