12 USC 411, "...Federal reserve notes shall be redeemed for lawful money on demand...

You are advised that the term "lawful money" has not been defined in federal legislation... I do it and so do many others. US Treasury notes are located on the right side of the face of all Federal Reserve Notes. The US treasury seal is se arated by the drawing of the dead resident on every Federal Reserve note but the !" and !# bill if you do not record your "demand for lawful money per 12-USC 411", You by default$ are using unredeemed Federal Reserve Notes %the note on the left of the dead guy&. If you demand redem tion on all accounts and transactions$ you are roving the use of the US Treasury note on the Right side of every 'I((. Not roc)et science$ *ust the law+++ Regardless$ what of what is being said$ is that you go and demand lawful money %as er the law&$ and you record the entire thing$ so when they fail to rovide you with the lawful money %which they,re obligated to& you,re no longer restricted by the legal issues related to the use of FRN,s %such as income ta-es&. Imagine Ford truc)s became money tomorrow$ and ford gave everyone a bunch of truc)s$ and then eo le used them to trade for the stuff they needed %sounds absurd I )now&.... they could collect ta-es because you,re using T./IR ro erty as a unit of e-change. This is what the F/0 does1 your ta-es are a charge for using T./IR ro erty as a method of e-change. So under the law$ they stated that you didn,t have to use their notes$ you could instead use lawful money. 'ut now that,s gone$ and you cannot get lawful money$ which is basically %in the eyes of true law& a default on their obligations which frees you from your obligation. (awful money de ends on contract$ tooth ic)s can be lawful money$ if you contract with someone to fitheir car for a ound of tooth ic)s$ and the tooth ic)s are2become lawful money for that agreement. Should you fi- the car and they do not give you a ound of tooth ic)s$ you can go to court$ sue them and the court will award you a ound of tooth ic)s$ because your contract made them "lawful money". Should the other guy then a eal stating "Tooth ic)s have not been defined by 3ongress as lawful money1 therefore I do not have to give the tooth ic)s". The .igher court will rule /453T(Y in your favor. "The a ellants claim that tooth ic)s are not lawful money as defined by 3ongress ma)es no difference for this case$ tooth ic)s are lawful money." You should loo) at how to endorse your aychec)s so they are de osited as real money vs. FRNs. This is su osed to )ee you from aying income ta-. It,s all in the codes+ 5ll that is re6uired is a restricted endorsement on the bac) of any chec) to the effect of7 Redeemed in (awful money 8ursuant to Title "# US3 9:"" True name dba %doing business as& (egal name I have a red in) stam . Your true name is your first and middle$ your ;legal name< is ;FIRST (5ST<. (oo) at your drivers= license. >onder why your name is in 5(( 358S$ same on your birth certificate same on any notice from a court. That=s your legal name$ a trust formed by the government in order to do business with you and on you. ?a)e co ies of all your chec)s %front and bac)& with your restricted endorsement. @ee them on file$ or even better$ file them in a case *ac)et at your nearest district court. This is what all the IRS will be re6uired to see. (awful money is not ta-able income. You have not endorsed rivate credit1 you have not bonded your substance to the contract with the Federal Reserve.

. Sorry we cannot get gold or silver coin any more$ but we do have a choice.. You can use the US Treasury note 5FT/R you ma)e your demand on the record at any '5N@+ The only Dovernment issued "lawful money" is Dold or Silver coin. The Cbligation to ay that debt resides with the issuer of said notes %either the Federal Reserve or the US Treasury. 3ontract %agreement& ma)es law. You will not get any Red sealed notes for your green sealed notes$ since "FGG$ all notes have been "T>C F53/0" one FRN and one US Treasury NCT/. >hen you use %endorse& Federal Reserve Notes$ you ?5@/ T. That means$ even IF there is a T54 owed on the Notes$ it remains the Cbligation to ay the ta. Cne side %the left& clearly is mar)ed "THIS !T" IS #"$%# T" &"' F!' %## &"(TS )U(#IC % & )'I*%T"" Cn the right side of the note is the US Treasury Note$ it is not mar)ed "(/D5( T/N0/R$ nor is it mar)ed with the Federal Reserve seal. From "# US3 :"" "The said notes shall be obligations of the United States. That is e-actly what the Ric)man case cited above is saying. The US Treasury notes are bac)ed by !HBB$BBB$BBB in gold coins. /ven Dold 3ertificates and US 'an) notes are fiat and constitutionally "unlawful" however$ contracts ma)e law and Dold bac)ed US 'an) notes which carry no debt and interest liability are way$ way ahead of Federal Reserve debt notes. IT IS 5 S/85R5T/ NCT/+++ It is an unEredeemed US Treasury note.or debt to the issuer$ not YCU$ since you did not endorse %sign on& to ay it yourself with you time$ energy$ ideas and wor). 'UT$ if you 0/?5N0 (5>FU( ?CN/Y at any 'an)$ in writing$ you are NCT using FRN nor US Treasury notes as anything but what they already are$ a T/N0/R of ayment and evidence of 0/'T. Unless and until you ma)e a written demand at any Federal Reserve '5N@ %all 'an)s in the US are Federal Reserve ban)s$ so you do not have to go to one of the main ban)s& you are resumed to be using FRNs on the left side of the note." The Notes and all debt %e. Ta)e it or leave it. You can get coins$ but you cannot get Notes now other than what every one else uses.(oo) at any newer !A$ "B$ #B$ AB$ "BB Federal Reserve Note$ there are # notes on the face of it.ressed in !! value& remains an obligation of the United States$ unless and until you sign your name on de osits or withdrawals or you do not demand your R/0/?8TICN from that debt and leave it with the issuer of it./? (5>FU( ?CN/Y.. These coins are in trust for everyone demanding redem tion of lawful money.

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