Refined Sugar - The Sweetest poison of All...

Why Sugar Is Toxic To The Body
In 1957, Dr. William Coda Martin tried to answer the question: When is a food a food and when is it a poison? is wor!in" definition of #poison# was: #Medi$all%: &n% su'stan$e applied to the 'od%, in"ested or de(eloped within the 'od%, whi$h $auses or ma% $ause disease. )h%si$all%: &n% su'stan$e whi$h inhi'its the a$ti(it% of a $atal%st whi$h is a minor su'stan$e, $hemi$al or en*%me that a$ti(ates a rea$tion.#1 +he di$tionar% "i(es an e(en 'roader definition for #poison#: #to e,ert a harmful influen$e on, or to per(ert#. Dr. Martin $lassified refined su"ar as a poison 'e$ause it has 'een depleted of its life for$es, (itamins and minerals. #What is left $onsists of pure, refined $ar'oh%drates. +he 'od% $annot utili*e this refined star$h and $ar'oh%drate unless the depleted proteins, (itamins and minerals are present. -ature supplies these elements in ea$h plant in quantities suffi$ient to meta'oli*e the $ar'oh%drate in that parti$ular plant. +here is no e,$ess for other added $ar'oh%drates. In$omplete $ar'oh%drate meta'olism results in the formation of .to,i$ meta'olite. su$h as p%ru(i$ a$id and a'normal su"ars $ontainin" fi(e $ar'on atoms. )%ru(i$ a$id a$$umulates in the 'rain and ner(ous s%stem and the a'normal su"ars in the red 'lood $ells. +hese to,i$ meta'olites interfere with the respiration of the $ells. +he% $annot "et suffi$ient o,%"en to sur(i(e and fun$tion normall%. In time, some of the $ells die. +his interferes with the fun$tion of a part of the 'od% and is the 'e"innin" of de"enerati(e disease.#/ 0efined su"ar is lethal when in"ested '% humans 'e$ause it pro(ides onl% that whi$h nutritionists des$ri'e as #empt%# or #na!ed# $alories. It la$!s the natural minerals whi$h are present in the su"ar 'eet or $ane. In addition, su"ar is worse than nothin" 'e$ause it drains and lea$hes the 'od% of pre$ious (itamins and minerals throu"h the demand its di"estion, deto,ifi$ation and elimination ma!es upon one.s entire s%stem. 1o essential is 'alan$e to our 'odies that we ha(e man% wa%s to pro(ide a"ainst the sudden sho$! of a hea(% inta!e of su"ar. Minerals su$h as sodium 2from salt3, potassium and ma"nesium 2from (e"eta'les3, and $al$ium 2from the 'ones3 are mo'ili*ed and used in $hemi$al transmutation4 neutral a$ids are produ$ed whi$h attempt to return the a$id5al!aline 'alan$e fa$tor of the 'lood to a more normal state. 1u"ar ta!en e(er% da% produ$es a $ontinuousl% o(era$id $ondition, and more and more minerals are required from deep in the 'od% in the attempt to re$tif% the im'alan$e. 6inall%, in order to prote$t the 'lood, so mu$h $al$ium is ta!en from the 'ones and teeth that de$a% and "eneral wea!enin" 'e"in. 7,$ess su"ar e(entuall% affe$ts e(er% or"an in the 'od%. Initiall%, it is stored in the li(er in the form of "lu$ose 2"l%$o"en3. 1in$e the li(er.s $apa$it% is limited, a dail% inta!e of refined su"ar 2a'o(e the required amount of natural su"ar3 soon ma!es the li(er e,pand li!e a 'alloon. When the li(er is filled to its ma,imum $apa$it%, the e,$ess "l%$o"en is returned to the

SUGAR !AR"#U$ T% !U"A&S A&' A&I"A$S 1hipwre$!ed sailors who ate and dran! nothin" 'ut su"ar and rum for nine da%s surel% went throu"h some of this trauma4 the tales the% had to tell $reated a 'i" pu'li$ relations pro'lem for the su"ar pushers. It has 'een pro(ed. +he !e% to orderl% 'rain fun$tion is "lutami$ a$id. 1u"ar and water $an !ill %ou. su$h as the heart and !idne%s. howe(er. +his in$ident o$$urred when a (essel $arr%in" a $ar"o of su"ar was shipwre$!ed in 179. su'sidi*ed s$ien$e.s la'orator% alerted the su"ar industr% to the ha*ards of free s$ientifi$ inquir%. +he 9 (itamins pla% a ma:or role in di(idin" "lutami$ a$id into anta"onisti$5$omplementar% $ompounds whi$h produ$e a #pro$eed# or #$ontrol# response in the 'rain. )lain water $an !eep %ou ali(e for quite some time. +he whole 'od% is affe$ted '% their redu$ed a'ilit%.periments with animals.. the $odis$o(erer of insulin. 6rom that da% to this. the results of whi$h he pu'lished in 1<1=. +hese are ta!en to e(er% part of the 'od% and stored in the most ina$ti(e areas: the 'ell%. and the $reation of tissue 'e$omes slower. &ll the do"s wasted and died.. and a'normal 'lood pressure is $reated. whether the% 'e $old. When these $omparati(el% harmless pla$es are $ompletel% filled. the 'utto$!s. +he paras%mpatheti$ ner(ous s%stem is affe$ted4 and or"ans "o(erned '% it. fatt% a$ids are then distri'uted amon" a$ti(e or"ans.periments. umans >and animals? are #una'le to su'sist on a diet of su"ar#. +hese 'e"in to slow down4 finall% their tissues de"enerate and turn to fat. he fed do"s a diet of su"ar or oli(e oil and water. ha(in" $onsumed nothin" 'ut su"ar and rum. so we $annot respond properl% to e. su$h as the small 'rain. su"ar is worse than nothin". 7.treme atta$!s. these 'a$teria wither and die.perimental do"s pro(ed the same point. +oo mu$h su"ar ma!es one sleep%4 our a'ilit% to $al$ulate and remem'er is lost. +he 'est s$ientifi$ names that mone% $ould 'u% ha(e 'een hired.3 remo(al of su"ar from diets has $ured s%mptoms of $ripplin". +he fi(e sur(i(in" sailors were finall% res$ued after 'ein" marooned for nine da%s.3 +he $ir$ulator% and l%mphati$ s%stems are in(aded. $an$er and heart illnesses. worldwide diseases su$h as dia'etes. +he shipwre$!ed sailors and the 6ren$h ph%siolo"ist.@ +he dead do"s in )rofessor Ma"endie. 'e$ome ina$ti(e or paral%*ed. 2-ormal 'rain fun$tion is rarel% thou"ht of as 'ein" as 'iolo"i$ as di"estion.'lood in the form of fatt% a$ids. mosquitoes or mi$ro'es. When refined su"ar is ta!en dail%. &n o(era'undan$e of white $ells o$$urs. the 'reasts and the thi"hs. 9 (itamins are also manufa$tured '% s%m'ioti$ 'a$teria whi$h li(e in our intestines. 1ir 6rederi$! 9antin". in the hope that the% $ould one da% $ome up with somethin" at least pseudos$ientifi$ in the wa% of "lad tidin"s a'out su"ar.s toleran$e and immuni*in" power 'e$omes more limited. 8ur 'od%. noti$ed in 19/9 in )anama that. In the e. Ma"endie was inspired '% that in$ident to $ondu$t a series of e. a (ital $ompound found in man% (e"eta'les. amon" su"ar plantation owners who .s diet does $ause o(erwei"ht4 2. and our sto$! of 9 (itamins "ets (er% low. and the qualit% of the red $orpus$les starts to $han"e. the su"ar industr% has in(ested millions of dollars in 'ehind5the5s$enes. +he eminent 6ren$h ph%siolo"ist 6.s e.$essi(e su"ar has a stron" mal5effe$t on the fun$tionin" of the 'rain. &s a stead% diet. +he% were in a wasted $ondition due to star(ation. heat. that 213 su"ar is a ma:or fa$tor in dental de$a%4 2/3 su"ar in a person.

5 6ood for animals is often seasonal. -aturall%. %ou $an 'e sure the West Indian su"ar mer$hants would ha(e spread the news around the world. alwa%s e.As. pu'lished in 1957. a resear$h dentist from Cle(eland. is .s & istor% of -utrition and find that #+he author and pu'lishers are inde'ted to +he -utrition 6oundation. -estlE Co. +he proto$ols of modern s$ien$e ha(e $ompounded the $osts of s$ientifi$ inquir%. )et Mil! Co. While preparin" his epo$hal (olume. owe(er. reported that he had tried to feed su"ar and molasses to $al(es without su$$ess. '% then. 1u"ar. Deneral 6oods. )rofessor M$Collum failed to re$ord a sin"le $ontrolled s$ientifi$ e. &fter this sin"ular la$! of su$$ess in pushin" su"ar in $ow pastures. he saw no dia'etes. M$Collum sele$ted those e. in$ludin" the &meri$an 1u"ar 0efinin" Compan%. Deneral Mills. was dirt $heap. +he material $o(ered the period from the mid51<th $entur% to 19@A.ate lar"e amounts of their refined stuff. )erhaps the most si"nifi$ant thin" a'out M$Collum. the attempt to feed li(esto$! with su"ar and molasses in 7n"land in 1<A< was a disaster. who onl% "ot to $hew the raw $ane.s foremost nutritionist and $ertainl% a pioneer in the field.AAA pu'lished s$ientifi$ papers. is +he -utrition 6oundation. from &fri$a to -ew Fealand.t eatin" it fast enou"h.imatel% /AA.t tell %ou.. )ri$e. What. 6rom this "reat repositor% of s$ientifi$ inquir%. one Mem'er of )arliament. )rofessor 7. Weston &. We ha(e no ri"ht to 'e surprised when we read the introdu$tion to M$Collum. Co$a5 Cola.periment with su"ar 'etween 1<1= and 19@A.periments with food. In$. the West Indian su"ar mer$hants "a(e up. sometimes $alled &meri$a.periments to pro(e that unrefined su"ar was "ood for feedin" and fattenin" o. for a "rant pro(ided to meet a portion of the $ost of pu'li$ation of this 'oo!#.. %ou mi"ht as!. ina$$essi'le people with some !ind of #s$ientifi$# $redentials.. C. a$$omplish little without a sponsor. re$ordin" e. their utili*ation and their effe$ts on animals and men. we must remind oursel(es that s$ientists toda%. )epsi5Cola. )eople weren. It happens to 'e a front or"ani*ation for the leadin" su"ar5pushin" $on"lomerates in the food 'usiness. In$. tra(eled all o(er the world5from the lands of the 7s!imos to the 1outh 1ea Islands. ho"s and sheep. Bohn Curwin. their properties. and alwa%s. re(iewed appro. ad an%thin" $ome of that. With undaunted *eal for in$reasin" the mar!et demand for the most important a"ri$ultural produ$t of the West Indies. In the 19. Curtis Cand% Co. dia'etes was $ommon. and 1unshine 9is$uits5a'out @5 su$h $ompanies in all. When the Committee on West India made its fourth report to the ouse of Commons. e su""ested that perhaps someone should tr% a"ain '% snea!in" su"ar and molasses into s!immed mil!.? +he author and the pu'lishers don. &mon" nati(e $ane5$utters. the Committee of West India was redu$ed to a ta$ti$ that has ser(ed the su"ar pushers for almost /AA %ears: irrele(ant and transparentl% sill% testimonials from farawa%. 8hio. unhappil%.pensi(e. Dr. & istor% of -utrition.periments whi$h he re"arded as si"nifi$ant #to relate the stor% of pro"ress in dis$o(erin" human error in this se"ment of s$ien$e >of nutrition?#. M$Collum 2Bohns op!ins uni(ersit%3.en. the stor% of the pu'li$ relations attempts on the part of the su"ar manufa$turers 'e"an in 9ritain in 1<A< when the Committee of West India reported to the ouse of Commons that a pri*e of twent%5fi(e "uineas had 'een offered to an%one who $ould $ome up with the most #satisfa$tor%# e.s 1957 histor% was what he left out: a monumental earlier wor! des$ri'ed '% an eminent ar(ard professor as #one of those epo$hal pie$es of resear$h whi$h ma!es e(er% other in(esti"ator desirous of !i$!in" himself 'e$ause he ne(er thou"ht of doin" the same thin"#. $ows.

and the news "ets out. 1u"ar manufa$turers !eep tr%in". the su"ar pushers $ame up with a new slant on purit%.t ha(e to sort it li!e 'eans. It too! them ten %ears to dis$o(er that there was no wa% to pre(ent su"ar $ausin" dental de$a%.# & (er% ine. wash it li!e ri$e. was first pu'lished in 19. It is store food that has "i(en us store teeth. +he% 'oasted there were /. &n% $redi'ilit% the su"ar pushers ha(e is 'ased on our i"noran$e of wor!s li!e that of Dr. .# ar(ard professor 7rnest ooten said in &pes. +he% ate natural. What was on$e a lu. no "rounds li!e $offee.t li(e on an% su$h un'alan$ed diet.9. )eople who li(e under so5$alled 'a$!ward primiti(e $onditions had e.7 #Get us $ease pretendin" that tooth'rushes and toothpaste are an% more important than shoe 'rushes and shoe polish.# ph%si$al de"eneration 'e"an in a wa% that was definitel% o'ser(a'le within a sin"le "eneration.$ellent teeth and wonderful "eneral health. What was meant '% purit%. #9ut that fi"ure ser(es to point out how ine. toppin" I(or% soap in that department. #Iou don. #8f $ourse. re$orded in horrif%in" detail in area after area.5AA $alories in a pound of su"ar. to find out how su"ar $auses dental $a(ities and how to pre(ent this.s em'arrassin" all around. the su"ar pushers turned up with a new pit$h. 'ein" 99. In(aria'l%. #-o food of our e(er%da% diet is purer. $onsider his wa% of eatin" and 'e wise.# Gater.# the% admitted later. Dr.pensi(e wa% to !ill %ourself. it. )ri$e. When hone% is la'eled pure. salts. the resear$h results are 'ad news. +he 1u"ar 0esear$h 6oundation withdrew its support.# we were assured. this means that it is in its natural state 2stolen dire$tl% from the 'ees who made it3.ur% onl% a pri(ile"ed few $ould en:o% is now a food for the poorest of people. AT A +RI() When $alories 'e$ame the 'i" thin" in the 19/As. #Get us "o to the i"norant sa(a"e.# When the resear$hers 'ite the hands that feed them. #%our 'oard 'ill for the %ear would 'e (er% low. -o waste attends its use. su"ared foods were imported as a result of $onta$t with #$i(ili*ation. and e(er%'od% was learnin" to $ount them. 7(er% "rain is li!e e(er% other. When the resear$hers reported their findin"s in the Dental &sso$iation Bournal.pensi(e su"ar is as an ener"%5'uildin" food. 'an!rolled '% the 1u"ar 0esear$h 6oundation. and Morons. +ime ma"a*ine reported that a ar(ard 'io$hemist and his assistants had wor!ed with m%riads of mi$e for more than ten %ears. is de(astatin" $on$lusion. minerals. fi'ers and proteins had 'een remo(ed in the refinin" pro$ess? Well.9 per $ent pure a"ainst I(or%.# the% told us. unrefined food from their own lo$ale.5 for a whole %ear.AAA. -o useless 'ones li!e in meat. to the tune of H57. #If %ou $ould 'u% all %our food ener"% as $heapl% as %ou 'u% $alories in su"ar. Men. &s soon as refined. & little o(er a quarter5pound of su"ar would produ$e /A per $ent of the total dail% quota. 'esides the unar"ua'le fa$t that all (itamins.s (aunted 99. If su"ar were se(en $ents a pound.-utrition and )h%si$al De"eneration: & Comparison of )rimiti(e and Modern Diets and +heir 7ffe$ts. In$. hopin" and $ontri'utin" "enerous resear$h "rants to $olle"es and uni(ersities4 'ut the resear$h la'oratories ne(er $ome up with an%thin" solid the manufa$turers $an use.@@ per $ent. In 195<. it would $ost less than H.# #)ure# is a fa(orite ad:e$ti(e of the su"ar pushers 'e$ause it means one thin" to the $hemists and another thin" to the ordinar% mortals. their sour$e of mone% dried up. was simple.= whi$h is illustrated with hundreds of photo"raphs. )ri$e too! the whole world as his la'orator%. +he more that the s$ientists disappointed them. the more the su"ar pushers had to rel% on the ad men. the su"ar pushers ad(ertised that su"ar was $hemi$all% pure. we don. SU(R%S) *+UR)* )&)RG.

+hus. $ar'oh%drates. phosphorus or multiple (itamins. 1u$rose addi$tion is somethin" new in the histor% of the human animal. +he use of the word #$ar'oh%drate# outside the la'orator%5espe$iall% in food la'elin" and ad(ertisin" lin"o5to des$ri'e 'oth natural. +he use of the word #$ar'oh%drate# to des$ri'e su"ar is deli'eratel% misleadin". (itamins or minerals. #9ut it too! World War I to 'rin" this home. Mu$h of the pu'li$ $onfusion a'out refined su"ar is $ompounded '% lan"ua"e. +he se(eral t%pes of $ar'oh%drates are added to"ether for an o(erall $ar'oh%drate total. . 1u$rose $ontains $alori$ ener"%. the su"ar pushers $oated their propa"anda with a preparedness pit$h.ious mothers into thin!in" !iddies need su"ar to sur(i(e.# said an industr% tra$t of the 19/As. refined $ar'oh%drates li!e su"ar are lumped to"ether with those $ar'oh%drates whi$h ma% or ma% not 'e refined. whi$h dri(es relu$tant dou"h'o%s o(er the top and dri(es $hildren up the wall. and it is often $alled #'lood su"ar#. Maltose is malt su"ar. $omplete $ereal "rains 2whi$h ha(e 'een a prin$ipal food of man!ind for thousands of %ears3 and man5refined su"ar 2whi$h is a manufa$tured dru" and prin$ipal poison of man!ind for onl% a few hundred %ears3 is demonstra'l% wi$!ed. What nutritional (irtue this a'stra$t $hemi$al purit% represents. Chemists add to the $onfusion '% usin" the word #su"ar# to des$ri'e an entire "roup of su'stan$es that are similar 'ut not identi$al. 1in$e the impro(ed la'elin" of nutritional properties was required on pa$!a"es and $ans. 1o effe$ti(e is the purifi$ation pro$ess whi$h su"ar $ane and 'eets under"o in the refineries that su"ar ends up as $hemi$all% pure as the morphine or the heroin a $hemist has on the la'orator% shel(es. Calori$ ener"% and ha'it5formin" taste: that.trose. period. Dlu$ose has alwa%s 'een an essential element in the human 'loodstream. &ll other foods $ontain ener"% plus. +he ener"%5'uildin" power of su"ar rea$hes the mus$les in minutes and it was of (alue to soldiers as a ration "i(en them :ust 'efore an atta$! was laun$hed. Dlu$ose is alwa%s present in our 'loodstream. It does not mean that the hone% is free from minerals li!e iodine. fine.s what su$rose has. 6ru$tose is fruit su"ar. $al$ium. 9e"innin" with World War I. is deri(ed s%ntheti$all% from star$h. +he e. +he #qui$!# ener"% $laim the su"ar pushers tal! a'out. 1u$rose is refined su"ar made from su"ar $ane and su"ar 'eet.# +he su"ar pushers ha(e 'een harpin" on the ener"%5'uildin" power of su$rose for %ears 'e$ause it $ontains nothin" else.%"en and h%dro"en#. in fruits and (e"eta'les. De.tra speed with whi$h su$rose enters the 'loodstream does more harm than "ood. iron. and nothin" else. +his !ind of $onfusion ma!es possi'le the flimflam pra$ti$ed '% su"ar pushers to $onfound an. It is a !e% material in the meta'olism of all plants and animals. +his manufa$tured word means #a su'stan$e $ontainin" $ar'on with o. Dlu$ose is a su"ar found usuall% with other su"ars. &ll foods $ontain some nutrients in the wa% of proteins. Man% of our prin$ipal foods are $on(erted into "lu$ose in our 'odies. the effe$t of the la'el is to hide the su"ar $ontent from the unwar% 'u%er. the su"ar pushers ne(er tell us. is 'ased on the fa$t that refined su$rose is not di"ested in the mouth or the stoma$h 'ut passes dire$tl% to the lower intestines and then$e to the 'loodstream. also $alled #$orn su"ar#. or all of these.with no adulteration with su$rose to stret$h it and no harmful $hemi$al residues whi$h ma% ha(e 'een spra%ed on the flowers. Ga$tose is mil! su"ar. If $hemists want to use these hermeti$ terms in their la'oratories when the% tal! to one another. #Dietitians ha(e !nown the hi"h food (alue of su"ar for a lon" time. 1u"ars are $lassified '% $hemists as #$ar'oh%drates#.

(e ta!en too mu$h insulin and. & new t%pe of store. in a state of insulin sho$!. If %ou want to a(oid su"ar in the supermar!et. 6rom the da%s of the )ersian 7mpire to our own. #Made from natural in"redients#. in plain 7n"lish: #-o su"ar added#. It should 'e. stoma$h trou'le. how it is meta'oli*ed to produ$e warmth. . there is onl% one sure wa%. how it is o. $ould 'e ad(ertised as 'ein" made from natural in"redients. has en$oura"ed man% to 'e$ome dropouts from the supermar!et. +he%. 1o the su"ar pushers ha(e 'e"un to per(ert the word #natural# in order to mislead the pu'li$. Get us lea(e aside for the moment the !nown effe$t of su"ar 2lon"5 term and short5term3 on the entire s%stem and $on$entrate on the effe$t of su"ar ta!en in $om'ination with other dail% foods. +he word #from# is snot a$$ented on tele(ision. 9ut that four5letter word #from# hardl% su""ests that 9A per $ent of the $ane and 'eet ha(e 'een remo(ed. +here is nothin" new a'out that. It ma!es possi'le more flimflam from the su"ar pushers who tell us how important su"ar is as an essential $omponent of the human 'od%. It. -atural food $an 'e instrumental in restorin" health. therefore. owe(er.s what man does with it that tells the stor%. If the% suspe$t the% ha(e low 'lood su"ar. Man% people.s "reat for the su"ar pushers 'ut it. )eople ha(e 'een 'am'oo*led into thin!in" of their 'odies the wa% the% thin! of their $he$! a$$ounts. need su"ar as an antidote. unless %ou. umans need su"ar as mu$h as the% need the ni$otine in to'a$$o. the% are pro"rammed to sna$! on (endin" ma$hine $andies and sodas in order to raise their 'lood su"ar le(el.+o use the word #su"ar# to des$ri'e two su'stan$es whi$h are far from 'ein" identi$al. 7(en refined su"ar is made from natural in"redients.s ham'ur"ers and Co$a5Cola for lun$h or the full #"ourmet# dinner in the e(enin".t 'u% an%thin" unless it sa%s on the la'el prominentl%. ha(e $ome to equate the word #natural# with #health%#. )eople who !i$! su$rose addi$tion and sta% off su$rose find that the "lu$ose le(el of their 'lood returns to normal and sta%s there. $hemi$all% the a(era"e &meri$an diet is a formula that "uarantees 'u''le. su"ar has usuall% 'een used to hop up the fla(or of other food and drin!.re tal!in" a'out "lu$ose. of $ourse. Cra(e it is one thin"5need it is another. too. When the word #su"ar# $an mean the "lu$ose in %our 'lood as well as the su$rose in %our Co$a5Cola. use of the word #$ar'oh%drate# as a #s$ientifi$# word for su"ar has 'e$ome a standard defense strate"% with su"ar pushers and man% of their medi$al apolo"ists. whi$h is manufa$tured in our 'odies. hardl% an%one e(er has $ause to ta!e su"ar alone. (%RR)(T #%%' (%"BI&I&G Whether it. one is led to 'elie(e that the manufa$turers are tal!in" a'out the su$rose whi$h is made in their refineries. as an in"redient in the !it$hen or as a $ondiment at the ta'le. 1in$e the late 19=As.idi*ed to produ$e ener"%. whether it. eroin. Don.s su"ared $ereal or pastr% and 'la$! $offee for 'rea!fast. it. +he opium popp% is as natural as the su"ar 'eet. the tele(ision su"ar5pushers tell us a'out produ$t after produ$t. It. +he natural in"redients are $ane and 'eets. 'u''le. &$tuall%. millions of &meri$ans ha(e returned to natural food. and so on. +he le(el of "lu$ose in their 'lood is apt to 'e low 'e$ause the% are addi$ted to su$rose. the natural food store.s rou"h on e(er%'od% else. this is the worst thin" to do.s their se$urit% 'lan!et. whi$h ha(e different $hemi$al stru$tures and whi$h affe$t the 'od% in profoundl% different wa%s $ompounds $onfusion.

is dan"erous. Most modern resear$h in $om'inin" food is a la'ored dis$o(er% of the thin"s Drandma too! for "ranted. +his is not ne$essaril% so. unless one is $on$erned with the qualit% of the food instead of :ust its quantit%. It lea(es the 'asi$ $ause untou$hed. Man% o(erwei"ht people are undernourished. natural laws were o'ser(ed. li!e $ereals. Dietin" to lose wei"ht is as sill% and dan"erous as ta!in" aspirin to relie(e a heada$he 'efore %ou !now the reason for the heada$he. su$h as those in hone% and fruit 2fru$tose3.istin" in the stoma$h. in 'oth senses of that word. or add it %ourself5almost "uarantees a$id fermentation.s natural a'ilit% to mo(e. (e"eta'les and natural fruits in season. fat is lost. Ji$!in" su"ar and white flour and su'stitutin" whole "rains. when it $ame to eatin" foods in $om'ination. or in the stoma$h. . the% pass qui$!l% throu"h the stoma$h into the small intestine. &n% diet or re"imen underta!en for the sin"le purpose of losin" wei"ht is dan"erous. Dettin" rid of a s%mptom is li!e turnin" off an alarm. she !new what she was tal!in" a'out. 8ther animals tend to eat one food at a time. 6lesh5eatin" animals . no matter what #s$ientifi$# name is applied to them. 1u"ar of all !inds5natural su"ars. When ta!en alone. &n% diet whi$h in$ludes refined su"ar and white flour. Curtis Wood stresses this point in his 1971 'oo!. 8(erfed 9ut undernourished. 8'esit% is not a disease.planation mi"ht not ha(e satisfied a $hemist 'ut. it will 'e less dan"erous than a few oun$es of su"ar. the addition of the su"ar pra$ti$all% "uarantees rapid a$id fermentation under the $onditions of warmth and moisture e. -o'od% is "oin" to eat a half5do*en su"ar 'eets or a whole $ase of su"ar $ane. is the $ore of an% sensi'le natural re"imen.ioms from the Mosai$ law on !osher food and separation in the !it$hen. &n% diet or re"imen underta!en with an% o':e$ti(e short of restoration of total health of %our 'od% is dan"erous. '% definition. &n% diet whi$h does not $onsider the qualit% of $ar'oh%drates and ma!es the $ru$ial life5and5death distin$tion 'etween natural. as well as the refined white stuff 2su$rose35tends to arrest the se$retion of "astri$ :ui$es and ha(e an inhi'itin" effe$t on the stoma$h. er e. 8'esit% is tal!ed a'out and treated as a disease in /Ath5$entur% &meri$a. 2Dr. It is onl% a s%mptom. If %ou eat natural food of "ood qualit%. unrefined $ar'oh%drates li!e whole "rains and (e"eta'les and man5refined $ar'oh%drates li!e su"ar and white flour is dan"erous.3 7atin" less $an a""ra(ate this $ondition. a si"n. When su"ars are eaten with other foods5perhaps meat and 'read in a sandwi$h5 the% are held up in the stoma$h for a while. 1u"ar on $ereal5whether %ou 'u% it alread% su"ared in a 'o. 1in$e the 'e"innin" of time. li!e animal flesh. +he su"ar in the 'read and the Co!e sit there with the ham'ur"er and the 'un waitin" for them to 'e di"ested. a warnin" that %our 'od% is out of order. Chan"in" the qualit% of %our $ar'oh%drates $an $han"e the qualit% of %our health and life. as with man% traditional a. quantit% tends to ta!e $are of itself. 8ne soda with a ham'ur"er is enou"h to turn %our stoma$h into a still. 1u"ars are not di"ested in the mouth. 9irds ha(e 'een o'ser(ed eatin" inse$ts at one period in the da% and seeds at another. &n% diet whi$h lumps all $ar'oh%drates to"ether is dan"erous. Man% people5do$tors in$luded5assume that if wei"ht is lost. su$h rules are 'ased on %ears of trial and error and are apt to 'e ri"ht on the 'utton. 8ne lump of su"ar in %our $offee after a sandwi$h is enou"h to turn %our stoma$h into a fermenter. While the stoma$h is wor!in" on the animal protein and the refined star$h in the 'read.When Drandma warned that su"ared $oo!ies 'efore meals #will spoil %our supper#. 7(en if the% do.

Miso soup 2fermented so%'ean protein. the% are 'ro!en down into simple su"ars $alled #monosa$$harides#. $ourtes% of the ta. Man learned (er% earl% in the "ame what improper $om'inations of food $ould do to the human s%stem. "et to the offi$e and si"n in. pe''l% stools.ta!e their protein raw and strai"ht. #+o deri(e sustenan$e from foods eaten. +he law o'ser(ed '% 8rthodo.$ess 'e$ame widespread. If %ou e(er eat with a traditional Bapanese famil% and %ou (iolate this order. or hone% with porrid"e. the% must 'e di"ested. is a health% 'od%. the need for toilet paper are swept into the or'it of the normal. whi$h are nonusa'le su'stan$es5poisons. impa$ted stools. su"ars 2li!e those in hone% and fruits3 are di"ested. espe$iall% flesh and dair% produ$ts. mu$h foul "as. sna$!5time $olle$tion of foods ferments and putrefies in the di"esti(e tra$t? What "ood is it if the 'od% is fed protein. hemorrhoids.. #Wh% must we a$$ept as normal what we find in a ra$e of si$! and wea!ened human 'ein"s?# Dr. With the e. a$eti$ a$id. 6oul stools. +he 'od% is treated li!e a $he$! a$$ount. 1helton as!s. onl% to ha(e it putref% in the "astrointestinal $anal? Car'oh%drates that ferment in the di"esti(e tra$t are $on(erted into al$ohol and a$eti$ a$id. whi$h are usa'le su'stan$es5nutriments. loose stools. $ar'oh%drates.#< When star$hes and $omple. If the% $an.s sour$e in the !it$hen. #Must we alwa%s ta!e it for "ranted that the present eatin" pra$ti$es of $i(ili*ed men are normal?. er'ert M. the% are 'ro!en down into amino a$ids. e learned not to eat that wa%. fats.ide. it is traditional to eat %an" 'efore %in. the 8rientals 2if %our friends3 will $orre$t %ou $ourteousl% 'ut firml%. %an"3 for 'rea!fast4 raw fish 2more %an" protein3 at the 'e"innin" of the meal4 afterwards $omes the ri$e 2whi$h is less %an" than the miso and fish34 and then the (e"eta'les whi$h are %in. 9ut what does it profit someone if the theoreti$all% required $alories and nutrients are $onsumed dail%.s pa% without wor!in" to an artifi$ial !idne%. Mu$h that passes for modern nutrition is o'sessed with a mania for quantitati(e $ountin". theoreti$all%. In the 8rient. . )eople qualif% as health% toda% if the% $an $rawl out of 'ed. +he first pro$ess "i(es us nutriments4 the se$ond "i(es us poisons. 7n*%mi$ di"estion of foods prepares them for use '% our 'od%. the% are 'ro!en down into $ar'on dio. #+he% must not $all the do$tor to qualif% for si$! pa%. When proteins are di"ested. When "lutton% and e. al$ohol and water. Deposit $alories 2li!e dollars3 and withdraw ener"%. all these are unusa'le su'stan$es5poisons. he didn. Dlutton% is a $apital sin in most reli"ions4 'ut there are no spe$ifi$ reli"ious warnin"s or $ommandments a"ainst refined su"ar 'e$ause su"ar a'use5li!e dru" a'use5did not appear on the world s$ene until $enturies after hol% 'oo!s had "one to press. When he "ot a stoma$h a$he from $om'inin" raw fruit with "rain. (itamins and minerals5'alan$ed quantitati(el%5and the result. 9a$terial de$omposition ma!es them unfit for use '% our 'od%. 'leedin" with stools. whi$h are usa'le su'stan$es5nutriments. When proteins are ta!en with su"ar. not di"esti'le monosa$$harides. %et this random eat5on5the5run. When star$hes and su"ars are ta!en to"ether and under"o fermentation.$eption of the water.# 1helton warned %ears a"o. 1pe$ial utensils for the dair% meal and different utensils for the flesh meal reinfor$e that ta'oo at the food.. Bews prohi'its man% $om'inations at the same meal. the% putref%4 the% are 'ro!en down into a (ariet% of ptomaines and leu$omaines.t rea$h for an anta$id ta'let. hospitali*ation. reli"ious $odes and $ommandments were in(o!ed a"ainst it.t ma!e it. Deposit proteins.# 1ure. $olitis. rest $ure5an%thin" from a da%.

s population was lo$!ed up. &. 9% that time. here and there. as the $onsumption of su"ar went up and up5espe$iall% in the $ities5so did the num'er of people who were put awa% in the Deneral ospital. parental displeasure5an% one pro'lem was suffi$ient $ause for people under twent%5fi(e to 'e lo$!ed up in the first )arisian mental hospitals. as determined '% "eneti$ $onstitution and diet. Ga*iness. +oda%. insane. +he mental hospital su$$eeded wit$h5huntin" and heres%5houndin" as a more enli"htened and humane method of so$ial $ontrol. In 8rthomole$ular )s%$hiatr%.s pres$ription to $and%ma!er. Ginus )aulin". emotionall% distur'ed. 9ut. their 'rains $ontrolled with ps%$hoa$ti(e dru"s. relati(es or the omnipotent parish priest. one per $ent of the $it%. su$h as Dr. )aulin" writes: #+he fun$tionin" of the 'rain and ner(ous tissue is more sensiti(el% dependent on the rate of $hemi$al rea$tions than the fun$tionin" of other or"ans and tissues. #the dis$omfort from a$$umulation of "as. epilepti$s. +he 'od% does esta'lish a toleran$e for these poisons. Wet nurses with their 'a'ies. +herap% for 1$hi*ophrenia. patients were no lon"er pronoun$ed 'ewit$hed. #+he "reat $onfinement of the insane#.#11 In Me"a(itamin 9. +he ph%si$ian and priest handled the dirt% wor! of street sweepin" in return for ro%al fa(ors. retarded or defe$ti(e $hildren. after su"ar $onsumption in 9ritain had *oomed in /AA %ears from a pin$h or two in a 'arrel of 'eer. Dr. Meanwhile. when the Deneral ospital was esta'lished in )aris '% ro%al de$ree. the 'ad 'reath. 1u$h $onfinement 'e"an in the &"e of 7nli"htenment. paral%ti$s. sa%s 1helton. prostitutes or ra(in" lunati$s5an%one wanted off the streets and out of si"ht was put awa%. as one historian $alls it. Initiall%. &llan Cott. &'ram offer notes: #)atients are also ad(ised to follow a "ood nutritional pro"ram with restri$tion of su$rose and su$rose5ri$h foods. after su"ar made the transition from apothe$ar%. Dr. ha(e $onfirmed that mental illness is a m%th and that emotional distur'an$e $an 'e merel% the first s%mptom of the o'(ious ina'ilit% of the human s%stem to handle the stress of su"ar dependen$%. to what. and '% a'normal mole$ular $on$entrations of essential su'stan$es. the #emotionall% distur'ed# $an 'e turned into wal!in" automatons.9 SUGAR A&' ")&TA$ !)A$T! In the Dar! &"es.s $onfe$tion. as well as those with 'rain in:uries and learnin" disa'ilities. I 'elie(e that mental disease is for the most part $aused '% a'normal rea$tion rates. and foul and unpleasant odors are as undesira'le as are the poisons#. 6rom that time until the /A $entur%. &'ram offer. senior $iti*ens.s "oin" on in the intestine. pioneers of orthomole$ular ps%$hiatr%. 'ut mad. pre"nant %oun"sters. +hree hundred %ears later. de'au$her%. fati"ue. Cher!in as well as Dr. trou'led souls were rarel% lo$!ed up for "oin" off their ro$!er. when su"ar eaters did not manifest o'(ious terminal ph%si$al s%mptoms and the ph%si$ians were professionall% 'ewildered. 1ele$tion of food 2and dru"s3 in a world that is under"oin" rapid s$ientifi$ and te$hnolo"i$al $han"e ma% often 'e far from the 'est. to more than two million pounds per %ear.the 'od% $an "et rid of poisons throu"h the urine and the pores4 the amount of poisons in the urine is ta!en as an inde.#1/ Clini$al resear$h with h%pera$ti(e and ps%$hoti$ $hildren. &ll it too! to 'e in$ar$erated was a $omplaint from parents.1A 'e"an in the late 17th $entur%. Dr. Dr. ph%si$ians in Gondon had 'e"un to o'ser(e and re$ord terminal ph%si$al si"ns and s%mptoms of the #su"ar 'lues#. :ust as it ad:usts "raduall% to an inta!e of heroin. has shown: #&n a'normall% hi"h famil% histor% of dia'etes5that .

#1@ 1o it was in the 17th $entur%. +he a(ant5"arde of modern medi$ine has redis$o(ered what the lowl% sor$eress learned lon" a"o throu"h painsta!in" stud% of nature. durin" the first %ear of life. and the fi(e5hour "lu$ose . 7a$h of these periods has its own $hara$teristi$ $lini$al pi$ture. +hese $onditions mi"ht seem to arise or 'e$ome a""ra(ated at pu'ert%. ner(ousness. +he results were so startlin" that the la'oratories dou'le5$he$!ed their te$hniques. and further. then apolo"i*ed for what the% 'elie(ed to 'e in$orre$t readin"s. no . espe$iall% the adrenal "lands. or fun$tional h%po"l%$emia in the $hildren themsel(es. +his pi$ture 'e$omes more mar!ed at pu'es$en$e and often $auses s$hool offi$ials to $omplain of :u(enile delinquen$% or undera$hie(ement. mentall% health% person. #$omin" on soon after the onset of pu'ert%#. and throu"h the pres$hool and "rammar s$hool %ears. and foods prepared with su"ar.s ps%$he and home en(ironment for malad:ustments of questiona'le si"nifi$an$e in the emotional de(elopment of the a(era"e $hild.or$ist had 'een $alled in. )9I determination.there is no 'eha(ior or person that a modern ps%$hiatrist $annot plausi'l% dia"nose as a'normal or ill. In /AA $ases under treatment for h%poadreno$orti$ism 2the la$! of adequate adrenal $orti$al hormone produ$tion or im'alan$e amon" these hormones3. parents and "randparents who $annot handle su"ar4 an a'normall% hi"h in$iden$e of low 'lood "lu$ose.. on the 'asis of a pro:e$ti(e test. $offee. flat $ur(es deri(ed from distur'ed.#1.3 in$ludes the phrase.em up. While some wit$hes ma% ha(e sur(i(ed dun!in". earl% adoles$ents. should 'e eliminated or se(erel% restri$ted. #Inquir% into the dietar% histor% of patients dia"nosed as s$hi*ophreni$ re(eals the diet of their $hoi$e is ri$h in sweets. $a!es. low 'lood pressure. he was under pressure to do somethin". ina'ilit% to handle al$ohol. depression. $affeinated 'e(era"es. 8n$e the do$tor or the e.s dementia prae$o. Dorland. What m%stified them was the low. It is often said that sur"eons 'ur% their mista!es. that the su':e$t is a normal. +his la'orator% pro$edure had 'een pre(iousl% $arried out onl% for patients with ph%si$al findin"s presumpti(e of dia'etes. sur(i(es ps%$holo"i$al testin". h%pera$ti(it% and o'stinate resentment of dis$ipline are a'solute indi$ations for at least the minimum la'orator% tests: urinal%sis. 1u"ar 'luesK D0 +intera finall% insisted that all his patients su'mit to a four5hour "lu$ose toleran$e test 2D++3 to find out whether or not the% $ould handle su"ar. #I ha(e ne(er !nown a $lini$al ps%$holo"ist to report. ina'ilit% to $on$entrate. & "lu$ose toleran$e test at an% of these periods $ould alert parents and ph%si$ians and $ould sa(e innumera'le hours and small fortunes spent in loo!in" into the $hild. whi$h indi$ates that their s%stems $annot handle su"ar4 dependen$e on a hi"h le(el of su"ar in the diets of the (er% $hildren who $annot handle it. he dis$o(ered that the $hief $omplaints of his patients were often similar to those found in persons whose s%stems were una'le to handle su"ar: fati"ue. When he tried and failed.# writes D0 +homas 1*as*. +hese foods. #In more than twent% %ears of ps%$hiatri$ wor!. )h%si$ians and ps%$hiatrists put them awa%4 lo$! .is. 'ut pro'in" into the patient.madman.s past will frequentl% re(eal indi$ations whi$h were present at 'irth. #often re$o"ni*ed durin" or shortl% after adoles$en$e#. the poor patient had to 'e put awa%. in referen$e to he'ephrenia and $atatonia. $omplete 'lood$ount. +he ne"ati(ism. $and%. $ra(in" for sweets. in #patholo"i$al mentation#5or #'rain 'o""lin"#.s definition of s$hi*ophrenia 29leuler. whi$h stimulate the adrenals. apprehension. aller"ies.. In the 19@As. D0 Bohn +intera redis$o(ered the (ital importan$e of the endo$rine s%stem.

he said that #the importan$e of diet $annot 'e o(eremphasi*ed#. & D++ $an 'e performed on a %oun" $hild '% the mi$ro5method without undue trauma to the patient. e(en 'efore a histor% or ph%si$al e. whi$h is adrenal "lands impaired. he $ould no lon"er 'e i"nored. +he aller"ists had a "reat ra$!et "oin" for themsel(es.$ept a""ra(ation.toleran$e test. should e(er 'e allowed to 'e"in what is $alled #ps%$hiatri$ treatment#. trou'led souls ha(e 'een 'ar'e$ued for 'ewit$hment. 1o5$alled pre(enti(e medi$ine "oes further and su""ests that sin$e we onl% thin! we $an handle su"ar 'e$ause we initiall% ha(e stron" adrenals. 8(er and o(er. palliation or $ure was #dependent upon the restoration of the normal fun$tion of the total or"anism#. "eneti$s or ph%siolo"%. +hrou"h the $enturies. 'ut no'od%. is first pres$ri'ed item of treatment was diet. tortured for mastur'ator% madness. owe(er. an%where. I ha(e 'een ur"in" that these four tests 'e routine for all patients. e $ould 'e tolerated5if he sta%ed in his assi"ned territor%. In almost all dis$ussions on dru" addi$tion. lo$!ed up for insanit%. the% let him alone4 'e$ause the medi$os had de$ided there was nothin" in al$oholism for them e. he emphasi*ed that impro(ement.. 8(er and o(er a"ain. he was let alone. the statement is made that all of these indi(iduals are emotionall% immature.s untimel% death in 19=9 at the a"e of fift%5se(en made it easier for the medi$al profession to a$$ept dis$o(eries that had on$e seemed as far out as the simple oriental medi$al thesis of "eneti$s and diet. ps%$hiatrised for ps%$hosis. it is $laimed that there is no definite $onstitutional t%pe that falls pre% to these affli$tions. an%pla$e. alle(iation. whether oriented toward ps%$ worn out? +a!e the load off now '% eliminatin" su"ar in all forms and "uises. %in and %an"..or$ised for possession. +intera. i"nored. to re$o"ni*e that one t%pe of endo$rine indi(idual is in(ol(ed in the ma:orit% of these $ases: the h%poadreno$orti$. &lon" $omes someone who sa%s none of this matters: ta!e them off su"ar and !eep them off it. &ller"i$ souls had 'een entertainin" ea$h other for %ears with tall tales of e.s sweepin" impli$ation of su"ar as a $ause of what was $alled #s$hi*ophrenia# $ould 'e $onfined to medi$al :ournals. al$oholism and s$hi*ophrenia. )erhaps +intera. wh% wait until the% "i(e us si"ns and si"nals that the%. While +intera. 7(en when he su""ested that al$oholism was related to adrenals that had 'een whipped '% su"ar a'use. &lmost uni(ersall%. lo'otomised for s$hi*ophrenia. It has lon" 'een our "oal to persuade e(er% ph%si$ian. endo$rinolo"%. the% were satisfied to a'andon it to &l$oholi$s &non%mous.15 +intera pu'lished se(eral epo$hal medi$al papers. unless and until the% ha(e had a "lu$ose toleran$e test to dis$o(er if the% $an handle su"ar. e. &s a matter of fa$t. startin" with that soda pop %ou ha(e in %our hand. +oda%.s reward was to 'e harassment and houndin" '% the pundits of or"ani*ed medi$ine. ow man% patients would ha(e listened if the lo$al healer had told them that the onl% thin" ailin" them was su"ar 'lues? .amination is underta!en. +he mind trul% 'o""les when one "lan$es o(er what passes for medi$al histor%.'% su"ar#. do$tors all o(er the world are repeatin" what +intera announ$ed %ears a"o: no'od%. e laid out a sweepin" permanent in:un$tion a"ainst su"ar in all forms and "uises. when +intera dared to su""est in a ma"a*ine of "eneral $ir$ulation that #it is ridi$ulous to tal! of !inds of aller"ies when there is onl% one !ind. While 7"as Moni* of )ortu"al was re$ei(in" a -o'el )ri*e for de(isin" the lo'otom% operation for the treatment of s$hi*ophrenia.oti$ aller"ies5 e(er%thin" from horse feathers to lo'ster tails.

What is left consists of pure refined carbohydrates. The parasympathetic nervous system is affected4 and organs governed by it such as the small brain become inactive or paralysed. The result of conscious improvement. +Normal brain function is rarely thought of as being as biologic as digestion. 0ltimately so much calcium is ta"en from the bones and teeth that decay and general wea"ening begin. Not so with sugar. 5n overabundance of white cells occurs and the creation of tissue becomes slower. and calcium +from the bones. potassium and magnesium +from vegetables. in an attempt to return the acid-al"aline balance factor of the blood to a more normal state. soon ma"es the liver e#pand li"e a balloon. Not so with sugar. Refined sugar has been depleted of its vitamins and minerals..The story behind sugar William Duffy 01/11/2003 ‘Refined'.. When these comparatively harmless places are completely filled fatty acids are then distributed among active organs such as the heart and "idneys. These are ta"en to every part of the body and stored in the most inactive areas3 the belly the buttoc"s the breasts and the thighs. . The body then mobilises neutral acids and minerals such as sodium +from salt. . Refined sugar has been depleted of its vitamins and minerals. The circulatory and lymphatic systems are invaded and the quality of the red corpuscles starts to change. The result of conscious improvement. Our body's tolerance and immunising power . The whole body is affected by their reduced ability and abnormal blood pressure is created. What is left consists of pure refined carbohydrates. These begin to slow down4 finally their tissues degenerate and turn to fat. 2ince the liver's capacity is limited a daily inta"e of refined sugar +above the required amount of natural sugar. Of a higher quality.ating sugar every day e#acerbates the problem / producing a continuously overacid condition which means that more and more minerals are required from deep in the body to rectify the imbalance.#cess sugar eventually affects every organ in the body. !ac"ing the natural minerals present in sugar beet or cane it drains and leaches the body of precious vitamins and minerals because of the demand its digestion deto#ification and elimination ma"e upon one's entire system. ‘Refined'. Of a higher quality. When the liver is filled to its ma#imum capacity the e#cess glycogen is returned to the blood in the form of fatty acids. 1nitially it is stored in the liver in the form of glucose +glycogen. The sudden shoc" of a heavy inta"e of sugar disrupts the delicate balance that is essential to our bodies' healthy functioning. No wonder then that in the $%&'s (r William )oda *artin called sugar a poison.

. The e#tra speed with which sucrose enters the bloodstream does more harm than good. . When refined sugar is ta"en daily these bacteria wither and die and our stoc" of 6 vitamins gets very low. . With the e#ception of the water all these are unusable substances / poisons. The sugar in the bread and the )o"e sit there with the hamburger and the bun waiting for them to be digested. When proteins are ta"en with sugar they putrefy4 they are bro"en down into a variety of ptomaines and leucomaines which are nonusable substances . are digested they are bro"en down into simple sugars called ‘monosaccharides8 which are usable substancesnutriments. The first process gives us nutriments4 the second gives us poisons. When starches and sugars are ta"en together and undergo fermentation they are bro"en down into carbon dio#ide acetic acid alcohol and water. When sugars are eaten with other foods / perhaps meat and bread in a sandwich / they are held up in the stomach for a while.#cessive sugar has a strong mal-effect on the functioning of the brain. When proteins are digested they are bro"en down into amino acids which are usable substances / nutriments. When ta"en alone they pass quic"ly through the stomach into the small intestine. Too much sugar ma"es one sleepy4 our ability to calculate and remember is lost. When starches and comple# sugars +li"e those in honey and fruits. The "ey to orderly brain function is glutamic acid a vital compound found in many vegetables. The ‘quic"8 energy we feel after eating sugar is based on the fact that refined sucrose is not digested in the mouth or the stomach but passes directly to the lower intestines and thence to the bloodstream. 6 vitamins are also manufactured by symbiotic bacteria which live in our intestines.n9ymic digestion of foods prepares them for use by our body. 2ugars of all "inds tend to arrest the secretion of gastric 7uices and have an inhibiting effect on the stomach's natural ability to move. 6acterial decomposition ma"es them unfit for use by our body.poisons. While the stomach is wor"ing on the animal protein and the refined starch in the bread the addition of the sugar practically guarantees rapid acid fermentation under the conditions of warmth and moisture e#isting in the stomach.becomes more limited so we cannot respond properly to e#treme attac"s whether they be cold heat mosquitoes or microbes. The 6 vitamins play a ma7or role in dividing glutamic acid into antagonistic-complementary compounds which produce a ‘proceed8 or ‘control8 response in the brain.

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