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Totara Inquiry Plan

Creating a Cool Community
Duration Term 1 Level 3

Enduring Learning Citizenship is everyone’s business

We are all members of communities and within our communities we all have rights and
Key Idea
Relating to others, using language symbols and texts, thinking, participating and contributing,
Key Competencies
managing self.

Curriculum area Curriculum Objective

• Investigate sources of information, processes and strategies with developing confidence
English to identify, form and express ideas.
• Select, form & communicate ideas on a range of topics.
• Express their ideas, needs, wants & feelings appropriately & listen sensitively to other
Health & P.E.
people and affirm them.
• Understand how people make significant contributions to New Zealand’s society
Social Studies
• Understand how people make choices to meet their needs & wants.
• Rights & responsibilities are important.
• We are all members of communities, human & other.
Lines of Inquiry • Human rights & responsibilities have changed over time.
• A school is a rights respecting school.
Specific Learning Intentions Success Criteria
We are learning to… We will know we are successful when we …
1 Make a positive contribution to our class and syndicate. Feel happy and confident in our class and syndicate.

2 Treat others in kind and respectful ways. Others treat us in kind and respectful ways.

3 Solve our disagreements peacefully. Use peer mediation to resolve our disputes.

We can tell someone else about our rights and our
4 Recognize our and others rights and our responsibilities

5 Respect the rights of others. Our actions show that we are respecting others rights.

Use a dictionary and thesaurus to find definitions and
6 Identify definitions and synonyms of keywords.
synonyms of words.
Use the 7 servants and keywords to pose inquiry
7 Pose suitable inquiry questions
Contribute ideas and listen to others when they are
8 Work cooperatively with others
contributing ideas.
Task: In groups you will be responsible for contributing to and helping to organise an
Inquiry Rich
event that celebrates our class & syndicate communities and promotes our rights and
responsibilities within these communities.
Learning Week
Possible Learning Progressions
Intentio #
Setting the scene:
• Establish class Rights & Responsibilities
• Develop vocabulary knowledge
• K/WV/F chart
• Pose, edit and evaluate questions around one or more of the lines of inquiry
lines of inquiry
1. Rights & responsibilities are important.
2. We are all members of communities; human & other.
3. Human rights & responsibilities have changed over time.
4. Our school is a rights respecting school.
• Evaluating information sources
• Summarising information
• Cools –peer mediation skills development
• Research class questions using surveying, internet, library etc.
• Children contribute to a Rights Respecting event for the syndicate
• Participating in the event with parents
• Self-evaluation
Relevant learning
Assessment tasks

• Self Evaluation of Rights & Responsibilities in their class.