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City Year Chicago Alumni Advisory Board

Alumni Board Member Position Description
City Year Governance Roles

City Year and its local sites comprise one 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Its governance structure
includes a National Board of Trustees, which holds ultimate fiduciary responsibility and legal authority
for all aspects of the organization, as well as
non-fiduciary Site Boards for each site, including the City Year Chicago Alumni Advisory Board.

The City Year Chicago Alumni Advisory Board (“the Alumni Board”) oversees and is critical to the
successful performance, mission fulfillment, and sustainability of the alumni program for City Year
Chicago. Working in partnership with the Site Alumni Representative, the Alumni Board serves as the
site’s most dedicated alumni champions and stakeholders. The role of the Alumni Board is to support
the Site Alumni Representative as the leader of alumni engagement; assist City Year Chicago in
achieving goals in all key departments – program, recruitment, service, and development; actively
assist in the recruitment of corps and other board members; serve as external champions on behalf
of City Year Chicago, City Year as a whole, and the national service movement; shape the site’s future
by advising on strategy and organizational development; raise money to support City Year
programming; and carry out work to accomplish the site’s goals. The composition of the City Year
Chicago Alumni Advisory Board should support City Year’s core belief in inclusiveness – reflecting a
diverse set of backgrounds, stakeholders, expertise, and demographics.

Expectations of City Year Chicago Alumni Board Members

- Prepare for, attend, and participate in at least 3 out of 4 quarterly meetings (September,
December, February, April), lasting 1 hour each
- Work with Alumni Board and take on leadership positions in executing the FY10 Alumni
Calendar of Events, including four Signature Alumni Events: Alumni & Corps Meet and Greet,
18 Minute Networking, Alumni & Friends Fundraiser, and Alumni & Friends Service Day
- Participate, when appropriate, in meetings with local and national leaders, media outlets,
current and prospective funders, corps members, and service partners to present a corps
member and alumni perspective on the City Year experience
- Manage the relationships of at least five alumni from corps year and recruit their participation
in site events, service days, and alumni events
- Attend Alumni and Friends Fundraiser or City Year Chicago’s Associate Board Wine Tasting
- Work with Alumni Board Chair and City Year Chicago staff to meet Board fundraising goal of
$5,000 for FY10 (monetary goal may change)

- Take lead in engaging alumni at City Year projects and events, including MLK Day, 18 Minute
Networking, Camp City Year, Ripples of Hope, Alumni & Friends Fundraiser, Dome Day, Global
Youth Service Day, National AmeriCorps Week, 100 Hours of Power, Alumni & Friends Service
Day, cyzygy, and Graduation
- Assist in the recruitment of Alumni Board members
- Take responsibility for and complete work outside of meetings to achieve specific Board goals
- Contribute expertise according to individual skills, experience, and networks
- Promote City Year and national service externally through communication, civic engagement,
and networking
- Each member is accountable to the Alumni Board Chair and the Site Alumni Representative
- The term applicable to FY10 Alumni Board members is from September 2009-June 2010, with
no limit to the number of terms a member can serve
- The membership is renewable based on availability, interest, and evaluation by Alumni Board
Chair and Site Alumni Representative