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TriPollar™ Press Release- 6/10/2008

TriPollar™ technology continues to gain patients’ enthusiasm and trust in over 50 countries with its effective,
non-invasive and painless treatments for body and facial contouring.
Now, Paua Spas (HK), focused on Wellbeing and Beauty, can also offer its clients the advanced selection of
TriPollar™ treatments for cellulite reduction and skin tightening.

regen™, based upon the TriPollar™ technology, marketed since 2006, provides multiple scientifically proven
solutions to all those looking to treat cellulite appearance and lax skin.
A recent histological study, held by Dr. S. Bosinic , provides clinical evidence enhancing the focus of high
frequency electrical current and establishing TriPollar’s value proposition.
The study’s results, published in Nouv. Dermatol; 2008: 331-332, show increased fat reduction, a clear anti-
aging effect and excellent epidermal skin tolerance.

TriPollar™ delivers focused and optimal RF energy simultaneously to both dermal and hypodermal layers,
thus treating lax skin and fat cells during the same session. Controlled energy is delivered under the skin to
a limited area via three or more electrodes.
TriPollar’s advanced configuration allows the most accurate emission of energy, which is set on maximum of
20mm Depth of Penetration. Maximum Dermis thickness is known to be 5mm, followed by the Hypodermis.
The integrated preset parameters allow users to choose between Body and/or Facial treatments. Targeted
facial treatment regenerates collagen and elastin fibers in the Dermis layer, whereas targeted body
treatment treats the Dermis layer as described and shrinks large fat cells in the Hypodermis layer.

About Pollogen Ltd.

Pollogen Ltd. is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer in the commercial market of cutting edge
technology with professional medical and aesthetic products for various cellulite and lax skin solutions.
Pollogen’s expertise, balanced by a strategic depth of clinical knowledge and industry experience, is
translated to the Company’s products. The Company’s flagship product regen™, powered by the unique
TriPollar RF technology, was launched in 2006 and has become a ‘must-have’ product in commercial
medical-aesthetic clinics worldwide due to its well known immediate and long term visible results.
With the Company’s release of the medically certified apollo™ TriPollar RF system, Pollogen is now
European and International medical communities the widest variety of body and face treatments with a
unique “all-in-one”product.
Pollogen’s products are being sold in over 50 countries throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.
The company’s R&D team is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Pollogen offices are located in the USA and
Singapore, providing marketing, sales and service and support. Further information can be found at and

For more information, please contact:
Pollogen Ltd.
Mrs. Hila Bentman, Marketing Communication Manager

Dermatologist, anatomopathologist, Research Director of the GREDECO Research Association, Pitié Salpétrière
Hospital, Paris, France
6 Kaufman Street, Gibor House, PO Box 50320, Tel Aviv Israel 68012
Tel: +972 3 510 4110 Fax: +972 3 510 4112 Email: Web: