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8201 West Judge Perez Drive
S·t. Bern:ard Fi1:e Department Chalmette, LA _70043
Fire Prevention Bureau Phone (504) 278-4477
Fax (504) 278-1583


New Construction
Murphy Oil USA
Owner/Contractor name P0364701
1615 E Judge Perez
Murphy Lab
Owner/Contractor address
Chalmette, LA 70043 Plan Review Project Name

2305 E St. Bernard Hwy
City, State, Zip
Gibbs Const. Project Location

Contact person Chalmette, LA
504-733-4336 Project City

To whom it may concern: Industrial

._ ..-.._Ihis is to advise you that we have reviewed the"dlawillgsand/or: -specifiCations for the subject proposed constructionand--.
have determined that they appear to satisfactorily comply with the adopted laws, codes, rules and regulations of the S1.Bernard FirE
Department subject to the following requirements marked below:

1.) Installation of U.L. rated electrically wired smoke detector.

2.) Provide a minimum of one 10lb ABC rated fire extinguisher for every 2500 sq. ft. of area.

3.) Certification/Recertification of the sprinkler system. This shall be provided by a registered certification company to
the Fire Departm ent in written form.

IYYl 4.) Certification/Recertification
~ company to the Fire Departmentof the in
smoke/heat detection system. This shall be provided by a registered certification
written form. .

5.) Certification/Recertification of the suppression/hood system. This shall be provided by a registered certification
D company to the Fire Department in written form.

.D . 6.) Const.ruct
(1997).' and ihstaTlJ<Ttcnen
- exhausthood,
.. .- system in accordance with NFPA 96
vent, and automatic extinguishing

~ 7.) Any and all requirements by the State Fire Marshall shall also be required by the S1. Bernard Fire Department.

This review applies to the new work indicated in the drawings and/or specifications and does not apply to existing
non-conforming conditions (if any) or any item(s) which may have been overlooked by the Plan Reviewer. The above is valid for f8C
days from the above date. If construction has not started within this period of time, this review shall become null and void. This offic,
requires certification of the completed project in accordance with the approved documents (certificate enclosed). Occupancy of the
project will not be permitted until we have received a completed certificate and a satisfactory inspection of the completed constructi(
has been made by this office and the State Fire Marshal (if required).
To schedule an inspection call this office Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon. Please call tv
(2) to three (3) weeks in advance.

. ., Inspector
Fire Prevention Bureau
S1. Bernard Parish Fire Department
Revised 2/03
IIo -, --,I·,.
',' ,.._- -.. -
, "
I.SCONCRETE o Construction

Gibbs Construction LLC
EXISTING 5736 Citrus
.. -
Height: Bernard oo Harahan,
LLC Highway,

30'-0" LightDate:
Legal' 7-29-2009
LA 70123
Heavy Industrial

use or
70043Phone (504) 2714141
Chalmette, LA

and/or lot will be:
IltflLiNG (WO()D)
~eneral Commercial
or a Lot:
0043 Contractor:
H SEWER Z-1-A and Z-1-B James Place! M-1 and M-2 Myrtle Grove

(}) 0J (I)
,« '". STATE OF LOUISIANA '!jl/h.
. C,"", Department of Public Safety and Corrections <:: J'
#ffice of'State Fire Marshal Code Enforcement and Building Safety
~ '"- )\
:# ~'~~ 't'(jJ\ 8181 Independence Boulevard

~ ">t'\;~~~"l>r:>.
(J> ,.:.;. el'l!
J.>. \ 225-925-4920
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806
q"l>\~ ••••••
A.l t,)
C)/ /

":~!=~:~~~:::'~>/ NEW CONSTRUCTION

STE 1360 CHALMETTE, LA 70044
NEW ORLEANS, LA 70163-0000
NFPA 101,2006


Dear Applicant

This is to advise that we have reviewed the drawings and specifications for the subject proposed construction and
have determined that they appear to satisfactorily comply with the adopted laws, codes, rules and regulations of The
State Fire Marshal subject to the following requirements:

1. Scope of Work: This 15000 sq. ft. facility is being reviewed as a high hazard industrial occupancy.
The POR has indicated on the construction documents that this facility will have a sprinkler system
and a fire alarm system. Both systems are required.

UNIFORM CONSTRUCTION CODE, in accordance with Act 12 of the 2005 First Extraordinary
Session of the Louisiana Legislature, IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS REVIEW. Contact the building
official of the applicable political subdivision to coordinate compliance with these requirements. LRS
40: 1730.23 mandates the enforcement of building codes by municipalities and parishes in Louisiana,
as described by LRS 40: 1730.28.

Note: In accordance with LRS 40: 1730.39.A, this office may establish contract agreements with
municipalities and parishes in order to provide code enforcement on their behalf, as provided in LRS
40: 1730.24. Please visit our web site at for a current list of
jurisdictions requesting plan review by this office, a fee schedule, and a checklist of information
required for review.

3. This exception is intended to apply to the storage and industrial portions of the building only.

After consultation with the Office of Rehabilitation Services, it has been determined that this office
will not req uire the storage/industrial area(s) and associated toileUbath portions of this facility to
comply with any of the ADA-AG or LSC requirements for individuals with disabilities, with the
following stipulations:

Jul 31. 2009
P0364701 - PAGE I
1. No floor plan modifications are permitted. Office additions and spaces created which constitute
a change in use will require the upgrading of all existing non-complying features to conform with the
provisions for new construction.

2. Provide features of accessibility for the public and administrative areas.

3. Visual alarm notification shall be provided if a fire alarm system is required by Code.

4. If a complaint is received about discrimination in hiring of handicapped individuals or
concerning handicapped accessibility to any part of the facility, then this office shall reserve the right
to investigate the complaint and, if justified, shall reserve the right to require the facility or a portion
thereof to be upgraded to comply with the accessibility requirements enforced by this office.

5. Please note that this document indicates specific compliance with state regulations and does not

4. rJ : t p\! r i IVIrLl~i:U
• ' .., . 7"i:)"ElDrJii~'E
ep,rft\e[1Q ..t..w c;r~u.ljJl~t~
lMPOSED" .. ~.-The. ... V~ with federal
Professional law.
of Record, if applicable, otherwise the
owner, shall furnish documentation addressing item(s) number 7,8,9,11,12,14,15,16 of this letter to
this office within 21 days of the date on this l~ter,or this r,eview may be rescinded and found "Not In
Compliance". Construction shall NOT be authorized for alLareas which may be affected by the
item(s) listed in this paragraph. The state inspector shall verify that written documentation has been
received and acknowledged by the Plan Review Section of this office prior to allowing occupancy.


5. LRS 37:152.A Prior to construction, all drawings and specifications shall be stamped by the
professional of record. Refer to sheet G002.

6. NFPA 45: Plans for laboratory emergencies shall be developed, which shall include the
following: See section 45:

(Compliance with 2-6wasn't indicated on the submitted documents.)

7. NFPA 30:6.3.2 The number of storage cabinets located in the chemical storage area shall not exceed
6. (Seven cabinets were indicated on the floor plan on sheet A201.) Provide documentation showing

8. NFPA 30: Exterior walls shall be constructed to provide ready access for fire-fighting
operations by means of access openings, windows, or lightweight noncombustible wall panels. A
deficiency was detected at the northeast wall of the chemical storage room. Refer to sheet A201.
Provide documentation showing compliance.

9. NFPA 30:* Where Class IA liquids or unstable liquids are dispensed or stored in containers
larger than 1 L (1 gal), rooms shall be designed to direct flame, combustion gases and pressures
resulting from a deflagration away from important buildings or occupied areas through the use of
damage-limiting construction. The damage-limiting construction design shall be in accordance with
recognized engineering standards and shall be acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.
(Compliance with this provision wasn't indicated on the submitted documents.) Provide
documentation showing compliance.

10. NFPA 30:6.9.1 Portable fire extinguishers shall meet the following requirements:

P0364701 - PAGE 2
(I) At least one portable fire extinguisher having a capability of not less than 40: B shall be located
outside of, but not more than 3 m (10ft) from, the door opening into an inside liquid storage area.
(2) At least one portable fire extinguisher having a capability of not less than 40:B shall be located
within 9 m (30 ft) of any Class I or Class II liquid storage area that is located outside of an inside
liquid storage area or liquid warehouse. (What type of fire extinguishers this facility will have
wasn't indicated on the submitted documents.)

Additional fire extinguisher requirements:

LAC 55: V:303.D Provide listed portable fire extinguishers in accordance with NFP A 10. (Refer to
Appendix E for distribution information.)

a) NFP A Classifications for fires:

Class A fires-fires in ordinary combustible materials, such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber and many
plastics. ..
Class B fiJ:'~s-fir~s inflammable liquids, combustible liquids, petroleumgrea'~e§, tars. oil~, QH-based
paints, 'solvents, lacquers, alcohols and flammable gases.
Class C fires-fires that involve energized electrical equipment.
Class D fires-fires in combustible metals.
Class K fires-fires in cooking appliances that involve combustible cooking media (vegetable or animal

b) NFPA 10:5 Travel distance to a fire extinguisher shall not exceed 75 feet for Class A, C and D
fires. Table 10:5.2.1 and 10:5.5 and 10:5.6.

c) NFPA 10:5 Travel distance to a fire extinguisher shall not exceed 30 feet for Class B fires
(liquids). (May be increased to 50 feet for Light (low) Hazard fires with 10-8 extinguisher, for
Ordinary (moderate) Hazard fires with 20-B extinguisher, and for Extra (high) Hazard firs with 80-
B extinguisher.) Table 10:5.3.1.

For classification of Hazards see 10: 1.4.1 (Light/Low), ] 0: 1.4.2 (Ordinary/Moderate): 10: 1.4.3

d) NFPA 10:1.5.6 Fire extinguishers shall not be obstructed or obscured from view.
e) NFPA 10:1.5.3 Fire extinguishers shall be conspicuously located where they will be readily
accessible and immediately available in the event of fire. Preferably they shall be located along
normal paths of travel, including exits from areas.
f) NFPA 10: 1.5.1 0 Top of fire extinguisher, having a gross weight less than 40 lb, shall be not more
than 5 feet above the floor; ifgross weight 40 Ibs or greater, 3-1/2 feet above the floor.

Jul 31,2009
P036470J -PAGE3
11. NFP A 30: Where total quantity stored does not exceed 50 percent of the maximum per pile
given in Table 6.7.1, the distances to a property line that is or can be built upon and to streets, alleys,
or public ways shall be permitted to be reduced by 50 percent but not to less than 0.9 m (3 £1). (The
distance from the outside storage area to the property line is less than the minimum allowed by The separation distance shall not be less than 25 feet. Refer to sheet CI03.) Provide
documentation showing compliance.

12. NFPA 30:6.7.2 A maximum of 4160 L (1100 gal) of liquids in closed containers, intermediate bulk
containers, and portable tanks shall be permitted to be stored adjacent to a building under the same
management provided the following conditions apply:
(1) The adjacent building wall has an exterior fire resistance rating of2 hours.
(2) There are no openings to areas at grade or above grade that are within 3 m (10 £1) horizontally
of the storage.
(3) There are no openings directly above the storage.
(4) There are no openings to areas below grade within 15m (50 ft) horizontally of the storage.

(The outside storage area doesn't comply with items 1 and 2 of section 6.7.2. The portion of the
exterior wall that is directly behind the outside_stor.age area shall provide a fire resistance ratingof2
hr_ Also a wing wall 5' long shall be installed on each side of the outside storage area and shall
terminate at the same height of the exterior wall to which it is connected. ) This will satisfy items 1
and 2 of section 6.7.2. Refer to sheets A201 and A401 for more in formation. Provide documentation
showing compliance.

13. 101 : Doors serving high hazard contents ,areas with occupant loads in excess of five shall be
permitted to be provided with a latch or lock only if the latch or lock is panic hardware or fire exit
hardware complying with (The type of hardware that will be used wasn't indicated on the
submitted documents.)

14. 101 : * Where the contents are classified as high hazard, exits shall be provided and
arranged to allow all occupants to escape from the building or structure or from the hazardous area
thereof to the outside or to a place of safety with a travel distance of not more than 23 m (75 ft),
measured as required in 7.6.1, unless otherwise provided in 7.11.2. (Lab area 117 doesn't comply
with this provision.) Provide documentation showing compliance. Refer to sheet E201.

15. NFPA 50A: 3-2.2 The minimum distance in feet from a hydrogen system of indicated capacity
located either outdoors, in separate buildings, or in special rooms to any specified outdoor exposure
shall be in accordance with Table 3-2.2. The distances in numbers 1,3 through 10, and 14 inclusive in
Table 3-2.2 shall not apply where protective structures having a minimum fire resistance rating of 2
hours are located between the system and the exposure. (The hydrogen system shall be located a
minimum of 25' from the exterior of the building.) Refer to sheet A20l.

16. NFPA 50A:4-1.t Where protective walls or roofs are provided, they shall be constructed of
noncom bustible or limited-combustible materials. (The exterior wall adjacent to the hydrogen
system is constructed with at least one com bustible material.) Refer to the second exterior wall
~ section located on sheet A403. Provide documentation showing compliance.

17. LRS 40: 1731 (Effective 8/15/95) Provide handicapped accessibility in accordance with ADA-AG
(Accessibility Guidelines - September 1994). This does not include a review for compliance with the
Federal Americans with Disabilities (Civil Rights) Act of 1990. Compliance with state regulations
and requirements does not guarantee compliance with federal law.
"PARTICULAR APPARENT DEFICIENCIES" and paragraph references are noted as follo)"s:
a) 4.9.4(2) Handrails at stairs shall extend at least 12" beyond the top riser and at least 12" plus the
width of one tread beyond the bottom riser (See Figure 19). Refer to sheet A20I and A505; see stair
nearest to office 116.
P036470 I - PAGE 4
b) 4.22.5 Provide at least one accessible urinal with an elongated rim at 17" maximum above the
floor. A deficiency was detected in the Men's restroom 114, refer to sheet 501.
c) 4.23 Bathrooms, bathing facilities, and shower rooms shall comply with this section. (The seat and
controls located in shower 113 don't comply with 4.23. reference fig. 57 of adaag. Refer also to sheet
A501@ elevation 20.)


18. LRS 40:1730.45 and LAC 55:Y:2601 The documentation provided for the subject facility appears to
comply with The Commercial Building Energy Conservation Code based on ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA
90.1- 2004, or the International Energy Conservation Code, 2006 edition, as applicable.

19. NFPA 45:5.1.6 All floor openings shallbe sealed or curbed to prevent liq uid leakage to lower floors.

20. NFPA 45:5.L9*"Dpenings in fire-rated floor/ceiling and wall assemblies foraire.:-handJing dudworkor
movement shall be protected in accordance with NFPA 90A, Standard for the Installation of
Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Systems.

21. NFPA 45:5.6.1 Electrical receptacles, switches, and controls shall be located so as not to be subject to
liquid spills.

22. NFPA 45:6.1.1 All laboratory units shall be provided with fire protection appropriate to the fife
as follows:
(1) Portable fire extinguishers (see Section 6.4)
(2) Fire alarm systems (see Section 6.5)
(3) Evacuation and emergency plans (see 6.6.3)

23. NFPA 45:4.3.1 * A laboratory work area shall be considered to contain an explosion hazard if an
explosion of quantities or concentrations of materials, including but not limited to those listed
in 4.3.1(1) through 4.3.1(6), could result in serious or fatal injuries to personnel within that
laboratory work area. (See Annex C.)
(1) Storage of materials with a instability hazard rating of 4 (see 8.2.5)
Copyright NFP A

(2) Use or formation of materials with a instability hazard rating of 4 (see 8.2.5)

(3)* Presence of highly exothermic reactions such as polymerizations, oxidations, nitrations,
peroxidations, hydrogenations, or organo-metallic reactions
(4) Use or formation of materials whose chemical structures indicate a potential hazard, but
whose properties have not been established, such as triple bonds, epoxy radicals, nitro
and nitroso compounds, and peroxides
(5) Presence of high-pressure reactions (see Figure C.4.5)
(6) Other explosion hazards as determined by a qualified person


24. NFPA 45:5.1.4 Table 5.1.1 shall pertain to laboratory units protected by automatic sprinkler
systems in
Jul 31, 2009
P0364701 - PAGE 5
accordance with NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems. Where water will
create a serious fire or personnel hazard, a suitable non water automatic extinguishing system
shall be permitted to be an acceptable substitute for sprinklers.

25. NFPA 45:6 Requires that this facility be equipped with an automatic sprinkler system and a
complete fire alarm system.

26. 101:40:3.2 Provide sprinkler system "supervision" in accordance with NFPA 101:9.7.2.

27. NFPA 45:6.2.3* The discharge of an automatic fire extinguishing system shall activate an
audible fire alarm system on the premises.

28. NFPA ~5:
6.5.3 The fire alarm system, where provided, shall be designed so that all personnel
endangered by the fire condition or a contingent condition shall be alerted.
6.5.4 The fire alarm system shall alert local emergency responders or the public fire

,29. , NFPA 45:8.5.1 * Ducts from chemical fume hoods and from lo,calexhaustsystems shall be constructed
entirely of noncombustible materials. Refer to exceptions ..

30. NFPA 30: Mechanical ventilation shall be provided in accordance with this section.

31. (Shall comply with the following:)
NFPA 30:6.8.2* Automatic Sprinkler and Foam-Water Fire Protection Systems. Where automatic
sprinklers or low-expansion foam-water sprinkler systems are used, the protection criteria of Table
6.8.2(a) through Table 6.8.2(k) shall be followed for the applicable liquid class, container type, and
storage arrangement. Figure 6.8.2(a), Figure 6.8.2(b), and Figure 6.8.2(c) shall be used to specify
protection criteria for liquid classes, container types, and storage arrangements not specifically
covered in Table 6.8.2(a) through Table 6.8.2(k). All automatic sprinkler and foam-water fire
protection systems shall be wet pipe, deluge, or preaction systems. If preaction systems are used, they
shall be designed so that water or foam solution will immediately discharge from the sprinkler upon
sprinkler actuation. Foam-water sprinkler systems that meet the design criteria specified in the water
sprinkler tables in this section shall be acceptable.

32. (This facility shall comply with the following:)
NFPA 30: In inside storage rooms, electrical wiring and utilization equipment for Class I
liquid storage shall be Class I, Division 2, and electrical wiring and utilization equipment in inside
storage rooms used for the storage of Class II and Class III liquids shall be suitable for general

33. NFPA 30:6.8.4 Water Supply. Water supplies for automatic sprinklers, other water-based protection
systems, hose streams, and hydrants shall be capable of supplying the anticipated water flow demand
for a minimum of 2 hours.

34. N FPA 30:6.10 Precautions shall be taken to prevent the ignition of flammable vapors from sources
of ignition. Refer to 6.10 for more information.

35. Notes:
Key NFP A standards used for this review:
NFPA 452004 edition
NFPA 302003 edition

Jul 3 L 2009
36. NFPA 45:8.2.2* Laboratory units and laboratory hoods in which chemicals are present shall be
continuously ventilated under normal operating conditions. The ventilation system shall comply with
all applicable sections of NFPA 45:8.

37. NFPA 45: Where the source cylinder is outside of the laboratory, a station regulator and
shall be installed at the point of use. to show outlet pressure.

38. NFPA 45: 11.2.3* Manual shutoff valves shall be provided near each point of use.

39. 101 : Doors shall be capable of being opened with ONLY one releasing operation. A two-
step release, such as a knob and an independent slide bolt, or an additional exit request button, is
NOT acceptable.

40. 101: Locks on doors in means of egress shall not require the use of a key, special device or
special knowledge to open in the direction of egress.

Submit a "REQUEST FOR EXEMPTION" for special locking arrangements in accordance with
Interpretive Mew.orandum 20G6-03 available on our website at http://www.dpsJouisiana.govLsfm/
under the PLAN-REVIEW / FORMS section. Also see Interpretive Memorandum 2006-04 for
clarification regarding "magnetic lock releasing devices".

NOTE: The "Life Safety and Property Protection Licensing Law" (LRS 40:1664 et seq.) requires
locksmiths to be licensed. Contact the licensing section of this office at 225.925.7047 for guidance and

41. 101 :40.3.3 Interior walls and ceilings shall have a flame spread of 0-200 and a smoke development
rating of 0-450.

a) 101 :40.5.1 Utilities shall comply with the provisions of Section 9.1.
b) Compliance with the 2005 NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC), is mandated by RS
40:1730.28.A(7). Contact the local Building Official of the applicable local political subdivision or a
Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council registered third-party provider to verify plan
review and inspection requirements of the proposed electrical work.
c) HV AC system shall be constructed in accordance with 101 :9.2.
d) 101 :9.2.1 Install smoke detectors to automatically stop the fan in HV AC duct systems over 2000
cfm in accordance with NFPA 90A:6.4.2(1). Where fire alarm system is required, duct detectors
shall be connected to building alarm system.
e) 101 :9.1.1 Install gas piping in accordance with NFPA 54.
f) 101 :9.2.2 Gas-fired equipment (furnaces, space heaters, water heaters, etc.) shall be U.L. listed for
its intended use and shall be installed and vented in accordance with NFP A 54. This type of
equipment shall also comply with the requirements set forth in the interpretive memorandum 2008-1.

43. LRS 40: I 731-(Effective 8/15/95) Provide handicapped accessibilityin accordance with ADA-AG
(Accessibility Guidelines - September 1994). This does not include a review for compliance with the
Federal Americans with Disabilities (Civil Rights) Act of 1990. Compliance with state regulations
and requirements does not guarantee compliance with federal law.
"CAUTIONARY/INFORMATIONAL" items and paragraph references are noted as follows:
a) 4.15 Provide drinking fountain(s) in compliance with this section.
b) 4.1.3(10)(a) In addition to the required accessible wheelchair drinking fountain, provide drinking
accommodations for those who have difficulty bending and stooping.
c) 4.19 Lavatories shall comply with the following:

Jul 31, 2009
P0364701 - PAGE 7
1. 4.19.2 Lavatories shall be mounted with a clearance of at least 29" from the floor to the bottom
of the apron. Knee and toe clearances shall comply with Fig. 31. Hot water and drain pipes shall be insulated or covered.

3. 4.19.5 and 4.27.4 Faucets shall not require tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist to
operate. Mirrors shall be mounted with the bottom edge not more than 40" from the floor.
d) 4.1.3(16) Permanent signage shall comply with 4.30.

1. Signage, where provided for permanent rooms and spaces shall provide;
a. braille and raised lettering as per 4.30.4,
b. letter/symbol to background color contrast as per 4.30.5, and
c. a 60" height from floor to the centerline of the sign as per 4.30.6.

2. Other permanent signs which provide direction to or information about functional spaces of the
building shall provide;
a. letter character width to height proportion as per 4.30..2, .
...b. character height proportion based 0"" height ofsign from finish floor as per 4.30.3, and
c. letter/symbol to background color contrast as per 4.30.5.

44. N FPA 50A: 6-1 * Caution.
Personnel shall be cautioned that hydrogen flames are practically invisible.

45. NFPA 55: Compressed gas containers, cyiinders, and tanks shall not be
exposed to corrosive chemicals or fumes that could damage containers, cylinders, tanks, or
valve-protective caps.

46. NFPA 55: Venting of gases shall be directed to an approved location.

47. NOTE: Please enclose a copy of this letter with future submittals or other correspondence pertaining
to this proj ecl.

Changes to construction in the field which are not consistent with the reviewed documents are not authorized unless
reviewed by this office for compliance with Code. Modifications to reviewed plans must be submitted to this office
by the Architect/Civil Engineer for review prior to final inspection. If an Architect or Civil Engineer is not required
by RS 37: 155, revisions shall be submitted by the Owner. Submittals shall include plans, completed application, a
minimum $55.00 review fee, and a copy ofthe most current plan review letter.

Compliance with code requirements for fire protection systems, such as Fire Alarm, Sprinkler and Suppression
Systems, is determined by separate shop drawing submittal and is not included in this review.

This review shall in no way permit and/or authorize any omissions or deviations from the specific requirements of
the adopted codes, rules and regulations in accordance with R.S. 40: 1574.1 (B).

This review is valid for 180 days from the date of this letter. Construction permits must be issued and/or
construction must commence within this time period.

This office requires certification of the completed project in accordance with the approved documents (certificate

Jul 31. 2009
P0364701 - PAGE 8
Occupancy of the project will not be permitted until we receive the completed certificate and a satisfactory
inspection of the completed construction has been made by this office.

To arrange for inspection of the project, please contact the District Office at the phone number below two (2)
to three (3) weeks in advance. The plans stamped reviewed by this office must be available on job site at time
of inspection. Certificate of completion must be provided to the inspecting Deputy for final inspection.

Fire Department access and water supplies within the scope of work shall be acceptable to the local fire
department. Submit to the State Fire Marshal inspector, a review letter from the local fire department,
stating that the access and water supply as proposed are acceptable. In lieu of a review letter, where the local
fire department does not provide a formal review, the local fire department may indicate review of the access
and water supplies by stating such on the plans bearing the State Fire Marshal review stamp.


Murphy Oil Usa, Jne
St Bernard Parish Government
St Bernard Fire Prevention*
New Orleans District* 5042194600

P0364701 - PAGE 9
Department of Public Safety and Corrections
Office of State Fire Marshal Code Enforcement and Building Safety
8181 Independence Boulevard
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806


", ST,E 1360 2305.E ST BERNARD HWY
NEW ORLEANS, LA 70163-0000 CHALJ:'IETT_E,LA 70044

NFPA 101,2006


Dear Applicant:

Additional information is required to perfonn a proper review. The project referenced above is being held pending
submission of the following information:

1. RS 40:1574 and/or RS 40:1730.39.A Additional drawings and/or specifications are required:
a) Provide the (complete) MSDS sheets for all chemicals and gases that will be stored and/or used in
this facility as we discussed per our phone conversation on 7/9/2009.

b) Also state what specific chemicals and gases will be used and/or stored in each individual room as
per our conversation on 7/9/2009. Also provide the amounts of each chemical that will be located in
each of these rooms. Be very specific.
c) NOTE: Please enclose a copy of this letter with future submittals or other correspondence
pertaining to this project.

Due to the lack of information, the referenced project has NOT been reviewed. Please direct the requested
information to my attention. Processing will continue upon receipt of the infonnation requested above. Enclose a
copy of this letter with future submittals and/or other correspondence pertaining to this project.

This project will be returned as "NOT IN COMPLIANCE" if the requested infonnation is not received by this office
within 21 days of the date of this letter, thereby requiring a RESUBMITT AL of the entire project along with a new
completed appl ication and appropriate review fee.

P0364701 - PAGE 1
CONSTRUCTION IS NOT AUTHORIZED until a satisfactory review has been performed and a formal review
letter has been issued by this office.


Murphy Oil Usa, Inc
St Bernard Parish Government
St Bernard Fire Prevention*
New Orleans District* 5042194600

P036470I - PAGE 2