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Skin Tightening and Cellulite

Reduction Obtainable with TriPollar RF Technology
By Birgit Hansen, Contributing Editor

“The use of TriPollar technology is based
Alex Levenberg, M.D.
Doctors House
Department of Plastic Surgery
on the improved interactive ratio between
Tel Aviv, Israel
selective fat capacitive heating in relation
to inductive heating.”

Sagging skin and cellulite are skin disorders that affect the in conjunction with cooling systems. The cooling process, how-
lives of more than 80% of the world’s women. Popular meth- ever, reduces the treatment efficacy.
ods of treatment include liposuction, mechanical massage,
injection lipolysis, exercise and diet regimens as well as ultra- TriPollar RF technology applies three or more electrodes to
sound, radiofrequency (RF) and infrared light-based thermal induce a high frequency electric current under the skin, achiev-
applications. Although most of these forms of treatment reduce ing a better focused electric energy discharge combined with
the visible symptoms of sagging skin and cellulite, the result is the ability to vary the depth of penetration without any active
usually only temporary. cooling. Selective heating of the fat cells induces an increased
rate of lipolysis, the physiological mechanism by which adi-
It is well known that weakened connective tissue, enlarged pose tissue releases its stored fat and makes it available as an
fat cells and diminished microcirculation play a key role in the energy source for metabolic processes. Dermal tightening is
pathogenesis of sagging skin and cellulite. Therefore, long- simultaneously achieved by the heating of collagen fibers in the
term correction of these skin disorders should be possible by extra cellular matrix. The tightening effect is immediately visible
modifying, reducing and improving these symptoms. following treatment as a result of the collagen fiber contraction
in two dimensions. Thermal damage to the extra cellular matrix
Pollogen™ Ltd.’s new Regen™ system (Tel Aviv, Israel) utilizes initiates a cascade of inflammatory processes, including fibrob-
TriPollar™ RF for skin tightening and cellulite treatment. The last proliferation, as well as long-term collagen remodeling.
combined effect of monopolar and bi-polar RF energy gener-
ates simultaneous deep and superficial dermal heating which “The use of TriPollar technology is based on the improved
in turn induces controlled inflammation and reduces fat cell size interactive ratio between selective fat capacitive heating in rela-
with simultaneous enhancement of microcirculation and lym- tion to inductive heating, due to the larger electrical resistance
phatic drainage. The cosmetic effects are visible and include an of fat cells (roughly 2000 ohm/cm for fat, 600 ohm/cm for
immediate reduction of cellulite as well as skin tightening. skin and 400 ohm/cm for viscera),” explained Alex Levenberg,
M.D., of Doctors House, department of plastic surgery in Tel
Common RF systems for cellulite and skin tightening treat- Aviv, Israel. “This means that for capacitive heating of the skin,
ment use either a monopolar or a bi-polar configured source a TriPollar applicator is placed on the treatment area, the latter
of RF. For the purpose of heating adipose tissue, a monopolar consisting of a layer of skin, a layer of fat and a layer of mus-
configuration is less beneficial since the electric current finds cle. The Regen system drives RF power up to 16 J/cm3 at a fre-
its way through the body via the circuit of least resistance (i.e. quency of 1 MHz through the layers. The electric current pass-
blood and lymphatic vessels). Using a bi-polar configuration, es between the three electrodes and is obliged to pass through
the depth of penetration into the dermal layers of the skin is the intermediate fat layer in the process. Since fat has a much
constant and cannot be modified in various body areas or higher electrical resistance, it heats up to a much greater
under different skin conditions. In order to prevent epidermal extent, which in turn causes fat cells to dissolve while the sur-
overheating and burns, most of these systems need to be used rounding tissue remains intact,” Dr. Levenberg added.

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