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Tonometry: normal (10-21 mm Hg) PR Interval: normal (0.12-0.20 seconds) Serum Amylase: normal (2 -1 1 un!ts"d#) Serum Ammon!a: normal ($ to % mcg"d#) &alc!um: adult ('.%-10 mg"d#) c(!ld (' to 10. mg"d#) term)1*ee+ (, to 12 mg"d#) Part!al T(rom-o.last!n T!me (aPTT): normal (20-$% seconds) t(era.eut!c 1. -2. Prot(rom-!n T!me: normal (/ale: 0.%-11.' seconds) and (1emale: 0. -11.$ seconds) Platelet &ount: normal (1 02000-3002000 cells"u#) Al-um!n level: normal ($.3 to g"d#) Serum 4smolal!ty: normal (2' to 20 m4sm"+g) (!g( value !nd!cates de(ydrat!on Sa5e Suct!on Range: normal 6In5ant7 0-0 mm Hg 6&(!ld7 0 -11 mm Hg 6Adult7100-120 mm Hg) Serum #!t(!um: normal (1 to 1. m89"#) acute man!a (0.% to 1.3 m89"#) ma!ntenance treatment P(enyto!n (:!lant!n): normal serum (10 to 20 mcg"m#) :!go;!n: t(era.eut!c -lood level (0.' to 2.0 ng"ml) /agnes!um Sul5ate: T(era.eut!c Range (3 to ' mg"dl) Pregnancy Tem.erature: normal ($%.2-$,.% celc!us or 0'-00.% 1aren(e!t) <=&>s In Pregnancy: normal (112000 to 1 2000 cells"mm$2 u. to 1'2000 cells"mm$). Immed!ate .ost.artum .er!od2 (may-e as (!g( as 2 2000 to $02000 cells"mm$) Stomach Capacity: ?e*-orn !n5ant (10 to 20 m#) 1-*ee+-old ($0 to %0 m#) 2-$-*ee+-old !n5ant (, to 100 m#) 1-mont(-old !n5ant (00 to 1 0 m#) #e5t Atr!al Pressure: normal (1 to 10 mm Hg) 1!-r!nogen #evels: normal (male: 1'0 to $30 mg"d#) and (5emale: 100 to 320 mg"d#) INSULIN (Regular2 Humul!n R) Ty.e: 1ast act!ng 4nset: @ -1 (r Pea+: 2-3 (r :urat!on: %-' (r Insul!n (?PH2 Humul!n ?) Ty.e: Intermed!ate act!ng 4nset: 2(r

Pea+: %-12(r :urat!on 1'-2%(r Insul!n (Altralente2 Humul!n A) Ty.e: Slo* act!ng 4nset: 3(r Pea+: '-20(r :urat!on: 23-$%(r Insul!n (Humul!n ,0"$0) Ty.e: &om-!nat!on 4nset: @ (r Pea+: 2-12(r :urat!on: 23(r &entral Benous Pressure: ) $ mm Hg C !nade9uate 5lu!d and D11 mm Hg C too muc( 5lu!d Potass!um: $. - .0 m89"# Sod!um: 1$ -13 m89"# &alc!um: 3. - .2 m89"# or '.%-10 mg"d# /agnes!um: 1. -2. m89"# &(lor!de: 0%-10, m89"# P(os.(orus: 2., to 3. mg"d# PR measurements: normal (0.12 to 0.20 second) ERS measurements: normal (0.03 to 0.10 second) Ammon!a: $ to % ug"d# Amylase:2 to 1 1 IB"# #!.ase: 10 to 130 A"# &(olesterol: 130 to 100 mg"d# #:#: )1$0 mg"d# H:#: $0 to ,0 mg"d# Tr!glycer!des: )200 mg"d# =!lr!u-!n F :!rect: 0 to 0.$ mg"d# F Ind!rect: 0.1 to 1.0 mg"d# F Total: )1. mg"d# Prote!n: %.0 to '.0 g"d# Ar!c ac!d: /ale 3. to ' mg"d# 1emale 2. to %.$ mg"d# Glycosylated Hemoglo-!n H-A1c: good control ,. H or less Serum creat!n!ne: 0.% to 1.$ mg"d# =A?: 0-2 mg"d#

?ormal &I !s 2%-1,3 A"# Tro.on!n I value: normal ()0.% ng"m#) Tro.on!n T D0.1 to 0.2 ng"m# C /I 8ryt(rocyte stud!es: 0-$0 mm"(our Serum !ron: /ale % -1, ug"d# 1emale 0-1,0 ug"d# R=&: /ale 3. to %.2 /"u# 1emale 3.0 to . /"u# T(eo.(yll!ne levels normal (10 to 20 mcg"dl) AT THE PLAY GROUND J Stranger an;!ety: 0 -1 year J Se.arat!on an;!ety: 1 - $ years J Sol!tary .lay: 0 K 1 year PSYCHOLOGICAL DE ELOPMENT AG8 In5ant 0 K 1. Toddler 1. -$ Pre-sc(ool $-% Sc(ool age 8RIIS4? Trust vs. m!strust (trust L de.endence Autonomy vs. s(ame In!t!at!ve vs. gu!lt % - 11 Industry vs. !n5er!or!ty Ident!ty vs. role con5us!on Int!macy vs. !solat!on Generat!v!ty vs. stagnat!on Integr!ty vs.des.a!r

J Parallel .lay: 2 K $ years J Grou. .lay: $ K 3 years





Anal ((old!ng vs. lett!ng out) P(all!c (4ed!.us com.le;) latency


.reo.erat!onal &oncrete o.erat!onal 1ormal o.erat!onal

11 - 20


20 K 2

2 K 0



&(!n u. : 1 mont( &(est u. : 2 mont( Inee .us( and Ns*!mO : % mont( S!ts alone"stands *!t( (el. : , mont( &ra*ls on stomac( : ' mont( Stands (old!ng on 5urn!ture : 10 mont( <al+s *(en led : 11 mont( Stands alone : 13 mont( <al+s alone : 1 mont( LA!ORATORY ALUES

ELECTROLYTES Sod!um (?aP): 1$ K 13 me9"# (!ncrease-de(ydrat!onQ decrease over(ydrat!on) Potass!um (IP): $. - .0 me9"# /agnes!um (/gPP): 1. K 2. me9"# &alc!um (&aPP): 3. K .' me9"# ?eonate : ,.0 to 12 mg"d# &(!ld: '.0 to 10. mg"d# P(os.(orus (P43): 1., K 2.% me9"# &(lor!de (&l-): 0% K 10% me9"# COAGULATION STUDIES Act!vated .art!al t(rom-o.last!n t!me(APTT): 20 K $% seconds de.end!ng on t(e ty.e o5 act!vator used Prot(rom-!n t!me(PT): male: 0.% K 11.' seconds 1emale: 0. K 11.$ seconds Internat!onal ?ormal!Red Rat!o(I?R): 2.0 - $.0 5or standard &oumad!n t(era.y $.0 K 3. 5or (!g(-dose &oumad!n t(era.y &lott!ng t!me: ' K 1 m!nutes Platelet count: 1 02000 to 3002000 cells"Al =leed!ng t!me: 2. to ' m!nutes SERUM GASTROINTESTINAL STUDIES Al-um!n: $.3 to g"d# Al+al!ne .(os.(atase: 3. to 1$ I!ng-Armstrong un!ts"d# Ammon!a: 1 to 3 ug"d# Amylase: 0 K 1'0 Somogy! A"d# !n adult 20 K 1%0 Somogy! A"d# !n t(e older adult =!l!ru-!n: d!rect: 0 - 0.$ mg"d# Ind!rect: 0.1 K 1.0 mg"d# Total: less t(an 1. mg"d# &(olesterol: 120 K 200mg"d# #!.ase: $1 -1'% A"# #!.!ds: 300 K '00 mg"d# Tr!clycer!des: ?ormal range: 10 K 100 mg"d# =orderl!ne (!g(: 200 K 300 mg"d#

H!g(: 300 K 1000mg"d# Bery (!g(: greater t(an 1000mg.d# Prot!en: %.0 K '.0 g"# Ar!c ac!d: male: 3. K ' ng"d# 1emale: 2. K %.2 ng"d# GLUCOSE STUDIES 1ast!ng -lood sugar: ,0 K 10 mg"d# Glucose mon!tor!ng (ca.!llary =lood): %0 K 110 mg"d# RENAL FUNCTION TEST &reat!n!ne: 0.% K 1.$ mg"d# =lood urea n!trogen (=A?):

K 20 mg"d#

ERYTROCYTES STUDIES 8rytrocyte sed!mentat!on rate(8SR): 0 K $0 mm"(r de.end!ng on age Hemoglo-!n: male: 13 K 1%. g"d# 1emale: 12 K 1 g"d# Hematocr!t: male: 32H - 2H (!ncreased !n (emoconcentrat!on2 5lu!d loss and de(ydrat!on) 1emale: $ H - 3,H ( decreased !n 5lu!d retent!on) Red -lood cell (R=&): male: 3. to %.2 m!ll!on"u# 1emale: 3 to . m!ll!on"u# <(!te -lood cell (<=&): 3 00 to 112000"u# 8rytrocyte Proto.ort(yr!n (8P) : )0ug"d# P(enylalan!ne #evel: )2 mg"d# PIA: D2 mg"d# ARTERIAL !LOOD GAS "A!G# .H: ,.$ K ,.3 P&42: $ - 3 mmHg P42: '0 - 100 mmHg H&4$: 22 - 2, m89"# 42 saturat!on: 0%H - 100H Ac!d--ase NRA/SO(Res.!ratory Alternate2 /eta-ol!c Same) GLASGO$ COMA SCALE 8ye o.en!ng res.onse /otor res.onse Ber-al res.onse CRANIAL NER ES I. 4l5actory (S) II. 4.t!c (S) III. 4culomotor (/) IB. Troc(lear (/) MA%OR FUNCTIONS smell v!s!on 8ye movement

B. Tr!gem!nal (S-/)

1ac!al sensat!on Sa* movement BI. A-ducent (/) 8ye movement BII. 1ac!al (S-/) Taste 1ac!al e;.ress!on BIII. Acoust!c (S) Hear!ng and -alance IT. Glosso.(aryngeal (S-/) Taste T(roat sensat!on Gag and s*allo* T. Bagus (S-/) Gag and s*allo*!c act!v!ty TI. S.!nal Accessory (/) ?ec+ and -ac+ muscles TII. Hy.oglossal (/) Tongue movement J4n 4ld> To*er!ng To.s2 A 1!nn And German B!e*ed Some Ho.s Some Says /arry /oney2 =ut /y =rot(er Says =ad =us!ness /arry /oney AUTONOMIC NER OUS SYSTEM SYMPATHETIC&ADRENERGIC PARASYMPATHETIC&CHOLINERGIC Heart =ronc(! GI tract Rectum =ladder 8rect!on 8Uaculat!on Pu.!ls o5 eye Sal!vary glands =lood vessels -a constr!ct -- d!lates Increased (eart rate Increased conduct!on Increased 5orce d!lat!on Reduced mot!l!ty Allo*s 5!ll!ng 8m.t!es rectum Allo*s 5!ll!ng 8m.t!es -ladder /a!nta!ns erect!on =!g (mydr!as!s) Secret!on :e.ends on rece.tors :ecreased (eart rate constr!ct!on Increased mot!l!ty Rela;es !nternal s.(!ncter Rela;es !nternal s.(!ncter Tr!ggers eUaculat!on Small (m!os!s)

FLO$ OF !LOOD THROUGH THE HEART In5er!or vena cava and!or vena cava K r!g(t atr!um K tr!cus.!d valve K r!g(t ventr!cle K .ulmon!c valve K .ulmonary artery K lungs K .ulmonary ve!ns K le5t atr!um K -!cus.!d valve (m!tral) K le5t ventr!cle K aort!c valve aorta K system!c c!rculat!on CARDIAC IMPULSES

S!noatr!al (SA) node K r!g(t and le5t atr!a (atr!a contract) K atr!oventr!cular (AB) node K -undle (!s K -undle -ra-c(es K .urU!nUe>s 5!-ers K ventr!cles contract. =lood volume: 000m# &entral venous .ressure: 3 to 10 cmH24 (!ncreased !n card!ac overloadQ decreased !n de(ydrat!on) Pressure *!t(!n t(e r!g(t atr!um: 2 to , mmHg &a.!llary re5!ll t!me: )$ seconds ?ormal s*eat c(lor!de: )30 m89"# ?ormal .u.!l d!ameter: $ to mm ?ormal ocular .ressure: 10 to 21 mmHg ?ormal Pulmonary ca.!llary *edge .ressure (P&<P): ' to 1$ mm(g ?ormal card!ac out.ut : 3 to ' #"m!n. THERAPEUTIC SERUM MEDICATION LE ELS Acetam!no.en (Tylenol) 10 K 20 ug"m# Am!+ac!n (Am!+!n) 2 K $0 ug"m# Am!try.tyl!ne (8lav!l) 120 -1 0 ng"m# &ar-amaRe.!ne (Tegretol) -12 ug"m# &(loram.(en!col (&(loromycet!n) 10 K 20 ug"m# :es!.ram!ne (?or.ram!n) 1 0 -$00 ng"m# :!goto;!n ( &rystod!g!n) 1 - 2 ng"m# :!go;!n ( #ano;!n) 0. K 2.0 ng"m# :!so.yram!de (?or.ase) 2 - ug"m# 8t(osu;!m!de ( Varont!n) 30 K 100 ug"m# Gentamyc!n (Garamyc!n) K 10 ug"m# Im!.ram!de (To5ran!l) 1 0 K $00 ug"m# #!doca!ne (Tyloca!ne) 1. K .0 ug"m# #!t(!um (#!t(o-!d) 0. -1. ug"m# /agnes!um sul.(ate 3 -, mg"d# ?ortr!.tyl!ne (Aventyl) 0 K 1 0 ng"m# P(eno-ar-!tal (#um!nal) 10 K $0 ug"m# P(enyto!n (:!lant!n) 10 -20 ug"m# Pr!m!done (/yol!ne) K 20 ug"m# Proca!nam!de (Pronestryl) 3 K 10 ug"m# Pro.ranolol (Inderal) 0 K 100 ng"m# Eu!n!d!ne (Eu!nalaglute2 &ard!o9u!n) 2 K ug"m# Sal!sylate 100 -2 0 ug"m# T(eo.(yll!ne (Am!n!.(yll!ne2 T(eo-:ur) 10 -20 ug"m# To-ramyc!n (?e-c!n ) -10 ug"m#!c ac!d (de.a+ene) 0 -100 ug"m# Pulmonary ca.!llary *edge .ressure: to 1$ mmHg Pulmonary artery .ressure: systol!c: 1% to $0 mmHg :!astol!c: 0 to , mmHg S.!nal .ressure: ,0 to 200mmH24 /or.(!ne sul.(ate .ed!atr!c dose: 0.1mg"+g every $ K 3 (our

SA#14?W#AR8AS 1or treatment o5 ?I::/ Sul5onylureas s(ould not -e g!ven to .at!ents *!t( l!ver or +!dney 5a!lure. Accummulat!on o5 drug *!ll !ncrease r!s+ o5 (y.oglycaem!a. :ARATI4? tol-utam!de : ' ( Glyc-ur!de2 gl!.!R!de : 20 (2 most .otent c(!de : 3' ( Apoth'ca(y a)* Ho+,'ho-* Sy,t'm Gra!n Kgr 1 gr C %0 mg :ram K dr gr C $00 mg 4unce KoR 1 gr C 1000mg or 1g /!n!m K m!n2 /2 m 1"1 0 gr C0.3 mg Euart K 9t 1 oR C $0 m# P!nt K .t 1 dr C 3 m# :ro. K gtt 1 T C 1 m# or $ ts. Ta-les.oon K T or t-s 1 m!n C 1 gtt Teas.oon K t or ts. 1 m!n C 1m# Pound K l- %0 m!n C 1 dr ' dr C 1 oR 1 9t C 1000m# or 1# 1 9t C 2 .t or $2 oR 1 .t C 1% oR 1% oR C 1 l2.2l- C 1 +g 1a(ren(e!t to &elc!us (1 K $2) d!v!de 1.' C & &elc!us to 1a(ren(e!t 1.' & P $2 C 1 Fo(m+-a .o( Ca-c+-ati)/ a M'*icatio) Do,a/' : (des!red ) C t(e dosage t(at t(e .(ys!c!an ordered S (stoc+"ava!la-le) Ct(e dosage strengt( as stated on t(e med!cat!on la-el E (9uant!ty ) C t(e volume t(at t(e dosage strengt( !s ava!la-le !n2 suc( as ta-let2 ca.sules2 or m# :TECT S Fo(m+-a, .o( I)t(a0')o+, Ca-c+-atio), 1lo* Rates: Total volume ; gtt 5actor C gtt .er m!n T!me !n m!nutes In5us!on T!me: Total volume to !n5use C In5us!on t!me

m# .er (our -e!ng !n5used IMMUNIZATION =!rt(!t!s = 1 mont(s!t!s = 2 mont(s 4PB2 :PT2 HI= 3 mont(s :PT2 HI=2 4PB % mont(s :PT2 HI=2 (!t!s = 12 mont(s HI=2 4PB 1 mont(s //R 1' mont(s :PT 12 K 1' mont(s Bar!cella vacc!ne 3 -% years :PT2 4PB2 //R 11 K 12 years //R ( !5 not adm!n!stered at 3 -% years) 11 K 1% T: -ooster SPINAL CORD IN%URY C'(0ica- I)1+(y: &2 to &$ !nUury usually 5atal &3 !s t(e maUor !nnervat!on to t(e d!a.(ragm -y t( .(ren!c nerve Involvement a-ove t( &3 causes res.!ratory d!55!culty and .aralys!s o5 all t(e 5our e;trem!t!es & or -elo* cl!ent may (ave movement !n t(e s(oulder Tho(acic L'0'- I)1+(y: loss o5 movement o5 t(e c(est2 trun+2 -o*el2 -ladder2 and legs2 de.end!ng on t(e level o5 !nUury #eg .aralys!s (.ara.leg!a) Autonom!c dysre5le;!a *!t( les!ons a-ove T% and !n cerv!cal les!ons B!sceral d!stent!on 5rom a d!stended -ladder or !m.acted rectum may cause react!ons suc( as s*eat!ng2 -radycard!a2 (y.ertens!on2 nasal stu55!ness2 and goose5les( L+m2a( a)* Sac(a- L'0'- I)1+(i',: loss o5 movement and sensat!on o5 t(e lo*er e;trem!t!es. S2 and S$ center on m!cturat!onQ t(ere5ore -elo* t(!s level2 t(e -ladder *!ll contract -ut not em.ty (neurogen!c -ladder) InUury a-ove S2 !n males allo*s t(em to (ave an erect!on2 -ut t(ey are una-le to eUaculate -ecause o5!c nerve damage. InUury -et*een S2 and S3 damages t(e!c and!c res.onse2 .revent!ng erect!on and eUaculat!on. RULE OF NINE Head and nec+ 0H Anter!or trun+ 1'H #egs (1'H) $%H Arms (0H) 1'H Poster!or trun+ 1'H Per!neum 1H


?eutro.(!ls %H or 1'000 K ,'00"u# =ands $H or 0 K ,00"u# 8os!no.(!ls 2.,H or 0 K 3 0"u# =aso.(!ls 0.$H or 0 K 200"u# #ym.(ocytes $3H or 1000 K 3'00"u# /onocytes 3H or 0 K '00"u# THYROID STUDIES T(yro!d Kst!mulat!ng (ormone (t(yrotro.!nQ THS): 0.2 to .3 ug"d# T(yro;!ne (T3): .0 to 12.0 ug"d# T(yro;!ne 5ree (1T$) : 0.' to 2.3 ng"d# Tr!!odot(yron!ne (T$): '0 to 2$0 ng"d# ?ormal 1r!-r!nogen level: 5or men: 1'0 to $30mg"d# <omen: 100 to 320mg"d# 1r!-r!nogen !s used u. !n t(e clott!ng .rocess. 8ryt(rocyte Proto.or(yr!n (8P): ) 0ug"d# P(enylalan!ne level: ) 2mg"d# PIA: D2 mg"d# Ar!ne!5!c grav!ty: 1.01% - 1.022 !ncrease !n SIA:HQ decrease !n d!a-etes !ns!.!dus ?ormal &S1 .rote!n: 1 K 3 mg"d# !ncrease !n Gu!lla!n-=arre syndrome ?ormal &S1 .ressure: K 1 mmHg ?ormal serum osmolal!ty: 2' K 20 m4sml+gH24 !ncrease !n de(ydrat!onQ :ecrease !n over (ydrat!on ?ormal scal. .H: ,.2% and a-ove =orderl!ne ac!dos!s: ,.20 to ,.2 " Ac!dos!s: ) ,.1 HER!AL MEDICINES Aloe vera Gel K a-ras!onsand dermatolog!c cond!t!ons Amer!can G!nseng (Pana; 9u!n9ue5ol!us) K -oost energy2 rel!eve stress2 !m.rove concentrat!on and en(ance .(ys!cal or cogn!t!ve .er5ormance. As(*agand(a (<!t(an!a somn!5era) K stress art(r!t!s As!an g!ngseng (Pana; g!nseng) K en(ance (ealt( and com-at stress and d!sease =!l-erry (Bacc!n!um myrt!llus) K v!s!on and .er!.(eral vascular d!sorders and as ant!o;!dant =lac+ &o(os( (&!m!c!5uga racemosa) K meno.ausal =lac+ &urrant and =orage o!l (R!-es n!grum and =orago o55!nal!s) K ant!-!n5lammatory2 r(eumato!d art(r!t!s &a.s!cum Pe..ers (&a.s!cum s...) K art(r!t!s2 neuralg!a and ot(er .a!n5ul treatment &(amom!le (/atr!car!a recut!ta) NmanRan!llaO- s+!n !n5lammat!on2 col!c2 or dys.e.s!a and an;!ety &(aste tree (B!te; agnus-castus) K menstrual related d!sorders2 P/S2 cycl!cal mastalg!a &(odro!t!n K osteoart(r!t!s &oenRyme E10 K ant!o;!dant &olts5oot ( Tuss!lago 5ar5ara ) K coug( and ot(er res.!ratory d!soders &ran-erry (Bacc!n!um macrocar.on) K ATI :ev!l>s &la* ( Har.ago.(ytum .rocum-ers) K ant! !n5lammatory and analges!c

8c(!nacea (8c(!nacea s...) K acute v!ral ARI sym.toms 8der-erry (San-acus n!gra) K res.!ratory tract !n5ect!on 8.(edra or /a Huang (8.(edra s!n!ca) Source o5 e.(edr!ne and .seudoe.(edr!ne 8ven!ng Pr!mrose 4!l (4enot(era -!enn!s) K ecRema2 -reast .a!n assoc!ated *!t( P/S and !n5lammatory cond!t!on 1enugree+ (Tr!gonella 5oenum-graecum) K lo*er!ng -lood glucose 1ever5e* ( Tanacetum .art(en!um) K m!gra!ne (eadac(e .ro.(yla;!s Garl!c (All!um sat!vaum)- (el. .revent card!ovascular d!sease and cancer G!nger (V!ng!-er o55!c!nale) Knausea and mot!on s!c+ness2 ant!-!n5lammatory G!n+go (G!n+go -!lo-a) K dement!a and !nterm!ttent claud!cat!on2 memory en(ancement and treatment o5 vert!go nad t!nn!tus Glucosam!ne K osteoart(r!t!s Goldenseal ( Hydrast!s &anadens!s) K ton!c and ant!-!ot!c Gotu Iola (&entella as!at!ca) K mental su..ort2 *ound (eal!ng and venous d!sorders Ha*torn ( &rategus!es) K &H1 and related card!ovascular cond!t!ons Hore-ound (/arr!-!um vulgare) K .r!mary coug( su..ress!on and e;.ectorat!on Horse &(estnut Seed (Aesculus (!..ocastanum) c(ron!c venous !nsu55!c!ency Ivy (Hedera (el!;) K coug(s2 r(eumat!c d!sordes and s+!n d!sease Iava ( .!.er met(yst!cum) K m!ld .syc(oact!ve and ant!an;!ety .ro.erty #emon =alm (/el!ssa o55!c!nal!s) K sedat!ve and 5or dys.e.s!a #!cor!ce (Glycyrr(!Ra gla-ra) K res.!ratory d!sorders2 (!t!s2 !n5lammatory d!seases2 and !n5ect!ons /elaton!n K !nsom!a2 Uet lag /!l+ T(!stle K (!t!s2 l!ver desease /!nts (/ent(a!es) K m!nor calc!um c(annel antagon!sts2 used 5or res.!ratory .ro-lems2 !rr!ta-le -o*el syndrome2 dys.e.s!a2 and colon!c s.asm and as a to.!cal counter!rr!tant ?ettle (Art!ca d!o!ca) K art(r!t!s .a!ns2 allerg!es2 =PH2 or as d!uret!c Pa.aya (&ar!ca .a.aya) K d!gest!ve a!d2 dys.e.s!a2 and 5or !n5lammatory2 to.!cally a..l!ed to *ounds Pass!on 5lo*er (Pass!5lora !ncarnata)- sedat!ve-(y.not!c or an;!olyt!c (erPo+eroot (P(ytolacca Amer!cana) K !n5lammatory cond!t!ons also as an emet!c"cat(art!c Pygeum (Pygeum a5r!canum) K m!ld sym.toms o5 =PH Red &lover (Tr!5ol!um .ratense) K used as a natural estrogen su-st!tute 5or *omen>s (ealt( St. So(n>s <ort (!cum .er5oratum) K ant!de.ressant e55ect Tea Tree 4!l (/elaleuca altern!5ol!a) K ant!5ungal and ant!-acter!al Turmer!c (&uruma longa ) K ant!-!n5lammatory2 ant!-art(r!t!s2 ant! cancer2 and ant!o;!dant Ava Ars! (Arctosta.(ylos uva urs!) K ur!nary ant!se.t!c and d!uret!c Wo(!m-e K erect!le dys5unct!on FOUR STRATEGIES: 1. I5 t(e 9uest!on as+s *(at you s(ould do !n t(e s!tuat!on. Ase t(e nurs!ng .rocess to determ!ne *(!c( ste. !n t(e nurs!ng .rocess *ould -e ne;tM 2. I5 t(e 9uest!on as+s *(at t(e cl!ent needs. Ase maslo*>s (!erarc(y to determ!ne *(!c( need to address. $. I5 t(e 9uest!on !nd!cates t(at t(e cl!ent doesn>t (ave urgent .(ys!olog!c need2 5ocus on t(e .at!ent sa5ety.

3. I5 t(e 9uest!on !nvolves commun!cat!ng *!t( a .at!ent. Ase .r!nc!.les o5 t(era.eut!c commun!cat!on. R8/8/=8R: AIR<AW2 =R8ATHI?G2&IR&A#ATI4? A?: SA18TW (A=&S) E: T(e nurse !n .r!mary care cl!n!c !s car!ng 5or a 0-year-old *oman. H!story reveals t(at s(e (ad e;.er!enced on and o55 c(est .a!n. A5ter ser!es o5 card!ac tests (8IG L =lood &(em)2 t(e doctor orders 5or THA##IA/ STR8SS T8ST. <(!c( o5 t(e 5ollo*!ng med!cat!ons s(ould t(e R? .re.are !5 t(e .at!ent needs an alternat!ve e;erc!se !n t(all!um testM 1.?!troglycer!n $.Am!no.(yll!ne 2./or.(!ne 3.Persant!n T(e correct ans*er !s X3. Persant!n (d!.yr!damole) Persant!n !s use as an alternat!ve to e;erc!se !n t(all!um myocard!al .er5us!on !mag!ng 5or t(e evaluat!on o5 &A: !n t(ose *(o cannot e;erc!se ade9uately. Pur.ose: to determ!ne myocard!al *all v!a-!l!ty 4t(er names: 1. &ard!ac .ool!ng 2. /AGA-mult!gated rad!onucl!de ang!ogra.(!c scann!ng $. nurclear scan 3. sestam!-! test . t(all!um scan %. d!.yr!damole or .ersant!n stress test ,. In s(ort2 (eart scan :) &erv!cal &ancer 8t!ology: J 8arly age o5 se;ual !ntercourse J /ult!.le se;ual .artners J Se;ually Transm!tted :!sease (Benereal <art)Q B!rus - HPB &ancer &arc!noma !n SITA - only !n e.!t(el!al l!n!ngs S!tu sounds l!+e V!ru - Stage 0 Tumor mar+er - &8A S!gns and Sym.toms ($ PYs): P4ST &4ITA# =#88:I?GQ PAI?1A# I?T8R&4ARS8Q PR41AS8 (P8RI4: IRR8GA#ARITI8S- menorr(ag!a and metrorr(ag!a) /anagement: Surgery (HWST8R8&T4/W)Q Rad!at!on (!ntracav!tary cess!um - remem-er ST: - s(!eld!ng2 t!m!ng and d!stance)Q &(emot(era.y to destroy t(e :?A2R?A L &H4? synt(es!s.