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Term 4 Kowhai Syndicate 2009 Years 0/1/2

Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
12 - 16 Oct 19 - 23 Oct 27 - 30 Oct 2 - 6 Nov 9 - 13 Nov 16 - 20 Nov 23 - 27 Nov 30 Nov - 4 Dec 7 - 11 Dec 14 - 16 Dec
English Students will acquire and begin to use sources of information, processes and strategies to identify, form and express ideas. Students will recognise that texts
are shaped for different purposes and audiences. Students will recognise and identify ideas within and across texts, recognise and begin to understand how
Listening, Reading, language features are used for effect within and across texts and recognise and begin to understand text structures. Continue to reinforce expectations. Phonics
Viewing will be a part of the reading/writing programme.

English Students will acquire and begin to use sources of information, processes and strategies to identify, form and express ideas. Students will recognise how to shape
texts for a purpose and an audience. Form and express ideas on a range of topics, use language features, showing some recognition of their effects and organise
Speaking, Writing, Presenting
texts using simple structures. Recounts - draw on personal background, knowledge - trips, visits etc. Develop and convey personal voice and support ideas with
some detail. Model - plan - draft - read - edit - conference - publish. Spelling - essential lists 1 and 2. Handwriting - Magic Caterpillar handwriting process to be
followed. Letters practised are chosen from phonics programme/ on a formation or a needs basis. Introduce/develop poetic/narrative writing skills - simple poems
- acrostic, list, cinquain etc and make believe stories.

Measurement - Geometry - 2D and 3D shapes - Year 0/1 - 2 weeks. Measurement - time - Year 2 - 2 weeks. 8 weeks -
Maths number/algebra (includes problem solving,) mult/div from Stage 3 onwards and fractions.

Social Sciences
Stream Study - living world - life processes. Key Idea - We can use the Sciences to help us protect and improve our environment. Living things have certain
Science requirements in order to grow and stay healthy.

Social Skills - school wide progamme. Skills taught are chosen by Christine (DP) on a needs basis and linked to key competencies.
Personal Health & Physical Development, Movement concepts and motor skills run, jump, throw, aquatic skills. B1 - explore space, direction and speed. B1 - jump
Phys Ed. and land safely. Jump, leap, and hop for distance B1. Throw, push, sling for distance - B1. Participate in run, jump, throw games- A2. Safety procedures for run,
jump, throw & aquatics - A3.
Explore and share ideas about music from a range of sound environments & recognise that music serves a variety of purposes & functions in their lives & in their
communities. Explore how sound is made, as they listen & respond to pitch. Explore & express sounds & musical ideas, drawing on personal experience, listening &
Music imagination. Explore ways to represent sound & musical ideas. PK. DI & UC. Singing, listening, moving and playing. Musical elements - pitch. End of year production
- Wizard of Oz.

Design, drawing and painting. PK and DI. Continue to explore a variety of materials & tools & discover selected elements and principles. Investigate visual ideas in
Visual Arts response to a variety of motivations, observation, and imagination.

Improvise & explore movement ideas in response to a variety of stimuli. Share dance movement through informal presentation & share thoughts & feelings in
Dance response to their own & others dances. UC and C and I. End of year production - Wizard of Oz.

End of year production - Wizard of Oz. C and I.
Manners - thank and apologise to people, compliment people. More greetings - ask people how they are, respond to"how are you?" The Body - identify different
Te Reo parts of the body.lours - respond to questions to identify the colours of objects.