World History II Course Expectations Ms. Strobel Email: Welcome to World History II.

The goal of 10th Grade World History is to help you develop core historical knowledge which you can use to enrich your understanding of the world today. We will begin our year studying the world of the 15th century and continue to the present day. Preparation for Class: You are expected to come to class prepared and on time each day. Class continues until you are formally dismissed. Please bring the following items to class each day unless I have stated otherwise: 1. A one inch three ring binder with blank notebook paper that is only for World History II In that binder you will have three dividers that will split it into four sections: a. section one: your assignment sheet and study sheet for the unit b. section two: permanent papers you will need to have access to through out the year c. class notes and textbook notes (these you will take out at the end of each unit and store them in a safe place where you can access them again for the final exam. This section should also include some blank paper so that you will always be prepared in class. d. All other handouts/ assignments/ tests etc. These can also be switched out at the end of each unit. You are responsible for keeping all important assignments, notes, quizzes, and tests until the end of the year because the final exam is cumulative. 2. An assignment notebook (these can be purchased from the school at the beginning of the year) 3. A pen or pencil You may also find it helpful to have your own colored pencils and a hand held pencil sharpener Homework: Students can expect nightly homework assignments which will be listed on the bi-weekly homework sheet. Homework is due at the beginning of the class on the day that it is due. Late homework will be accepted for half credit for up to one week after the assignment is due. No late homework will be accepted after the student has taken the test on that unit. Students are expected to: 1. Have carefully and completely read any assigned pages from the textbook or other sources, and be ready to share and discuss the information that they have read. 2. Have fully and punctually completed any additional assignment given to accompany a reading 3. Display effort and thought in their homework Assignments include but are not restricted to: Notes: a student’s notes are expected to be neat, legible, organized, and provide enough detail to aid them in studying for the unit test. Worksheets: all parts of a worksheet are to be fully completed unless otherwise stated Paragraphs: Nightly homework assignments might include writing 1-3 paragraphs on a given topic. Paragraphs are generally 5-8 sentences in length. Questions: You will sometimes be asked to create intelligent, thoughtful questions that get to the heart of the subject of your required reading Maps: You will locate all the required features in the assignments and demonstrate effort by avoiding sloppiness Current Events: you will be locating articles and responding to them throughout the year

Projects and Papers: in addition to homework, you will have papers and projects throughout the year that will require research and writing outside of class- these assignments will require long-term planning and effort. Grading Procedures: In most quarters your grade will be determined by evaluating: • Homework: this includes your class participation and your current events grade- 30% • Quizzes: 30% • Tests/Papers/Projects: 40% • The grade for your final exam in June will be worth 15% of your final grade Quizzes will be both announced and unannounced. On some of the unannounced quizzes you will be able to use your notes. Any questions or complaints about individual grades must be handled outside of regular classroom time. You are expected to follow the LHS Honor Code at all times. Please see your student handbook for details. Absences: If you are out sick or absent for any reason, please try to get the assignment from someone else in the class that night so that you do not fall behind. I recommend that you exchange contact information with another student in your class so that you may act as a support to each other throughout the school year. In most cases you will already have that night’s homework already listed on your weekly homework sheet. You may also email me for any updates at if you cannot reach a fellow student. If you will be out for an extended period of time, feel you are falling behind or are overwhelmed at any point during the year, it is your responsibility to contact me immediately. As you are now in 10th grade, I expect to hear directly from you before I hear from your parents-this is simply a matter of taking responsibility for your own education. (A note to parents: please contact me directly if you are ever concerned for the wellbeing of your child. Students should, however, take the lead on any discussion involving day to day homework assignments and questions about grading procedures.) If you are absent on the day of a test, quiz, or project you should be prepared to take the test, etc. on the day that you return. Unexcused tardiness or early dismissal has no bearing on when major work is due. If you are in school for any part of the day, you must submit any project or homework on the day it is due or it will be considered late and will not be accepted for full credit. If you have an unexcused absence, your grade for any missed assignment will be an F. I expect to be on time to all classes. However, there may be rare cases when I am unavoidably delayed. In these cases, a student should inform the building administrator of a delay- under no circumstances should students dismiss themselves from class. Extra Help: I set aside time each Thursday after school and during X block to meet with students for extra help. Students who need to make up quizzes or tests should be prepared to do so during those times as well. In certain circumstances I can also meet by appointment. Distraction Free, Safe Classroom: All electronic devises should be turned off and out of sight. No food is allowed in the classroom and the only drinks that are permitted are those with solid screw top lids which will not spill if they are toppled off a desk. There is an automatic detention (or appropriate punishment depending on the severity of the situation) for any student who throws items across the room, is involved with roughhousing in any way, or who uses language with the intention of hurting or belittling another student. Thank you for taking the time to read through the classroom expectations. Please sign below to show that you have read and understand the material. Student name: ___________________________________Signature:_______________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name: ___________________________ Signature:_______________________________________

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