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The festive cake later appeared in t’s never too late to follow your American Cake Decorating magazine. But it was Rosemary’s ’70s themed dreams, and Luling’s Rosemary Galcake that won her pin is living proof. the top prize—first Sitting under a tree place in the adult enjoying a beautiadvanced division ful Hill Country af—and a big nod ternoon, Rosemary from Bride’s magis an unassuming azine, which feawoman. tured the winning In fact, you might cake in the 75th annot peg Rosemary, niversary issue. originally from Her flashback Smithville (but hapcake was highpily calling Luling lighted in an eighthome for 14 years), page wedding as a woman famous cake spread in the for her craft. March/April 2009 Nationally issue of Bride’s. known for what she Rosemary estidoes best, all it takes mates she spent at to make her eyes least 40 hours on the twinkle, and everytiered cake (some one else take notice, is the night before one word—“cake.” the competition) “At 50, I decided Rosemary Galpin’s award-winning ’70s which was inspired I still hadn’t decided inspired cake. Photo courtesy Rosemary Galpin. by bright ’70-esque what I wanted to be fabric and patterns. “I swear I made a when I grew up,” Rosemary explains. Once she did, Rosemary wasted no dress out of similar looking fabric in 1972,” Rosemary smiles. time in making her dreams come true. Each line on the cake was painstakAfter taking just a few cake decorating classes, Rosemary put her skills to ingly cut by Rosemary—before she knew the test and entered the Oklahoma State about cake molds—but it was worth it. To say Rosemary was shocked by the Sugar Arts Show cake competition in success would be an understatement. In Tulsa in 2008. Entering two cakes in the competi- fact, she was so surprised when judges tion, Rosemary didn’t have any expecta- called her name, she says her daughter tions for her first attempt, but the judges had to poke her to get her attention so she had other ideas. In fact, both cakes Rose- could go forward to receive the award. “It was the most incredible experimary entered received awards. Rosemary’s Fourth of July-themed ence, aside from having my kids and cake, decorated like a vintage drum husband, that I’ve ever had,” Rosemary (and which she still calls her all-time remembers. Throughout her life, Rosemary has favorite) placed second in the holiday always described herself as “crafty,” putcake division.

ting her skills to good use sewing and even making furniture and has taken her family along for the ride. But things became more complicated when her husband, Leon, was injured in a work accident years ago leaving him a paraplegic. Though Leon never stopped helping Rosemary, he did repeatedly ask her if she could find something to do that wouldn’t be so hard. Now, it seems the Galpins have found the perfect answer. Rosemary says her husband is a great baker and an important part of her success. “It’s a win-win,” Rosemary explains, “I don’t drag my husband to any more craft events, I make beautiful cakes, and my husband gets to taste all the cut-offs from when we level the cakes.” Rosemary has worked hard in a variety of nursing positions for years—at times working more than one job. But

she now plans to turn her cake business into a full-time occupation. Rosemary and Leon are currently building a commercial kitchen in their home to facilitate their growing business and already have brides lining up for their wedding cakes. Using only the best butter cream frosting, fondant, gum paste and royal icing inserts, Rosemary’s cake are made to order and in a league of their own. “To know you can get something from someone’s mind, an idea, and make it just how they want it for their wedding is just wonderful,” Rosemary smiles. “To know they’ll look at the pictures in 20 years and still love it is amazing.” Truly, Rosemary is happier than ever. “I feel like I’ve found my calling,” Rosemary says, “It was meant to be.” FYI • For more information, call Rosemary Galpin at 830-351-0142, email or visit the web site at


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ABOVE Luling’s award-winning cake creator Rosemary Galpin, with her top-prize winning ’70s inspired creation at the Oklahoma State Sugar Arts Show. TOP RIGHT Detail of Rosemary’s exquisite sugar flower work. BOTTOM RIGHT Rosemary’s threetier wedding cake is composed of a top layer of carrot cake, a German chocolate middle, and vanilla (with raspberry filling) base. Photos courtesy Rosemary Galpin.

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